ഒപ്പന | OPPANA | Malayalam Short Film | Shahad | Blue Planet Cinema

ഒപ്പന | OPPANA | Malayalam Short Film | Shahad | Blue Planet Cinema

Hello! – Hello?
– Hello, Rakhi! Who’s calling?
– It’s me, Thomas. From 12 A. Oh is that you,
‘Thomas the cripple’? The thing I told you
the other day… Yes.. Hold on, son… Hey, can you repeat?
I couldn’t hear. Hey, it’s about the re-union. Would I forget that? I’d definitely
come when you all are there! Inform others as well.
– Ok, sure. Hello, Sreejith! Don’t you forget about the re-union!
– I have it in my mind! I’m driving. I’ll be there!
– I know! Ok, all right. Sir, it’s me, Thomas.
– Oh, Thomas! It’s about our reunion..
– I’ll be there. I’ll come! My dear Thomas, I have it in my mind! Let me sleep
at this hour of the night! Just keep that in mind… Hello, Chacko buddy,
where have you been? Thomas, I’m at Calicut. What’s up there?
– Had to meet few people. You’ll come for re-union, right?
– No way! It’s all just a show-off! You guys meet up!
– Stop blabbering and come! Everybody’ll be there.
It’s been a while we all met. But, I got a meeting on that day. Can’t skip it! Shall I tell you something then?
– Tell me! The thing is, Suhara is also coming… Seriously?
– For real! ‘OPPANA’ Um.. There’s a chance that
my meeting could get postponed. Now you got time, scoundrel! Smarty-pants! Damn! Where are these guys! Buddy! Buddy! I’ve been waiting
since long! Buddy! You look so cocky! Cocky your mistress! You said it’s a big event,
yet nobody is around! Would we have to conduct
the program ourselves and leave? Stay calm!
They’ll all come! Let’s enjoy the breeze
and gaze at the college till then! Feels so good, right? Hey, nostalgic! Take it easy! Don’t smoke too hard! We’ve got only 2 cigarettes. Spoiled it! Such a nice mood it was! To hell with your mood! Hey, this silk shirt, the golden glasses and
watch, but what’s the point? A miser is always a miser! Miser Chacko! Back then, if you
bought me a lemonade, You used to bitch about the money
you spent on it, and kill the fun! You know, when my kids, once asked me what a ‘miser’ is. I opened your facebook profile,
and showed them your picture. I said, this isn’t a miser,
but a super-miser! Now they know! Laugh all you can!
To hell with your blabbering! In my life, I’ve felt
like a miser only once. Only once! A wrecked day! Don’t you remember? [Singing a song] Michael, stay there! Sit down! What’s going on?
– Isn’t that a nice song? Understood! I’ve understood! That you’re not just Michael,
but Michael Jackson! If you feel so vexed, See that corner? Go stand there!
– Why, sir? Do I have to tell you that? Silence! Walk properly?
– Not like this? Go stand there! Abdu Rahman? – Present!
Abhi? – Present! Amina?
– Present! Abhijith?
– Present! Chacko? Would be sleeping! Chacko Paily?
– Present! Present, sir! Move aside, you! Dhanya?
– Present. Hey… Suhara is not there!
Where’d she be? How’d I know? She would’ve gone to make some
mango or lemon pickle! Oh no!
Present! It’s me! Get lost, you! Holy crap! Hey!
– Tell me. Didn’t I get her the mangoes
in the morning? She came right before me,
with all those. I had to climb the tree, And got my shirt stained. So this stain is for a purpose!
Good! There would be no one who didn’t
pluck mangoes for their childhood lover! What’s it?
– Stop it, you! You gotta be shameful,
or at least him! But neither of you are! How many times have I told you? It’s not that.
Me and Chacko… Were coming on our cycle
in the morning. On the way, We saw a poor helpless old woman, Standing with a pile of logs,
near Kunjamvalavu! I looked at her then.
So did she. That reminded me of
the human values you taught us. What?
– Human… Values! Values! Then? Right then, we took the logs,
dropped her home, Chopped the logs, cooked for her,
and then we realized we’re late! Because you couldn’t cook well there, You’re cooking up stories here, right? I swear! There! Comes the next one! Oh my Suhara! Go inside! Should I have to ask you again?
– Thank you, sir! Newton’s third law. Not the first or second,
but the third. Got it? How do I give an example?
If I beat you up, You can’t hit me back,
– Hey! – What? But you’ll feel an urge to, right?
That’s the reaction! Are you even writing? Don’t just listen,
note them down! Don’t upset her stomach by staring! Thank you, sir!
– Welcome! Hey Suhara!
Where did you go? Have you taken a vow to visit
all the mango trees of our area? Aren’t you a grown up already? Yet, you were the only one
to pluck mangoes for that grown-up! Thomas! – What’s that for?
– Don’t mess up! When you gave me the mango,
I thought it was a ‘Moovaandan’. But when I smelled it,
I realised it is a ‘Kilichundan’! So I went home to get some chillies.
You want? No, I don’t want! Awesome! We gotta learn a lot from Suhara! Don’t mess it up, dude! Suhara, if it’s that good,
give me a piece! Here! Isn’t that tangy? Why do you stare, dumbo?
