10 Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed #2 | Find The Flaws

10 Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed #2 | Find The Flaws

– Okay, I noticed it!
I. GOT IT. THIS. TIME! – There’s no way
they missed that in the movie. – Oh my god!
How did I not see that?! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Our audience loved
our first, “Can You Spot the Flaws?” episode.
– Oh, okay. Yeah, I was not good at it.
– (FBE) So, we’re bringing it back by popular demand.
– Cool! I’m excited about that. – I tell myself, “Yeah,
you’re really good at stuff like that,”
but I don’t know, you know? Now I have to put it
to the test. – (FBE) Okay. So, we’re gonna be
presenting you 10 scenes from movies that each contain mistakes
to see if you can spot the cinematic slip-ups.
– Oh, this is gonna be fun. – (FBE) For every mess up
you spot, you get a point. And at the end, we’re going
to announce a single winner. – Ooh!
– All right, sounds good. I really like this.
I love looking for Easter eggs
in movies. – (FBE) So, before we start,
we want the audience at home to play along. There will
be three Easter egg flaws planted in our very own episode
right here. One lucky person
that spots them all and tweets us the timecodes,
@fbe, in the first 48 hours will win official React merch.
– Ooh, all right. All right, good for you guys.
Good luck! – That’s so awesome!
I love that we’re getting the fans involved
with the episodes now too. – (FBE) Are you ready to grab
your magnifying glass and get to fail finding?
– Yeah! I’m gonna be like Sherlock Holmes
of movies. The Sherlock Holmes
of finding mistakes in movies. It’s a long title.
My friends call me it, though. – Ooh, okay. Keanu Reeves.
– Oh, it’s going so quick. I can’t keep up with it. – Wait, what did I miss
that’s in this? This is an early part,
because I’ve seen the first John Wick
multiple times. – It went eight to ten.
– The clock went from eight to ten and skipped and nine,
but I don’t know if that was in the movie on purpose.
– I don’t know if it was going fast forward,
but the clock went from eight to ten
or something. – (FBE) While Keanu Reeves’ character,
John Wick, mourns the death of his wife, he places
her bracelet down next to an alarm clock
that suddenly turns from 8 AM to 10 AM. – Oh, [bleep]. Wow.
– Oh. Okay. Yeah. No, didn’t notice that.
– That was so frickin’ quick! Really?!
– I actually saw that. I thought the time was changing.
– Now I’m ready. That was my practice run.
I’m ready now. – (Jules) Marvin! Marvin!
I’d knock that [bleep] off if I was you.
– Yeah, Marvin. – (man) Die, you [bleep]!
(gun firing) – Oh, I think I see it. (silence) (guns firing) – [Bleep]. There was
a mistake in there? (guns firing) – The bullet holes were already
on the wall before they shot. – They already had
the bullet holes in the wall. – I think it was that one
of the bullet holes was already there before they started filming.
I GOT IT! – (FBE) This was the scene
from Pulp Fiction in which you can actually see
the bullet holes in the walls and the door before
a single gunshot was fired.
Check it out. – (Jules) Marvin!
I’d knock that [bleep] off if I was you.
– See, I haven’t seen Pulp Fiction, so I thought maybe something
had happened already. – (man) Die, you [bleep]!
(gun firing) – (chuckles) That’s so funny.
– I didn’t notice the one behind the door,
’cause his head was kind of blocking it more,
but the one right next to Samuel L. Jackson
was really obvious. – We can let the slip.
If it was for a reshot and like, “Oh, we already
had the bullet holes.” Maybe it was a mess up.
– (instructor) You can’t take up both lanes. Get in the the right lane.
– Ah, it’s Clueless! – (instructor) Not the–
(crashing) – That was the bike lane.
– (Cher) …write them a note? – (instructor) Pull over up here
and turn off the engine. Yeah, right there.
– Oh my god. You’re so far from the curb.
– Honestly, I couldn’t even catch that one.
Were the windows up and then down? – The car wasn’t damaged.
– Was the issue that the car’s fine and the side view mirror
didn’t get broken? – They slammed on the car,
and there was no scratches in the headlight–
not the headlight. The mirror was still on,
where I think it was supposed to smash off.
– The mirror and stuff was fixed. I would’ve been upset
if I didn’t get at least that one, ’cause that one was too obvious. – (FBE) In this scene from Clueless,
Alicia Silverstone’s character, Cher, crashes into an unsuspecting car
and breaks off her side mirror only to have it reappear
unharmed in the next shot. – There it is! Whoa!
