10 NETFLIX RECOMMENDATIONS || TV Shows & Movies to Watch

10 NETFLIX RECOMMENDATIONS || TV Shows & Movies to Watch

Hey, it’s Lina and in this video I’m gonna be giving you ten Netflix recommendations But before I get started, I just have a couple things to have to say first as of right now And I’m posting this video all of the TV shows and movies that are recommending are on the Canadian Netflix I’m guessing that they should also be on the US Netflix because there’s a wider selection there But if for some reason you’re not able to find the TV shows or movies, and I’m suggesting on your Netflix I’m sorry, they’re available on my Netflix now. So that’s why I’m including them in this list Second thing is obviously these are not all the things that I would recommend from Netflix. There are so many good things on it So if you want to see a part two or part three to this video Just let me know in the comments down below because there’s definitely more things that I can recommend to you And the third thing is if you’ve already seen these TV shows and movies and you didn’t like them then that’s totally cool That’s your opinion. We all have our own little Enjoyments and likes and whatever but just be respectful about it in the comments And yeah, like all the youtubers say let’s go ahead and get right into it The first year that I’m recommending is called black mirror and full disclosure I haven’t seen all the episodes yet But I’ve seen a fair amount of them to be able to recommend it to you and basically the show is set in the future or Alternative press and kind of thing and it explores how technology can have some really fricking weird creepy kind of consequences and it’s a very dark tone to the show and some of the episodes might leave you feeling a little bit icky and gross and Not wanting to go on your technology for a little bit or wanting to watch an episode of friends right after For me if you’ve seen the show that was after the episode called be right back I was just it was just a little inky. I don’t know. I didn’t really love it But some other really good episodes that I liked our white bear and the entire history of you and my absolute favorite Is hang the DJ? Probably because it’s not as dark as all the other ones, but I don’t know It’s a good show And what’s good about it also is that it’s just standalone episodes So you don’t have to watch them in any particular order. You can just go ahead and pick one. That sounds interesting to you Yeah, let’s move on to the next thing The second thing that I’m recommending is actually a movie and it’s called the edge of seventeen and it’s with Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson and it’s about this teen girl lady played by Bayley Steinfeld Who is this really awkward kind of teen and her best friend starts dating her older popular, brother? And so she starts to feel lonely and it’s just her growing up through high school and finding people that matter But the chemistry that she asked with Woody Harrelson and her and the lines are just really comedic It’s a combination of comedy with some really nice heartfelt moments. Just a really great coming-of-age story that I think that you should watch The third show that I’m recommending is called Brooklyn nine-nine and it’s a comedy show and it’s only about 20 minute episodes So it’s really great if you just want something quick and easy to watch and it’s about this detective Jake Peralta Who is pretty immature but really funny? who clashes with the new captain that comes into the precinct and he is black and gay so he has a lot to prove to the NYPD, you know, just because Precut is freaking sucks. And there’s a lot of different characters with their own quirks and it’s fun Seeing them kind of banter and clash with one another and see what happens throughout their shenanigans through every single episode It’s a nice easy watch so I definitely do recommend that if you’re looking for something like that I will say it took me a few episodes to get into it So if you don’t like it at first just stick with it for a few episodes and then I think that you will probably end Up liking it The fourth thing that I’m recommending is called stranger things And I know that you’ve probably heard about this and if you haven’t heard about it I don’t even know how but now you’ve heard about it. So I think that you should definitely watch it I’ve been talking about stranger things for a while like before it even got hype I think I first had it on my channel during my get to know me tag And then I put it on my Halloween video I also recommended it then and it’s about this boy will who goes missing and His friends meet up with this odd weird kind of girl who turns out she has superpowers and this whole thing sends them on this trail of finding out government secrets and supernatural forces and an alternative dimension and it’s really cool seeing all their adventures go by and the plot line is fantastic and the sets are Freakin great and the acting is so amazing. The cast is super talented. I just think that you should definitely go watch it I love the show and if you want to talk about it in the comments down below Feel free to do that because I love talking about it and let’s move on to the next thing The next show that I’m recommending is called scream queens and it’s a Comedy, but also a horror and a mystery and a drama and all of these genres mixed into one It’s by the creators of American Horror Story and Glee but it’s not