상추 뜯으랬더니 머리 쥐어뜯은 슈퍼주니어 [엄마가 잠든 후에] (ENG/ESP SUB)

상추 뜯으랬더니 머리 쥐어뜯은 슈퍼주니어 [엄마가 잠든 후에] (ENG/ESP SUB)

King crab? [Groove] We have ten songs~ [Holding tight] Dance to the rhythm! [Clap clap!] I didn’t clap! [After mom’s asleep] Did you see? I brought all the ingredients. [Game rule of ‘After mom’s asleep’]
[1. Eat late-night meal without letting the sleeping mom know! 2. If you make a noise that marks more than 70 decibel, you’ll have a penalty! *Please put on your earphones!] Hello, we are Super Junior. We are Super Junior! [We are E.L.F.!] My mom bought a lot of ingredients after watching a cooking show on TV. [Great~] But is she your mom? [Looking at her] Isn’t she your mom? I think she is my mother. [Paternity test is possible via seeing] [Gasp] [Penalty – Rabbit hat]
If I have to wear this from the beginning, why did I go to the salon. [It’s because you laughed from the beginning..] We’ll make and eat ‘spicy stir-fried chicken with cheese and parched rice’, the food that you guys like. Good! – But where is chicken?
– Here! Unwrap it. Unwrap it. Who tied this so tightly? [Tightly tied]
Do it quickly. [Cautious] [Dangerous / Walking on a rope of rap..] [Swordsman Kim Ryeowook..] [His hands got much braver after unwrapping]
Ah I guess this sound is okay. [Daring]
Wow he is bold. [Checking his mom] [Glance] [Very smoothly.. succeeded to pull out the chicken!] [He’s good] I’ll cut this into pieces. [Distrust]
You know how to handle it? [Cutting] [Of course~] Ryeowook, Heechul said that you’re like a green grape because your voice is clear. – Oh really?
– Do you like it? [Not very sure]
Well.. You don’t like him, do you? [Question]
Then please make a comparison between our voice and fruits. Starting from me. [Expectation]
For you.. watermelon. You’re saying it just because it’s big, right? [His pajama is also watermelon-color / Reasonable doubt] [Your voice]
It’s cool, cool. [Conclusion: it’s because his voice is cool]
Ah cool? He said my voice is cool. [Expectation]
What about me? For you.. [Consideration]
Uh.. [Bird singing]
Ah~ my voice~ Strawberry. – Strawberry?
– It’s fresh. Right, my voice is fresh. Plum for Donghae. – Plum?
– Why? You know Kangdu from ‘The Plum’? You look like him. [Unanimously]
Right! Right! Do I look like him? Who is he? Lastly, do it for Yesung. [Shining eyes]
But for Yesung, his voice doesn’t match with fruits. [For Yesung, a fruit that doesn’t exist in the world] [Yesung / Owner of a voice that can’t be replaced by fruits] Okay, I’m done. [In a bowl]
Now I’m going to marinate chicken. You’re marinating the chicken? [Hushaby] [Hug] We have to marinate it. Me? [Penalty – Fairy hairband + Golden mirror-ball glasses]
It’s quite nice. [Cooking wine to remove bad smell] [Concentrating] [Finishing with pepper!] Done. Is it my turn then? Why is this so small? It is your mission to put on gloves, not to cook. [Making a noise]
Why isn’t this working. [A sound of the fight against gloves] [fills the viewer’s earphones..] [You shouldn’t fight with them / Penalty at last] This was too small.. [From Dooly]
Isn’t he Michol? Michol? [Want to see no matter how much I see] [Show us] [He’s really like Michol]
Isn’t he Michol? Michol? Whatever. [Concentrating] [Carefully] [Sweet potato CLEAR!] Next. I like cabbage. [We like it too because it makes a lot of sound] [His plan is to cut it into half by making some slit] Just destroy it. [Breathtaking cabbage sound] [No way, I’ll have to change my plan] [Taking clothes] But we’re going to eat this! [Sorry] Whatever. Just leave the room! He has a good sense. [Question]
What about guessing what we’ll do during the shooting? – Is Yesung the last?
