Девчата (комедия, реж. Юрий Чулюкин, 1961 г.)

Девчата (комедия, реж. Юрий Чулюкин, 1961 г.)

Mosfilm GALS Script: Boris Bedny Director:
Yuri Chulyukin Art director:
Yuli Raizman D.O.P.: T. Lebeshev Production designer:
I. Shreter Directors: G. Rozental,
L. Indenbom Music: A. Pakhmutova
Lyrics: M. Matusovsky Film Production Administration
Orchestra, conductor Yuri Silantyev Producer:
L. Stulova Cast: Tosya ñ Nadezhda Rumyantseva
Ilya ñ Nikolai Rybnikov Katya ñ L. Ovchinnikova
Nadya ñ I. Makarova Anfisa ñ S. Druzhinina
Vera ñ N. Menshikova Filya ñ S. Khitrov
Sasha ñ N. Pogodin Ksan Ksanych ñ V. Baikov
Dementyev ñ A. Adoskin Hostel superintendent ñ M. Pugovkin
Headman Churkin ñ P. Kiryutin Alyosha ñ A. Krychenkov
Vasya ñ R. Filippov That all you got? Donít you have your own pillow? Weíve got loads of bed-side tables,
but the pillows are a problem. – Am I to sleep on the bed table?
– Weíll see about that. – You have any previous work
experience? – Not yet. What on earth do they send your
likes for! No profession, no pillow! – All we get is trouble!
– Iíve a profession all right! Weíll see about that. See that place? – The fire-fighting equipment board.
– Right! That place we call Kamchatka! Couples like to hang around there
in the eveningÖ And afterwards they ask for
a separate room for themselves. – And we have none to spare.
– Why are you telling me all this? Want you to get the message. Live! – Hello.
– Hello. Here. Itís for Kruglova. – Hello.
– Hello. – Good-bye.
– Good-bye. – What are you doing here?
– Drinking tea. Whereíd you come from
anyway? Tíwas my lifeís dream to have
a neighbor like her. Whereíd you learn to fumble
through other peopleís drawers? How can you?! There, help yourselves! You sure live in grand style! Donít take it to heart. Help yourself. Never saw such self-centered
people before. Well, now you see one! Whatís your name anyway? Kislitsyna Tosya. And yours? Iím Nadya Erokhina. – And this is our Katya.
– Nice to meet you. – Likewise.
– Tastes good? And Iím Vera Kruglova. Nice to meet you. – Wait a minute. You Timofeevna?
– Timofeevna. Dance! Whatíre you looking at? Dance! – Registered mail!
– Gimme that! No, let her dance first!
Right, girls? She didnít even read it! – Whoís it from?
– What do you care? Itís from her husband. – Whyíd she burn it?
– Whatís that to you? Theyíre going through a rough patch. What work did you come here
to do? Iíve come as a cook. – Whatís gonna happen to us?
– I donít see anything funny. Iíve graduated from the Simferopol
culinary school. – Young specialist, eh?
– What is I am. – Ksan Ksanych came by.
– Some mangy type was here, only I donít know his name. – YouÖ!
– Whatís wrong? – Itís her fiance.
– Do fianceís ever look like that? Some do.
Get your feet up! – Are these all the shoes you got?
– Yep. Why? Are you joking? Do you know what
severe winters we have here? Iím not cold-sensitive. There! Take these. This is not Simferopol for you. ëWatch out! Tree fellingí. Whereíre you going! Get back!
The other way!.. – Run for your life!
– Get out of there! – I said, get back!
– Run! Not that way! Get her! Get her! Get her! – What wind blew her in?
– Donít know. Come on, take your coat off. Whyíre you taking them down?
What have they done? Itís what they havenít done.
They didnít reach the target. Hold this. Filya here was
hanging for whole 2 weeks. See? – Filya showers down.
– Iíd say he didnít hang long. Now theyíre gonna hang Kovrigin
again. He deserves it.
Ilyukha can work all right. Couldnít find a better time? The guyís upset.
Gimme that one. Oh, whoís this? – Where cold I have seen him?
– Are you from another planet? Itís Ilya Kovrigin.
Oh, youíre new around here. Look, here they come! – Whatís all this about?
– Weíre hanging. Ata boy, Kovrigin! – Hey there, Petya!
– Hi. Hi! You should be proud of yourself. These fellas retire to the archives. – Hey there!
– Hello. – How come the sullen look?
– The sullen look? Weíre not selfish or anything. Hung there for 2 weeks ñ
time to let others take their turn. Thatís right. – Youíre not here for keeps either.
ñ Weíll see on the 1st of next month. We are being threatened! All right, enough of that.
Letís sit down. – And play ëcock a doddle doí?
– Why not. – There you go!
– Sleeping time. – Go to bed, children.
– Time to break up. – Right?
– Right. – My move.
– My move. – My move.
– My move. Howíd you like this? Hey there, lady-cook. May I? – Howís that?
– Easy! – Vasya, turn off that rattling thing.
