10 NETFLIX RECOMMENDATIONS || TV Shows & Movies to Watch (Episode 2)

10 NETFLIX RECOMMENDATIONS || TV Shows & Movies to Watch (Episode 2)

10 Netflix Recommendations Hi it’s Lina and if you’re wondering why recomendations is written like that in the intro is because a lot of people made fun of the way that I said it in my last Netflix video Which is actually part one to this video and it has 10 other suggestions for you in case you want to go check those out But anyways under that comment, I got a lot of comments roasting me I’ll insert some of them here and I just kind of wanted to come on here and let you know that I am ESL Which means that English is my second language and my accent is gonna be coming out every once in a while and there’s some words that I just don’t think I’m ever gonna be able to pronounce exactly right like Accommodations or prejudice which was another one that a lot of people were calling me out on that last video but I just wanted to let you know so that You don’t roast me again in the comments It really it really hurt, it really sent me back to elementary school, it was tragic Also, there’s a few other things that I really do want to say first thing is everything that I’m recommending is currently on the Canadian Netflix I’m hoping that the US will have a very similar kind of selection But if some of the things that I’m recommending to you are not on your Netflix, I’m sorry I’m in Canada, and I’m filming this in January so some of the things might not be on your country’s Netflix and some of the things might have been taken off depending on when you’re Watching this video and that is all there really is to it. Let’s just go ahead and get right into it Okay, I went to go go drink some water and I literally Spilt it on my shirt. So that’s why I’ve changed but anyways the first thing that I am gonna be recommending is called lost in space and this is a TV show and Basically, there’s this family that is trying to leave Earth to go to this new Colony, but their spaceship gets thrown off course and they end up in this different planet. That looks very much like Earth but it proves to be very Very different and the youngest family member who is a boy named will comes across as AI robot Alien thing. I’m not really sure what to call it But he essentially befriends it and then together they must find a way to survive and try and get off of the planet and then there’s also some Sneaky characters that we don’t like if you’ve seen the show, you know who I’m talking about But this adds like different layers to it, which can be pretty intriguing and right now there’s only one season But they have confirmed a season two, which is pretty exciting The next thing that I’m recommending is a movie called bird box and you might have heard about it because it was all over the Internet when it first came out, but if you haven’t seen it go watch it. It is so good I really did enjoy it, and it’s about these new mysterious creatures demons No one really knows exactly what they are, but they show up and a whole bunch of the population starts to kill themselves The premise is that if you see them You’re dead Yeah That’s all there really is to it Apparently they take the form of your worst fears and that makes you want to die the survivors must figure out a way to keep on surviving and this entails things like Wearing a blindfold or just figuring on a whole new way of living Then we follow Sandra Bullock’s character and her children as they try to find a safer place To live at and it is so good The acting is amazing, obviously with Sandra Bullock, but the whole cast was actually really great in it And I didn’t find it that scary which was great because I’m not really a horror movie kind of person I hate horror movies, but this was this was much more of just a drama Thriller kind of thing so I do recommend it So my last video I got a lot of comments with people leaving me their own favorite TV shows and just sharing them amongst each Other which was really awesome And a lot a lot of people said the hundred which is great because it is absolutely one of my favorite shows I think I started watching it maybe four years ago I don’t know whenever it first came out, but I’m just gonna tell you about season one Essentially Earth was wrecked by a nuclear warfare and we have a whole bunch of people living up in this space station called The ark and it’s been some time. So they’re running out of resources. So the leaders have this bright idea to send down a hundred juvenile delinquents And that’s why it’s called one hundred But they send them down to earth to figure out if earth is livable and these teens have lived their whole lives in space so Earth is very new to them and they must figure out a way to survive and Cross new obstacles that they come across. I think that’s all I can really say But the show really does change from season to season I mean now it’s a whole different thing, but it’s really great. And I’m really looking forward to season six and you should watch it The next thing that I’m recommending is a movie called iboy And I know the title is kind of weird like I don’t know icarly or something Um, and it’s kind of misleading because it makes it seem like it’s a very like teen geared movie not that there’s anything wrong with that but it definitely does deal with some more mature subject matter like Drugs and gang violence that sort of thing and it’s about this boy, Teenager that gets shot in the head while he’s