You want some? Poor thing! Don’t call him names! Here, have it! Once in a while it’s ok, right? Chacko! Hey, For you to express your feelings, And for her to understand the same,
I brought up that topic there. But what happened now? With all those people around,
how would I? No! You worry about those people! Once everyone leaves, She’ll come up to you and say,
that she loves you a lot! Keep waiting for that! That’s right! But what if
she says she doesn’t love me? Brother, excuse me! Please leave me! If she says so? We’ll propose her again! It’s that simple!
– Sure? – Sure! Won’t she feel your love? Our religions will oppose, for sure. Our pastor would trouble us anyway. But whatever they say or do,
none can overpower my love! You shouldn’t give up! Yes! Come! Damn! My shirt is stained!
It’s gone! Don’t be a cheapskate! Do you know about the things
people give up, in love? Dare you talk about our superstar? [A dialogue from the superstar’s film] Buy me a juice!
I’ll get it all done! You wish! I’ll get you a tea! Come if you want!
– Tea… You gotta buy me a Biryani
when your love succeeds! I’ll consider that! Hey, Michael! One guy was talking bad about
our superstar Lalettan! Everybody’s beating the pulp out of him! I too wanna punch him!
You wanna join? – No! Lalettan! Oh no! Michael! Chacko. CP…
What? – Come here! Come here!
– Just a moment! You heard?
– What? On the way, I met Michael. He told me, the coming 18th
is our Youth Festival. So? ‘Mukkala Muqabla’, ‘Ramayana Katte’,
‘Poopie piper’! Poopie piper?
– Dumbwit! Poopie piper! They’re participating
in these three items. Why don’t we too perform a dance?
– With your legs? Poopie piper! Get going! Let me know
if you got anything better! I didn’t mean it…
– Whatever you mean… Wait and see! One day I’ll climb everest
with these same legs! All you guys will be dumbstruck then!
Got it? Hey… Shave if you want to. I wanna visit my aunt.
– Just a moment! Please sit down! Poor guy!
– Leave our dance aside. How about I express my feelings
for her, during the Youth Festival? What programs would she be into? Since it’s her, it’d be
lemon-spoon or mango catching! H.. Hey! Shave if you want to! I.. wanna leave to my aunt’s place! G.. Go! So this year, we gotta know
the programs she’s into. Suppose it’s a drama, and I be the prince and her the princess, I could express my feelings then!
– That’s good. Then I could be the massager! Not massager! Messenger!
– Whatever it be! Shave if you want to! What’s it, pal? Wanna shave?
– No… Let me! Why not?
– No… Don’t shave, then!
– No, let me! When this year’s Youth festival is over, The cup for ‘Oppana’ should
shine on our hands! That’s right. This is our last year. We gotta rock it! Listen… Sumayya from ‘C’ class has arranged
an Oppana teacher from town, I heard! Is that gonna be a trouble? Shall we get Hari sir from town? Will your dad pay him? Don’t you dare go on my dad! Stop it, both of you! Hey, money is a problem! But still, we’ll find a way! Hey, what about that guy
from ‘Swapna’ bus? Won’t he give some money, if you ask?
– My God… That’s gonna cause even more trouble! Already I find it difficult
to go around peacefully! Buddy… Why don’t we get Hari sir from town? Hari sir? You could get into her heart with this! But, don’t we have to pay him?
– Yes! There comes your heroism! You gotta pay it.
Then it’s guaranteed that, Suhara is yours! I ain’t got a penny. Won’t work out.
Suggest me something else. Then…
Rajetta, two sodas! Thomas, don’t mess around! This can be done by stealing 5 rubber sheets,
without your dad knowing. Any help? And you can keep a flowers
on my grave, right? Dumbo, you gotta take risks! Only then things’ll work.
Think about it. Rajettaa! Is his advice even gonna work out? Oh no! My bum! Though he’s an idiot, And after all it is for Suhara… It’s a matter of only 5 rubber sheets.
Won’t be an issue! A confession will do! Won’t it? Dare you steal my sheets?
– Sorry, papa! Punch him harder!
To hell with his ‘Oppana’! No, it’s a risk! But Suhara… Coconuts! Get the coconuts, remove the husk, Sell them to Thankachan’s shop, Papa will get to know,
and ‘Oppana’ will be ruined! How will I teach my Suhara ‘Oppana’?
Poor soul! Lower the volume! Hello? – It’s me, Chacko!
– Tell me! As you said, That a lover’s gotta take some risk, I’m ready to take that risk! So, when are we gonna
steal the rubber sheets? It’s not that, you cripple!
– Then? To teach Suhara and her friends ‘Oppana’, a new teacher comes to the college. Let people know about this!
Let it create a hype! Who’s that new teacher? Since it’s your arrangement,
we wouldn’t have to pay anything! Get lost, idiot! Would he steal rubber sheets
without me? The fight’s gonna begin now!
– Lower the volume, you! It’s ‘Shaktimaan’!
– Couldn’t you have told that earlier? Oh God! Guard me! Aren’t you Khadeejatha? If so? I’m Chacko…