– Right. Smoke break! Vasya! Hey ñ whatís your name? ñ
turn it off! Sheís got character. Vasya! – Whyíd you stop it again?
– Keep calm! Wait a minute. See that? One, two, three. – Howís that?
– Easy. Vasya, give us some music. – We beat you dead.
– Thatís for your whole team. Filya, the champ! – Wait, Filya! Whereíre you going?
– What? You forgot the cock- a doddle do. – Cock a doodle doo.
– No, thatís cheating. Vasya, stop the music.
Quiet, guys. – Hey, lady-cook, put on the music!
– Go ahead! Hey! Come here. Fancy that! Vasya, put it on. Allow me. Do you always dance with a cigarette
in your mouth? Now watch, somethingís gonna
happen! And with your hat on? Vasya, hold it. So that you know, I donít dance
with your likes. Iíll be right back. – Ilya, wait! Gimme a smoke.
– No problem. Iíd say she bit your head off. – Phooey! Some figure!
– There may not be a figure, – but there is the character
all right! – CharacterÖ Gimme a weak ñ and sheíll be
running after me like a dog! – Donít you think thatís kinda
too soon? ñ Wanna bet? – What on?
– On your Kuban hat. – Against your reindeer?
– Deal. Vasya, break it up. – One week!
– See ya. – Canít wait to see it!
– Keep quiet! One minute. – Is the plan clear?
– Sure thing! Letís go. – Howdy, boss!
– Hey there. Pour me some. I like mine
hot and rich. – Nothing like hot cabbage soup!
– See if itís any good! Smells great! – Whatís this?
– Ugh! Yuk! Itís so gross! – It tastes like shit!
– Is it made of frogs or something? What frogs?
What are you talking about? – Frogs? Maybe we should try it?
– Go ahead and try it! If you canít cook, – donít.
Whatís that shit-soup? – Some cook!
– Open up! Stop it! Donít take them serious.
Ilya drew them on to do it. Getting even with you for last
night. – The soup is really very good.
– Itís all on the snow. And I always got ëAís for cabbage
soup. Maybe I forgot to put in something
important? – Whatís with her?
– Whyís the door closed? – She locked herself in.
– Why? Weíll find out.
Hello, little cook! Open up! – What do you want?
– We want our lunch, thatís what. – Give us the second course!
– Whereíd you keep the plates? – Donít forget the sauce.
– Itís good as it is! Tosya, honey, can I get a second
Helping of the soup? Donít try to comfort me! I donít need it. You shoulda seen her eyes!
This big! – And the worst is yet to come.
– We ate her raw! Only this way we wonít
last long. – Whyís that?
– Weíll waste away. Donít worry, tonight weíll have
lunch and dinner. Well, thatís enough. Hey, artists, can we borrow
your saucepan? – Whatís this youíre doing?
– We missed our lunch, thatís what. Petya, get saucepan.
It was a bad idea. The cabbage soup was super!
And the stew ñ like theyíd serve in a sanatorium. Each calorie
in its place. Donít worry, our lunch is not
any worse. Heís coming! Lyoshka, break
the eggs. This looks good! Beer! Will do instead
of compote! Zhiguly beer, oh my Zhiguly beer! Say, fellas! Imagine this is a logging site. We fell the biggest tree. And we put these on top. Now we lock them in a choker. And you drag the whole lot along. – Get the idea?
– Makes sense. – We preserve the young trees.
– Stumps donít get in the way. – The pulling rope doesnít get torn.
– Labor productivity ñ is thumbs up! And the salaryÖ Shoo! Go home! – Whatíre they hanging their ears
out for? ñ Who needs you! Maybe weíre working on a new
technology. – Might as well try it out tomorrow.
– On the new logging block. – First thing.
– On the edge of the plot. The omelet is burning! Damn, the gruel burned too! Whatís going on?
Are you on fire? Weíre making lunch! Whyíd you skip lunch anyway? Or is that your brilliant idea,
Ilyusha? – Trying to find an approach?
– Mind your own business. Some strategist! Lyosha, open the vent window! Ilyushka! AnfisaÖ Coming! Gee, Iím hungry!
Have to do it all over again. Vasya, run to the shop. Lyosha,
clean the saucepan. Iíll be right back. A handsome lady! I wonder why Ilyusha wouldnít marry
her? – Hell knows.
– What for? – What do you mean, what for?
– Sheís ñ how should I put it? – What?
– Youíll find out when you grow up. – Ilyukha is doing a hell of a job!
ñ Donít see anything special. – Heís like everyone else.
– Good work! Ata boy! Go! Go on! Go on! Go on! Keep it up! Ignat, take it easy, or youíll flip
over! – It sure was a great idea.
– Whatís so great about it? Great or not great ñ theyíll get the portraits, and the premium,
and everything else. Thatís your ego talking! Weíve got something
up our sleeve too. Come on! Guys, itís lunch time!
We break for lunch! Whereís my team going?
Weíve no time for a break. I gotta run to the kitchen,
see whatís cooking. Thatís one tough job ñ keeping
an eye on everything. – Ilyusha?