a musical and the story revolves around this University and the sorority girls that are being terrorized by a serial killer on campus and it’s a satirical take on sororities It’s actually really funny. Obviously, don’t take things, too seriously And there’s this deem that makes these sorority girls open up their sorority to any girl that wants to join and obviously these bitchy girls were very Exclusive and don’t want to let anyone in have To let them in and it’s just this huge Deal out of serial killer into the mix and things get really funny and the cast is really cool They have people like Lea Michele and Emma Roberts and Abigail Breslin Keke Palmer Nick Jonas is in season one Jamie Lee Curtis season two Hoss Taylor Lautner Just a really great show to watch there’s only two seasons. So it’s not like you have to worry about this like never-ending season It’s kind of show The next thing that I’m recommending is a movie and it’s called looper and it’s with Joseph gordon-levitt and Emily Blunt And Bruce Willis and it’s kind of hard to explain because the concept is fairly complex and hard for me to articulate But it’s when the mom wants to get someone killed they send them back into the past to be killed by God, man Who’s in the past but eventually that gun man grows old? So they sent his old self to be killed by the younger self to finish the loop. I Don’t think that exploitation made a whole lot of sense, but I promise you if you watch it it will make sense the concept is super unique and cool and there’s a lot of twists and turns in the movie and it’s just it’s just a really interesting watch The seven thing that I’m recommending is a movie called Ladybird and you’ve probably already heard about it because it was nominated for five Oscars and it won a couple of Golden Globes But I came on Netflix a few weeks ago So if you haven’t had the chance to see it yet now It’s a good time to do it and it’s this coming-of-age story about this girl called ladybird or that’s what she calls herself It’s the name given to her by her. Is that your given name? Yeah, why is it in quotes? I gave it to myself It’s given to me by me and it’s about her senior year of high school in this Catholic High School in Sacramento California and all of the events that happen throughout that year But it’s also about her relationship with her mother who is also a very strong-willed person So there’s a lot of clashing and it’s just a turbulent kind of relationship and they’re not from the most well-off sort of family So it also explores that and where she’s gonna go to college and all of these coming-of-age sort of things It also has Timothy Xiaomei in it and Saoirse Ronan and Lucas hedges So, you know, it’s just bound to be a good watch if you haven’t had the chance to see it. I definitely do recommend it The next thing that I’m recommending is a TV show called The Vampire Diaries and honestly I started watching this show back when I was 16 or so, and I stopped watching it I can’t remember what season but I picked it up again this past year and I ended up really liking it I liked the show’s finale which is kind of rare when there’s so many seasons to a TV show for me to like the ending So that definitely says something I can’t quite remember the first couple of seasons But I can guarantee you my 16 year old self. Love them It’s about these two brothers that come into this little town called Mystic Falls and they kind of both want the same girl And she kind of has to pick but the relationships kind of shift throughout the season and there’s vampires and werewolves and witches And all these supernatural things that come into play and most of the episodes end with a really cool cliffhanger Which is really great for binge watching The next thing I’m recommending is a TV show called How I Met Your Mother and it has nine seasons Which is quite a bit, but maybe you’re looking for something to commit to each episode is around 20 to 30 minutes long And it’s about this father telling his kids how he met their mother So we see him go through life through a whole bunch of years with his four best friends Up until when he meets the mom and I don’t know about you guys if you’ve seen the show I didn’t really love the finale So just be prepared that the finale might be a little bit disappointing but the moments leading up Twitter really great It’s funny and it has some light hearted kind of heartfelt moments in it as well And The last thing I’m recommending to you is a TV show called the Fosters it’s about a biracial lesbian couple who has one biological kid from one of the girls this previous marriage to Adoptive kids and then they start fostering two new kids and things kind of start happening from there It deals with a lot of social issues LGBTQ issues high school relationship all that stuff It really does play with your heartstrings I know I cried for a whole bunch of episodes and it talks about the whole topic of Family is more than just blood and more than that mix family And it’s just it’s a really great show to watch I could definitely talk about each of these recomendations for much longer So if you want to share your opinions with me, let me know in the comments down below Be sure to tag it as a spoiler and also if you want to part two of this Let me know in the comments down below as well and hit the like button and subscribe and turn on your bell notifications So you don’t miss another one of my videos, please and I will catch you in my next one

