10 NETFLIX RECOMMENDATIONS || TV Shows & Movies to Watch (Episode 2)

10 NETFLIX RECOMMENDATIONS || TV Shows & Movies to Watch (Episode 2)

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  1. I have a ton of shows/movies to watch but I’m still watching this….btw y’all should watch the office, if you have already, WATCH IT AGAIN

  2. I agree every body needs to shut up cuz it's not a big deal she cant pronounce certain words all yall people being haters needs to get the fuck off her channel

  3. Grimm
    Chilling adventures of sabrina
    Unicorn store
    Always a witch
    Greenhouse academy
    Sierra Burgess is a loser
    Reality high
    Dance academy
    Literally you will not regret watching these shows

  4. It’s such a shame how she has to point out all her flaws. People, stop saying that other people are imperfect because the truth is you are not perfect

  5. Im actually on this video because i finished Sabrina and now i have nothing to watch. If anyones on the fence about Sabrina, its incredible! Watch it for sure!

  6. i recommend

    -gossip girl (highschool drama)
    -the vampire diaries
    -the originals
    -pretty little liars
    -friends (comedy)
    -that 70s show (comedy)
    -stranger things
    -the 100
    -on my block

    take it from me these are the best showsss ever

  7. – american horror story
    – the vampire diaries
    – the originals
    – prison break
    – umbrella academy
    – teen wolf
    – orange is the new black
    – gossip girl
    those are my faves

  8. My recommendations:
    – lucifer
    – stranger things
    – riverdale
    – the office
    – the umbrella academy
    – you vs wild
    – extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile
    – Jane the virgin
    – Kevin Hart
    – Grand Hotel (put captions on its in Spanish but it’s AMAZING)
    – forensic files
    – good girls

  9. Word of advice, don’t look up anything about a show, the internet will find some cruel way to spoil it.
    I used to watch greys anatomy and a main character died and I looked it up to watch it again and it spoiled a video of a entirely different main character dying.

  10. Omg I love your recommendations! I also made a video of my own Netflix series recommends, you can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxpQNzxAqAg thanks!!

  11. I recommend
    -th1rteen r3asons why
    -Jane the virgin
    -friends with benefits
    -the duff
    -the kissing booth
    -to all the boys I’ve loved before
    -F the prom
    -sixteen candles
    -the conjoining 2
    -the book of life

  12. My favorite series

    Pretty Little Liars
    Santa Clarita Diet
    Dead to me
    The 100
    Jane The Virgin
    Stranger things

  13. 1.The Reign ( AMAZING)
    2.The 100
    3.The Umbrella Academy
    5.Grey’s Anatomy (100/10)
    7.Roswell New Mexico
    8.A series of Unfortunate events
    9.When Calls The Heart
    All on Netflix Personally The BEST shows on their I recommend!

  14. Every recommendation on Netflix USA:
    🔴 Lost in space
    🔴Bird Box
    🔴the 100
    🔴 chilling adventures of Sabrina
    🔴 Riverdale seasons : 1, 2 , and 3.
    🔴 The good place
    🔴The imitation game
    🔴Set it up
    🔴 Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

  15. My favorite shows (not all of them are on netflix)
    Ncis Los Angeles
    Without a trace
    Criminal minds

  16. I was obsessed with the 100 in season 1 but I stopped watching in season 2 because it got uninteresting and wierd.

  17. my favs:
    the bold type
    the arrangment
    the umbrella academy
    the society
    greys anatomy
    american housewife
    the mick
    how i met your mother

  18. Vampire diaries originals and legicey are a the best shows but you have to wach them it Oder to get the showes

  19. my favs
    ☾Stranger Things
    ☾End of the f** world
    ☾Sherlock Holmes
    ☾The 100
    ☾Lost in Space
    ☾Anne with an E


    ☾To all the boys i’ve loved before
    ☾Kissing Booth
    ☾If i stay
    ☾Midnight Sun
    ☾Edge of Seventeen
    ☾The Bachelors

  20. As soon as #6 came on and I heard the song I was like the good place!!!!!!! It's soooooooooooooooo good! That twist, wow! I didn't see that coming.

  21. Check this Netflix Shows out

    – Lucifer
    – Narcos & Narcos Mexico (then)
    – American Gangster
    – Unsolved
    – Peaky Blinders
    – The Last Kingdom
    – Triple Frontier

  22. Nikita
    Sons of anarchy
    Criminal minds
    The fosters
    When they see us
    American horror story

  23. hey,liked your video thanks for recommending these,specially thank you having a scar but still you did the video this much hardwork huh…

  24. U peeps need to watch these shows
    1. Riverdale
    2. Stranger things
    3. Room
    4. Once upon a time
    5. Kissing both

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