– Weíll waste away for sure. I wonder how long a person can do
without hot food? One year and 3 months. – And what then?
– Then ñ itís over. – The soupís as good as in
a sanatorium. ñ You bet. Little woman with a big fantasy.
Who would have thought! – All vitamins and calories.
– Stand in line, guys. – Those for a second helping ñ left
side. – Ata girl! Great meal! – Mushroom soup is super.
– Right. – Iíd go for some more, lady-cook.
– Me too! – Boss skips queue. – In a canteen
and the bathhouse everyoneís equal. – If you please.
– Thatís it, – no more left.
– How come?! – My favorite mushroom soup!
– One team hasnít had lunch yet! – What team? Everyoneís here.
– This ñ whatís his name?.. – Kovrigin!
– They werenít planning to. – Theyíre busy mastering new
technology. ñ Oh really? No more helping! – Are you gonna carry it to them?
– Why not? – After what they did last night?
– You heard it, the guys are mastering new
technology. My God, some people completely
lose their pride! We have guests! Itís the new cook! Hide everything! Get it! Why didnít you come by for lunch? Weíre fed up with yesterdayís
cabbage soup. Itís mushroom soup today. Try it! Come on. Itís getting cold. Itíll do. Gee, that tastes good! Yummy! You cut theseÖ with this? Whatís this thing called? This thing is called power saw
ëFriendshipí. Thatís what itís called?
ëFriendshipí? Thatís what itís called.
ëFriendshipí. – A good name. ñ Machinery!
Need to have brains for that. Itís not boiling potatoes
for ya. Potatoes, you say? You think itís all there is to it:
you boil it and you eat it? You know how many dishes
you can make with potatoes? Fried potatoes and mashed
potatoes. Oh yeah? How about this: fried potatoes, boiled potatoes,
mashed potatoes, then letís seeÖ – French fries, potato pie.
– What on earth is that? You slice it in thin chips
and fry it in simmering oil. – That I tried.
– You shouldíve said so. ëPieí! – Is that it?
– No. There you go! Potato patty with meat, mushrooms,
cabbage and so forth. Potato pancakes with mushroom,
tomato or sour cream sauceÖ Potato roll, potato pudding.
Braised potato with prunes. Braised potato with bay leaves
and pepper. Young potatoes boiled with dill. – Shangis.
– Whatís that? I know what those are, guys!
Theyíre finger-lickiní good! You bet! And those are only
dishes made of potatoes. Gotta run back. After you finish,
bring the bowls back to the kitchen. Thereís more in the thermos,
and some compote in the teapot. Well Iíd say! Whatís she got for the second
course? Letís see. Cutlets. Well, Katya? Gimme a puff, will you. – Have a puff, student.
– Tell you this, SashaÖ – What?
– Chemistry – – is a real science.
– That ës common knowledge. – Oh yes?
– Tut-tut, Egorov! – What is it, Maria Gavrilovna?
– You didnít smoke in the 7th grade. – I did, Maria Gavrilovna.
– Nicotine ñ is poison. Oh? Thank you, Maria Gavrilovna.
Good-bye. All the best to you. Chemistry! Maria Gavrilovna,
maybe I should quit altogether? – Sasha, have you been waiting long?
– 3 classes and 2 recesses. Know what, Filya nearly blew
the whole class up! – Well, bye, Tosya.
– Bye. Maple tree, maple tree, Knocks against the window pane, It invites my friends outside
Into the openÖ May I see you home? What ever for?
Thereíre no bears around. Is bears the only reason a man
would see a women home? You funny potato dumpling! – Well, I donít own the street.
– Where are you going? – This is a shorter way.
– And this is the longer way. Whatever. The snowfall, the snowfall The snowfall is no more, As if spring has come back
To greet meÖ Why is it, why is it, Why is it I feels so good? Itís because you smile each time
You meet meÖ Some donít know what you can make
out of 1 cubic meter of wood? Youíve come to the woodworks.
Do you know? Yes, wood. – Wood.
– Railway sleepers. SleepersÖ You understand
about potatoes. Of 1 cubic meter of wood
you can make 200 kilos of paper. Yes. And 170 pairs of rubber
overshoes. Or, for instance, 2 car tires. Or 180 kilos of wool. Take your mittens, for instance.
You think theyíre made of wool? – Yes.
– No, itís a fir tree. Your hands must be frozen. – Or my scarf.
– A fir tree too? No ñ a pine tree. The forest warms
all mankind. You are one sneaky character!
You caught me off guard! – Tosya!
– Let go, or Iíll scream! Tosya! Whereíre you going? Tosya! Tosya, honeyÖ Childish. What is it? You got an ëAí? Tosya! – Let me.
– No, Iíll manage. – Sure you will. Give me those.
– Donít, Ilyusha. – How did you call me?
– Ilyusha. Why? Funny. Doesnít sound too gentle,
but the way you say it ñ it is. It wasnít meant to be gentle.
