10 Ninja Movies You Need To Watch Before You Die

10 Ninja Movies You Need To Watch Before You Die

We don’t want to get too dark here, but the
fact is, we all have a limited time in our lives — so why not make the most of it with
a marathon of amazing ninja movies? Pop some popcorn, sharpen your katana, and
come with us as we comb through the good, the bad, and the completely inexplicable to
bring you the best ninja movies you must see before you die. Heroes of the East If you’re looking for a place to jump on with
ninja movies, there aren’t a lot of better starting points than 1979’s Heroes of the
East. Also known as Shaolin vs. Ninja, it follows
the time-tested formula of pitting a master of one style against a group of rivals to
see whose kung fu reigns supreme. In this case, that master is the legendary
Gordon Liu — who was fresh off his breakthrough performance as the hero of 36th Chamber of
Shaolin, and who would go on to international fame as Pai Mei in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill
Bill. Five Element Ninjas Any conversation about classic martial arts
movies usually leads to one of the most widely accepted truisms of the genre: Five Deadly
Venoms rules hard. The 1982 follow-up Five Element Ninjas combines
everything good about that cult film, and takes it about five steps further over the
top. While it’s not as well-known as its predecessor,
Five Element Ninjas is every bit the blood-soaked classic that Venoms is. The plot is pretty simple — a kung fu school
that was defeated in battle hires a color-coded, element-themed ninja clan to get revenge on
the warriors that beat them — but honestly? That hardly matters when you’re getting glorious
fight scenes with ninjas appearing and disappearing in a cloud of red smoke, or watching the heroes
celebrate tearing their enemies in half by punching a giant boulder so hard that it explodes. Ninja III: The Domination If you want to see the ’80s ninja explosion
in all of its bizarre, high-concept glory, you need to go straight to the third entry
in the infamous Cannon Films Ninja Trilogy. That’s not to say Enter the Ninja and Revenge
of the Ninja aren’t worth seeing, because they definitely are. “Wait, wait, ninja, wait. Why don’t we speak like… civilized men.” But the first two aren’t necessary to enjoy
Ninja III: The Domination. After the opening that finds a ninja launching
a wildly violent assassination attempt on a golf course, the mysterious warrior ends
up dead — but not before his soul possesses an aerobics instructor who suddenly finds
herself unwillingly moonlighting as a deadly assassin. It’s a twist on the usual ninja movie setup
that combines martial arts action with the setup of a horror movie, and the end result
is pure ’80s madness. American Ninja 2: The Confrontation If you’re only going to watch one of Cannon’s
American Ninja films — and let’s be real here, you should definitely only watch one
— the second installment is by far the best. Michael Dudikoff returns as an Army Ranger
named Joe Armstrong who’s investigating the disappearances of a handful of marines from
a military base in a Caribbean paradise with his sidekick, Curtis Jackson. It turns out those abducted jarheads are being
brainwashed and genetically altered into an army of super-ninjas, which means Armstrong
and Jackson have to ninja their way through an entire base of brainwashed bad guys to
blow up the entire operation. It’s goofy, full of bloodless knockouts and
over-the-top twists, but all that adds up to a movie that’s uproariously entertaining. Just make sure you don’t follow it up with
the incomprehensible American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt. Pray For Death On one level, Pray For Death is basically
just Death Wish with Charles Bronson swapped out for Sho Kosugi. Look a little deeper, though, and there’s