Chacko Philip. Son of Thresya, from Amminikadavu. My Thresya’s son? It’s been ages since I saw you! You’ve even peed on my hands! That smell still remains! See! Handsome! Let me look at you! You’ve grown up!
But not old enough for marriage. But… Why are you here now? The thing is… Don’t get me tensed! Tell me! It is… I wanna learn ‘Oppana’. Oppana? Will you teach me? Oh no!
– There it goes! My sonny!
– Cycle… Why this new interest? If you ask so… I’m one of the main persons
in my college. So, I ought to understand
the students’ problems, concerns, and act accordingly! Don’t you have teachers in your college? It’s not like that. I’m like a students’ leader. So, to get those many students here, that’s a trouble to you, and them! So if you teach me a few steps,
I can teach them the same! I don’t do it anymore, sonny! Come inside. Let me get you
something to drink. Listen… When asked, people told me that, In this whole Malappuram, there’s no one
as good as Khadeejatha in Oppana! [Oppana Song] That’s right! That’s how you do it! [Oppana Song] Thomas! Please! Don’t get me tensed!
Let me and Chacko teach them! We’re putting a lot of effort.
Don’t distract us, please! Hey, boiled egg. And, for that Oppana, Will you let me perform? Your egg is good.
But Oppana doesn’t suit your egghead! Thomas!
– Get going! Do it at scale 8, dumbo! An egg?
– Not full! Can give you a half. Should I come there? Oh my!
– Dance on my chest, you! Dear, your eye should reach
where your hands reach. And where your eyes reach,
your mind as well should. And where your mind reach,
your expression should. And with the expression,
the feel should be there. Only then, you’ll get
that feel of Oppana. Hari Kalakendra.
Cheap price. Quality? Too good! Are they performing
‘Margam Kali’ this year? That’s Oppana, sir. Is that Oppana for real? Rhythmless people!
Continue! Bloody Michael! Chacko!
– Get lost! Get going! What do you want? Get going! Go away! Why this dumb-stare? Thomas! I sing islamic music quite well. In my Madrasa, I’m always the winner. Can you give me a chance to sing
in this Oppana? My dear Salim! If I say this, you’d feel that
I’m avoiding you. If islamic music is a sea,
Oppana is a ship in that! This is big shots’ game.
You won’t be able to do it. Get going. Don’t keep hope. Don’t hang around.
Get going. Get going. Sir! Please bless us! Get lost!
– Please don’t hit me! Hello! Go ahead! Quiet! Encourage him! Rock it, baby! To mesmerize the Malayali land, Accompanied by the pleasing tunes
of graceful girls, Here comes Oppana,
by the alluring girls of this college! Your jubbah looks a bit too much! Being an Oppana teacher, I thought it’d be good.
– Still, it’s a bit too much. Hey, I gotta express my love
to Suhara today. So, haven’t you told her yet? Not even a hint? Such a coward! Hey! Will we not win this? Everything’d be gone if not! Don’t worry! Even if we lose, Next year we’ll teach her ‘Kathakali’! You scum! I’ll kick you off
if that happens! I arranged all these
just because you told me to! My bum still hurts from
the Oppana teacher’s slap! Nonsense! What were you doing all these days, then? Just checking her out? You gotta work! A true lover should be a communist. You gotta fight, and win! Hey, think about this. Like we see in films, Her winning the Oppana,
and slowly coming back, I go to her, confess my love, Will she be able to dispose it?
– No! – No! But, when I think about it… I feel tensed. Don’t worry. It’ll be all right. Next, team ‘B’. That’s our Oppana. Go on! Hurry up! God! Bless us! Shall we go?
– Yes. Is the mic on?
– It is, you dumbwit! How miserable! Clapping up, clapping down! Haven’t you seen my students’ performance? No point wearing such cheap jubbah! Hari! Kalakendra Hari! The results will say the rest!
Come on, girls! Let’s eat some popsicles!
I don’t have any money! God, if she likes me, please make her
turn towards me once! Hey! Oppana is for us! And Suhara, for you! Don’t stain my jubbah!
– You miser! You’ll marry Suhara. And your… Kids will poop on that! Idiot! You should’ve been careful… Attention please! We’ve received complaints about people
peeping into girls’ dressing rooms. How was it? – Super!
This is for the peepers! I’ll smash your eyes!
I repeat, smash your eyes! Attention! The results of Oppana, Stay calm! The result of Oppana
is being announced. Third prize goes to,
Remya and team! We should encourage poor kids. Second prize goes to,
Sumayya and team! First prize goes to, Suhara and team! Applause! Let’s leave, girls! Go and open up your heart!
Say your love! This is the moment! Go! Come on.
– Where’s Chacko? Oh God! Oh no! Suhara! What happened? Suhara, climb up! Somebody please help! Sir, Suhara fell down. Suhara, climb up! Somebody help her climb up! Please help her! Idea! God’s there! Come on!
If you rescue her now, she’s yours! Come on! – My clothes would…