walking with his phone So a whole bunch of the phone fragments go into his brain and they give him these technological superpowers that he tries to use for Revenge and to kind of try and clean up his neighborhood from gang-related crimes and there’s some weird things in it But overall I found it to be a pretty enjoyable kind of watch This next thing was mentioned quite a bit in the comments section of my last video and that is the chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I initially started watching the show because my friend Peter was in it and I actually ended up really liking it it is by the Same creators of Riverdale and a lot of people were mad in my last video that I didn’t include Riverdale But that’s because I have a whole video on my channel dedicated to Riverdale. So that’s what I’m not really including it but anyways This is based on the comic called Sabrina the Teenage Witch and it obviously revolves around Sabrina who is a half witch and a half mortal and she doesn’t know what the heck to do with the fact that She’s from two different worlds So we kind of see her struggling with her Identity and what she’s gonna do and a whole bunch of dark things happen. Also a whole bunch of really really weird Things happen, but it’s kind of intriguing that way and it makes for a really great binge watch If you want a more comedic easy to watch, one of those 20 minute episode type shows that I definitely recommend the good place it is So good pun intended well, not originally intended but it worked and the whole show is set in the afterlife and there is the good place and there is The bad place. kind of like Heaven and Hell and Eleanor gets into the good place But she finds out pretty soon that they made a mistake and they have the wrong Eleanor So she tries to pretend to be the real Eleanor so she can stay in the good place because who the heck Wants to go to the bad place? So we kind of follow her and a whole bunch of other characters and there’s some discussions on morality But it’s done in a very easy to watch kind of comedic way Which is great and there’s a big twist at some point in the show, which I’m going to let you find out for yourself The next thing that I’m recommending is a movie called imitation game and it was nominated for a whole bunch of awards And I’m pretty sure that I won an Oscar So it’s really really good really well done and it is based on the true story of Alan Turing During World War two in which they were trying to crack the German Nazi code Called enigma So we follow Alan Turing along with a whole bunch of other mathematicians that are trying to crack the code and there’s some questions morality and we also just kind of live in the world of World War two and what that was like and Just a really well-done movie If after watching the imitation game you need something a little bit less Emotionally taxing then I definitely recommend watching Set It Up which is a romantic comedy and it is about these two overworked kind of underpaid assistants that basically control their bosses lifes because they do all the scheduling for them and then they figure hey, What if her boss has started dating then they would be off Canoodling and being romantic and doing all those sort of things instead of bossing us around so much and they might be a little bit More happy and cheery and we won’t have to do as much work. That was their logic So they try and set up their bosses but along the way of doing that they may or may not start liking each other and That is the whole premise of the movie. It is one of those very Easy watch kind of feel-good ones that I definitely do recommend if that’s what you’re in the mood for This next thing I absolutely had to put in here because I love love Ellen DeGeneres, I Think she’s so great such an amazing human being really positive energy. Just so much warmth love Love her. Anyway, she came out with this new Netflix special which is her comedy show I think it’s about an hour long Maybe an hour and 10 minutes something like that And I watched it with my family over the holidays and we all laughed a lot. It was really funny really great just an overall feel-good watch if you need a little pick-me-up, I mean any time Ellen admitted joke I was like This next thing I absolutely had to include in here because it is probably one of my favorite movies and that is the Perks of Being a Wallflower it has such a great cast I mean Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, Nina Dobrev I hope I’m not missing anyone but it’s just so good. It revolves around this teen Charlie Who is this kind of socially awkward teen who ends up making these two New friends that make him really happy but they’re gonna be leaving off to college soon. So He has a lot of sadness inside and we learned later that there is a heck of a lot of stuff to his backstory and it deals with a lot of mental health issues a lot of issues that need to be talked about so definitely an Emotionally taxing new movie I’ll read those are all the suggestions I’m gonna be giving you if you like this video Please make sure to give it a thumbs up hit that subscribe button and turn on your Bell notifications It really does help me out and leave comments down below letting me know what your favorite things to watch are I know I found a lot of new shows in movies through the comments on last times video so definitely do that and if you want to see a part 3 Let me know again and hopefully I will catch you in my next video

