10 CREEPY Ghost Pictures That Were Never Explained

10 CREEPY Ghost Pictures That Were Never Explained

– Pictures can tell us many things. They’re a way for people
to capture a moment to look back on it later. But what happens when you
look back on an old picture to discover that there’re
something or someone in it that you did not expect? The following photos I’m about to show you were all taken by amateur photographers who upon developing them discovered what can only be described
as an apparition, a spectral being that
is not of this world. But of course the subject of ghosts is always a topic for debate. Are these hoaxes or are
they unintentional glimpses into another world? It’s for you to decide. So here are 10 creepy ghost pictures that were never explained. Number one is Our Lady of Zietoun. There’re thousands of stories
documented from the past of people who have claimed
to see a religious figure. While most of them were a single sighting the appearance of Our Lady of
Zeitoun was very different. This apparition was first
seen on April 2nd, 1968 by a bus mechanic named
Farouk Mohammed Atwa, who upon spotting it
believed it to be a woman standing on the top of a church in Zeitoun district of Cairo, Egypt. Believing that she was suicidal, he along with two other
witnesses called the authorities who explained that it was
simply a reflection of light. But it was quickly discovered that this was more than
a simple reflection, as for over two years afterwards thousands of people
witnessed the same apparition which resembled the Virgin Mary. Hundreds of photos were
taken of these events, all of them depicting the same figure. Having been unable to produce
an alternative explanation for the luminous sightings, the Egyptian government has come forward accepting the apparitions as real. Number two is the Deathbed Ghost. In 1999, the owners of the
Worley Bed and Breakfast in Georgia hired a photographer
to take some pictures for promotional materials. Upon finding some useful ones the photos were stored
away for four years. In 2003, the owners decided
to pull out the photos to find some for their website only to discover something
very odd in one of the images. Initially assumed to be a
photographic flaw or artifact, the photo was further
examined by professionals and it was discovered to
have what appears to be a ghost of a teenage boy lying in a bed in the top right corner. The inn’s owners believe
that the apparition is that of Claude Worley, a young man who in 1889 was hit by a train and was brought into the
house to be made comfortable until he died slowly. Number tree if the Girl on Fire. On November 19th, 1995
a great fire consumed the Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England, reducing the entire building to ashes. This monumental firefight
brought both photographers and press to capture the battle. However, one picture was taken that has bewildered people to this day. This picture was taken by local resident and amateur photographer Tony O’Rahilly, which seems to show a ghostly
girl standing near a railing as the blaze destroys
everything around her. Mr. O’Rahilly who died
in 2005 adamantly claimed right up until the date of his death that he did not doctor the image that made headlines around the world. Adding credibility to his claim
is that none who were there ever saw this girl and the photo was later verified
by experts to be authentic. Through research it was later believed that the specter is that
of 14-year-old Jane Churm, a girl who died in a fire
that she caused accidentally with a candle over 300
years prior, in 1677. Number four is Grandpa’s Ghost. On August 17th, 1998 Denise
Russell and her family took their 94-year-old
grandmother out for a picnic to cheer her up after she
had been in a nursing home for a week. During the family outing Denise’s sister took a
photo of her grandmother which captured something unexpected. Behind her grandmother
stood her grandfather who had died 14 years prior, in 1984. Eerily nobody noticed this
anomaly until Christmas of 2000, after the grandmother
had already been dead for over eight months. Interestingly, their
grandmother had always said that she felt the presence
of her late husband as if he had always
been watching over her. Perhaps this picture captured
one of those very moments. Number five is the Staircase Ghost. Queen’s House building
at the National Museum in Greenwich, England has been the site of many
paranormal encounters in the over 400 years that
it’s been in existence. People have claimed to
have heard footsteps, seeing doors open seemingly by themselves, and ghosts who have roamed the halls. Of course all of these were
simply claims with no evidence until one picture was taken. This photo taken in 1966
by Reverend Ralph Hardy, a retired clergyman from
White Rock, British Columbia, shows a glowing white figure
climbing the staircase, the stairs being the only thing
that he meant to photograph. It was only after this photo was developed that the woman appeared, much to the reverend
and his clergy’s shock. When the reverend came
forward with this photo many people cried “Hoax!” That was until the
photograph was authenticated by multiple experts who have
declared it to be authentic. Number six is Lord Combermere’s Ghost. This photograph of the
Combermere Abbey Library was taken in 1891 by
photographer Sybell Corbet. It’s located in Cheshire, England and was founded by
Benedictine monks in 1133. Corbet was commissioned to take
some photos with her camera and set it up with the
shutter open for one hour in the Combermere Abbey Library, while the house staff were
attending her brother, Lord Combermere’s funeral
nearly four miles away. However, what’s bizarre is
that if you look closely you can see a faint resemblance
of a man sitting in a chair that bears a striking resemblance to Lord Combermere himself,
who was killed days before when he was run over by
a horse-drawn carriage. Now, some claim that
during this photo exposure some servants might
have come into the room to sit on the chair creating
the image that we see here. However, this was deemed impossible as every member of the
house was accounted for while attending Lord Combermere’s funeral. The photo was authenticated by experts and it was determined to
not be a double exposure. Number seven is the Cooper
Family Falling Body. Sometime in the 1950s the Cooper family bought an old house in
Texas and moved in quickly. Days after unpacking they
decided to take a picture around the dining-room table smiling and celebrating their new home. However, when the photo
was subsequently developed they discovered an extra
guest in the image. On the left of the image
is what appears to be a hanging body of a deceased person which was not originally there according to the father
who took the photo. This is an extremely controversial photo that has made its rounds
around the Internet over the past five years. Many have claimed that this
is the work of double exposure or Photoshop, but some who
have analyzed the photo believe it to be genuine. Number eight is the Amityville Ghost Boy. On November 13th, 1974
23-year-old Ronald DeFeo murdered his entire family in their
home in Amityville, New York. Just over a year later
in December of 1975, the Lutz family moved
into that very same home and immediately began
noticing paranormal activity. Enough so that they
actually fled the house after only 28 days. In response on March 6th, 1976 famous paranormal investigators
Ed and Lorraine Warren while investigating the
haunting took several photos with a time lapse infrared camera. However, what they discovered
upon developing the photos was nothing that anyone was prepared for. Caught in this photo is a small boy staring back at the camera, a small boy that looked eerily
familiar to many who saw it. It was none other than Matthew DeFeo, the same young boy that was
brutally murdered by his father less than two years prior. The house was verified to be vacant and there’s still no explanation as to why the young boy
appeared in the photo. Number nine is the White
Lady of Worstead Church. In 1975, Peter Berthelot
and his wife Diane were visiting the Worstead Church in North Norfolk, United Kingdom, with their 12-year-old son. As most families do on their vacations they took a photo of their destination, in this case the inside of the church. However, what they did not
expect was to develop a photo that would come to be known forever as the White Lady of Worstead Church. In this famous photo we
see Diane sitting at a pew with an apparition behind her. The specter appears to
be wearing old clothes including a bonnet. Understandably terrified the
family submitted the photo to the church vicar, Reverend Pettit, who had an interesting revelation. The day the photo was taken Diane was sick which is why she was sitting. The reverend quickly
identified the apparition as the White Lady, a healer who appears to those who are sick. The legend he spoke of had
gone back over 100 years, but this was the first time that someone had actually
captured her in an image. And number 10 is Someone in the Back Seat. Back in 1959, while at a cemetery to visit her mother’s grave, Mabel Chinnery snapped
some pictures of the site including this shot of her husband as he sat in the passenger
seat of the couple’s car. However, unbelievably the camera captured something else unexpected, Mabel’s dead mother
sitting in the back seat. An expert had analyzed the photo and determined that it
was genuine and authentic leaving Mabel terrified and with more questions than answers. When news of this story got out it was printed in several publications, including the original news
report that broke the story on June 28th, 1959 in Parade magazine. To this day nobody has found an answer to what happened in this photograph, leaving many to conclude
that this was in fact the ghost of the deceased Miss Chinnery. So those were 10 unexplained
photos of ghosts. But I want to know from
you in the comments: were any of these hoaxes or
were they something more? Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this drop a like on it. On the right you’ll find
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  1. The thing about number seven is that, if that falling body wasn't originally in the photo and it was just supposed to be the family, then why did the father not have the family centered in the photo? They're off to the side, just enough to make room for the person falling through the ceiling. Like, look at it and pretend that supposed ghost isn't there; now tell me it would make sense to photograph the family like that. I don't know…it looks like it was set up too deliberately for that extra apparition to be in the shot for it to be real, at least to me. Creepy, yes, but too perfect to be legit.

