10 Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away In 2019

10 Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away In 2019

ten movies that will blow you away in
2019 even though 2018 has been an epic year
for movie so far and still has many amazing movies left to come it’s never
too early to see what the next year has in store for us movie goers so let’s
jump right in and don’t forget to subscribe if you’re new around here
first up glass M night Shyamalan continues his surprise superhero trilogy
with glass a sequel to 2017 split whose final acts showed us an unexpected cameo
from Bruce Willis which linked us to to thousands unbreakable it’s like that
crazy guy in a wheelchair that they put away 15 years ago
a funny name fussing mr. class the movie will bring back all the main
players from both films with Bruce Willis coming back as david dunn samuel
l.jackson will be reprising the role of mr. glass of course James McAvoy and
Anya Taylor joy are also confirmed to return details are still under wraps and
given how much Shyamalan loves surprises it’ll probably stay that way for some
time but this is a story nearly 20 years in the making so we’re sure the director
knows what he’s doing right lady in the water Hellboy
the highly anticipated Hellboy makes a return to our screens in 2019 stranger
things star David Harbor will be showing us his take on the character it has been
described as a gritty take on the classic Mike Mignola comics Harbor has
said the movie will use a darker tone to differentiate itself from Guillermo del
Toro’s adaptations adding that it’ll be more of a character piece about Hellboy
struggling Milla Jovovich joins the cast as an MUA the blood queen ian mcshane
will take on the role of professor Brunton home sasha Lane will play Alice
Moynihan the movie will also star lost Daniel Dae Kim to play comics favorite
major Ben diamond so be sure to add this one to your list for 2019 Captain Marvel
Oscar winner brie Larson will front this first female lead Marvel superhero film
playing Captain Marvel this is one we’re sure you should be pumped for with
Marvel President Kevin Feige saying Captain Marvel will be as powerful as a
character as we’ve ever put in a movie samuel l.jackson will also be returning
as his much-loved role of Nick Fury this will be the third film samuel l.jackson
and brie Larson have featured in together the last one being called Skull
Island so we’re sure the pair will relight the screens in Captain Marvel
Jude Law also joins the all-star cast law will be playing dr. Walter Lawson
aka Marvel who becomes a mentor of sorts to Danvers as she tries to figure out
her new powers rogue one and The Dark Knight Rises star Ben Mendelsohn is
lined up to play the villain in the upcoming Captain Marvel film director
Zanta Bowden and Ryan Fleck are in talks with the actor regarding the role of the
main antagonist who is expected to be the leader of a band of shapeshifters
called the scrolls look out for this one in 2019 I’m necessary Toy Story 4
after a grueling nine-year wait we will all get what we have wanted for so long
buzz woody and the gang are all returning to the big screen Pixar is
calling a new film a standalone adventure slash love story which will
center around the search for Bo Peep unfortunately Don Rickles aka mr. Potato
Head didn’t get to record his dialogue before passing away in 2017 but many of
the original cast will return Tom Hanks will of course be returning as a voice
of woody it just wouldn’t be the same without him Tim Allen also returns as
the voice of Buzz Lightyear Joan Cusack will also be back for the role of Jessie
so nearly 25 years after the release of the first one I’m sure you all can’t
wait for the next one as we all know this day was coming oh this is no time
to be hysterics the perfect time to be hysterical maybe John wick Chapter three
on screen and off screen action badass Keanu Reeves we’ll be back as the highly
skilled ex hitmen director Chad Stahl esky stated that John wick chapter 3
isn’t necessarily going to be bigger than chapter 2 but it is going to be
more intense Keanu Reeves also stated that he does not want the franchise to
be ruined by sequels so chapter 3 will most likely be the last Ruby Rose has
been confirmed to return to the series as Ares ian mcshane is rumored to return
as Winston along with Keanu Reeves as dog-loving John wick if you love an
action movie make sure you add this one to your list
seriously you tell whoever comes I will kill them I will kill them all
that may have been a little more Dirty Harry than John wick but man I just love
these movies x-men Dark Phoenix the title of the newest x-men installment
tells us a lot about what to expect from this epic blockbuster this x-men will
focus around Jean Grey played by sophie Turner Jean Grey begins to develop
incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix now the x-men