Itís just my voice, thatís all. There. – What?
– Watch out, Tosya. What should I watch out for? – You know who he is?
– Who? – An easy-rider, thatís who.
– Easy-rider?! You! I never would have thought. So you wouldnít. You think
you know life? Hereís what I tell you. Just in case, Iíll give a cough. – To remind you.
– Make it a loud one. Agreed? Outrageous! Iíll fine you
for every stump. Your criticism is welcome!
Weíll have that in mind and demoteÖ – Who?
– The stumps. Whatís this structure? Itís the canteen. Itís a disgrace, not a canteen You
feed people there in such a cold? Not enough time to rebuild it, and
woodcutters are sturdy folks. – In what time do you work?
– From 8 to 4, and on SaturdaysÖ You work in the age of cybernetic
and nuclear energy. – And your workers eat in a hut.
– A very correct observation. – I keep telling him!
– And right you are. – Why donít you pay attention?
Who are you? ñ The local cook. And whoís this man? No oneÖ Heís just helping. Such a husky fellow ñ
hanging around the kitchen! Heís no fellow, I mean he doesnít
work here. Heís our best faller Ilya Kovrigin. And this is just the usual
hanky-panky. What hanky-panky?! No one asked him to help.
Who needs him! It was his idea in the first place! Some discipline you got here. Looks good! Next! – Want a bigger plate of borsch,
Iluysha? – – Sameís everyone. – More sour cream?
– Can do without. – Iím first!
– Cold? – Itís freezing outside!
– Look at that queue! – Whatís going on today?
– Whatís stalling the queue? Keep calm! You want your cutlets
with potatoes or with noodles? Doesnít matter. Do you know what theyíre showing
at the club tonight? I donít. Iíd like to goÖ – Anything else?
– Thatís all. What about the compote? Next! I like mine rich. Your coughing is uncalled for.
I donít need it. And never will! – Get that?
– What about our deal? Take your plates! Next! – Make it rich.
– Same as for everyone. – Some more sour cream.
– You can do without! Next! – Whereíre you going?
– I pasted it, didnít I. Now outline the photo with
a red pencil. – I wonít do it!
– Why not? Because they print the same faces
all the time! They praise the same people,
and Iím supposed to outline them! – You want them to print you?
– Why not? Some big deal ñ to cook potatoes! – Oh yes?
– Yes! What if tomorrow I make raw gruel,
or put too much salt in it? Then weíll see how theyíll meet
the target. Iíll outline him with green! Come in, Ksan Ksanych! Hello everyone. Vera Timofeevna, Anfisa Pavlovna,
Tosya, KatyaÖ Nadyusha ñ there! Nadya and me are getting
ourselves some furniture. Makeshift. – Youíre such a handy man!
ñ Go ahead, sit! – Well?
– I could sit on it 100 years. – Nadya, honey, we wouldnít want
to be late. ñ Weíll be in time. Ksan Ksanych, theyíre showing
this film the 7th time already. – Itís utter boredom! – Nadyusha
and I are never bored. I wonder what people love each
other for. What does Nadya love
Ksan Ksanych for? Are there any reasons
not to love him? Heís positive, plus ñ he doesnít
smoke and doesnít drink. Heís a good worker.
Thatís why they love each other. Do you love someone
because of that? – Mama-Vera?
– Katya is right. What kind of an explanation is that! Nadya will be turning 28. At that
age you could marry a goat. Arenít you ashamed to talk of your
friend like that? She loves him ñ and thatís that.
You wouldnít understand. Oh, I wouldnít would I! People invented this fairytale
about love. But it doesnít exist. Thereís no
such thing as love! – What do you mean, no such thing?
– No means no. – Mama-Vera?
– Donít listen to her. Stop spreading your theories here.
Theyíre not for everyone. Oh sure, some women married
for love, and now they heat the stove with
their husbandís letters. You are so mean, Anfisa! Back in our childrenís home
weíd beat up the likes of you. Weíd put a blanket over them and ñ
bang, bang! A good upbringing they gave you,
lilí orphan. – With a felt boot!
– You didnít get enough! – Not enough!
– Girls! Anfisa! Let go of me! – YouÖ
– Let go! Quiet down! Donít destroy me. Tidy yourself up. Itís the new boss! Tosya! Anfisa!
Girls, stop it! May I? Good evening. – Replace the light bulb. Itís dark
there. ñ Will be done. – No pitcher for water here either.
– Will be done. – The stoveÖ
– Break it down? – Why break it? Whitewash it.
– WhitewashÖ Will be done. One moment. That you could
have tidied yourself. Whereís the schedule?
Whoís on duty today? – Will be doneÖ
– What will be done? Sorry. – Whoís on duty?
– Supposing I am. You ought to be ashamed of yourself,
young lady. You may find it awful, but Iím not
in the least ashamed. But itís not goodÖ Itís disorderÖ Whitewashing? – Where do you work, young lady?