  2. You know it sends chills up your spine when you realize you're part of the list, well my family is part of the list. #10. And the "CH" is not pronounced with an "SH" sound. It's pronounced phonetically.

  3. No worries, viewers. Just sprinkle salt all around your house, inside or outside . . . . your choice, and that should keep any evil, ( no matter what form, via ghosts / spirits, etc. ), from invading your house. ( I would refer to your house as your home . . . . except that there is a difference between a home and a house ).

  4. Hey witness paranormal being caught film before so these maybe real I mean I know some people are capable of motifying photos but when you've worked for a nursing home you witness some stuff I still forget the man who had shadow apparition behind him in his photo

  5. I am from Egypt.. living near Zaitun and I go to this church so many times.. And what happened is not horrific at all.. It was a blessing.. This photos are real.. This church called St Mary's Church Zaitun .. And she was appeared to her people during the war. While Christians was praying and crying out for God.. St Mary seen as a young lady in the top of her church walking around her 3 doves lighting through the darkness.. And when the police arrived they locked any electricity .. So she was the only source of light for 3 days and nights.. During this time.. A million of people around the country traveled to see her .. And so many people whom came with a different disease or illness
    . was totally and utterly healed

  6. theres two figures in the staircase ghost pic! take a closer look at the hands on the railing, theyre both left hands! and if you look closely by the hand of the figure above, you can see the arm and shoulder! you cant see the head but thats likely because of the brightness of the light next to the head of the figure above…it looks like the figure above is pulling the figure below up the staircase and they're both clasping right hands!