Yeah, that thing popped right off. – (instructor) Yeah, right there.
– Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s a dumb mistake.
Just leave it off. – Well, you’re damaging a car.
It’s not hard to show the damage from that previous shot.
You’re using the same car. It’s still drivable.
It was just a side swipe. – (crowd yelling) – Get it! Stab him!
Stab him! – Hmm, I’m not sure
I saw anything for that one. – All right, I feel
like the knife had moved slightly further away.
– Was his– his arm was placed differently,
so he was grabbing it with this arm, but then
when they switched it, it was the other arm?
– The camera that was in the frame? There’s no way they
missed that in the movie. – (FBE) So, this was Sean Penn’s
1983 flick, Bad Boys, which features one
of the most obvious crew interruptions
in the history of film. – (crowd yelling) – Oh, see, I wasn’t
even looking there. I was focusing
on these people. – Oh, [bleep]. (laughs)
No way! Oh my god!
How did I not see that?! – It’s so obvious! (chuckles)
I assumed it was part of the scene, though.
– This is comical. That’s like we just watched
a scene from Hot Shots or Airplane or something.
That was ridiculous. ♪ (exhilarating music) ♪ – Whoa, whoa!
It’s all happening so quick! (knocking)
– (Aunt May) Peter? What’s– what’s going on in there?
– (Peter) I’m exercising. I’m not dressed, Aunt May.
– (Aunt May) Well, you’re acting so strangely, Peter.
– (Peter) Okay. Thanks. – That’s weird.
It looked like there was already spiderwebs stringing onto something
before he even did it. – Oh. The room definitely didn’t have
that much spiderweb in it. – The lamp. The lamp broke,
and then it came back. – (FBE) Let’s show you what happened.
– Okay. – I don’t get it. – So, wait. It just broke. – Oh, the lamp is
still back there. Oh. – Oh! Whoa! There it is!
It didn’t even look like the lamp was next
to the door when he shot it like that. – I don’t think that’s
the most egregious mistake that you could possibly make
in a Spider-Man movie, you know what I mean?
It’s an action movie. We’re just here for
the story and the action. We don’t really care
what’s around. – (horses approaching) – (horse neighing) – That was it?
– I looked too hard. (laughs) I was analyzing the horses.
I was like, “It’s a yellow horse, and it’s a brown horse.” – (horse neighing) – I hope that guy got paid, ’cause he got kicked
right in the groin. – This was the Last Samurai
from 2003, starring Tom Cruise. In this scene,
as his character dismounts, his horse kicks out at the solder
to the right of the camera and hits him in the crotch.
– That’s so quick! Man, poor guy. – (chuckles) Man was not
paid enough for that work. – Props to him for trying
to soldier it out, but oh, man. That–
I would’ve been on the ground. – My strategy is
just casually just look, but I’m not casually looking.
I’m, like, investigating. I’m like, “Okay, his shoe size
looks like a seven here, and it looks like an eight there.”
(laughs) I’m trying to find stuff. ♪ (eerie music) ♪
– Oh, Mean Girls? (door creaking)
– (playfully) Ahhhh! – (Cady) She took him back.
Regina took Aaron back. – Okay, I noticed it!
I. GOT IT. THIS. TIME! – (Janis) Oh, no, Cady.
– (Cady) Why would she do that? – (Janis) Because
she’s a life ruiner. – (sighs) I didn’t see anything.
– I feel like it’s around the TV or something on the couch.
– The only thing I can think of was the popcorn.
Didn’t they have popcorn on his lap or something
and then he didn’t? – The popcorn bowl was full
after it got spilled over! – (FBE) In this scene,
Lindsay Lohan’s character, Cady, walks into Damian
and Janis’s house in costume. Damian gets scared and tosses
all of his popcorn out of his bowl. In the next shot,
his bowl is full again. (door creaks)
– (Damian and Janis scream) – (Cady) She took him back.
Regina took Aaron back. – Ah, dammit! (snaps)
I knew it was the popcorn! – There goes the popcorn. Aaand… it’s back!
– It definitely doesn’t ruin the movie for sure.
It’s forgivable. But also, I feel like, as a director,
you have to be on top off– or as a producer, you have
to be on top of stuff like this. (swords clanging) – (Peter) Oh! Ahh!
♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – Caught it. (lion roars)
– (White Witch) Oof. – Nah. Nope.
Missed that one too. – I’m not sure. I wanna
say something with the swords. These are hard, you guys.
– It looked like she stabbed him in his arm, and then
the sword was not in his arm. – She stabbed him with the sword.
It hit his arm, and then when they moved