– Why? No, nothing. I work as a switchboard operator. And you must be the new boss
everyoneís so afraid of? Iím not at all scary. I think so too. Thatís not how they wear a hat. You know, I never wore hats before. Bought this one to look respectable.
Iíve only graduated recently. – Where are you off to now?
– The telephone exchange. As a matter of fact, we havenít been
there yet! Letís go have a look. Will be done. Did you see that? – Hey there, ladies!
– Hi! – Hi!
– Let the boss through. Girls, look, here comes our hero. He lost some weight!
And grew pale! Looks like our cook maltreats him. – Ilyusha, donít go!
– Come back, weíll feed you! Oh no, I missed my train! Wait! Thanks. They donít wear a hat like that. Galya! Look at that! Did I hurt you? Sorry, I didnít mean to.
It was only a joke. – It hurts all the same.
– You cold? – Not at all.
– YouÖ Kovriginís at it again! 11.15! Just look atíem! Hideous! Theyíwe been walking out
there for 2 hours already! – Katya, call her!
– She will not come. Stubborn. Heís no better ñ your ex. Anfisa!
How can you look at that? Or is it over with the two of you? Anfisa! What does he want from Tosya?
Sheís only a little foolish girl. Heís fallen for her ñ thatís what
I think. I swear! At first I thoughtÖ –
but he fell in love. Look at how heís changed. He bet on her, do you
understand? Fell in love ñ my ass! He and Filya made a bet that she
will be running after him like a dog. So sheís running. You knew all along? You knew,
and you didnít say anything! What have I got to do with it? They made a bet ñ itís their
responsibility. Tosya will come home now ñ
and you will tell her. – Like hell I will.
– Ah, leave her alone. – Weíll tell her ourselves.
– You just try. Itís a secret between me and you.
I gave Ilya my word. You are a mean woman, Anfisa. You should be ashamed of yourself,
Anfisa. Girls, we canít leave it like this.
We have to tell Tosya. We have to open her eyes to this. No, Nadya, I donít think so. How do we tell her? If she learns the truth ñ
sheíll stop trusting people. This needs some thinking over. While we will be thinkingÖ Sleeping like logs! Damn! Gotta hang a lamp. Or maybe not. Why wouldnít they hang a lamp,
god dammit! – Will be done.
– What will be done? Outrageous! The handworkerís here. – Itís me, Anfisa Pavlovna.
– Coming, Vadik. Good evening, girls. Tosya, donít forget you need to do
your homework. Ksan Ksanych, come in! Hello, Vera Timofeevna. Hello, Tosya.
Hello, Katyusha. Nadyusha! Youíre not ready yet? – Sit down, Iím almost ready.
– Let me sew it on. I was passing by our house just now.
The carpenters are busy working. If they keep up the good work, –
weíll settle there this spring. – Whereís my man? – Shaving.
Gonna be here any minute. Todayís program is really big. – What program?
– The local philharmonic society. Where? In our club?
How could I have missed it? The posters were there this morning.
Regional artists. – Katya, youíre going too?
– Yes, Sasha got us tickets. – Are there gonna be clowns too?
– Supposedly. Girls, how I love the circus! Jugglers juggling, objects flying
all over the place! Music is playing. Tosya, thatís enough. Sit down
and do your homework. Done. Roomís clean. Mama-Vera, you know who you are? – Who?
– You are a heroine! – Stop talking nonsense.
– But you are! You are so conscientious. Nobodyís watching over you,
yet you study and studyÖ If I were the government,
Iíd award everyone who studies by correspondence. Tosya, you surprise me. ëOh she surprised everyone,
She was like that, you knowÖí Katya, itís Sasha!
Come on in, Sasha! Good evening, gals. – Whereís my darling?
– Wait out there. Yes, sir. Look, girls.
How do I look? You look so pretty, Katya! How I envy you!
Will you be dancing? – I think so.
– Turn around. Stay where you are! – Thanks.
– I envy you so much. – Come in!
– May I? Hello. There, Tosya. Get ready quick.
We can dance before they start. Iíll go smoke outside. Mama-Vera, itís the first row!
Hurrah, Iím going too! – What shall we do?
– Nadya, there you go. We canít let her go. – Katya!
– Wait, will you. TosyaÖ – Tosya, come here.
– What is it, Mama-Vera? – Youíre not going anywhere.
– How come? – Youíre not going, period.
– Ksan Ksanych, wait outside. – Whatís that all about?
– Weíre not letting you go there. You have no right. Iím of age,
I have a passport. – Youíll say ëthank youí afterwards.
– Ilya is not good for you. Heíll use you for playing like
a kitten, and throw you out. Itís just his appearance, but heís
good on the inside. We know him better. Youíre not going anywhere. Donít you pry into my private life! They moralized me at the orphanage,
then in technical school! I came here for a breath of freedom ñ
but here too theyíre at it! Canít do this, and canít do that!
You think all I can do is study? Studies can go to blazes! – There! It starts at 19.00!
– Tosya, listen to me! Let me out! Now I know the real you! Slave-drivers! You can take my felt boots too!