  7. In the number 5 staircase ghost there’s actually 4 ghosts the white one everyone sees,then if you trace near the arm which is at the highest point there’s a dark curly haired spirit between those 2 is the face of a child then on the upper right corner there’s a male spirit watching the other 3 great video very spooky 😍

  8. You know what’s funny?
    It’s funny how in every picture, the person who’s picture is taken, is positioned in such way that “the ghost” can be photographed too.
    Funny, right?

  9. The grampa ghost is not creepy that is actually kinda good because he was there with her until the end and maybe forever

  10. Actually the family who was murdered in Amityville, New York, their last name was DeFeo NOT DeFoe. Also the father wasn't the one who killed his family, it was the eldest son of the family.

  11. In the grandma video, behind the grandpa, it chillingly looks like a grim reaper or something standing near the trees.

  12. The fire girl "ghost" is just a cardboard cut out of an old picture with that girl in it. I've seen it disproved on a vlog a few years ago and they even showed the original photograph. Also, the Amityville murderer is Ronald DeFeo pronounced DeFAYoh.

  13. I actually have a ghost photo on my phone. It's not a typical body or humanoid shape, but rather a rainbow line that crosses over my dog Jax. It was actually a month after we'd lost my grandma, who we'd all call Mamaw, and she absolutely loved that little dog when she was alive. It was up at camp and my baby puppo was smiling and after looking at the photo I noticed the long rainbow line above him and we all concluded it had to be Mamaw looking over her little buddy.

  14. People always wanna explain stuff away. Does forgery happen, yes. But not everything has an explanation that you are satisfied with.

  15. Hey does anybody know the name of the creepy music in the background of Matthew santoro’s creepy videos?

  16. It took them 28 days to leave the house? It would only take me 28 minutes. Nope. No thanks. I am out of there.

  17. The girl in the burning building…. The firefighter who took the photo admitted that he'd superimposed the girl into the image, to look like a ghost!

  18. I had a photo of me playing in snow and there were light on the picture but we looked closely at one of them andwe saw what looked like jesus

  19. Hi bro I am frm india.. You can try.. Top 10 imaginations that actually exist.. Ur videos r awesome.. Thank you 💜

  20. #8 was killed by his brother not his father ….Ronald DeFeo Jr killed his parents his sisters and his brothers with shots to their backs ….it has been reported the reason George Lutz would wake up at 3:15 am is that was the time the DeFeo family was murdered

  21. Aren't there 2 figures in that stair photo? That hand on the railing towards the center looks like another left hand to another less seen person

  22. The fire ghost is deemed a hoax the photographer admitted he used a cardboard advertising photo in the fire and it burned up.

  23. How are we supposed to believe your credible, when the past 2 videos I have watched of you, you messed up the info? This one you said that defao was the little boys father, when it as his oldest brother. And the last video I watched of yours, you said that Mark twain was born in 1935?

  24. The death bed photo Has a painting of a crying girl on the wall ! We had painting (print) like that on our stair case – Just where we used to hear what sound like an eldery person climbing our stairs and walk into the front bedroom ? – And push the door too ! & There was never anyone there ???
    It always climbed the stairs Never down !

  25. YOuTube is doing a new format where they play 1-2 minute commercials 2-3 in a row that you can't skip and you are stuck watching them while they are waiting for your video's to load. I feel that this will hurt your ad revenue as people will skip your video's. Just wanted to give you the heads up. I know ad revenue is key, but these are ridiculous. Some window pops up over your video with a pause and forward button and you can't get around it. UGH

  26. LOL LOL! The Cooper family photo here in 2019 has been proven to be a fake. There is no dead man hanging over someone's table. It was a cool photo back then though would have been really neat if it were real!

  27. Matthew: ghost photos that have never been explained…..Me: Until YOU explained them, including their histories! 🙂 Keep up the great videos!!

  28. Hey just to clarify the amityville murders were done by Ronnie Defoe Jr. Not the father the oldest son. U said the father. The last pic if u notice it's just a negative imprint of the man satting in the passenger seat look at it the face is the same so is the rest it's just a negative over lay exposure. I don't know how but if u look at a negative u see that that was what u see. And the stair case is wrong to look at the stairs if they were going up then they would be on the other side of the banister not behind it.

  29. The Bible clearly states that human spirits after death go in one of two directions. They do not linger on Earth, However, demons have enormous power and can appear as anything in order to cause confusion, fear and to doubt God's word. Some of these photos may be manmade fakes, and some may be of deceiving demons. Do not be deceived.

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