Война и мир фильм 1

Война и мир фильм 1

Grand Prize at the 4th Moscow
International Film Festival, 1966 Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences Award (“Oscar”), 1968 MOSFILM Thoughts that have
important consequences are always simple. All my thinking could be
summed up with these words: Since corrupt people
unite among themselves to constitute a force, honest people
must do the same. It’s as simple as that. LEO TOLSTOY WAR AND PEACE ANDREl BOLKONSKY Directed by
Sergei BONDARCHUK Screen adaptation by
Sergei BONDARCHUK, Vassily SOLOVIOV Director of Photography
Anatoly PETRITSKY Production Designers
Mikhail BOGDANOV, Gennady MIASNIKOV Music composed by
Vyacheslav OVCHINNIKOV Sound Director
Yuri MIKHAILOV English subtitles by
Tatiana Kameneva Starring: Liudmila SAVELYEVA as
Natasha Rostova Sergei BONDARCHUK as
Pierre Bezukhov Vyacheslav TIKHONOV as
Andrei Bolkonsky V. STANITSIN as
Ilya Andreyevich Rostov K. GOLOVKO as
Countess Rostova O. TABAKOV as Nikolai Rostov
N. RODIN, S. ERMILOV as Petya Rostov I. GUBANOVA as Sonya A. KTOROV as
Nikolai Andreyevich Bolkonsky A. SHURANOVA as Princess Maria
A. VERTINSKAYA as Lisa Bolkonskaya B. SMIRNOV as Prince Vassily
I. SKOBTSEVA as Helen V. LANOVOY as Anatole
O. EFREMOV as Dolokhov N. TOLKACHEV as Count Bezukhov
Ye. TYAPKINA as Akhrosimova K. POLOVIKOVA as Drubetskaya
E. MARTSEVICH as Drubetskoy A. STEPANOVA as Scherer D. FIRSOVA as Katish
G. KRAVCHENKO as Karaghina B. ZAKHAVA as Kutuzov
N. TROFIMOV as Tushin G. CHOKHONELIDZE as Bagration
N. RYBNIKOV as Denissov V. MURGANOV as Alexander I
V. STRZHELCHIK as Napoleon V. SAFRONOV as Emperor Francis
N. BUBNOV as General Mack I. SOLOVYOV as Shinshin
Yu. CHEKULAYEV as Nesvitsky P. SAVIN as Timokhin A. SMIRNOV as Staff Officer
V. BADAYEV as Regiment Commander ST. PETERSBURG. 1805 The celebrated Anna Pavlovna
Scherer, most intimate lady-in-waiting
of the Empress Maria Fedorovna, gave at her home the receptions which she alone had a gift
for organizing. Tonight, Anna Pavlovna
was “treating” her guests to a French aristocrat,
the Vicomte de Mortemart, who’d taken refuge in Russia from
the Antichrist Napoleon Buonaparte. The execution of Duke of Enghien
was a state necessity. Napoleon is great, and
the Revolution was a great thing… Excuse me,
my dear Vicomte, but this unfortunate soiree
at the Ambassador’s deprives me of the pleasure
to hear you out. It saddens me to have to leave
this delightful party. Scherer’s salon gathered together “the flower of the intellectual
high society of St. Petersburg”, as Anna Pavlovna herself
described it. It was here, during these soirees, that could best be measured
the political temperature of the official spheres in the capital
which were close to the Court. My husband’s planning to desert me,
he may be killed. Tell me, why must we have
this wretched war? Are you going off to the war,
Prince? General Kutuzov has been kind
enough to take me as aide-de-camp. – And what about Lisa, your wife?
– She will go to the country. Oh, it’s sinful of you to deprive
us of your charming wife. Why can’t men live
without wars? Take us, women,
we don’t want anything. We don’t need anything. What have you done to MIle Scherer?
Now she’s going to be really ill. This abbe is an interesting man,
but he sees it in the wrong light. I think the eternal peace is
possible, but, I don’t know how to express it, only not through
political balance. People should not say everywhere
what they think. Have you made your mind at last?
The Imperial Guards or diplomacy? I don’t know yet.
I don’t like to be either. He must be a Freemason anyway. Let’s talk about serious things.
Have you been to the Cavalry? No. But that’s what occurred to me,
and I wanted to tell you about it. Now we’re at war with Napoleon. If it were a liberation war,
I would have understood. I would have been the first
to enlist. But to help Britain and Austria to
fight the greatest man in the world is not good. If everybody fought for their
convictions, there would be no war. That would be wonderful! Perhaps,
but that would never happen. Tell me, why are you going off
to the war? Why? I don’t know. I must go. Besides, I’m going… I’m going because I don’t like
the life I’m leading here. I have often wondered how is it
Annette never got married. You’re really stupid, all of you
men, not to have married her. I’m sorry to say you don’t
understand anything about women. – You’re such a debater, M. Pierre.
– I’m arguing with your husband. I still can’t understand why
he wants to go off to war. When are you leaving? When I realized that I’ll have to
interrupt all those dear relations… And what’s more,
you know, Andrei… Why are you afraid, Lisa?
I don’t understand you. All men are egotists. Just for a whim, he’s abandoning
me, shutting me up in the country. With my sister and my father,
remember. But without my friends, all alone!
And I shouldn’t be afraid? I still fail to understand
why you’re so afraid. Your doctor told you to go to bed
earlier. It’s time you were asleep. I don’t mind talking in front of
Monsieur Pierre. I’ve wanted to say this for months,
Andrei. Why have you changed so much?
What have I done to you? Why are you deserting me
to go off to war? You’ve been treating me as though
I were a child or an invalid. You weren’t like this
six months ago. I beg you to stop! Please, don’t get upset, Princess.
It’s just your imagination, because, I assure you… I myself have felt that…
I know… because… No, excuse me, an outsider
has no business here. You mustn’t get upset. – Good night.
– Wait, Pierre. The princess is too kind not to let
me enjoy your company. – There! He only thinks of himself!
– Liz! Never marry, my friend,
that is my advice to you. Never marry till you can say to
yourself you’ve done everything, till you have stopped loving the
woman whom you have chosen, till you’re able to see her clearly. Otherwise you’ll be making
a cruel and irrevocable mistake. Marry when you are old
and good for nothing. Or everything that is good and
noble in you will be lost. It will all be wasted on trifles. You say,
Buonaparte and his career. But when he was working for
his goal, he was free. He had nothing but his goal,
and he had achieved it. And we have nothing but salons,
gossip, balls, vanity, nonentity. The vicious circle
I can’t break free of. That’s enough talk about me. Shall we talk about you? But what is there to say?
Who am I after all? An illegitimate son,
without name and without fortune. Of course, I have my freedom,
and I’m enjoying it. Yet, I don’t know what to take up,
I need some advice from you. I’m very fond of you, because
you’re the only one who’s really alive among our society. You can pick anything you like,
the Imperial Guards, diplomacy. You’re going
to be all right everywhere. But you shouldn’t associate with the