Iíll walk on the snow barefoot! – You wonít intimidate me! Let go!
– Tosya, wait! Ilya! Ilyusha! Wait, stupid!
You think with Ilya itís serious? He bet on you. He bet? He made a bet with Filya that
youíll fall in love with him. Mama-Vera, is it possible
that someone would bet on a live person? Katya, dear, is that true? What did he bet on? A fur hat, I think. Isnít one hat enough for him? Tosya, dear, this is not the end
of the world! Tosya! Tosya, Iím here! What took you so long? Letís go. Your ticket, please. Kislitsyna! You need to take
your coat off! Who are you looking for? Our seats are over there. Who are you looking for, Tosya? Filya! Yes. What is it? Is it true you bet on me?
Is it? Well, he won.
Give him your hat. – TosyaÖ
– Donít just stand there. Give him your hat, you lost
the bet. – Wait, TosyaÖ
– Why wait? You won, didnít you. Tosya! To-sy-a!!! This is the famous Kovrigin team!
Praised over the radio and in papers! – Hello. Are you Kovrigin?
– No, Iím Zaitsev. – Then you must be Kovrigin?
– No, Iím Nazarov. Ignat. – Iím Velikanov.
– Whereís Kovrigin? – Should be somewhere here.
– Heís never late. – How about a drag?
– Letís smoke Moscow tobacco, guys! He quit. – Thanks.
– Youíre welcome. Whereís this Kovrigin fellow?
This way you can freeze to death. How about we smoke one more
and get warm. Lyoshka! Tosya. Please forgive me. Anyone want second helping? Sure thing. Swell gruel. – Thank you.
– Youíre welcome. TosyaÖ Love it? Who? Buckwheat. – Adore it.
– Great stuff. Thank you, daughter. Tosya, you have to forgive me. I understand. You think I donít? It was so ridiculous ñ
this bet of oursÖ Makes me laugh now. – Oh, so you think itís funny?
– Well, stupid. – Stupid?
– WellÖ Shameful. Hey there. Tosya, you can test me if you donít
believe me. Youíre not a tractor to be tested. I hate you! Hate you! And Iíll never forgive you
in my whole life. Get away from the kitchen!
Iíve got spoons disappearing. Spoons?!? There he is ñ Ilya Kovrigin! Ilyusha, youíve gotta pose
for a photo. – Youíd better photograph the guys
instead. ñ Itís just you left. Wait! Where are you going? – What do you want?
– Excellent. Now smile. Ilyusha, do like I do. Done! Now how about another
drag. – Kovrigin looks flashy.
– Top performer. – Tosya, what is it? – Nothing,
you go, Iíll catch up with you. Do you have todayís ëLumbermaní? – Yes.
– Give me 10 copies. – How many more left?
– Another 10. Iíll take all of them. – There you go.
– Thank you. Kislitsyna, you from 5? – Thatís right.
– Give this to Kruglova. But be sure to give it to her. Mama-Vera, hereís another
home task from the institute. And this is to burn! Mama-Vera, you surprise me. A sudden pang of pity? – Tosya, you wouldnít understand.
– And whyís that? You think I wouldnít understand? No one bet on you, mama-Vera. Wait! He fell in love with someone else?
That it? NoÖ He met this woman ñ the kind
of our Anfisa. So I left him. Now heís writing all these letters. Oh, those Anfisas! Mama-Vera, how Iíd like
to be beautiful! Iíd avenge all the cheated women! I imagine I walk along the street ñ
looking smashingÖ And all the guys I meet get rooted
to the spot petrified. And those more sensitive ñ drop
to the ground, and automatically pile up into
stacks. Mama-Vera! Mama-Vera, what is it? Please! Donít be upset. Donít. Gals! Itís so warm outside!
Spring! Thereís all-round merrymaking! – Whatís the whispering all about?
– You wouldnít understand. You think so? Iím no less clever
than you. Youíre happy, Katya. And happiness
makes people blind. Vera, Tosya, Itís not my fault that it works out
so fine with me and Sasha. We met, fell in love, weíll get
a room and get married. I canít even seem to get into a fight
with him. Canít find a reason. Katya, come out! Girls, I can stay here with you
if you want me to. – Thatís it, Iím staying.
– Youíre one too many here. – You wonít hold a grudge on me?
– Go away. Donít hold a grudge on me,
promise? You know, Mama-Vera, Iíve decided
I wonít get married. Ever. Itís easier when youíre alone.
You do what you like. Look at him ñ the hero! Smiling.
Enjoying life. – Whyíd you buy all these papers?
– Why should he smile at everyone? I thought heíd suffer. And he
doesnít even look my way. He doesnít come for lunch. Heís
thinned down so much. All this to spite me. ëYou are the cook, Iíll grow thin
to spite you!í ëMay you be ashamed!í
I can see through him! – Hello, Ilyusha.
– Hello. Why donít you ever drop by? – Iíve no time.
– Oh really? I havenít seen you for a long time. – Waiting for Tosya?
– Thatís right, for her. – Maybe youíll marry her?