– Your clothes! Don’t blabber at such situations!
Come on! I’ll take my jubbah off and rescue her!
– Do it then! Hurry up! Come on! Take it off! Take it off!
– It’s only for Suhara! Jump in and hold her!
I’m with you! I’ll call the ambulance. Go! She’d be dead by now! Get up and go! Don’t worry! Our teacher
will be here soon! Don’t spoil it! Move aside, everyone!
Let him rescue her! Hey…
– Uhm? Will we all meet again? People would move forward
for their careers. Hey cripple!
Will you come to see me? Why not? I’ll come here monthly once. Afterall I live in my uncle’s house.
Won’t that be a bother? No one wants Michael’s autograph? Michael dear! We’ve toiled a lot! You gotta tell Suhara today. Ok?
– Yes, today I should. Come on, let’s go. She too likes you.
I’m sure about that. But if I go and tell him,
what’ll he think about me? If you don’t tell him today,
when will you? Go and tell him confidently.
He likes you a lot. We’re sure about that. That’s right. Come on, let’s go. Roaming around without any job! Always being a burden for us! He’ll be with you always! Shall we go? But if I go and tell him,
what’ll he think about me? He likes you a lot.
We’re sure about that. Right?
– That’s right! Suhara…
– Uhm? I wanted to say something… Me too… Move aside! Salim! Suhara, climb up! It’s all right. Climb up. Move aside a bit! Move aside! It’s fine. Give her way.
– Chacko… Just miss! Get her a cab! Somebody get her a cab! If islamic music is a sea, Oppana is a ship in that! This is big shots’ game.
You won’t be able to do it. Times have changed, so did the faces. I grew a beard and moustache.
That’s all! Back then, despite
so many guys being present, For not letting any of them
join the Oppana, This Oppana is a sweet revenge to
Thomas and Chacko. Right? To be frank, I never expected myself
to be a stage performer. Despite failing in all subjects for +2, It wasn’t difficult for me to learn the steps
of Michael Jackson or Prabhudeva! After all, someone like me
can’t be working in manual labour. Anyway, during those days, when the teacher used to punish me
by making me stand in corners, I feel it all to be God’s games. It was a practice for my future. Lots of gratitude and love, sir! Couple of words, please! Sir! Whatsoever, you invited me! That’s enough! Peace be upon you! Wow! Who’s this?
– Sir! Suhara? You’re late as always! Please give it to me! We are a bit late! Apologies. I meant
we reached a bit late. Let me pass it on to Suhara. Suhara, don’t forget to mention
about Dubai. I didn’t think that I’d be
able to make it! It was Salim’s great desire
to come here! And, we could see you all here! The flight from Dubai to Karipur, was very very fast! The car journey after that, My hip-bones all cracked! I’m not so used to it, so… Oh, Ameer! Hello!
– Chacko… Why don’t we kill him, Chacko? Or punch him hard? Everyone has changed a lot! I don’t remember all names! What’s your name?
– I’m Nimisha, from backbench! Oh! Is that you?
Is this your kid? No, that’s Rakhi’s kid! So, what’s up? All good? Is that a selfie? Suhara, come here! Suhara, come here!
Stop wandering around! This… This is what I told you about. I bought it for her just like that,
from Karama Gold Souq! It costs 12,000 Dirhams! What’s the gold price here? When did he get rich?
– Whatsoever, she’s lucky! Look at her presents! I’ve got an even better present for her! Whatever! You could’ve mentioned about the car…
– Stop it! See you then. Let’s have
a bigger meet-up next time. Bring your kids as well.
– All right. See you! Straight to Leh. From there,
trekking to Nubra Valley. Next year, I’ll hoist a flag
on Everest, as wished! It’ll all work out! Definitely!
– You’re great! All right then! Thomas and Chacko are here!
– We’re leaving, Thomas! All right, Thomas. See you. Are you starting
the big shots’ games again? It’s too hot! Let’s go to the car and
switch on the A.C. Suhara… What’s it?
– One moment. Here. This is for you. For me? Are you into mango business now? No, this is for you! You like these a lot, right? So… Oh no! This wasn’t needed! Can’t eat them. My teeth are sensitive! Is this what you do
when someone gifts you something? Why don’t you get it from him? We can eat it with porridge, in Dubai. All right. Give it to me, Chacko! Oh no! Too heavy! Here! Hold this! All right. Gotta go! Bye. Thank you! Was this the lover’s ‘present’? May the dumbo Salim
savour them all, God! Hey… If life is a sea, she’s a goldfish in it. Salim’s goldfish. I know it all. In this solitary life, Such interesting moments, are the only solace. Suhara is a secret only you, me,
and the God know about! Let it remain there! That comforts me. You may not be able to grasp it! So, get going! Okay. Bye! See you.
– Okay! I know his heart wept,
when he said that. But, God would’ve decided, each one’s partners. My dear Chacko… Isn’t your love the real love? Unconditional, selfless love!