Kuraghin set and their way of life. It doesn’t suit you,
the debauchery, the carousing. Do you know what? Seriously,
I have long thought the same thing. Leading that sort of life,
I can’t decide anything properly. I waste money and get headaches.
I won’t go tonight. Give me your word
that you won’t be going there. I promise. Petrousha, dear friend,
come over here! Get out, or they’re going
to think I’m holding on! You have a try, Hercules! Wait! Kuraghin! Listen! If anyone can do the same,
I’ll pay him 100 imperials. Do you understand? Attention! This is folly, gentlemen!
He’ll get himself killed. Don’t startle him! Otherwise he’s
sure to be killed, and what then? The first who tries
to come close to me is going to get pushed down. It’s empty! Gentlemen!
I will do the same thing! I will drink it up.
Bring me a bottle of rum! I’ll do it even without betting. Let him do it! You get dizzy just trying
to get upstairs, man. Tell them to bring a bottle.
I’ll do it. Listen, I’ll take your bet,
but we’ll do it tomorrow. And now we’re going to pay
a visit to the actresses! Let’s go!
And we’ll take Bruin with us too! Prince Vassily is here. Count Bezukhov must be
in a really bad state. I feel so sorry for
poor Count Bezukhov. His health is so wretched already that the pranks of his son could
very well be the death of him. What have they done now? The three of them
dug up a bear somewhere and took him in a carriage
to see the actresses. They captured a policeman, strapped him and the bear together
and threw them into the Moika. The bear was swimming
with the officer riding him. I can imagine, ma chere, what
a look the officer had on his face! It’s horrid! What’s so funny
about it, Count? Dolokhov has been reduced
to the ranks, as for Anatole Kuraghin, his
father had the affair hushed up, and Pierre Bezukhov has been
exiled to Moscow. I hope no one in Moscow
will receive him. I declined to do so,
most emphatically. I have daughters. Still, you know, ma chere,
it was a fine trick. Just think of the figure that
police officer cut in the water! Monsieur Pierre. Here she is!
My pet, whose name-day it is! You keep spoiling her, Ilya. How are you, my dear?
Many happy returns! – A charming child.
– Pure quick silver! Takes after me. Yes, they’re wonderful kids. Sonya! What’s the matter?
What’s wrong? – It’s nothing. Leave me alone.
– Nothing matters in this world. You alone are everything for me.
I’ll prove it to you. – I don’t like it when you say so.
– I won’t. Forgive me, Sonya. It’s so wonderful. Boris, come over here. I have to tell you something. Over here. I wonder what is this something. Kiss the doll. You don’t want to? Come on, come here. Closer. More closer. Would you like to kiss me? Let me congratulate you
on this occasion, my dear. And you, old sinner,
feeling bored in Moscow? There’s nothing much you can do. When your little birds grow up,
you have to get them husbands. How are you, sweet little
Cossack of mine? I know you’re a rascal,
but I love you just the same. Come here, my young friend.
Here, I said. I used to tell your father the truth
when he needed to be told. As for you, I feel it’s my sacred
duty to do the same. Some hero, isn’t he?
A pretty kettle of fish indeed! Your father lies on his death-bed
and you amuse yourself. Tying a police officer
to the back of a bear! Shame on you, dear!
You’d do better to go to war. Well, now, I think,
it’s time for dinner. The manifesto on the declaration
of war has already been out. I myself saw it in St. Petersburg. It’s been delivered to
the commander-in-chief in Moscow. Why in the devil should we go
to war against Bonaparte? He has cut down Austria to size,
it’s going to be our turn next. It’s for the reason, my dear sir,
that the Emperor knows what to do. Well, Yeryoma,
you’d be better off staying home, fixing your spinning wheels. This befits us better. We always have to fight
to the last drop of our blood and die for our Emperor. And then everything
will be all right. The less we debate
this thing the better. That’s what old Hussars think. And what do you think, young man and young Hussar? I agree with you absolutely. I’m convinced that Russians
must either die or win. That’s a real Hussar speaking,
young man! What are you making such a row
about there? Why are knocking on the table?
Who are you angry with? As though you’re confronting
the French. I’m telling the truth. We’re talking about the war.
My son is going off. I have four sons in the army,
and I don’t worry. It’s all in God’s hands. One may die in one’s bed, or God
may save you on the battlefield. Yes, that’s true. You know that
I have sent for Pierre? The Count, by pointing at his
portrait, demanded to see him. There’s something I’ve kept
praying for, my dear cousin, that God might be
merciful to the Count, and might allow his noble soul
to leave this earth in peace. Yes, of course. But the point is, as you know, that
the Count has made out a will, leaving all
of his property to Pierre. He’s made out many other wills. He can’t bequeath everything to
Pierre. He’s illegitimate. Can’t you see the point, Katish? You’re an intelligent woman!
Can’t you see that if the Count
wrote to the Czar begging him
to legitimize his son, that means that Pierre
will become Count Bezukhov. And according to the will,
he’ll get everything. Mama told me
to ask you to dance. I’m afraid of getting the steps
all mixed up. However, if you don’t mind
being my teacher… Semyon! The Daniel Cooper!
You know it? Look at Papa!
Look at Papa! Look at the Master.
He’s a real eagle, isn’t he? Pray to our Lord! O Lord, have mercy! O Lord Almighty, the Father of our Lord,
Jesus Christ, stretch forth Thy
all-honorable hand on Your servant Kirill. We pray Thee and implore Thee,
absolve Thou the soul of Thy servant Kirill
from every bond. Pardon his transgressions, both
of knowledge and of ignorance. And unto Thee do we ascribe glory
now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen! O Lord, have mercy!
O Lord, have mercy! If the Count didn’t ask for me,
I’d better go home. My friend, I’m suffering as much
as you are, but try to be a man. Man’s earthly life has limits and
these limits cannot be exceeded. There’s never been a case that
one has lived after the 3rd stroke. What an iron constitution he had!
Who’s going to inherit all this? It will not go begging. Have courage. He has summoned
you here and that’s good. Some water? Pierre? Would you like us to call
Prince Vassily? The master wants to be moved
over on his side. For I am in trouble, and receive
Thou my soul and deliver it. Ye who are my kinfolk
in the flesh, and ye who are my brethren
in the spirit, my friends and wonted
acquaintances, weep ye, sigh, wail; for Io, now I am departing
from you. Let go, I tell you! I’ll take the responsibility. You
don’t know what you’re doing. – You vile woman.