– Maybe I will. Tosya! Womanizer! – You like this living?
– I do. – Anfisa Pavlovna!
– Wait, Vadim. I pity you, Ilyusha. Youíve
become a laughing stock. – I donít care.
– Oh is that so? Why donít you and I go
and dance? – Youíre sure enjoying life, Anfisa.
– Iím not in love, Ilyusha. Iím not in love! Iím sorry, Vadim Petrovich. Anfisa, what is it? Something wrong at work? Is it something personal? – Get away!
– Wait, Iíll put on my slippers. Want some water? Whatís the fuss all about?
Itís midnightÖ All you know is sack out
and sleep, sleepheads! Mama-Vera, Nadya, get up! – What, time to go to work already?
– Whatís going on? Anfisa is having a fit of hysterics. Anfisa, whatís with you? – Tell us, Anfisa.
– Leave me alone, for Christís sake! – Anfisa, what is it?
– Must be something personal. I wonít speak in her presence.
Let her leave first. – Tosya, go wait in the hallway.
– How come, Mama-Vera! I woke you all up, – and now
Iím supposed to go?! Nadya, Katya, take her out of here. Iím not leaving. Iím not leaving! Let go! Let go! I donít want out! Iíd better go to bed! Itís cold out there! You have no right! Youíll answer for this! I thought the story of true love
was all a big lie. Thought theyíd invented a beautiful
fairytale to make life more pleasant. But now I see: there is such
a thing as love. – Have some water.
– One day someone will love you too. Tell me, why is it like that? Someone loves all of you – Katya, Nadya, and even Tosya. Itís as if Iíd been cursed! – Am I any worse than all the rest?
– Itís not for you to complain. All they want is to pass time
with me. But when it comes to marriage
or true love, – they find themselves Mashas
or Dashas. Ilya traded me for Tosya, said he wants to marry her. Whatíd he see in her anyway?
Thereís nothing to look at. Eavesdropping? Curiosity killed a cat! Some sturdy woman! I fed you to amply. Just you wait! No second
helping tomorrow! Life passed by me, as though
I havenít lived at all. Donít cry, donít get upset. Important thing is that you
realized that – – now lifeís gonna take on a new
turn. – It depends only on you. You have to have pride. Care for some scrambled eggs,
Ilyusha? Or maybe we should go get you
beer? Shut down, artists! Whatís up? Hey, Ilya! – How is he?
– Not good. Oh really? – That for you?
– Yep. You going? Iíd understand it if he were pining
for Anfisa. Queen of birds! But this one? Sheís even shorter than me. Anything to buy in the city? I take
orders for less than 1 ton. Ilyusha! Come on!
Quit being sour! Donít think about her. You used to be a hero! Want me to go to Tosya and tell her
it was all my idea? How about it? We didnít mean no harm.
Sheís gotta understand. Me ñ ever fall in love?
Over my dead body! Canít bear to see such a man
being ruined. Filipp, you still here? I was afraid youíd left. Here, buy my Nadya stockings. – The most expensive ones.
– All right. Phil, get me a green tie and
a hair net. Ilya, maybe we should buy her
a present? Why donít I buy her sweets? Chocolates? How about a kilo?
Or 2 kilos? Why not? She can munch oníem.
Little girls love sweets. Or perfume. A set with
Eau De Cologne and powder! No, guys. Eau De Cologne ñ is no more than
a smell. Chocolate will give her heartburn. Ilyusha, why donít you get her
a watch. Something useful, andÖ
a mechanism. – Gold!
– Good idea. OnlyÖ itíll cost you a pretty penny. Thereís 80 rubles here.
You think thatíll be enough? No, that wonít be enough. Come on, guys. Chip in for
a gold bracelet. – Ksan Ksanych.
– What? – Well?
– Well what? – The dough!
– Oh, that! Letís go. If that wonít be enough ñ
Iíll add some. – Bye, Ksan Ksanych.
– Good luck! Hope he doesnít lose it. We should make a register
of who donated what sum. What? For orderís sake. Why is it, why is it, Why is it I feel so good?.. Come in! Whoís so super-polite? Girls, could you go out for a sec?
I need to talk to Tosya. Oh sure! Us ñ leave?! Could you, please? Tosya, we will be near. Hello, Tosya. Learning makes people wise,
ignorance otherwise. – Close your eyes.
– No way! – Donít be afraid.
– No oneís afraid of you! Whatís this? – For me?
– Yes. – Itís ticking!
– Itís tickingÖ Whatíre you sitting all relaxed? Whatíre you smiling at? Get up! Ksan Ksanych didnít
make this stool for you! There. – Take it and leave. – Tosya, itís
from the bottom of my heart. Go away, or Iíll scream. – Why are you doing this to me?
– Go away! Wait! Take it awayÖ So it donít tick here. You scoffing me?