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  12. ഒരു സിനിമക്ക് വേണ്ട ആർട്ടിസ്റ്റുകൾ ഈ ടെലി ഫിലിമിൽ ഉണ്ടാലോ
    അതും അനുഗ്രഹീത സ്റ്റേജ് ആർട്ടിസ്റ്റുകൾ
    അടിപൊളി ഗംഭീരം

  13. സ്കൂളിലെ എന്റെ shanayey ഞാൻ ഓർത്തുപോയി. പക്ഷേ ഇപ്പോ ആരുടെയോ shana

  14. വീണ്ടും വീണ്ടും കാണാൻ തോന്ന.. oru പാട് ഇഷ്ട്ടായി

  15. ഈ ഷർട്ട്‌ ഫിലിം കണ്ടപ്പോ എന്തൊക്കെ വല്ലാതെ മിസ്സ്‌ ചെയ്യുന്ന പോലെ ഉണ്ട്.. ഒരുപ്പാട് ഇഷ്ട്ടായി.. ഇനിയും എങനെ നല്ല ഫിലിം ചെയ്യണം. 👌

  16. Cheru punchiriyode mathram kanan pattiya valare nalla short filim….aniyarapravarthakarkku orayiram 🖒🖒school life sharikkum miss cheythu😢
    Vineethettan song🖒

  17. ഒരു അടിപൊളി കഥ ,സിനിമ കണ്ട ഫീൽ, അടിപൊളി പാട്ട്, എല്ലാം കൊണ്ട് അങ്ങ് ഇഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു.

  18. എല്ലാവർക്കും ഉണ്ടാകും ഇത് പോലോത്ത അനുഭവങ്ങൾ, നല്ല സുഖമുള്ള ഓർമ്മകൾ ഉള്ളവർക്ക് മാത്രം ഇവിടെ ലൈകടിക്കാം

  19. പ്രണയത്തിന് വേണ്ടി മാത്രമുള്ളത്……. പ്രണയം…… 😍

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