– Let go! What are you doing? He’s about
to die and you leave me here alone! Yes, you’ve been waiting for that.
You may rejoice now. Ah, my friend. We sin, we cheat. And what is the point? I’m already in my 50s, my friend… We’ll all die. Death is horrible. He is no more. Come on, I’ll see you out. Try to cry. Nothing
gives better relief than tears. God will be with you. You are young and now, I hope,
you’ve come into possession of a big fortune. Ever since Czar Paul I has exiled
him to his estate, the General-in-Chief, Prince
Nikolai Andreyevich Bolkonsky, nicknamed in high society
“The King of Prussia”, had never left his estate property
“Bald Hills” where he dwelt with his daughter,
Princess Maria. Are you well? Sit down. For tomorrow… Wait, there’s a letter for you. – From Eloise?
– Yes, it’s from Julie. I’m going to let you have two more
letters, the third one I’ll read. I’m afraid, you’re writing
a lot of nonsense. – You may read this, Father.
– I said, the third! Well, young lady… These triangles are similar. As you can see, the sides A, B
and C of a triangle… The strict order of life at Bald
Hills could not be broken even by such an event as
saying goodbye to his son. It’s so much like him… What an intelligent man
is your father. Perhaps, that’s the reason I’m so
afraid of him. Please, sit down. Be seated, Mikhail Ivanovich. You should walk
as much as possible. Against your will,
He will save you and have mercy and will turn you to Himself, because only in Him
you’ll find truth and comfort. Please, take it, Andrei,
for my sake. – You’re going?
– I came to say goodbye. Kiss me. Thank you. Why do you thank me? Because you’re not wasting time,
hanging on to the woman’s skirt. Service before everything.
Thank you very much. If you have anything to say, speak.
I can do two things at one time. It’s my wife. I’m sorry to leave her
on your hands. Nonsense. Tell me what you want. When it’s time for her to deliver,
could you send for an obstetrician? I know nothing can be done if
Nature doesn’t condescend to yield. I agree that out of a million cases
only one goes amiss. But she’s worried
and it so happens I am too. She’s heard stories, had
nightmares and she’s afraid. I’ll do it. It’s bad, isn’t it? – What is bad, father?
– The wife! I don’t understand you. There’s nothing you can do,
my friend. They’re all like that. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.
And you know it yourself. But you can’t help it.
She’s beautiful! I’ll do everything. Don’t worry. Give this letter to
Mikhail Illarionovich. I’m asking him not to use you
as aide-de-camp for too long. It’s very ugly work! You’ll tell him he enjoys
my admiration and affection. Write me how he’s welcomed you. Stay with him if he’s worthy. Nikolai Andreyevich Bolkonsky’s
son doesn’t need any favors. Now come here. My time will come
before yours does. Here are some notes I’ve written.
Make sure the Czar gets them. Here’s a letter of credit and one
for the Academy. The prize will go to the man
who is to write the story of Suvorov’s campaigns. Here are a few personal jottings. Read them when I’m gone.
You’ll find them worth your while. I’ll carry out all your
instructions, Father. And now goodbye! But remember, Prince Andrei, should you die on the battlefield,
your old father will mourn for you. But should I hear you’ve behaved
not like Nikolai Bolkonsky’s son, I will be ashamed! You need not have
said that to me, Father. There’s something else
I wanted to ask you. If I am killed
and if I have a son, would you keep him here with you? Let him grow up under your roof.
Please. Not to give him to your wife? We’ve already said goodbye.
You may go. Go! Under the command of Kutuzov,
the Russian army, 50,000 strong, marched into Austria to join forces with the allied army
of the Austrian General Mack, to undertake joint action
against Napoleon. They say Kutuzov is one-eyed. Sure thing! Absolutely one-eyed! No, pal, he sees better’n you do.
Checked everything: Boots, puttees. When he looked at my feet,
I thought I’m done… I wish we had a rest ‘fore marching
another 5 versts without a bite… Germans provided carriages. We
used to ride like some big shots. Poles, they also of the Russian
crown. Now there’re only Germans. Singers, up front! Hey, you senny, Russian senny,
new-made entrance to my home, Brand-new senny, all of maple
and of lattice handiwork. Through these senny I will pass Arm-in-arm with my sweet lass. Here comes a fair maid
outside the new-made gate, Brand-new gate of pure oak
and of lattice handiwork. She would let a falcon out,
of her right sleeve he’ll flutter out. Fly on, falcon,
high and far! Go on flying
high and far, Very high and very far
to my dear home town, To my dear home town! Good morning! Hurrah for the Austrians!
Hurrah for the Russians! Hurrah for the whole world! Well, what is it, Prince? We’ve got orders to write a paper
explaining why we’re not advancing. And why aren’t we?
No news from Mack? If Mack’s been defeated
and the allied forces destroyed, we would have known about it. Perhaps. I’d like to see Commander-in-Chief
Kutuzov. The Commander-in-Chief is engaged.
Whom shall I announce? General Kutuzov is busy! You see before you
the unfortunate General Mack. – Why do you look so gloomy?
– There’s nothing to rejoice about. Step back. Make way. My congratulations!
General Mack is here. He is in good health, but
a little bit knocked down up there. Sir, if you prefer to be a clown, I cannot do anything to stop you. But I’m warning you that if you dare buffooning
in my presence again I’ll have to teach you good manners! – I only congratulated.
– I’m notjoking! Come on, dear, what is it with you? Can’t you see? We’re either officers
serving our Czar and Fatherland, rejoicing over our common success
or mourning our common failure, or we’re lackeys who don’t give
a damn about the master’s affairs. Forty thousand people have died,
our ally’s army has been destroyed, and you are able to joke about it. Only silly kids can amuse
themselves in this way. Isn’t it charming how the Gascons
show what they’re made of? Well? Three of them go
and seize a bridge. The French cross the bridge and
their army gets across the Danube. But if the French have crossed
the Thabor Bridge, that means Kutuzov’s army is
cut off, it is doomed! That’s what it looks like. Wait, I have some plans for you
for this evening. She is delightful, isn’t she? Happy is the man
who will possess her. With her, the most unworldly
husband would automatically take a prominent position in society,
don’t you think so? – I wanted to know your opinion.
– Yes, yes, she’s beautiful. Well, goodbye, Prince. And God protect you. May your great endeavor succeed.
You have my blessing. Get in with me. Permit me to stay in
General Bagration’s detachment. Get in. I also need good officers
