so this is a full HD projector from a company called Vanko
featuring over 4,000 Lux brightness it also has dual HDMI input so you can plug
maybe a fire stick in one and maybe your playstation or another Android box it
has stereo speakers and also supports a massive 300 inch display I mean
considering this monitor here is only 29 inch 300 inches sounds like a dream so
in this video today let’s go through a quick unboxing I’ll take you around the
projector show you how it works and let’s see exactly what the Vanco
performance v600 can actually do coming up right after this
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it makes a big difference to me thank you so this is everything you get inside
the box let’s start with the small one first okay so here you go firstly a
kettle lead to power up the actual projector you also have a HDMI cable and
you also get small remote control you’re a bunch of screws in case you want to
mount this on the ceiling you get the Quick Start Guide and you also get this
three point five mils of these phone or leads
so the projector itself does come with this very nice carry case so if you do
want to move it around maybe take it with you on holiday or to somebody’s
house you can transport it in this and it should give it sufficient protection
let’s open that up and here is a projector guy so it has a very nice so
brushed metal look here at the front here you have the lens with this
protective cover let’s go to the side here you have some air vents on the back
here we can see we do have to HDMI inputs you also get two USB ports you
have a sensor for the remote control which means this front of control is
basically an IR blaster it’s not bluetooth so if you have to point it
towards the unit when you want to use it and you also have a VGA input for your
slightly older devices we can see a small fan here and you have the power
input let’s go to this side here we have the headphone jack you have the AV ports
you can use it with this cable for some of your older devices and you also have
a memory card slot here we can see some more vents here and here we have the
buttons for the menu control so that you don’t have to use the remote control
if you don’t want to you also have the choice of using the buttons here so it’s
great that we have both options and up here we have the controls for the manual
focus let’s turn it upside down and here we can just confirm it is the van cure
performance v6 under model model number m18 which is a full 1080p LED projector
now in terms of using guys obviously because it is a projector you have to
project the image onto a wall so ideally you’re looking for a plain wall or a
plain wall as possible now in my house I’d actually have a suitable wall for
this and if you’re the same issue in your house then one option you can do
one cheap option is to basically hang up a white sheet yourself now if you don’t
want to do that you can also purchase ready-made sheets foolish projectors on
Amazon and I’ll leave a link in the video description for the one I’m using
now this particular sheet actually supports 100 inch viewing area and it’s
also by the same company I mean hundred inches to you know watch movies or play
games I think is more than enough so let me now hang up that she powered this up
let’s try it with my fork a fire stick or maybe an android bog and let’s see
what kind of picture quality we can get with this box
okay so I’ve just hung the sheet up on the wall and looking outside we can see
it’s broad halo which I thought would actually affect the picture but I was
pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too bad at all now out the box I did make a
few changes or a few tweaks to some of the color settings some of the sharpness
and contrast settings and I will be leaving a copy of the settings on the
screen if you want to have it exactly how I have it but but depending on your
input source or just how your room is laid out you can all see tweak it more
but so forth which is looking very good to me and here we can just see me
looking at a Windows 10 desktop through this projector connected over HDMI if I
just open up a browser just so you can see the text I mean for me that text
looks very sharp very easy to read let’s go on to a random website how about a
technically UK com that’s working fine we can see my
downloads page definite looks very clear guys and maybe
it’s a good point to mention like all my competition guys I think it is only a
couple of days left so if you have an interesting competition they know how
you recommend you go into that page and enter the literature I think there is at
three or four days left and I’ve got those two prizes which is the t95 key
box and also the H 96 mini so do go and check that out
and here we can you see some more video test scores I mean to me the picture
looks very clear very sharp a very vibrant and here we can see some of the
Reds coming through and now we can see some of the greens so really guys that
kind of picture quality for something that costs less than 250 dollars I think
it’s actually very very good as previously mentioned guys this
projector does come with built-in speakers so let me just have a quick
look at this spider-man game on the PlayStation 4 just to show you some of