something in here that’s a little bit smarter than your average ninja revenge story. Make no mistake: there’s a lot of ninja revenge
in this movie, with Kosugi playing the role of Akira, a highly trained ninja who leaves
his life of violence behind in order to travel to America with his family. And open a restaurant. Like pretty much all of Kosugi’s ninja films,
the action is spectacular, but the really compelling stuff here comes in how the movie
presents Akira as an immigrant in pursuit of a peaceful new life in America, and the
contrast between the dream of success and the barriers he encounters along the way. Ninja Assassin On the off chance that you were worried Sho
Kosugi had stopped being a total badass after the ’80s, don’t fret. In 2009, his starring role as the villain
of Ninja Assassin proved that he definitely still had it. Produced by the Wachowskis and directed by
James McTeigue, Ninja Assassin cast Kosugi as Lord Ozunu, the ruthless head of a ninja
clan that trains orphans from birth to become killer ninjas. Unfortunately for Ozunu, his chosen successor,
Raizo, goes renegade, setting the stage for exactly the kind of beautiful, visually stunning
fight scenes that you’d expect from people who brought you The Matrix. The Octagon If you only ever watch one Chuck Norris movie
in your life, it should be… well, it should be Lone Wolf McQuade, if only because Chuck
Norris drives a pickup truck out of his own grave. If you want one with ninjas, however, you
gotta go for The Octagon. Despite the lack of truck-based resurrection,
it’s basically a perfect storm of a Chuck Norris movie. Norris stars as Scott James, a bearded karate
master who finds himself caught up in a terrorist plot. Since he just happens to be pals with a couple
of mercenaries who are also dealing with a severe ninja problem, the whole thing climaxes
in a sequence where Scott James has to fight his way through the ninjas’ own lair, the
Octagon. Azumi Director Ryuhei Kitamura is probably best
known for his work on Godzilla: Final Wars, but if you really want to see Kitamura take
on hyperviolent widespread destruction, you need to sit down and watch Azumi. Based on the manga of the same name, Azumi
offers incredibly stylish action, with practical effects enhanced by CGI that only rarely ends
up feeling silly — and there’s a twist at the end that’s truly delightful for fans of
ninja action. Izo Takashi Miike’s career as a director has been
all over the map, but the one thing that unites all his films is a style that verges on the
surreal, creating movies that are often less about the narrative and more about the experience. That’s the case with Izo, which follows a
19th-century assassin through the afterlife, punctuating violent encounters with big questions
about the nature of suffering. It’s certainly not the fun martial arts romp
that you’ll get with other films, but it’s definitely fascinating, and worth a watch
for the ninja obsessed. Miami Connection Made with a minuscule budget in 1987 by amateur
filmmaker, martial artist, and Dragon Sound rhythm guitarist Y.K. Kim, Miami Connection
received incredibly poor reviews on its initial release, but became an instant cult classic
after it was unearthed by the Alamo Drafthouse in 2012. It’s easy to see why, too. The tortured drama, energetic amateur acting,
and spectacularly weird plot of a synthpop band of martial artists throwing down against
a bunch of cocaine-dealing ninja bikers all add up to an incredible amount of weird charm
that more than makes up for what this movie lacks in technique. Watch it…or suffer the wrath of this guy: Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  2. How come ninja shadow of a tear wasn't on the list Scott Adkins was great in that one, should have been on the list