on my staff. I also need them. There’s still much to be done.
Much to be gone through. Should just one tenth of Bagration’s
soldiers return tomorrow, I’ll be grateful to Almighty God. That’s why I’d like to be assigned
to this detachment. With 4,000 exhausted men,
Bagration had been entrusted to delay the entire enemy army
for twenty-four hours. This respite was
indispensable to Kutuzov in order for him to get his
transport-burdened army out of reach of the French troops,
outnumbering his own three to one. Gentlemen, what does this mean?
You can’t leave your posts! Take you, Captain. You should be ashamed of
yourself, Captain Tushin. An officer should set a good
example, and where’re your boots? If the alarm were sounded,
you’d be in your stocking feet! Wouldn’t that be a pretty sight? So return to your posts,
gentlemen. The soldiers say you go faster
without boots on. Will you return to your posts? It was getting closer and closer,
that special moment, for which so much work had been
done and so much hardship endured, for which soldiers had been drilled
for fifteen years, homes and families left, and a peasant turned
into a warrior, for which 80,000 men lived in the
field, without wives and children, without participation
in the affairs of civil life, moving through
a strange, unknown country. They lived in the fields,
on the roads, in the woods, neglecting all the amenities of a habitual human life. For all those men, a road was
not the way to their family, pleasures or work, but a way of bypassing or attacking, a house was not the hearth and home,
but the ambush position, people were not their brothers, but the tools
and the necessary victims of death. No, my friend,
if a man could know what would be after his death, none of us would fear death. That’s how it is, my friend. Fear it or not,
you won’t escape it. But you fear it anyway… There, you smart people. You artillerymen are so smart because you can take everything
with you, both vodka and snacks. And still you fear. Uncertainty, that’s what one fears
most. Though they say that your soul
will go to Heaven… We know there’s no Heaven,
it’s all just the atmosphere. Come on, give us a taste of
your herbal vodka, Tushin. With my pleasure. And yet, to fathom your future
life… It has begun! Here it is! It has begun! The battle!
It’s terrible, but glorious! It has begun! That’s it! It has begun! That’s it! Two points up should do it.
Load, Medvedev! Schoengraben is burning! Please, Your Highness,
come away from here. Please, Your Highness!
For God’s sake! Can’t you see what’s happening? The French! Fine looking soldiers. Left, left… Left, left… Left, left… Left, left… Close in! Battalion, halt! Down knapsacks! God be with us! What is it? I don’t move,
I fell, I’m killed. There are people coming.
They will help me. Who are these people?
They can’t be the French. O God, You who’s in this sky,
forgive, save and protect me. Are they coming to me? Why? To kill me?
Yes, they may kill me. Me, who is loved by everyone? It’s impossible
that they would want to kill me! Captain Tushin’s battery had been
forgotten. The troops assigned to cover it
had withdrawn. The enemy could not conceive
that anyone would be so foolhardy as to go on fighting
with four unprotected guns. On the contrary, the French
supposed that it was here, in the center, that the main Russian
forces were concentrated. – Gentlemen, everyone fall back.
– Fall back everyone! – What shall we fire, Captain?
– Nothing. A shell! Fire! All right, my little old lady,
don’t let me down! What do you know! Firing again. Captain Tushin! Captain! Have you gone mad? Haven’t you
been ordered twice to fall back? I just… I… Fall back! Everybody fall back! Your Excellency!
Here are two trophies. I’ve captured a French officer,
the whole company’s a witness! Very well. Remember, Your Excellency,
I’m Dolokhov, reduced in rank! I received a bayonet wound!
Stayed right up at the front! Remember,
Your Excellency! Captain Tushin,
you’ve been ordered to fall back. Well, goodbye. Goodbye, my friend.
Goodbye, dear man. Captain, for God’s sake,
I’ve been contused in the arm. For God’s sake, I can’t walk.
Give orders to put me on the cart. Put him on. Spread the coat, man. Get on. The thirty-five thousand men
of Kutuzov’s army were saved. The next day the French army
did not renew its assault and what was left of Bagration’s
detachmentjoined Kutuzov’s army. – Does it hurt?
– Cut it out, for Christ’s sake. That’s a lot of cripples
for one day’s action. Captain, you’re wanted by
the general. He’s in that house. I thank you all, gentlemen. How did it happen that the gun
was abandoned? I don’t know, Your Excellency. I had no men,
Your Excellency. You might have picked some up in
the column that was covering you. Tushin did not say that
he had no covering troops, although this was the absolute
truth. He was afraid of getting
some other officer into trouble. Your Excellency! You sent me to Captain Tushin’s
battery today. I found two thirds of his men
and his horses knocked out, two of his guns disabled,
and no covering troops at all. And if Your Excellency will
permit me to give my opinion, we owe today’s success mainly
to the action of that battery and the heroic endurance of
Captain Tushin and his company. Captain Tushin, you can go. Thank you very much, my friend.
You really saved me. Thanks very much. Yesterday at the meeting of
the Imperial Council, our new governor-general,
Sergei Kuzmich, was reading the Czar’s rescript
from the army. The rescript starts with the words: “Sergei Kuzmich, I have been
hearing rumors on all sides…” Poor Count, he managed to get
as far, that’s all. He never got any further
than “Sergei Kuzmich”? No, not one iota further. “Sergei Kuzmich”…
On all sides, “Sergei Kuzmich”… Everything is going well. He would try again
several times, but as soon as he said “Sergei”,
he would choke, at “Kuzmich”, he would sob, and “on all sides”
would be drowned in tears. Then he’d start again… It’s time I understood her, and made up my mind
what she really is. Was I mistaken before?
Or am I mistaken now? No, she’s not stupid.
She’s beautiful. Are you pleased with this evening? This celebration of my name-day
was one of the most pleasant. It’s quite late, I… Well, Helen? “Sergei Kuzmich on all sides…” Of course, it’s a very brilliant
match, but happiness, my dear… Marriages are made in heaven. “Sergei Kuzmich…” What’s the point of that story?
I don’t think I got it. I didn’t either. Aline, why don’t you go and see
what they’re doing. Still the same. Heaven be praised.
My wife has told me everything. Helen, my dear! I’m so happy. I loved your father so much. You couldn’t get a better wife. God bless you, my children! Princess, come here, quickly! My child, God bless you. Helen. Oh, take those off…
Those… Now it’s too late. It’s done. But I do love her. The battle of Austerlitz was called