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  1. full disclosure: edge of seventeen is NOT on the u.s. netflix as far as i know, i looked it up after you mentioned it and found nothing. i might me wrong. idk. (edit: after further research i have found that lady bird isn't on there either) (edit part 2: or how i met your mother! which is weird because i remember watching it on netflix about 2 years ago but whatever.)

  2. Best shows:
    -Greys anatomy
    -Prison break
    -The fosters
    Okay shows:
    -Stranger things
    Shows I stopped in the middle of
    -Gilmore girls
    -Gossip girl
    -Switched at birth
    -The 100

  3. My recommended shows and movies~
    1. Criminal Minds
    2. Degrassi: Next Class
    3. End of the f*cking world
    4. Atypical
    5. My babysitters a vampire (show & movie)
    6. The lovely bones
    7. Idk what else

  4. 1. On my block
    2. The flash
    3. Elite
    4. Degrassi
    5. Black mirror
    6. Greys anatomy
    7. The 100
    8. Brooklyn nine nine
    9. The office
    10. Friends

  5. 1. Brooklyn 99
    2. Brooklyn 99
    3. Brooklyn 99
    4. Brooklyn 99
    5. Brooklyn 99
    6. Brooklyn 99
    7. Brooklyn 99
    8. Brooklyn 99
    9. Brooklyn 99
    10. Brooklyn 99

    THE NINE NINE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If you like dc and other random stuff I suggest

    1:the flash
    2:DC legends of tomorrow
    5:stranger things
    6: insatiable
    8:black mirror
    9:Jane the virgin
    10:nailed it

  7. Ok here is my list of shows not in order
    Stranger Things
    The Walking Dead
    To All The Boys I've Loved Before
    The 100

  8. I recommend…
    -The 100
    -Jane the Virgin
    -The Sannara Chronicles
    -Criminal Minds
    -Pretty Little Liars

  9. my top 20 shows
    2. Thirteen Reasons Why
    3. Chilling adventures of sabrina
    4. PLL
    5. Between ( so underated but amazing)
    6. On my block
    7. Jane the virgin
    8. Vampire Diaries
    9. The good place
    10. Santa Clarita Diet
    11. Stranger things
    12. The 100
    13. Gossip Girl
    14. End of the Fucking world
    15. Good Girls
    16. The haunting of hill house
    17. american horror story
    18. how i met your mother
    19. Girl boss
    20. degrassi

  10. My recommendations ~
    The 100
    Stranger things
    On my block
    How it ends
    Fantastic beast and where to find them

  11. Shows I recommend (not in order)
    A series of unfortunate events
    Legends of tomorrow
    13 reasons why
    On my block
    Pretty Little Liars
    Creeped out
    Worst Witch
    Once upon a time
    Orange is the new black
    Saiki K

  12. My personal favorite shows/movies
    Daddy dad care
    It takes two
    Gilmore girls
    Creeped out
    A wrinkle in time
    Anne with an E
    The flash
    Wonder Woman
    Alexa and Katie
    Girl meets world
    Are we there yet?
    Are we done yet?
    A series of unfortunate events
    Free rein
    The Washington’s
    Nailed it
    Haters back off

  13. These r shows u have to watch!!
    1. Grey's Anatomy
    2. The Office
    3. Stranger Things
    4. Riverdale
    5. NCIS
    6. Alexa and Katie

  14. My recommendations:

    1) The Office
    – Short episodes, enjoyable characters, and really funny.
    2) Parks and Rec
    – Similar to The Office but also different and enjoyable
    3)Stranger Things
    – Probably the first amazing Netflix show. Has a lot of mystery and can be very suspenseful and funny!
    4) Gossip Girl
    -If you are into drama, NYC, and high school, definitely watch this.
    5) Vampire Diaries
    – Drama pact and has plenty of thrilling moments and interesting characters!
    6) Friends
    – Amazing characters, funny, great storylines, and Netflix paid 100 million to keep it so it must be good.
    7) The Arrow/ The Flash
    – If you are into action pact scenes and superheroes, yes!!
    8) Black Mirror
    – Just watch it it’s great
    9) Glee
    – Amazing characters, great music, hilarious.
    10) Charmed
    – Kind of old (set in the 90s and early 2000s), but still really good! If you’re into magic definitely watch this

    Others include:

    Riverdale, You, Greys Anatomy, Orange Is the new black, American horror story, and Pretty Little Liars!