– Yeah. He will definitely burn the chicken today. [Have no excuse to offer]
Please don’t do that. And for Lee Donghae, not a single word of him will be aired. [Admit]
I agree with that. Okay, I’m done. Now we have an important mission. In order to make this spicy, [A hand came to tease] [This]
I have to take a secret sauce from my mom. [King of reasoning]
You have to bring it because your mom is holding it. – You have to do it.
– Let’s do rock-paper-scissors. Let him shout rock-paper-scissors. He hasn’t said anything so far. [First word]
Rock-paper-scissors! [Lose Win Lose Win Win] Okay! [Second round]
Rock-paper-scissors! [Sneaky] Wait a minute! I should have done this from the beginning. [Carefully standing up..] [Back side of a nervous rabbit] [Well I made an approach..] but what should I do? Be careful not to wake her up. [Genius]
I should put something similar inside her arms. [Passing a sweet potato] [Carefully] [Nervous]
One.. two three! Great! I did it! Did she make it herself Yeah, mom did. But you can’t even use it properly. [Nice son who has no secret to his mom] [Penalty – Pink wig]
Sindong, take off the wig for him first. [Wig with a great adherence] [Pulling] [Putting a real wig on the top of his original wig] [Sniffing]
Smells delicious. Oh smell it! [Mom’s secret sauce was..]
Oh! It’s like seasoned spicy chicken. Let’s put curry, curry. You have to shake it. [Desperately / Silent shaking] [Holding his arm] [The brightest interruption in the world] [Haha] [Flap flap] I thought it was a bird! [Their friendship ended up as a bird] [Penalty – Drawing freckles]
Okay, 4 tablespoons. Eunhyuk, listen while you’re doing that. [Notification]
I’m going to give you a question. [Question]
Hey, who needs most help from others? [Missed the timing]
Yeah. You fool! [Penalty – Half-half wig]
You’re like Baron Ashura. [Second trial of the question]
Let me ask you a question. Hurry up! [Question instead of him]
Who is the sloppiest member, who needs most help from others? I can’t do online shopping. He bought a very big wardrobe before. He laboriously brought a line, and I thought he’d bring the next one, but that was the end. He bought only a part of a big wardrobe. So I don’t buy anything online since then. [Another one]
In the past, [Already laughing]
He looked at my Bluetooth earphones and told me that he likes it. It was out of stock at that time. But he said ‘Found it! There’s another color.’ And I was like ‘What? There’s no other colors’. And he got his earphones with a string. [Destroyed] [Stomach is hurting] Did you throw it away? No no, I have it. [I’m glad that you’re using it well] [Coming back to the cooking, putting sauce!]
It looks nice. Put all of it, all of it. [Smacking]
I originally like spicy stir-fried chicken. [Rubbing]
This feels really nice. Guys, its Donghae’s turn. Get prepared. Now I’m finally cooking this chicken~ Please make it delicious~ Let me turn this on. [Nervous]
Here we go~ [Sound of burner is bigger than Donghae’s voice] Sindong, do you remember this? [Popping out]
He made a curry for us and this lid came out. [Unprecedented paradigm of curry] [Faint] [(Translation) I was like ‘What is this?’] [(Translation) and found the lid] [Now putting some vegetables..] [Falling down] [It’s almost like ASMR from construction site] [Penalty – Lipstick of the angel of the death]
It’s full Donghae, let me ask you a question. [Question]
You’re making attempts to variety shows, and why do you want to make those attempts? I don’t want to do variety shows. [Question]
Then do you have any variety show that you think you’ll gonna be good at? I don’t want to do variety shows. [Question]
Then do you have any role model that you want to resemble? Why should I resemble someone else? Don’t! [It’s too funny] I’ll cook cheese before it get’s boring. [Carefully grabbing the bag..] [Ding dong] [Who is it!!!] [What a mess] [Sad]
It’s you! [After this ends]
I have to go somewhere. You can go, you can go. My image this time is a charismatic image.. [My charisma] [Look at this] [My appearance that I want to avoid sometimes] [Putting a lot of savory cheese on the plate] [Now they have to open a corn can] Get ready, get ready. [Oh my god..] [With charisma..!]
This is 100%. [Fresh delivery of penalty] [Glint of the eyes] Just accept it. [A customer has opened his mind to the delivery service] [Angry pouring of corn] No no! [Why?]
