💫The Pororo Movie – Pororo’s Exciting Space Adventure!! | Space Adventure Movie | Kids Movie

💫The Pororo Movie – Pororo’s Exciting Space Adventure!! | Space Adventure Movie | Kids Movie

Today, Pororo and his friends decided to go
on a space adventure. [all laugh, jabber] EDDY: Hi, you guys! Hey, what is all that stuff? A snowboard, toys,
and a frying pan? [confused murmurs] ALL: What? HARRY:
I only packed what I need. Mmm… These are not
what we really need in space. – Rody!
– Yes. [indistinct murmurs]
POBY: Wow! What are these? Aren’t these just
normal bracelets? Uh uh, nope. These are “space bracelets,” essential for a trip
to outer space. Crong Crong? [beep]
Oh no, Crong! That red button is a button for
when you are in danger. Crong… Then what’s the blue button for? You are going to find out soon! Now, let’s get on
the spaceship. [excited murmurs] EDDY: Is everybody ready?
ALL: Yeah! Oh! We need your help
to launch the spaceship! Everyone, let’s count
the numbers together just like we practiced! ALL: Okay! EDDY: Okay! Let’s all
shout out loud together! ALL: Lift off!! [blast] [♪♪♪] [engine roars] Wha! [♪♪♪] [engine roars] ALL: Wha! [roar subsides] [all sigh, groan] EDDY: Is everyone okay? ALL: Uh huh. Crong… What’s wrong, Crong? Crong! [seatbelt clicks] [seatbelt clicks] [all gasp]
POBY: That is really cool! LOOPY: It’s beautiful! PETTY: Wow!
Space is really big! HARRY: I can’t see the end! [♪♪♪] I am so glad
we decided to come to space! Crong Crong! Want to see something
even cooler? Press the blue button
on the space bracelet. [giggles] [beep]
[gasps] [murmurs of wonder] – Wow!
– What’s this? CRONG: Crong, crong. Yup, we are going to go outside. ( giggles of delight ) [beep] [metal clanging] [gasps] [shouts of delight] EDDY: Haha! This is it! [laughter] Hey! What about us? EDDY: You can do it too. – Here, press this button.
– Oh. [beep, click]
Oh, like this? [Pororo shouts] He pressed it too hard! Wait! I’ll get you. [Pororo screams] Uh! [Pororo screams] RODY: Are you okay? EDDY:
You should be more careful. Here, this is how you do it! [click]
Left… [click]
Right! [all murmur] PETTY: It really works! CRONG: Crong, crong! [Poby laughs with delight] Oh? Our stuff! [all gasp]
PORORO: My ball! LOOPY: Oh no! My juice! – Let’s collect them like this!
– All right! [jetpack hisses]
[Pororo pants] Okay, I got it! [giggles]
Huh? Wow! Hey guys, look at this! PETTY: Wow! That’s amazing! HARRY: They look like jellies! – Wow!
– Wow! Whoa! Crong crong! [jetpack hisses] Crong… Crong! Crong! [jetpack hisses] Crong! [jetpack hisses] Crong! [giggles] Crong? NARRATOR:Oh no! Crong flew
too far away from his friend!
Crong! [jetpack hisses] [jetpack sputters] [clicking]
Crong! [whimpers] Crong, crong, crong… Crong… Crong… [ding]
Crong…crong! [ding]That red button is the button
for when you are in danger.
Crong! [buzz] [beep]
Crong! Crong! Poyoyo! NARRATOR:Everyone,
call out for Pororo with Crong.
– Poyoyo! NARRATOR:Louder! Pororor!Poyoyo! [giggles]
LOOPY: We found everything! [giggles] Is everyone on board? [alarm] [gasps]
EDDY: Huh? An emergency signal? RODY: Let’s check it out. [alarm] EDDY: Oh! Crong is… [typing on keyboard]
POBY: What’s that? When the red button on
the space bracelet is pressed, a rescue signal lights up here. Then where is Crong? I think he is far away.
We can follow that signal. Wait right there Crong!
We’ll save you! [♪♪♪] [beep] Crong… [rumble approaches] Crong? Crong? [futuristic laser sounds] [Crong screams] [futuristic laser sounds] Crong! [Crong shouts] Crong… Crong? [Crong whimpers] [door hisses open] [♪♪♪] [Crong stammers] [♪♪♪] Crong? NARRATOR:It seems the aliens
have saved Crong.
[aliens murmur] Crong? Crong, crong? [toy cranks] [aliens gasp] [Crong laughs]
Crong!Crong!Crong!, Crong, crong! NARRATOR:Crong asked the aliens
to look for his friends.
Momo? Bobo! [spaceship zooms] We’re getting closer
to where Crong is. Huh? This can’t be! We’re in trouble!
A meteorite storm is coming! [♪♪♪] ALL: What do we do? Don’t worry! I have prepared
something for this! Laser gun! Ready! [metal clanging] Guys! Press the laser beam
button when the meteorite comes! ALL: Okay! EDDY: Hold on tight!
[Eddy grunts] Hey guys, right now!
Shoot the laser beam! ALL: Okay! [lasers zapping] EDDY: All right! One more time! ALL: Right! RODY: Oh!
[alarm sounding] This one is really big! EDDY: Then, I think we are going
to need the super laser! We need your help
to shoot the super laser! [beep]
[hissing] [laser zapping] Everyone!
Shout out loud and clap! [applause] EDDY:Just a little more!
The gauge has to be full!
[applause continues]
[beeping increases]That’s it!Fire! [laser zaps] [explosion] – Hooray!
– That was amazing! Come on, it was nothing.
[giggles] [crash]
[alarm] ALL: Eddy! Look at the front! EDDY: Huh? [nervous murmurs] EDDY: Why isn’t this moving? RODY: I think it’s broken. [♪♪♪] ALL: What do we do?
EDDY: I…I don’t know! ALL: What? [all scream] Huh? [impact]
Ahh! ALL: Huh?
PORORO: Oh my! Where are we? EDDY: We can’t just sit here!
Let’s go outside! – Yeah.
– Okay. [door hisses open] [gasps] [confused gasps]
[machines buzz] ALL: Hello! POBY: I think they’re fixing
our spaceship. Crong, crong! ALL: Crong!
CRONG: Crong! [shouts of delight] PORORO: What happened?
CRONG: Crong, crong. PORORO: We were worried sick! Crong, crong. Crong! Crong, crong, crong! Ah! So they are the ones
who saved Crong. Crong! LOOPY: They’re the ones
who saved us, too. ALL: Thank you! Momo! Bobo! Momo Bobo! PETTY: Huh?
What are they saying? Crong, crong! Ah! You want to play together?
Yeah sure! [all giggle] [♪♪♪] Crong! Momo! ALL: Wow! [all laugh] [Pororo pants] Wow! NARRATOR:Pororo and friends
had a great time
with the new friends
they met in space.
[all laugh] Thank you so much!
It’s time for us to go. Momo… Don’t worry.
We can always come back. But, how will we find
this place again? Crong… [ding]
Crong! Crong, crong! Oh right! With this space bracelet,
we can find and go anywhere! EDDY: That’s right!
Good job, Crong! Crong. Crong. Crong… Momo! Bobo? Momo? Bobo! Whenever you want to see us,
press that button. Then we’ll come right away! Crong, crong! Momo! Crong… [♪♪♪] [spaceship zooms by] ALIENS:Momomo! Bobo Momo!ALL: Bye! NARRATOR:What an exciting
space adventure it was!
See you again next time,
everyone! Bye!

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    Loopy-Pinkie Pie
    Eddy-Rainbow Dash


    Rody-Sweetie Belle

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