Trying to hurt me? You tear my soul apart! – Iím asking you one last time: Are
you gonna take it? ñ Go away! Tosya! Did he hit you? – Oh, girlsÖ
– What is it? What? I love the b bastard. It will be a nice room ñ spacious,
and with a high ceiling. YesÖ I still think the table would look
better at the window. In the summer weíll have our tea
and look out into the street. Like in the movies. No, we should put the table in
the middle, or itíll look empty. Might as well. Weíll think about it. We still have plenty of time. – Ksan Ksanych.
– What? Letís get married. I feel
embarrassed in front of the girls. What kind of a family life would
that be? You live in your hostel, I live in mine. Soon as the construction works
are finished ñ weíll have a wedding – and the housewarming!
– Whatever you say, Ksan Ksanych. Give us some matrix! Girls! Is that you, Anfisa?
My, you look different! Damn, youíre still the best.
Even a quilted jacket suits you. How about we meet tonight? Go for a walk, listen to new
recordings. And what then? Whatís with you, Anfisa? I donít think you and I should see
each other any more. Here. Where are you, Petrovich?
We need more matrix! Weíll talk later. You did the right thing, Anfisa.
That should teach him a lesson. Today we learned from our history
class, that there was a time when women were in charge
of men. It was a correct time. – Only I forgot what it was called.
– Matriarchate? You know too? We hadíem right
here! But ancient women let them slip
away, and now theyíre in charge. Katya! Are you crazy? You want to catch pneumonia?
Go and put your coat on! Nadya, I got the indent. Girls, look, the indent! – Real McCoy, with a stamp!
– Let me see. Careful, girls. Donít crumple it.
Itís a document! Nadyusha, even though we have
the official paper, we need to move our things
immediately. Even if itís only a stool.
Just to be on the safe side. What if some intruder settles there?
Even a court wonít help. – Ksan KsanychÖ
– We know how these things are done. Run to the hostel and pack
your suitcase. Sasha! Sasha! Are we gonna sit on
the pole all our life? – Ksan Ksanych got his indent.
– Weíll get ours in spring. Look at Ksan Ksanych!
So caring, and a good specialist. And look at my Sasha ñ all he can
do is play the harmonica. What ever do I love him for? – Howís it going with you?
– Hate him! – But you said you loved him!
– Since then I hate him even more. Where is he now? Sasha is here, Ksan Ksanych is here.
Even Filya is here. And where is he?
Listen, maybe you saw him? No. Iíd give anything to see him. Kislitsyna! Take nails up to
the attic, will you! – What for?
– Donít ask silly questions. People are waiting for the nails! Getíem up there! Who asked for nails? How will you explain this! No nails, eh? Why? I got a whole box ofíem. So youíve ganged up, eh? Con artist! Let go! Let go this very minute! – We sit here like some grownups.
– We are grownups. Tomorrow weíll go and get
married, and no oneíll say anything. – So soon?
– Why wait? Some family: Ilyusha ñ husband,
Tosya ñ wife. – You can kill yourself laughing.
– Youíre so silly. – Youíre an aggressor, Ilya!
– Just once, on the cheek. Canít you live without kissing? – You really canít?
– Of course not. What kind of a love is that? They
say all sorts of things about us, and I havenít even kissed you once.
Theyíll roast me. Well, all right. What is it? – Itís nothing.
– Tell me. – Iíd be ashamed to say that.
– You can say anything to me. You know, I always wondered how people kiss. Thought the noses should get
in the way. Now I see they donít. Youíre still a little girl. You must be cold. Come here. Promise not to think too much
of yourself. Cause a guy kisses a girl, and then
walks around like a peacock. That hurts us, girls.
You understand? I understand. What is it now? Now I remembered my father. When I feel happy I always
think of him. He didnít live to this day,
he canít share my happiness. He as much as knew mother
was expecting a child, Didnít even know if it
will be a boy or a girl. He got killed in the war. He didnít even know I was born.
It is so sad. God! Now they sit even in
the daytime! You sit in vain! No more
housing space this year! Beat it! Now you kiss me. I kissed you so many times,
and you didnít kiss me once. Oh no, Ilyusha, Iím scared.
Iíd rather do it later. Or weíll do everything today,
and nothing will be left for later. There will be! Well? The End

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  55. Я понимаю, что показано все слишком красиво, ну не было тогда зарплат толком, и жили бедно и вообще(( но блин так красиво, так все просто, ясно, никаких тебе соц сетей, пыли в глаза и даже Анфиска исправилась)) я обожаю эти фильмы, они учат добру, учат о дружбе, о чем то настоящем. Жили работали, работали жили. Вобщем буря эмоций, смотрела раз 300)))

  56. Вот этот момент не пойму.,,Лазать по тумбочкам есть нагло и еще говорить что единоличники,,,Чё за тупость,,,Это тогдашняя невоспитанность или что …..?? Кошмар

  57. фигня ваш фильм , лучше пересмотрю сериал "Санта-барбара" , а это 2137 серий ! :)))

  58. Любимый фильм из детства. Особенна как она ест первую встречу с девчата ми..

  59. 45:26 а вот если присмотреться, то табуретик-то покачивается))))

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