at the time “The battle of the three Emperors”. The Emperors of Russia and Austria
were inspecting the allied armies. What are we to do if Napoleon
takes the offensive? It is unlikely. Gentlemen, the dispositions for
tomorrow, or rather today, for now it is after midnight, simply can’t be changed. You know them,
and we shall do our duty. And before the battle, the most
important thing is a good sleep. Yes, tomorrow, tomorrow. I have a feeling that tomorrow
for the first time I shall have a chance
to show all I can do. Mikhail Illarionovich, what do you
think of tomorrow’s battle? I think
that the battle will be lost. I said so to Count Tolstoy, and
I asked him to tell the Czar. I want glory. I want to be known to men,
to be loved by people. It’s not my fault I want that
and live only for that. Yes, for that alone! I shall never tell anyone about
that. But what am I to do? Death, wounds, the loss of my
family, nothing frightens me. I’d give everything for a moment of
glory, for an instant of triumph, for the love of men
I don’t even know. And what if there were nothing
left but to die? Well, if I had to, I should do that as well as anyone. Your Excellency,
your orders have been executed. What are they doing? Good morning,
Your Excellency! Attention! Why don’t you begin,
Mikhail Illarionovich? I’m waiting, Sire. Not all the
columns have had time to form up. We’re not at a parade,
Mikhail Illarionovich, where they don’t begin
until everyone’s there. That is exactly why I wait, Sire,
because it’s not a parade and we’re not at Tsaritsyn Field. However, if such is your command,
Your Majesty… At five o’clock that afternoon, the battle was irretrievably lost
on all fronts. – The enemy’s there.
– No! Look! That’s it, men! Hold it! Where are you going? Are you wounded? My real wound is over there.
Stop them! Oh, Bolkonsky, what’s going on? Forward, boys! How quiet it is. How peaceful and yet how majestic. It’s so different from all
the charging and shouting we made. How is it that I’d never noticed
this boundless sky before? And how happy I am to have
found it at last! Yes, all is vanity and deception,
except that boundless sky. There is nothing, nothing,
except that. But perhaps even this sky
does not exist, perhaps there is nothing at all
but stillness and peace. God be praised! That’s a beautiful death. End of Part One PART TWO Denissov! We’re home! Nicky! Nicky! Candles! Tea! I didn’t expect!
Nicky, my dear! What about me? Vassily Denissov.
Your son’s friend. Welcome! I know, Nicky wrote about you. Natasha, Vera, here’s Denissov. We are happy to meet you. Oh, how good it is. Splendid! Princess Maria! Andrei? I’ve just got news. He’s not
a prisoner, nor is his body found. Kutuzov writes me…
he was killed. Father, don’t turn away.
Let’s weep together. The scoundrels! The murderers! They destroy the army,
the people. What for? Go and tell Lisa. Father, tell me
how it happened. Go on. Killed on the battlefield where the best Russian men and Russian
glory were led to their death. Go on, Princess Maria! Go and
tell Lisa. I’ll be right with you. Marie, let me have your hand. There… Do you feel it? It feels so strange. And you know, Marie,
I’m going to love him so much. What’s the matter, Marie? Nothing. I just feel sad.
Feel sad about Andrei. Have you got any news from him? No. You know it’s too early
to get any news. But Father is worried,
and I’m scared. So, nothing? Nothing. Mitya, ride to our country estate and tell Maxim the gardener
to pay his due to the landowner. By Friday I’ll need here
two hundred pots. Besides, we’ll need singers,
strawberries and pineapples. Don’t worry, Count, now that
young Bezukhov is here, we can get everything
from his hothouses. Yes, you tell Bezukhov to come
too. I’ll include him in the list. – Is he here with his wife?
– My friend, he is so unhappy. That young Bezukhov is such
a heavenly, sublime soul. I’ll try to cheer him up. What happened anyway? Dolokhov, Maria Ivanovna’s son,
has compromised her reputation. Pierre introduced him to society,
invited to his St. Petersburg home… Now she came to Moscow and
this dare-devil followed her. They say Pierre
is absolutely heart-broken. Tell him to come
to the club anyway. He will forget about everything.
We’ll have quite a party! What’s the matter with you?
Don’t you hear it? To the health of our Emperor! I hadn’t recognized you. Wouldn’t you like to renew
old acquaintances? Forget him. He’s a fool. To the health of the hero
of our last campaign, His Highness Pyotr Ivanovich
Bagration! Crowned with laurels and with glory
For your famous, heroic deeds, Russia’s pride that’s great in story, Fate has brought you in our midst! After battle find your peace
In your fellow citizens’ circle. We have heard many a time Of your feats, gallant and bold. It’s a pleasure as sublime
For all Moscow you to behold. After battle find your peace
In your fellow citizens’ circle. And now let’s drink to the health
of beautiful women! You can’t see too well
through your glasses. Your wife’s liaison with Dolokhov
is a secret to no one but yourself. You can’t see too well
through your glasses. Your wife’s liaison with Dolokhov
is a secret to no one but yourself. To beautiful women, Petrousha,
and to their lovers. You can’t see too well
through your glasses. Your wife’s liaison with Dolokhov
is a secret to no one but yourself. Don’t you dare take it! No, I will keep it! You… You are a scoundrel! You will give me satisfaction! Maybe I’d have done the same
thing in Dolokhov’s place. It’s even certain that I’d have
done the same. Then why this duel? This murder? I should go away, run,
hide somewhere! At this moment, a very solemn one
for you, Count, I wouldn’t be doing my duty
if I didn’t speak frankly. In my opinion, there’re not
sufficient grounds for this duel, the matter’s not worth
blood being shed over. You weren’t quite in the right,
Count, you lost your temper. Yes, that was stupid. Then please allow me
to convey your regrets, and I’m convinced our opponents
will accept your apologies. – Let me negotiate with them.
– There’s no point in that. It makes no difference. Well, are we ready? – But perhaps we could…
– Absolutely no apologies! You just tell me which way should
I walk and where should I fire? What? Yes, that’s the way it’s done.
I know, I’ve just forgotten. – Shall we begin?
– I suppose so. Since there can be no
reconciliation, we may begin. When I count three,
start advancing towards each other. One, two… Three! No, no! It’s not over! Get back to the barrier! Cover yourself! I missed! I missed… It’s so stupid, stupid… Death. Death. Lies! So stupid.
Death and lies… Well?
How are you? I’m all right. But I’ve killed her.
I’ve killed her… She won’t get through this. Who? My mother. My mother. My angel, my adorable angel.
My mother. Rostov was greatly surprised