  15. For me:
    1. Riverdale🤤🙈
    2. Stranger things🔐💚
    And I'm going to watch The Vampire Diaries😈 & 13 Reasons Why❤

  16. I would recommend
    Scream the series
    Vampire dairies
    My babysitter’s a vampire
    Gossip girl
    Pretty little liars
    On my block
    Cam Girl
    Brain on fire
    Stranger things
    13 reasons why (talks about suicide)
    Bird Box
    And I think that’s it!

  17. So i’ve watched scream queens and it’s really funny but i just Think that season 2 is poop like it’s really bad when you compare it to season 1. But season 1 is FANTASTIC! Also i’m 12

  18. My netflix recommendations are…

    1. Elite.
    2. stranger things.
    3. erased.
    4. champions. (not football btw)
    5. the good place.
    6. la casa de papel. (Money heist)
    7. dark.
    8. don't trust the B—- in apartment 23.
    9. crazy ex girlfriend.
    10. titans. (not teen titans go)
    11. unbreakabpe kimmy schmidt.
    12. atypical.
    13. bates motel.
    14. black mirror.
    15. gilmore girls.
    16. gilmore girls:a year in the life.
    17. jane the virgin.
    18. bird box.
    19. The chilling adventures of sabrina.
    20. to all the boys I've loved before.
    21. girl meets world.
    22. on my block.
    23. it follows.
    24. hush.
    25. Scream Queens.
    26. Amerian horror story.

  19. What you should definitely check out (not my favourite but good tv shows)
    Breaking Bad
    The Haunting Of Hill House
    Jessica Jones
    Happy Valley

  20. Shows with Seasons

    The 100
    Jane The Virgin
    The Flash
    Stranger things
    Everything Sucks
    Freaks and Geeks
    Skin wars
    Alexa and Katie
    Fuller House
    Impractical Jokers
    13 reasons why


    Breakfast Club
    Sixteen Candles
    Baby Mama
    Kissing Booth
    To all the boys I’ve Loved Before
    Sierra Burgees is a Loser
    The boy in the Striped Pjamas
    What Happened to Monday
    Bird Box
    Before we Go
    The Cobbler
    Public School
    Boy Hood
    The Fundamentals or caring
    Napping Ever After
    The Baby sitter
    Truth or dare

  21. finally someone who covers Canadian Netflix 😊 My picks include
    1. At Night They Come For Us
    2. Riverdale
    3. Outlaw King
    4. Stranger Things
    5. Crybaby Devilman
    6. Castlevaina
    7. Disenchanted
    8. Slasher
    9. Hereditary
    10. Homeland
    11. F Is For Family
    12. The Last Kingdom

  22. 1. At Night They Come For Us
    2. Riverdale
    3. Outlaw King
    4. Stranger Things
    5. Crybaby Devilman
    6. Castlevaina
    7. Disenchanted
    8. Slasher
    9. Hereditary
    10. Homeland
    11. F Is For Family
    12. The Last Kingdom

  23. So you don't have to watch the whole thing

  24. what I liked
    1.jane the virgin
    2.stranger Things
    3.good girls
    4.the good place
    5.on my block
    6.the bird box
    and more..

  25. Killing eve killing eve killing eve killing eve killing eve killing eve killing eve killing eve killing eve killing eve killing eve watch watch watch watch watch just WATCH! Um leave your recommendations in the reply section

  26. 1.The Unbreakable Kimmy
    2.Brookline 9 9
    3.nailed it
    4.haters back off
    5.stranger things
    6.lady bird
    7.full house
    8.fuller house
    9.Riverdale (DUH)
    10.vampire diarys
    11.how I met your mother
    13.gravity falls

    (Thats just my watchlist we all like different things)!

  27. I would recommend:
    1 .Riverdale
    2.Stranger Things
    3.The Vampire Diaries
    4.Pretty little liars
    4.13 Reasons Why
    4.Gossip Girl
    5.Teen Wolf
    6. Braking Bad
    7.The Kissing Booth
    8. To all the boys i loved before
    10. Twilight ecilipse
    11. Twilight New moon
    12.Twilight breaking dawn part 1
    13.Twilight breaking dawn part 2
    14.The duff
    15.The Perfect date
    16.F the prom
    17. Gilmore Girls
    18. Orange in black
    19. A scary moive
    20.Before it falls

  28. I have a few recommendations!

    Skins UK. There’s a bit of inappropriate things in it, but other than that, it’s a good show! There’s three generations, seven volumes, with two volumes per generation. The last volume just catches up with three characters (all from the first two generations). It has eating disorders and suicide and drug addiction, so I could see why it would possibly be controversial, but it’s pretty good. It just follows seven or eight (I loose count, honestly) teens as they go through college and stuff. I’m on volume four at the moment, and I really like it.