and they came back, it was on the side
of his arm. – (FBE) During this battle scene
from the Chronicles of Narnia, the White Witch clearly stabs
Peter in the arm with her sword. In the very next shot,
the sword goes through the chain mail behind his arm into the ground. – (Peter) Ahh!
– Ohhh. – See, that’s the part
that I thought was the error, but I wasn’t sure.
But I was just like, I can’t tell if he missed–
if she missed and that was part of the choreography,
so she wouldn’t actually stab him, or if that was
a continuity error. – I think it’s fine.
I think you’re getting the point, so it doesn’t matter
that we’re not seeing blood coming out of that spot
or whatever. Come on. – That wasn’t bad.
That was close. It was close enough
where it was like, “Okay.” He could’ve moved a little bit,
and it just could’ve, like… Like, if he moved back towards
the sword, then you couldn’t see it. – (FBE) Okay, here’s another one.
This is from a movie that has long held the top spot
in the box office until recently. – Avatar! It just got beat.
– (FBE) Or? – (gasps) Is it Titanic?!
Oh my god. That’s my favorite movi– AHHH! I’m sorry. This is
my favorite movie of all time. ♪ (classical music) ♪ – Aww, my heart.
I’m gonna cry. – (man) Good evening, sir.
– (in “British” accent) Good evening. – There was a mistake there?!
(laughs) What the heck?! – Yeah, I missed that one completely. I just saw a giant ship, door open.
Oh, there’s Leo! – I was paying attention
to the very handsome little Leo that I did not focus complet–
but I know it was the door. It had to have been the door.
There couldn’t have been anything else. – The light from the camera
was reflecting in the glass pane of the door.
– There was something in the reflection
when they opened the door. ♪ (classical music) ♪ – Oh, it was the reflection
in the window? Ohhh, okay. Yeah, see, I did not notice that.
– What am I looking at? The camera reflection?
– (FBE) Yes. – Please! I’m sure
there’s ways around it, but come on, dude.
– I can’t count how many times I’ve seen this scene
and haven’t paid attention to that. That’s– it impresses me, though,
that people catch this. – (criminal yells)
– Oh, Daredevil! No? Spider-Man!
– Spider-Man again? – (criminal) Ha!
– Ha! (spring bouncing)
– (criminal yelps) Don’t hurt me.
– See, well, for me, that wasn’t even a continuity error.
That was just a logic error. Why would Spider-Man
take off his mask?! – ‘Cause he was wearing his hat thing,
it didn’t even show him taking it off, but he could’ve
taken it off off-screen. – That’s not the same guy.
He’s not wearing the hat. – Okay, I do remember him
throwing the knife at some point. Ohhh.
– It was like it just appeared in his hand. He’s got powers.
He’s like Spider-Man! – Watch. He has his mask on. And then in this scene,
he doesn’t have a hat on. – He had on a beanie!
The guy had on a beanie. Look! Where’s his beanie? – This was pretty difficult.
The last video we did had more commonly known scenes.
This one did not have well-known errors
or hidden mistakes or whatever. – (FBE) And what about
to the audience at home who’s looking
for our Easter eggs? – Oh my gosh. Good luck!
I hope you find them. – Am I the Easter egg? (laughs) I’m not. – Thanks for watching me try
to spot the movie mistakes on the React Channel.
– Subscribe. New shows every day. – Did you find our Easter eggs?
Let us know in the comments. – Hi!
– Hey, guys! Sabrina here, React Channel producer.
Which Easter eggs did you find? Let us know on twitter, @fbe.
See you there. Bye, guys!

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  2. I guess there's 4 if you count bad boys 1995 instead of 1983. Upside down water bottle by the tetris display. Mike lowered down in shot. Extra cups at the end on the left shelf

  3. The mistake is like the water bottle appearing then disappearing on the rubix cube stacked shelf at 7:24

  4. I think the 8 to 10 is to symbolize the losses of each of the loved ones John had lost in the first movie which includes the dog. That’s just my take on that.

  5. 6.41 for the Spider-Man one not only was it the lamp but if you put the play back speed to 0.25 you’ll notice when Peter uses his webs to get the soda can when he attaches the web the cab is yellow but when it reaches his hand it’s black

  6. 10:33 if they ever do a mistake reaction to this episode then just look at his shirt

    It’s backwards

  7. The bottle of water, the cups of something at the end that are at the sides of the yellow cube and the mic? xd

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