will have to decide if the life of a team member is worth more than all the
people living in the world the story will be based upon the x-men comics Dark
Phoenix saga although things might diverge slightly from the comics ready
player one star ty Sheridan will return as Cyclops Jennifer Lawrence returns to
play mystique for a fourth time Michael Fassbender is back as Magneto
James McAvoy Lucas Holt and Evan Peters also return to the all-star cast Marvel
fans cannot miss this one godzilla king of monsters godzilla king of
monsters is the next chapter and Warner Brothers pictures and legendary pictures
cinematic monster verse it is said to be an epic action adventure that pits
Godzilla against some of the most popular monsters in pop culture history
Godzilla king of monsters is the follow-up to the well-received 2014 film
featuring the monster and is said to bring in a whole new cast with stranger
things Milly Bobby Brown Bates motels Veera Farmiga and Friday Night Lights as
Kyle Chandler who will hopefully be showing us how clear eyes and full
hearts can destroy monsters Max Borenstein the writer of the previous
Godzilla and Kong Skull Island said in an interview that the sequel will be
bigger and better than the last film so this is definitely a must watch from us
Star Wars Episode nine Star Wars Episode nine will conclude the third trilogy of
Star Wars movies that begins with star wars force awakens the cast will see
Daisy Ridley return as the much-loved ray atom driver will return as kylo Ren
Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron and John boyega will also be returning to play
the role of Finn the plot has been kept under wraps so far but with JJ Abrams
directing we’re sure it blow you away as the last Star Wars
movie he directed the force awakens was awesome people are counting on us the
galaxy is coming so we’ll figure it out come on bond 25 James Bond movies have
always been so addictive over the years with either the cheesy pickup lines or
the range stunts to top-class evil villains Bond films have it all I didn’t
know wonder anything this next one should not disappoint either with the
critically acclaimed oscar-winning Danny Boyle directing known for his movies
such as Slumdog Millionaire 127 hours and of course 28 days later we’re sure
this bond is going to be like something we’ve never seen before Daniel Craig
returns once again as James Bond with Ben Whishaw rumored to return as q7q
he’s excuse the mess bit up in the air but the change is doing couple of things
to get food shall we get started Naomi Harris and Rory Kinnear are all
rumored to return to the franchise as well the New Mutants this x-men movie
will be like no other x-men movie you have seen before in fact it’s being
described as a horror movie the first in the franchise the story will follow five young mutants
just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their
will fighting to escape their past sins and
save themselves as seen in the trailer a villain in the film wears a smiley face
mask in the comics the new mutants faced off with a mutant supremacy group known
as the right who wore smiley face masks interestingly the demon bear is the
first x-men villain to be an animal the movie will have an all-star cast with
2017 split star anya taylor joy playing the role of magic stranger things star
Charlie Heaton will also star as cannon ball along with Game of Thrones star
Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane we’re definitely adding this to our 2019
must-see list that’s it for this time guys if you enjoy the video and want to
see more please leave a like subscribe and any suggestions you might have for
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  1. Another year of horrible movies. Great. I'm done going to the theatre, etc until HW starts producing something worthy of my time.

  2. I seriously doubt if any movie will blow me away wihin the next decade. As long has Hollywood directors are all on crack, nothing original will be produce. Only ludicrous Fantasy and sequels. Hollywood has been on it's decline for over 10 years now. Nothing can stop it. Ho well, part of their audience will remain brainless kidds for the rest of their adult life.

  3. Half the list is superhero shit. The last thing we need is more superhero movies. Hollywood really needs to get creative again.

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  5. No one is talking about Game of Thrones this 2019?
    Its about to end…
    I guess no one wants to talk about someone dying…

  6. Wait this channel thinks SW episode 8 was awesome?? Shill media much. These guys are clearly payed to lick buttholes and spit lies.

  7. Should have just followed Del Toro and made Hellboy 3 according to the reviews… I'll wait utill the CDs come out before I form a complete opinion though :/

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