    Heathers. It’s a movie from the 80s, basically to mock all of the movies that had been coming around at that time, but it’s still really good. So good, in fact, that there’s a musical made after it. There, again, is a bit of inappropriate language and sexual themes and whatnot. So, basically, there’s this chick played by Winona Ryder that’s friend with the popular group of girls at her school. So she meets Jason Dean (Christian Slater) and they develop kinda fast, but it’s teenagers so it kinda makes sense. So they kill the main popular girl and two other people and frame it as suicide. And a lot of stuff happens but I don’t wanna spoil too much.

    Social_Animals. It’s pretty much a documentary about three (four?) Instagram users and how it changed them. It mentions suicide at one point so… yeah.

    That’s it!

  29. Shows I recommend for kids and teens (not in order)
    -once upon a time
    -fuller house
    -alexa and katie
    -game shakers
    -nailed it
    -school of rock
    -project mc2
    -boss baby back in business
    -fairly oddparents
    -stranger things
    -prince of peoria
    -my little pony
    -same and cat
    -full house
    -one day at a time
    -bella and the bulldogs
    -nicky ricky dicky and dawn
    -series of unfortunate events
    -jane the virgin
    -sugar rush
    -ninja hattori
    -santa clarita diet
    -no good nick
    -barbie dreamhouse adventures
    -you vs wild
    -the epic tales of captain underpants
    -how i met your mother
    -shark tank

  30. I would recommend:
    -Peaky Blinders
    -Brooklyn nine-nine (while writing this you recommend it in your video it’s honestly one of the best shows out there)
    -the end of the fucking world
    -freaks and geeks
    -Prison Break
    -Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
    -the good place
    -dark tourist
    – the ted bundy tapes
    -shot in the dark
    – elementary (seasons 1 and 2 are REALLY good, but season three is so confusing)
    – Saiki K. (Anime)
    – Anne with an E
    – Bandersnatched
    – Shameless (uk)
    – BABY
    – Before we go (movie)
    – Tramps (movie)
    – the girl from the song (movie)
    – 6 balloons (movie)
    – Magic for Humans

  31. Is stranger things that good? I'm really not trying to be hateful, it's just that I watched a few minutes of the first episode and I was SUPER bored and disapointed because many people really like it! Can someone just explain it to me? I need spoilers.

  32. What I recommend

    The Vampire Diaries
    Grey’s Anatomy
    The Walking Dead
    Pretty Little Liars
    How to get away with Murder
    The Dirt
    Criminal Minds
    Stranger Things
    The 100
    The 4400
    Gossip Girl
    The Fosters
    The Originals
    On my block
    13 reasons why
    To all the boys I’ve loved before
    Annie with an E
    The Rain
    The Kissing Booth
    Switched At Birth
    Green leaf
    The Greenhouse Academy

  33. I would recommend
    1. Pretty Little Liars
    2. Arrow
    3. Stranger Things
    4. Riverdale
    5. Flash
    6. 13 Reasons Why
    7. On My Block

    P.S. : not in order. Also I really recommend Pretty Little Liars.

  34. Idk if these shows are underrated but no one seems to be talking about them and it's so frustrating.

    — chilling adventures of sabrina (y'all this was amazing)
    — the umbrella academy
    — hunting of hill house
    — the society
    — the originals
    — greenhouse academy

  35. my recommendations

    1- the vampire diaries
    2- the vampire diaries
    3- the vampire diaries
    4- the vampire diaries
    5- the vampire diaries
    6- the vampire diaries
    7- the vampire diaries
    8- the vampire diaries
    9- the vampire diaries
    10- the vampire diaries

  36. I would recommend
    Jane the Virgin
    Stranger things
    There are so many more but I kinda don’t know them rn

  37. 1. Riverdale! 2. Flash 3. Arrow 4. To all the boys I’ve loved before Nd I’m abt to watch the 100 , atypical

  38. I recommend USA Netflix
    1. Fuller house
    2. The foster
    3. Riverdale
    4. Gossip girl
    5. Stanger thing
    6. The vampire dairies

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