– No liquid! No liquid!
– Use a spoon to spoon only corn. [Michol is taking out the spoon instead of him] [Won] [Who is this person?] You’re like Kim Johan now. [Woah~] Holding the end of this night~ [Mr. Kim Johan is acting up] [Crying] [Chaotic to see all of them] [Corn cheese on top of chicken] Yesung, he has a good memory. – He’s like AlphaGo.
– Right. [Question]
Do you have any episode that only you remember? [Yesung / Memory of AlphaGo]
When we were preparing our first album, do you remember 3 demo-songs that we heard? [Long time ago..? / What kind of songs were they..?] [First try]
Twins, You are the one, Believe No. [Second try]
-L.O.V.E., Believe
– Wrong. [Third try]
– Twins, L.O.V.E , Over
– Wrong! Me me me me me! [Fourth try]
Twins, L.O.V.E., Over, Shoot for the Sun. No no no! Keep in touch! [Yesung AlphaGo remembers the thing which is at least 15 years old]
He’s really good! [Thumbs up] [Wait a moment]
We didn’t put rice cake! [Eunhyuk / Elementary school student 1] [With love]
Why didn’t you put rice cake! [Donghae / Elementary school student 2] [With respect]
Why didn’t you put rice cake! [Deliver]
– That was your work, you fool.
– It was your job. [Eunhyuk is getting scolded by both of his sides]
You should have done that. [This is how a 15-year-old group maintains its friendship] [Penalty – Kim Mousse Wig] Okay, let’s do this. What is this? A hermit crab, hermit crab. [Please]
Let’s try this. Let’s try this, let’s try this. [Lee Hyukjae / Talking hermit crab]
Okay let’s eat this~ [Spicy stir-friend chicken is done] [Clap] This smells nice, right? Let’s start eating. Stop! – Before eating, we have to do something
– What is it? Eunhyuk’s family grows lettuce in their house. [My lettuce]
Right. Get some lettuce. [Lettuce / Actually not]
Lettuce. [A lettuce that can be divided into ten parts]
That’s a really big lettuce. There’s some lettuce. [Standing up] Why are you bringing your hat? [Wearing a hat, he’s going to steal some lettuce]
I’m wearing this. Not to get caught. [Carefully] [In the middle of hard fight] [Holding] [Yesung / Lettuce thief – taking the whole pot] [Open) Organic restaurant is open] Open up, open up. [Another Oh my god..] [Smacking] [Succeeded getting lettuce~] Bon appetite~ Help yourself~ [Chee~se]
Oh! [Yum yum]
Is it good? A big bite [Cheese stretching] [Eating tender meat]
This is delicious. Very delicious. Sindong is famous for his friendly speaking among the fans. [Question]
How can we talk like you? [Showing demonstration right away]
Just say anything. [Eunhyuk / A man who likes spicy stir-fired chicken]
This is really delicious. Yeah, it is~ [Penalty – Topknot wig]
My eyebrows are raising too much. Is this right way to put on? [Eye contact] [Laugh] It’s too small. I’ll keep doing it. [Eunhyuk / A man who has worries]
What should I do today? What should I do? [Eunhyuk / A man who is curious]
I’m asking what I should do today? You mean what should you do? You’re making me angry. [Yesung / A man who got irritated] [Me too] I had a bad day. [Oh you did?]