the gameplay looking really nice looking really smooth and then after this I’ll
show you what the inbuilt speakers sound like I mean really
oh so you can just plug in your own speakers or if you’ve got you know an
amp or something else you couldn’t use that but I think for a you know a small
bedroom or a small room if you don’t have you know plug in something extra
having built-in speakers I think it’s a it’s a pretty good feature
let me just see if I can land or if spiderhunt can land yes you can and can
you knock this out yes he can okay so time to test the speakers guys so this
is basically water your craft or trailer is actually the Lynch King expansion
pack but seriously guys I mean for inbuilt speakers that sounds pretty
clear my things the volume was our parting only at 50% so you could make a
higher but I’m guess if you push it too much a probably start distorting but
again for something that’s built in I was actually pretty impressed with that
our let’s try some more gaming this is project cause yes we could see guys the
volume was actually at like 50 percent and
it’s still pretty allowed and still pretty clear and of course guys you have to see look
at edges of the edges of the screen you can see some of the delight because it
is actually poor data outside so if I was doing this in a much darker room or
at nighttime the picture would look even better let’s have a look at the website
information before we go into the conclusion so we can see this is the
performance fee 600 and again you can see native resolution of 1920 by 1080 P
as a brightness of 5500 lumens with a contrast ratio of 6,001 and I suppose
aspect ratio 16 by 9 and 4 by 3 long-lasting LED lamp which will give
you more than 50000 playback or usage you got the manual focus ring and you
got 15 degree vertical Keystone but to be honest cause every time I like move
this around it just made the picture very blurry so I don’t really have much
usage out of this connection wise we got two HDMI one AV 2 USB 2 1 VGA you have
an SD card slot and also an audio out and it supports a massive 300 inch
screen but really guys at that kind of size I’m not sure how good the picture
quality will actually be okay so let’s leave roadblocks running in the
background and let me give you my overall verdict of the van kill
performance V 600 now there are positives and negatives so let’s start
with the positives first I would say overall I am very impressed with this
projector for a number of reasons firstly the fact that it is a native
1080p LED projector now I’ve seen other projectors a similar price point where
they are the 720p or even low resolution lamby’s video as you try and plug in a
1080p source the pictures actually be down scaled so and it doesn’t look nice
but in the case of the van kieu we are talking about native 1080p output so
that’s definitely a big plus point now obviously on top of that we mentioned
the price so to get you know 1080p content or 1080p to get 1080p as well as
all the other features for less than $250 I think it’s a fantastic feature so
again the price is a big plus I also like the fact that both of the UI and
the remote control are very very responsive when I was going through the
many options when I was doing the customizations of the color setting some
of the calibration it was very fast very easy to use and really there’s no
slow down I also think the picture quality is actually very bright I’m
gonna mention at the start this video it does support up to 4,000 luxo which is
fairly bright you also get the built-in speakers again I mean it’s not gonna
replace your you know HiFi sound or you know your main profile speakers but for
something that’s built-in you know for most use cases I think it’s more than
adequate so that’s another plus point we see does come with the carry case and
also the HDMI cable on the negatives I would say if you look at the corners of
the image it does seem a bit blurry compared to the center so which I guess
it is to be expected at this price point also the settings out the box weren’t
actually that good so I definitely recommend calibrating some of those
settings and as previously mentioned guys I have left my settings in the
video description so if you don’t have the same ones as me you can copy those
out I also found the fan to be a little bit too loud so this may be an issue for
some of you but I think it is worth mentioning but overall as a summary I
would say a very good first projector really great features fantastic picture
quality for the price point fantastic full 1080p support great for outdoor use
special occasions parties so overall guys I am impressed with there and if
you guys want to check it out I will leave a link in the video description
well that’s all for this video guys many thanks for watching and I really do
appreciate you watching it solely on because the read has helped on my
channel if you did find this video useful then do give it a thumbs up
because previously mentioned I’m running a competition which is finishing in the
next few days so if you haven’t checked that out do check out the Pend comment
also leave me a comment below let me know anything about this projector and
I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks

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