to learn that Dolokhov, that brawler and duellist, lived in Moscow with his old
mother and hunchbacked sister and was a most
loving son and brother. Now what’s all this? What have you done,
I’m asking you? Me? Why? I… You’ve decided to be a hero!
What’s the meaning of this duel? What were you trying to prove? So, you won’t answer?
Then I’m going to tell you. You believe everything
anybody says. You were told that Dolokhov
was my lover, and you believed it. What did you prove by doing this?
What could you prove with this duel? That you are a fool?
But everyone already knew that. Now all this’ll end up in my being
the laughing stock of Moscow. And everyone
will be able to say that you had drunk so much
that you challenged a man of whom you were jealous
for no reason and who, in every way,
is a better man than you are. What ever made you think
that he was my lover? Because I’ve enjoyed his company? If you hadn’t been so dull
I might have enjoyed yours more. Will you stop speaking? Please. Why should I stop speaking? I’m going to say outright
that there isn’t another woman who married to such a husband
wouldn’t have taken several lovers. And I’ve never had any. I think we had better separate. Separate? Only on the condition
that you give me a fortune. Separate! Don’t you think
you can frighten me! I’m going to kill you! Get out! Tikhon! Go upstairs to Maria Bogdanovna
and just say to her: “The Prince has sent me
to ask how she is?” Then come back and tell me
what she says. You can tell His Highness that
labor has started. According to a popular belief, the fewer people know about
the suffering of a woman in labor the less is her suffering. Everyone pretended
to be unaware of it. Nobody spoke about it, but everyone in the house wore
a common stamp of worry, of soft-heartedness
and of knowing that something momentous and incomprehensible
was happening at that time. If God is merciful,
no doctor would be needed. Princess, someone is coming. Up the driveway, with lanterns
lighted. Must be the doctor. Thank God! I’ll go out to meet him.
He doesn’t speak Russian. – Is the Princess well?
– Very well. No, it can’t be!
It would be so incredible! There is a kind fate!
Masha, my dear! Oh, darling… God is merciful. She was not surprised
at seeing him there. She didn’t understand
that he had returned. His coming had nothing to do
with her agony, nor with its relief. No, you’re not allowed in. Why have they taken
a baby in there? Why a baby?
Has a baby been born? I loved you all.
I did no harm to anyone. And now what have you done
to me? What have you done? Oh, what have you done to me?
And why? I can’t begin to tell you what
I’ve been through since then. Yes, we have all changed
a great deal. – What are your plans?
– My plans? What can I say? But why aren’t you serving
in the army? After Austerlitz?
No, thank you very much. If Bonaparte were here,
near Smolensk, I wouldn’t serve in our army
even then. – Did you hear about the duel?
– You had to go through that too. The one thing I thank God for
is he wasn’t killed. Why? Killing a mad dog
is a good thing. It’s evil to kill a man.
It’s wrong. But why is it wrong? It’s not up to men to judge
what is right and what is wrong. Men will always be wrong,
and never so wrong as when they decide
what’s right and wrong. Anything that does harm to
another man is wrong. How can you be sure what will
do harm to another man? Personally, I know of only two
real evils in life: Remorse and sickness. And happiness is the absence
of those two evils. To live for one’s self in such a way
as to avoid these two evils is my whole philosophy now. But how can anyone live for
himself alone? No, no, I couldn’t live like that. I’m feeling
deep in my heart that I’m part
of this vast, harmonious whole. I feel that not only
I cannot disappear, as nothing disappears in this world, but I have been
and will be forever. This is Herder’s philosophy. But
it’s not going to convince me. Life and death
are the only convincing things. I’m only convinced when I’ve seen
someone who’s dear to me, who’s close to me, toward whom I behaved wrongly
and still hoped to make it right, all of a sudden suffering terrible
pain and breathing her last. What on earth for? There must be some answer! Of course… I mean it’s not argument
that convinces me, it’s setting out in life with
someone you love and suddenly that
someone disappears… into nothingness. You stop before that abyss
and have a look down there. Just as I have done. Of course. Isn’t that exactly
what I’ve been saying? We must live. We must love. We must believe that we’re not only
living now on this lump of earth, but that we have lived and shall
live forever, in everything. Your Highness, isn’t it good? – What?
– Isn’t it good, Your Highness? What is he talking about? Yes, the spring, I suppose. It’s true, everything
is green already. So soon. The birch, the bird-cherry… And the alder is opening up. Only
the oak shows no signs of life. Yes, there’s the oak. Spring… Love… Happiness… Haven’t you grown weary of this
same stupid, meaningless delusion? It’s always the same,
and it’s always a lie. There is no spring,
no sun, and no happiness. I don’t believe in your hopes
and in your illusions. Yes, the oak is right,
a thousand times right. Let the others, the young,
to be taken in by this delusion. We who know life know
that it is finished. Yet we must live out our lives, doing no harm, and not worrying
or desiring anything. His obligations as trustee
of the family’s Ryazan estate compelled Prince Andrei
to call upon the local Marshal of Nobility,
Count Rostov. – Just once more!
– But when are you coming to bed? I can’t sleep anyway.
What can I do? Oh, isn’t it lovely?
Now let’s go to bed! You go. I can’t. Sonya, how can you sleep? Just look how lovely it is. Oh, wake up, Sonya! There’s never been
such a beautiful night. Will you look at that moonlight? Oh, it’s marvelous! Come and look, please, my dear. You see? It makes me want to sit down
on my heels, like this, put my arms around my knees… and hug them tight,
as tight as I can, and then I’d fly up. Like this! Yes, it was here, in this forest,
that I saw that oak, with which we agreed. But where is it? Yes, it’s the same oak! I loved you all.
I’ve done no harm to anyone. And now what have you done to me? We must live. We must love. We must believe that we’re not only
living now on this lump of earth, but that we have lived and shall
live forever, in everything. No, life is not over at thirty-one. It’s not enough for me to know
what I have in me. Everyone else must know it too: Pierre and that little girl
who wanted to fly away. Everyone must know me so that my life won’t be spent
for myself alone. My life must be reflected in theirs, and all the others must live
my life with me! End of Film One www.opensubtitles.org