You did? [Detail]
You have to lower intonation at the end. Do it, say something. [Ryeowook / A man who is complimenting]
You look funny. I do~? [Getting along well]
I got it. [Done entering Sindong’s sweet way of talking]
Okay! Done entering. Donghae is good at making people become his fan. [Question]
What is your point that makes people become your fan? I definitely have one. Sense for variety show. Then you win this. [Boss]
Let’s do a facial expression fight with me. Defeat me. [Donghae used his skill of variety show] I can’t make a funny face. As for me, I’m a quick reacter. A 3-lined poem with Dak-galbi (spicy stir-fried chicken) [becomes flustered right away] Hey why are you doing this to me? One two three! Dak! Dak-galbi is Gal! Galbi-like in its softness. Bi! Bi(rain) isn’t going to fall? You should just leave like the rain.. [3-lined poem a retry start] A 3-lined poem with Muggleking. Mu! Mu(huh?)? Ggle! GgleSse(well)? King! King crab? [love] [my tummy hurts haha] [the king of organization]
I want to introduce our new album to the people here. [Great Go for it] [(tada) Super junior has returned with all of its members] This album is our 9th album. We’ve released a lot. The title song of the album is SUPER Clap. As for the rest of the 8 songs.. [Album introduction]
If it’s no fun then there’s a penalty. I’m not trying to be funny! Penalty penalty! If it’s no fun then there’s a penalty There are 10 songs! No fun! Sing a line of the song for us. Yeah, I think it would be better for you to sing a song. All together Super Clap! [no can do]
I’ll do it. Okay. [heroically] [almost as if they’re collectors of “fun”] It has to be fun! It has to be fun! Oh baby so that I won’t be able to think of anything~ [wiggle wiggle] Crazily Do it again [shake shake] Leave your body to the rhythm! All together SUPER Clap! [clap clap!!] [go get the penalty] [Yesung / feels wronged]
I didn’t clap! I didn’t clap. This time since we have to show ‘SUPER Clap’ properly the song.. [Burdened] [Burdened] Let’s all sing the chorus together and Show the point just once. Oh Baby so that I won’t be able to think of anything Crazily Do it again [Perfect control of dynamics] Shall we try and shake the world Leave your body to the rhythm all together SUPER Clap [As expected amazing] Follow me SUPER Clap [Super Junior is Super Junior] Everybody SUPER Clap [Clap clap clap clap~~] [It’s so good SUPER Clap!!!] Great job. [question] What do you think is the appealing point that you personally tried to emphasize this time? I was just really happy to record a full-length album in such a long time. So as for me, I guess it’s the voice? [nods]
Voice. It’s really been a long time since our title song has been an exciting and cheerful kind of song. So for me the appeal is voice. [Bright]
As you can see, I changed my hair color to something really vibrant. Isn’t that a wig? So I think my appealing point this time is voice. [even better than expectation of saying whatever pops into minds] An artist’s voice was always my appealing point but -this time?
-in this album it’s also voice. [Oh…] [Eunhyuk / Entertainer 1] [Sindong / Entertainer 2]
-Ah you’re supposed to change the last part at the end
-You should’ve gotten rid of the ‘it’s also.’ [Pong]
No fun. [Penalty -a chicken leg hat] [burst] [Going along with the song]
Show us some free dancing, hyung (older male friend). [all of a sudden?] [never ending burst] I’m not that good at free dancing. I’ll dance in a cool way. [Starting up for the cool dance..] [The party is over~] Sit down. You worked hard. The song’s over. -I saw it well, hyung.
-Uh really? -It was good.
-It was? -It was really cool how you got up and did this.
-Ah it was okay? [one more mouthful] [question]
Please each say a comment about how today was. Making and eating food with our members and talking a lot it really made me feel like I’ve come home. This is our home. Oh really? You’ve just gone along up to now without knowing the concept? [But then]
Why is there this kind of thing at your house? I just love wearing pajamas like this with you guys. Do you remember Super Junior Show in the beginning years of when we debuted? That time we wore pajamas and.. It feels like we’ve returned to those days. [bubbles of memories]
That’s right, that’s right. [picky man]
-It would’ve been good if all the members had been able to come out.
-How can they all come out when they are busy? You fool! Hey roses have bloomed in Sindong’s eyes [Being distracting even to the end] [ding ding] [Laughing like crazy] [Takes away the attention]
So we’ve returned with SUPER Clap like this. Please give us a lot of love. [promise]
It was a lot of fun and we’ll come back again soon. [Confident]
Being screened with my members in ‘The night when my mom is asleep’, a program we’ve wanted to come out from long before [editing Man ]
It’s ‘After mom’s asleep’! After mom’s asleep. If there’s another opportunity, I’ll come out again with my members. Should we say good bye now? It has been Super Junior, the 54th guest of After mom’s asleep. I’ve eaten well without my mom knowing~ We are Super Junior! [We are Elf!] [Let’s go] I should put a blanket over my mom. [softly] [Everyone receiving a penalty] [Curious]

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