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  1. I have a ton of shows/movies to watch but I’m still watching this….btw y’all should watch the office, if you have already, WATCH IT AGAIN

  2. I agree every body needs to shut up cuz it's not a big deal she cant pronounce certain words all yall people being haters needs to get the fuck off her channel

  3. Grimm
    Chilling adventures of sabrina
    Unicorn store
    Always a witch
    Greenhouse academy
    Sierra Burgess is a loser
    Reality high
    Dance academy
    Literally you will not regret watching these shows

  4. It’s such a shame how she has to point out all her flaws. People, stop saying that other people are imperfect because the truth is you are not perfect

  5. Im actually on this video because i finished Sabrina and now i have nothing to watch. If anyones on the fence about Sabrina, its incredible! Watch it for sure!

  6. i recommend

    -gossip girl (highschool drama)
    -the vampire diaries
    -the originals
    -pretty little liars
    -friends (comedy)
    -that 70s show (comedy)
    -stranger things
    -the 100
    -on my block

    take it from me these are the best showsss ever

  7. – american horror story
    – the vampire diaries
    – the originals
    – prison break
    – umbrella academy
    – teen wolf
    – orange is the new black
    – gossip girl
    those are my faves

  8. My recommendations:
    – lucifer
    – stranger things
    – riverdale
    – the office
    – the umbrella academy
    – you vs wild
    – extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile
    – Jane the virgin
    – Kevin Hart
    – Grand Hotel (put captions on its in Spanish but it’s AMAZING)
    – forensic files
    – good girls

  9. Word of advice, don’t look up anything about a show, the internet will find some cruel way to spoil it.
    I used to watch greys anatomy and a main character died and I looked it up to watch it again and it spoiled a video of a entirely different main character dying.

  10. Omg I love your recommendations! I also made a video of my own Netflix series recommends, you can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxpQNzxAqAg thanks!!

  11. I recommend
    -th1rteen r3asons why
    -Jane the virgin
    -friends with benefits
    -the duff
    -the kissing booth
    -to all the boys I’ve loved before
    -F the prom
    -sixteen candles
    -the conjoining 2
    -the book of life

  12. My favorite series

    Pretty Little Liars
    Santa Clarita Diet
    Dead to me
    The 100
    Jane The Virgin
    Stranger things

  13. 1.The Reign ( AMAZING)
    2.The 100
    3.The Umbrella Academy
    5.Grey’s Anatomy (100/10)
    7.Roswell New Mexico
    8.A series of Unfortunate events
    9.When Calls The Heart
    All on Netflix Personally The BEST shows on their I recommend!

  14. Every recommendation on Netflix USA:
    🔴 Lost in space
    🔴Bird Box
    🔴the 100
    🔴 chilling adventures of Sabrina
    🔴 Riverdale seasons : 1, 2 , and 3.
    🔴 The good place
    🔴The imitation game
    🔴Set it up
    🔴 Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

  15. My favorite shows (not all of them are on netflix)
    Ncis Los Angeles
    Without a trace
    Criminal minds

  16. I was obsessed with the 100 in season 1 but I stopped watching in season 2 because it got uninteresting and wierd.

  17. my favs:
    the bold type
    the arrangment
    the umbrella academy
    the society
    greys anatomy
    american housewife
    the mick
    how i met your mother

  18. Vampire diaries originals and legicey are a the best shows but you have to wach them it Oder to get the showes

  19. my favs
    ☾Stranger Things
    ☾End of the f** world
    ☾Sherlock Holmes
    ☾The 100
    ☾Lost in Space
    ☾Anne with an E


    ☾To all the boys i’ve loved before
    ☾Kissing Booth
    ☾If i stay
    ☾Midnight Sun
    ☾Edge of Seventeen
    ☾The Bachelors

  20. As soon as #6 came on and I heard the song I was like the good place!!!!!!! It's soooooooooooooooo good! That twist, wow! I didn't see that coming.

  21. Check this Netflix Shows out

    – Lucifer
    – Narcos & Narcos Mexico (then)
    – American Gangster
    – Unsolved
    – Peaky Blinders
    – The Last Kingdom
    – Triple Frontier

  22. Nikita
    Sons of anarchy
    Criminal minds
    The fosters
    When they see us
    American horror story

  23. hey,liked your video thanks for recommending these,specially thank you having a scar but still you did the video this much hardwork huh…

  24. U peeps need to watch these shows
    1. Riverdale
    2. Stranger things
    3. Room
    4. Once upon a time
    5. Kissing both

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