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  39. The Soviets greatly documented the Napoleonic Wars in this wonderful movie, the reenactments were done to the last detail, and the scenes must surely portrait with accurate fidelity what happened in Borodin and Austerlitz. .. And the Natasha of this movie will always be the most beautiful of all Natashas; beating delicious, refined and stupendous Natashas, like: Audrey Hepburn and Clémence Poesy (In spite of having a crush on Poesy, nevertheless I am more moved by the Soviet girl.)

  40. Когда читала книгу , была потрясена . Фильм бесподобный , шикарный … Мне , как женщине , всегда было очень жаль ,, маленькую княгиню ,, Болконскую , боялась , боялась , бедная , вот ее судьба и настигла … А Наташу в юности я презирала за Андрея , за то , что вышла замуж …. Смешно теперь ..

  41. Фильм отличный, но роман он точно не заменит. Если не читается, не читайте, не портьте впечатление. Прочитаете, когда придёт время и желание.
    В фильме сделаны акценты только на ключевых моментах, но многие сюжетные линии пропущены – так, например, вы почти ничего не узнаете о Николае Ростове, о княжне Марье, о том, что было в конце. Если нужно ознакомиться с сюжетом, то откройте Википедию (сюжет романа "Война и мир"), информации для ознакомления там предостаточно.
    Фильм рассчитан на тех, кто знает сюжет и заинтересован в просмотре.