  3. May be Hollywood lost interest in Making another ninja movie OR Now they can't find any better looking skilled martial artist fit for the role. Best one is NINJA ASSASSIN period.

  4. This list SUCKS. The only good one is Ninja Assassin. I can't stand all those other corny ass fake ninja movies!!

  5. Why wont anyone do a real ninja movie, a movie that explain how a real ninja operates, watching people doing martial arts in black robes in daylight and making loud noises can be a bit tiring after a while.

  6. I only clicked on here to see if ninja 3 domination was on here! The best ninja movie Eva! Because of this movie I was a ninja ever Halloween for 5 years str8

  7. What's funny is that almost all the best ninja movies were made during the 80s. BTW they should have given Gymkata an honorable mention. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  8. What a bunch of despicable fake ninja. All the ninja films made in Hong Kong are ridiculous stupid trashes with no reality at all. Azumi is by far the worst ninja film made in Japan. Ninjutsu is a way of stealth. Ninja never fought like a dancer. No ninja fought on an open field during day time.

  9. THE HUNTED!! with Christopher Lambert was better than half these movies… The train scene alone is worth watching

  10. The first 2 on this list and the last one aren't really Ninja movies. If anything they're Kung Fu movies.
    Others that should be on this list: The Hunted, The Last Ninja (TV movie) Ninja Scroll, Wrath of the Ninja (both Anime movies), Basilisk the Koga Ninja Scrolls (Anime tv series). The Master (1984 tv series with Sho Kosugi), Shinobi Heart Under Blade and the other Shinobi movies in the series, Ninja 1 and 2 with Scott Adkins, Mask of the Ninja, Raven (1992 tv Series), Son of Batman and the recently released Batman Ninja.
    The only 2 American Ninja movies that are worth watching are 1 and 2. Because 3 and 4 are bland and 5 is ridiculous and a complete waste of time.
    Enter the Ninja and Revenge of the Ninja are both worth watching and an interesting note on Pray for Death: The guy who wrote the screenplay for that movie also played the main villain in the film.

  11. Please do remake of 5 elements of ninja… without spoiling fighting sequence of events… little graphics for this kind of movies..is necessary……70's & 80's Martial arts movie are made original fight stunts…. hatts off

  12. Ninja Assassin…
    Ninja Domination…
    Revenge of Ninja… Other than that not really interested…
    Not to mention where tf is Scott Adkins Ninja movies

  13. The last two are probably my preference. But Mumon the Land of Stealth should be on this list. Techniques may be fictional but the timeline is correct. I would also recommend The Last Samurai. I cant think of any good ninja and samurai movies from here.

  14. THANK U SOOO MUCH. Ninja Assassin was a Movie I was looking for for sooooo long. It was a childhood movie I never knew the name of so thank u so much for putting it in this video.

  15. All the original Japanese Ninja movies have been left out, like: Shinobi No Mono, Castle of the Owls, Thief in Black, Shoguns Ninja, Shadow of Hell, The Red Shadow, Shinobi no Shu, Black Ninja, Ninja Scroll, Goemon, etc.

  16. Sorry but any "best Ninja movie" list that doesn't include Revenge of the Ninja on it is not worth using as toilet paper.

  17. It's clearly appear they are acting.
    Only ninja A shadow of tear is the real ninja movie (Scott adkins)

  18. im a ninjutsu student my master is a real ninja trust me and dont say ninjutsu is bullshit and stuff the man of the enter dojo show has no martial arts experience

  19. Fuck Looper but Ninja Assassin is one of my all time favorite movies. I love that movie. I know it's not the best made movie ever. It just makes Ninjas fun. They are badass in that movie.

  20. you guys in the comment section, keep on talking about ninja assassin ,as if it was the only bad ass ninja movie , not that it is not badass, but there are also other bad ass ninja movie out there, such as [ninja] starring scott adkins and the sequel that follows it which is shadow[s] of a tear these two movies is on par with ninja assassin and for those of you who don't watch these movies that I mention please go and check it out so when ever anyone is talking about ninja movies don't forget these movies

  21. I've yet to see a "ninja" movie that depicts shinobi no mono/samurai as well as the 60s movies from Nihon. The first several were kung fu movies exploiting the ninja craze to stay relevant. Then we have the american ninja craze movies I grew up watching which are junk. I would however give Ninja Assassin a chance.

  22. ninja 3 ,pray for death ,revenge of the ninja the octagon probably the best movies in my book ninja assassins is my top fav!

  23. Bad thing that is all for couple moments try with thoth I know that I was like child read Ninja books about ninja know what will be in future about narkodealers and that organisations.

  24. You forgot Ninja in a Dragons 🐉 DEN it is off the wall it got a lot of the movies just mention Beat

  25. I know, I grew up on it, but to my top 5 favourite fighting scenes and movies belongs the NINJA IN THE DRAGON'S DEN. Hiroyuki Sanada and Conan Lee at their Best, directing the legendary Corey Yuen. It does not get any better even after 37 years….

  26. What a garbage list,wheres revenge of the ninja,castle of owls,shinobi no mono or ninja and ninja 2?

  27. There is no movie like ninja assassin..
    When Americans play role of Kung Fu or Marshall Art..its seems like donkeys trying to be tigers.

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