10 Most Advanced HologramS that are INSANE!

10 Most Advanced HologramS that are INSANE!

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  2. Number 7: yes this is very amazing but I’m pretty sure it’s very unnecessary as you can just get bionic arms and probably do much more as you can create robtic arm or in the shape of whatever you want and control it with your brain half way across the world. With the correct technology and the right people, we can create an artificial human and operate it around the world vs using some cubes

  3. I think you have no idea about Augmented Reality. You have said 7D technology (at 7:09 min) , but it's Augmented Reality, which is going to very i popular at present day.

  4. the motor one, if u replace the white blocks with glass, include a projector, link that up to alexa, BOOM you have jarvis

  5. They have the tech. to create a real HOLOGRAM — just like they showed in the fiction movie ) with Arnold S–''Total Recall'''—that is the best one!! more what we have today but is not shown to us??…

  6. This guy has no understanding of the press releases he's reading out. It's possible that he just has no understanding, period; but there's not enough data to confirm that.

  7. The only one real is number 8 tge rest of them are a waste of time. If you have to use something on your body, glass, smoke or something like that its not a hologram…

  8. The over-writing is strong here. Is there a word for this ‘accent’ that all these types of video announcers share?

  9. This guy has no idea how technology, or for that matter geometry, works. 7-dimensional motion capture makes no sense. Also, this guy considers literally everything “surprising”.

  10. captured from 7 dimensions! with extremely visual effects.

    listen dude, you need to take more care in what you put in the videos and what you don't.

  11. A lot of info in this video lacks a lot of important details. Seems like a portion of this is based on marketing videos where the stuff doesn't exist OR its augmented reality which isn't really the definition of hologram.

  12. This is as usual, just more click bait.
    Was not impressed by the 3rd grade presentation rubric that he used and half of the holograms were bullshit.

  13. physical holograms have been around for a long time with many applications such as a means for the blind to see. Although I would commend those MIT students for making a working prototype they did not invent it.

  14. ✡️🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸✡️ I sense that this is only the beginning, like when hand held calculators first came out their beginning or starting prices were astronomical BUT then a year later (about give or take a few months) the prices came down (I mean WAY down, to affordable for the average American) and all kinds of shapes and sizes of calculators were on the market. I’m looking forward to seeing the same thing with holographic devices ✡️🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸✡️🌹✝️🌹✡️

  15. Maybe the first couple where real but the rest is Definitely Fake.

    I Learned a 3DsMax that's with Maya a 3D Program used by Hollywood Faking this Stuff is so Easy.

    Go Look up 3DsMax Vray, Fume FX, Rayfire. With that you can fake anything and the Video will look so real it's insane and take a short time to do.

  16. I liked the 3D volumetric tech. As it can help a lot to learn things in acedamics.
    Also helps to increase ability of visualisation.

  17. from AI to holographic intelligence…electromagnetic creatures able to touch ,push objects…giant or small size… as paranormal activity movie… reflected from satellite down to earth to operate in a mission…an army of holograms with protonic laser structure… controlled from the supercomputer …exploding a nuclear reactor,killing a group of terrorist hidden tunnel…

  18. Stopping light in the mid air without a barrier is currently not possible. But ts lazer technology 2:08 I want to know more about it.

  19. No.1 with its suspicious deaths of two journalist's within two years of exposure of Project Blue Beam. Search: CIA Heart Attack Gun

  20. It was pretty interesting seeing all the tech that was being used there but that conspiracy theory at the end came out of nowhere haha what the fuck.

  21. Would you please get a degree in physics before you make any more YouTube videos? You seem to think any technology that someone has named “Holo…” is holographic. The terms “holography” and “holographic” are probably the most over used and mis-used terms today. Please look up these words in the dictionary.

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