다크비(DKB) – 미안해 엄마 (Sorry Mama) MV Making Film

E-Chan>Hello. This right here is DKB’s music video location Since I’m first in the shooting order I will do my best and work hard. I want to give the members strength (Here) if you look you’ll see there are CCTVs We are shooting this with the kind of feeling of refusing to avoid the CCTV. GK>This is the first time I tried doing something like this Now while I’m messing with (the people surveying) with the CCTV I am (going to be) doing it this way. I’m sooo nervous. Seriously Fighting! D1>It’s about wanting to get out of the glass wall Wanting to live my own way, do what I want to do To express something like this we are shooting a scene where we hit the glass wall and search for a way to get out Junseo>It seems like it’s a scene where we’ve become like the heroes of some movie And because our acting has come out it was fun Lune>Now we’re directing the situation of a confrontation with the guards D1>Where you told what kind of feeling you should do it with? Lune>Well, now I just joke around… be defiant D1>Right, okay do it like that, with a slightly elevated feeling Sit together beside them and just stay still, lean on your thighs and then get up Honestly, I was very worry when I received the script What do I do if the guitar doesn’t break the first try?
I had all kinds of thoughts like this Because it was broken a few times it totally shattered.
I thought it it broke better than I thought On the other hand, fortunately it seems I completed (the scene) without getting hurt Harry June>Ah I shouldn’t be nervous While thinking like I caught the flu …being sick like that to that degree it seems I would have to film Dancing freestyle, I ended up dancing while thinking.
It’s nothing glamorous, I just kept it natural like ever flowing water Teo>Applying paint and scribbling graffiti on Mom’s gallery We’re planning the shooting of a scene like this. I’m incredibly nervous I messed up. I couldn’t get it in the paint bucket.
It hit the wall and poured all over (my body) Junseo>Um, it has to come out cooly, so that is a little worrisome Because we don’t have many chances (to get it right).. Teo>On a high platform, this is the first time doing acrobatics… and we have to have a white background D1>(The landing point) is not visible by any means.
It’s difficult but if we (give it) a strong try we can do it Heechan>Today, is the music video (shoot) Day 2! We’re running to escape. It’s a scene where the guards are chasing after us to catch us. D1>Heechan-ee almost got got In todays case, I will (dance to) the music I want to my heart’s content and while I do that it seems we’ll be filming a lip-syncing scene Honestly speaking, there aren’t any instruments that I know how to play. I somewhat am learning a little.. bit-by-bit from my friends So it seems I will have to pretend like I’m at the degree of which I can play (The same filming spot)
More than Heechan-ee, I am… I think I’m better than him Heechan>For Day 2 of the music video, my part time has come Earlier we got rid of the guards, right? So now I’m FaceTime’ing the guards as a way to get them to just come find me. I’m doing a scene like that Teo>Now I’m filming a scene where I’m pouring paint in Mom’s gallery I’m developing worries that I’ll cover my clothes again with paint If I do (that) again I’m thinking again of how to make that come out well GK>I put makeup on my face Because we’ve done our makeup like a very bad boys, we’ll come do a proper group dance E-Chan>As for the guards you are chasing (after us)..
Lune>We came to watch them explode E-Chan>Today we’re making a car explode The car that’s catching up to us we’re going to make explode Above all, we have to run faster than the car We’ll come running E-Chan>Ah hot Heechan>Isn’t it cold? E-Chan>You’re not hot? You hot? The sunlight is blazing, though When it’s hot we should go in the water once.
There’s a beach in front of us I’ll go in the water and then I don’t think the image of you coming to rescue me wouldn’t be bad If I’m chase by Mom and fall in the water, D1…
D1>Why me (of all people)? E-Chan>Ah its funny hahaha D1>As soon as you go in the bushes it liks, “Oh it hurts! It hurts! It hurts!” It hurts! (x3) Teo>It was too high for me I filmed a jump shot. A jump shot Heechan>You’re running and suddenly there’s grass, so it’s poking at me D1>Ya ya it dropped! … It dropped I said
E-Chan>If there’s no fire then you should drop it E-Chan>What do you do when suddenly there’s a succession of faulty ones? D1>Mine misfired
E-Chan>A misfire? You’re caught in a hit-or-miss.
Today we’ll retire (to bed) outdoors D1>Huh???? We should do that
Heechan>Hows sleeping in a tent sound? When we blow up the car, get someone who gets startled E-Chan>Now that it’s a hit-or-miss should we not be riding in the car? D1>Heh? Right together? Give me your prediction. Who’s going to freak out and get startled? Junseo>First off, GK Hyung will startle, and go off the screen first D1>If he does startled you go in first E-Chan>What will you do if you’re startled? GK>Huh? And we’ll all be surprised Guaranteed E-Chan, Harry June>Its exploding~ Harry June>Very nervous E-Chan>Are there even emotions in the car right now? I’m getting goosebumps Should we say “sorry” to the car? DKB>You worked hard (everyone)! Thank you, thank you! Move the crowd! We were DKB. Thank you!

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  1. I'm sorry but when they're running it looks so funny cause it's like they are like "I DONT WANNA GET RUN OVER BY THE CAR!!" 😂😂 And the camera man is just like 😲

  2. I'm happy to finally see you debut! I'll be here to support you no matter what! DKB fighting! ❤️💕 Love from Portugal 🇵🇹

  3. I watched their debut and all of their live videos so far. I wanted to get to know more of them and when I clicked on the thumbnail, I said to myself "If there is eng subtitles I swear I stan", not disappointed, I love when company don't take their international fans for just a wallet and actually respect them with providing subtitles. Good job !

  4. Y’all it’s set heechan will be my bias from now on but literally all of them r so great and talented and charming ahhh I love this group so much!!!

  5. Omg thank you for explaining the music video!
    So that woman is DKB mum who is trying to make them stay in house and do what she wants?
    But she raised rebels and they ran away from her, and even violated some things she "likes"(?) , leaving everything in fire ::'')) Not even other people could stop them! I love this, is cool..

  6. omg you have translate
    ok so next reason why stan this precious rookie group

  7. s/o to tamara who did these subs (you can see who did the yt subs in the description) but a few things i noticed:
    0:46 – he says they're avoiding the cctv cameras in order to rebel
    2:44 – he doesn't say elevated, he says with an annoying/irritating feeling, like provoking a strong angry reaction
    9:32 – lune says "we came to watch a car explode~" (cute)
    11:40 – rather than saying drop it, they're saying to leave the shot once they run out of sparks
    11:57 – d1 says that if someone flinches when the car explodes, they should have to jump into the cold water (…evil)
    12:27 – the fire will come up behind you, and while it will be hot, it's completely safe. it will be loud, but don't get startled.
    13:09 – they basically say the car is screaming in agony (which… yeah, probably)

  8. I find it so funny how they're filmed the running scene with the cameraman standing on the hoverboard 😀
    But why are they so cute?

  9. Ben bu grubu çok sevdim 😍😍😍 Ama üyelerini pek tanımıyorum. Onlar çok eğlenceli ve tatlılar bence 🥰🥰🥰 We love DKB ❤️❤️❤️ DKB Fighting 💖💖💖

  10. You guys are so talented and i hope all of you receives a lot of love and attention
    Keep working hard but always remember to chill out for a little
    I want everyone to stay healthy and happy
    I’m already a fan and i promise that i will send more and more love kk

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