Hey guys! How about a little test to check
how quick and catchy are your eyes? Today we have 10 pictures and there s something
wrong with each of them. So go ahead and try to figure out whats the deal. Lets see how
quickly you ll find them. Also, write down how many times you found those by yourselves
without learning the answer. So count that and lets begin, shall we?
1. What a nice-looking hoochie. She s standing in front of the mirror checking her hat. What
do you think guys? Maybe this isn’t a girl at all? What a hell am I talking about? You
now have 5 seconds to find out what’s wrong. Answer: Check out her arms guys! The reflection
isn’t what it is supposed to be! 2. Here is another interesting pic. The guy
has erected a swing for this charming young lady it is fixed on a limb of a massive tree.
We don’t know what kind of tree but that doesn’t matter.
Now here is a question: how soon are they gonna get married, I mean not that… What’s
wrong with this picture? Answer: Take a good look at the way this swing
is fixed! The girl would fall from this thing right under the tree as soon as she got on
that swing! 3. Here is a typical desk. It s got laptop,
phone, printer, calendar and a few more objects. Now take a closer look and try to tell what’s
wrong with this image. Answer: There are only 30 days in June, not
31 as it s shown in the picture. 4. Captain Obvious tells me this is a watch.
But even here there is something wrong! Lets see how quick you are!
Answer: Numbers 9 and 11 are all mixed up. 5. Looks like a military ship in the docks.
Nothing weird really. But you got 5 seconds to find out what s wrong!
Answer: The way out is way too narrow… Looks like these guys tried a little too hard building
this thing. 6. Alright, so only the most attentive of
you will find out whats wrong here. So go ahead and see whats going on. Remember that
you can pause the video if you need to. Answer: Did you guys notice what time it is?
The tower watch shows two o’clock. Not exactly sunset or dawn time is it?
7.Looks like a simple picture, but even here a guy who painted it made a mistake. Now look
and try to find out what s wrong. Answer: This picture features the sort of
grape that doesn’t exist in reality. How come it s got fern leaves!?
8. How often do you go skating guys? I think that even if you never ever been on a rink,
you ll manage to find out whats wrong here. Answer: If you look hard enough you will notice
that the girl on that rink is wearing rollers. So there s only one question remaining: who
the hell taught her that!? 9. A nice sunny day and a great spot to relax.
Makes you wanna dive into that water. But first you should figure out what s wrong with
this picture. Answer: Take a look at that beach pail. It
seems like it s got rather an irregular shape. 10. These two passenger trains are no ordinary
trains. So, can you guess why? Have a look. Answer: One of them got two main railcars
while the other got none. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Don’t
forget to share your results in the comments. Remember to share this video with your friends
and press like button! Thank you for watching, have a good one and until next time!

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  1. I was going to say the pale thing was ridiculous, since it's upside down and pales can taper that much if they wanna. Then I saw that it wasn't upside down

  2. got them all but i thing in the picture where the girl is on the beach- how come plant grows from sand? i mean it looks like a plant


  4. Real Bizarre : at 2:40, that picture isn't featuring any a discrepancy IMHO: This could have been taken in a place above the arctic circle, assuming either 2AM or 2PM (check for cities like Prudhoe Bay, Tromsø, or Murmansk https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/russia/murmansk )

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