10 Biggest Best Picture Oscar Snubs

10 Biggest Best Picture Oscar Snubs

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  2. I definitely disagree with The Dark Knight. I love that movie too, but it is indeed pretty overrated. As much as this movies Joker.

  3. You think a comic book hero movie (as great as it was but yeah still a comic book movie) is a more important film than that of a holocaust movie that deals with guilt, illiteracy, unrequited love, suicide, and again the fucking holocaust and its repercussions for an entire nation like Germany; or a film about the first gay man elected to hold public office and the pivotal figure in the ever evolving lgbt civil rights movement… you think a Batman film is more important than those of “the reader” or “milk”? You’re fucking insane

  4. Singin' in the rain (1952): OG the best fucking musical film ever!
    The Dark Knight: redefine the superhero movie genre and the movie responsible for the increasing in nominations for Academy Award for best picture.

  5. Oscars are and ever will be a sham by the stand of time – it is not the best or original it is self indulgent pageant this shows the one sided as of age and years

  6. Batman Begins and Dark Knight ushered in the new era of super hero movies. They are to that genre what LoTR was to fantasy movies.

  7. 5 and a half years. 5 and a half years took me to see this video and god the shock when I've seen your number 1 pick. Since I first saw Do The Right Thing it's been one of my all time fav movies and, to make things worst as you say, it wasn't even nominated and that year the Oscar went to Driving Miss Daisy. No wonder why Public Enemy released shortly after their hit Burn Hollywood Burn

  8. This list is missing “Heat”, “Interstellar”, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”, “Once Upon a Time in the West”, and “The Usual Suspects”.

  9. This list is terrible. Most of the movies you’ve listed are obviously not award worthy. You honestly think King Kong would get an Oscar? Lol. Or eternal sunshine? You might be retarded.

  10. Alfred Hitchcock didn't need Oscar nomination. Oscar needed him just the other way around. Love & Respect for this English Masterpiece who took crime/thriller/suspense to another level. 
    Academy mainly focuses on how brutal the acting is & storyline. They are good at it. Those people are not Robots. To err is human. Good video pal💯

  11. 2 TIMES Russel Crowe was robbed, Master and Commander, one of the greatest films ever made, a Peter Weir masterpiece, and Cinderella Man, the massively relatable Ron Howard's best effort, imho. Not even ONE, over the last ten years has deserved it, despite being decent enough, apart from 12years of boredom crammed into a movie, which was patently crap on every level, the whining virtue signalling garbage that it was. The idiocy culminating in colour blind casting, which would have us casting Leslie Jones as Marilyn Monroe, and Adam Sandler, as Martin Luther King if we do not demand the brain dead practice be stopped immediately. Time to get real, and vote for what is good, not what you think you should like so everybody thinks YOU are good.

  12. This video came out only 5 years ago and already what they said about the dark knight it’s true, it’s more relevant than the nominees of that year

  13. they missed '' once upon a time in america ''which even contemporary directors like Scorcesse call A GREAT MASTERPIECE !

  14. I'm not at all into gay films and stuff, but Brokeback Mountain was a much better film than that Crash piece of crap that won Best Picture in 2005

  15. Slightly different category. I found the snubbing of the theme from The Rose to be unforgivable. It wasn't even nominated and it should have won. I realized just how phony the Academy was and stopped watching it. 1980. Saved myself a lot of Sunday nights.
    "Just remember in the winter
    far beneath the bitter snows
    lies a seed that with the sun's love
    in the Spring becomes the rose."

  16. Children. Of. Men. Not only was it brilliantly made and emotionally affecting, it presaged hugely important social issues. Though perhaps the Academy didn't see those coming.

  17. Dog Day Afternoon lost to One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Tough but correct call. In any other year DDA who have won.

  18. 1946: It’s A Wonderful Life
    1941: Citizen Kane
    1957: 12 Angry Men
    1960: Psycho
    1951: A Streetcar Named Desire
    1994: Pulp Fiction
    2014: Whiplash
    1964: Dr Strangelove
    1980: Coal Miner’s Daughter
    1991: JFK
    1968: 2001: A Space Odyssey
    1971: A Clockwork Orange
    1975: Barry Lyndon
    1967: War And Peace
    1973: Badlands

  19. Dark knight is my favorite movie ever I’m so sad it didn’t even get nominated. Do the right thing is also a great movie I remember my dad made me watch it and I thought it would be awful but it was one of the most amazing movies I’ve ever seen

  20. The Before trilogy
    Rear Window
    Inside Llewyn Davis
    North by northwest
    Swept away
    Millers crossing
    Barton fink
    The dark knight
    The Big Lebowski
    Dazed and confused
    Toy story 1 and 2
    Mulholland Drive
    Fight club
    Boogie nights
    The master
    Inherent vice
    The sweet hereafter
    2001 a space odyssey
    The shining
    Eyes wide shut
    8 1/2
    La dolce vita
    A separation
    Far from heaven
    City of god
    The prestige
    Kill bill Vol 1 and 2
    Jackie Brown
    Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    Reservoir dogs
    Office space
    Gone girl
    Children of men
    25th Hour
    Raising Arizona
    Blood Simple
    Rush more
    The royal Tenebaums
    Bottle rocket
    Moonrise kingdom
    The incredibles
    The Player
    The dollars trilogy
    Once upon a time in the West
    Days of heaven
    The searchers
    Singing in the rain

  21. The Lion King is possibly the greatest animated film of all time. Should have been nominated for best picture.
    The Dark Knight single handedly changed the Oscars and Golden globes forever, it made them irrelevant. When you nominate horse manure like The Reader, you became useless.

  22. Vertigo was snubbed as were James Stewart and Kim Novak. Kim still lives and why can't the Academy award Kim an Honorary Oscar?

  23. Am I the only one who didn't care for Eternal Sunshine? I know it's a popular movie, but I'm happy that Million Dollar Baby won, though Sideways would've been fine too.

  24. What about raging bull considered the best movie of the 1980s lost to ordinary people by first time director Robert Redford that’s Scorsese’s masterpiece

  25. Let's be honest Frost/Nixon and Milk were nominated for their liberal political agendas. Not their greatness as films.

  26. Some of the snubs this decade:
    The Master (2012)
    Before Midnight / Prisoners (2013)
    Gone Girl (2014)
    Carol (2015)
    Silence (2016)
    The Florida Project (2017)
    First Reformed / Hereditary (2018)

  27. brokeback mountain lost to crash in 2005 – a film about gay cowboys that everyone knows about and has become a modern classic compared to a random film about racism in los angeles that no one remembers

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