😜 Indiana Jones 2019 KIDS PARODY  home made Fan film adaptation

😜 Indiana Jones 2019 KIDS PARODY home made Fan film adaptation

-What is this? -Salvador look, look what I found. What is it? SO its true, all of it,
It’s a map to the golden play button. What? I mean the golden idol Well, lets go get it Ok, let the adventure begin Cool. OK, I think we’re close. Stay here, I’m going to go get the idol. Ok but be careful. This is it. Antoine! Look, look Isabella, I got it! -Nice!
-Now we can buy the new Xbox one S or PS4 , -Hashtag not sponsored !
-No, it belongs in a museum. Yeah you are right! DUCK! Whats going on! They want to steal the idol, lets go! GO GO! Stop right there! Let’s go! I got you know! No you don’t! They are going to the Tunnel! Let’s get them! LOOK! AWWW NOOO! This is for killing me in episode 7! Daddy! How do we start this thing? I don’t know but you better hurry up! They are coming! HI! Were are you going! Hurry up! Hold on to your potatoes, we are going fast! Look over there! Guys I think we lost them! No I see them! Oh look, gun! FIRE! Oh my gosh, they are shooting at us! We need something to throw at them…. How about this! That hurts! I got good news and bad news! -Whats the good news
-We are almost finished! Whats the bad news! Look we are going to die! I think we lost them. No we didn’t ! RUN! Where are they? There! Hurry up guys they are coming! Look its safe! Shorty! Guys stop playing around! Oh [email protected]! Where is the idol? The idol or you die! Domo Arigato MR ROBOTO! Lady we are taking a ride! -Oh my gosh you are crasy
-Im not crazy he is! No no no stop what are you doing! Main characters don’t die! That was close Now we have to give this to my dad! Where is he? There he is. I hate birds! Hello Junior. Here you go dad it’s for the Museum. This time its not fake! I hope its not. Hey kids, dinner is ready. I’m hungry! I wanna go poop. For you!

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