  42. В военных гарнизонах ребенком раза три смотрел. Показывали сразу все серии.

  43. Здесь многие упрекают Бондарчука за неправильный подбор актеров. А я вот скажу, что с Кторовым в роли Николая Болконского Бондарчук угадал гениально. Сразу понятно, почему Болконского-старшего прозвали "прусский король". Как есть Фридрих ІІ!

  44. Muchas gracias por los títulos en español y por permitirnos ver esta gran obra del maestro Sergei Bondarchuk, y de manera LEGAL, ojalá otras compañías (SI TE HABLO A TÍ HOLLYWOOD) tuvieran esta gran estrategia, si algún día sale la versión para Blu ray en español, SE LAS COMPRO sin dudarlo, pulgar arriba y suscrito.

    Thank you very much for the titles in Spanish and for allowing us to see this great work by maestro Sergei Bondarchuk, and LEGAL. I wish other companies (I SPOKE TO YOU HOLLYWOOD) would have this great strategy, if one day the Blu ray version comes out in Spanish, I BUY THEM without hesitation, thumb up and subscribed.

    Большое спасибо за названия на испанском языке и за то, что они позволили нам увидеть эту замечательную работу мастера Сергея Бондарчука, и ЮРИДИЧЕСКИМ образом, я бы хотел, чтобы другие компании (если он говорил с вами, ХОЛЛИВУД) имели эту замечательную стратегию, если однажды выйдет версия Blu-ray в Испанский, я покупаю их без колебаний, большой палец вверх и подписался.

  45. Война и мир. из альбома Посвящение

    Лучший фильм за весь двадцатый век.

    Да снять такое смог только режиссер Сергей Фёдорович Бондарчук.

    Воина и мир.Роскошные балы.Восторг любви и первое признание.

    Наташа Ростова.князь Болконский.Пьер Безухов.

    Надежды на счастье главных героев этих, рушатся с пришествием войны.

    Какие грандиозные съёмки, масштаб их просто поражает.

    Как достоверно снято сражение под Бородино. Пожар Москвы.

    И гибель Наполеоновской армии великой,

    когда то Европу покорившей с легкостью руки.

    А актёры здесь какие весь свет Советского кино:

    Савельева, Тихонов, сам Бондарчук, .Лановой, .Ефремов, Табаков.Стржельчик.Кторов.

    Великий фильм. Великое творение. Великого режиссера- гения нашего кино.

    альбом Посвящение.


  46. Как можно в то время снимать такие военные баталии без комп.графики?Настолько все реалистично.Браво Бондарчуку.Супер!

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