10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

– That’s a pancake! – Croissant to pancake.
How did that happen? ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So the internet has exploded
over a very misplaced item in a recent Game of Thrones episode.
Did you catch it? – Um, I did not catch it. I only caught it when I saw
all of the memes afterwards. I was like what’s going on?
Is this photoshopped? – (FBE) Here it is! – That’s so funny because
also the brand made it on and then it’s the coffee cup also,
which are two big no-nos. – Oh, that’s horrible.
Who didn’t see that? Somebody’s getting fired. – (FBE) HBO has since released
a statement about the mistake, and they said this. – “News from Winterfell. The latte that appeared
in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea.” I bet that was her actual order, too. – (FBE) In light of this, however,
we thought it was the perfect excuse to see how good
you are at spotting gaffs and goofs inside some of our favorite TV
and movie scenes. – Ooh, that will be fun! – Now this is interesting
because I really suck at those try to guess a difference
between two picture things. – (FBE) We’re going to be
presenting you with 10 scenes from movies and TV
that each contain mistakes to see if you can spot
the cinematic slip-up. For every mess-up you spot,
you get a point, and at the end,
we will announce a winner. – Oh, okay.
So you made it a game. So now I have to do it.
Okay, let’s go. – Considering I didn’t see
the Starbucks cup, I hope I’ll at least do all right. – (FBE) Before we start,
we want the audience at home to play along. Tweet us the three Easter egg flaws
that we planted in this very episode and one lucky winner
will get some sweet React merch. – Oh, my god! How cool! That’s a great chance
because you get to play along with us but then also you get
a sweet gift at the end. – I always see people
that are like, oh, I wish I could play…
so now’s your opportunity, guys! Play along with us. – (stormtrooper 1) Take over.
See to him. – Oh, I don’t know!
I didn’t see anything. – Oh, I know this one.
I’m a huge Star Wars fan. – (stormtrooper 1) Take over.
See to him. – I’m gonna need to get
an instant replay on that one. – (stormtrooper 1) Take over.
– I know this one. The guy on the right. Boom! – He hits his head! The stormtrooper hits his head
on the top of the thingie. – Did he bump his head? (snorting) That’s not hard to see
but that is funny. – (FBE) Here’s the mistake.
– Oh! (laughing) – (FBE) According to
the Hollywood Reporter, Star Wars actor and stormtrooper
Laurie Goode was just as shocked as anyone to see
that George Lucas actually used that take.
– You know, they can’t hit anything for [bleep], so I kinda figured
that that is part of being a stormtrooper. – When they’re like,
we don’t have another take we can use because it’s like
that person screwed up in that take, that person
screwed up in the take, so I guess we’ll use that one. – Anytime I see goofs like that,
it’s so funny to me because I feel like someone,
like the actor, didn’t want to speak up
in case you got in trouble, and I’m sure they had
already shot this so many times that he didn’t want to have
to shoot it again and say something. – (computer) This is it.
It’s gonna take all my processors and energy to power this… – Really? How did they
mess up SpongeBob? – (computer) …anything you want
to tell me, you better tell me now. (silence) – That’s it? And I thought it was
gonna “smile” spelled wrong. I thought maybe the levers
would be pulled a different way. – It said “smile” on top
and then Plankton was frowning. I don’t know. – I think the buttons were–
they weren’t the same in each dynamic. – The switch flipped sides, right? – Oh, the buttons are different
next to Plankton. – (FBE) The dials
Plankton is standing next to changed between his wide shot
and his close-up. – Aah, and the switch. Man, that’s so quick.
I didn’t notice. – I did not notice that at all. Wow. – I knew it looked different. I just wasn’t sure what about it was–
I was like, there’s a switch that looks different
than it did on there. – I was so much more focused
on something being wrong with SpongeBob, Plankton, or the thing
that said “smile” on top. I thought it was gonna change
or something. – You must be really smart, huh?
– (Edward scoffs) – (Vivian) I only got
through 11th grade. – Julia Roberts would
never eat a croissant. Carbs? Pffft.
– (Vivian) How far dd you go in school? – (Edward) I went all the way. – (snickering) All right,
I think I got it. I think– did he look
at the camera? WHAT? Both you guys are just like… Quit. I quit. – (snorting) – Are they serious? Why did they do that
and not think no one would notice? That’s very obvious. – That’s a pancake! – Croissant to pancake!
How did that happen? I knew it was going
to be about the food. I thought that maybe it
would be a bite and then all of a sudden it was full,
and then– but, no, it was a completely different food! – (FBE) Julia Roberts
is eating a croissant that turns into a pancake.
– Bro, make your movies right! – I got one! Yes! Because it involved food. – I don’t know you just deadass
lose all continuity of you eating two
different breakfast items. Like, it’s not even close. – Hmmm.
I know the scene. ♪ (tense music) ♪ – It’s Darth Vader.
His shadow! Okay, I don’t think it’s his shadow.
I’m trying to point out everything now. (activating lightsaber) (lightsaber humming) – I’m looking everywhere and trying
to figure out what’s going on. – (Kenobi) Only
a master of evil, Darth. (blades clashing) – Hmmm, I don’t know
if I caught anything in that one. – I was focusing so hard
on the blades! I didn’t see anything!
Can I get a replay? – Darth Vader’s buttons, um, right?
Isn’t that it? – Probably something with their hands;
on the lightsabers switching hands. – I feel like I might
have seen a ring on his finger, but that might be wrong. – (FBE) Apparently, these lightsabers
are pretty low tech. They were simply covered
in reflective tape with lightbulbs inside. When Obi Wan and Darth Vader
first dual, you can clearly see the wires connected to the lightsaber
what we think is the battery pack. – Oh, my god! – Damn it! I should have known that. – If you don’t zoom in,
it would be really hard to catch. – I don’t know that I’m
necessarily very good at this, but this is fun, so I’m excIted.
Let’s keep going. – (Lockhart) When young Harry
stepped into Flourish and Blotts this morning to purchase– – God, is it gonna be
something real dumb? – (Lockhart) …Magical Me.
(applause) – Mmmm, I’m with Ron on this.
I can’t see anything. – (Lockhart) …incidentally
is currently celebrating– – AAAH! It’s moving too fast! – Oh, this is going to be hard.
There’s a lot going on here. – (Lockhart) He had no idea. – Okay, no, I definitely did
not spot it! – I think I’m focusing so hard
that I missed it. – That was just a lot to absorb. – When it was panning up
over the table, it’s kind of when I was trying
to pay attention, but there were so many little pieces! – (FBE) Here is the mistake
you missed. – Oh, the tape.
There’s marks. Damn! Never seen that. – Oh, is that the markers,
where he’s supposed to stand? Heh, that’s funny. – Oh, gotcha. Okay. Why would you– why
would you use white tape on a brown surface? – I do kinda want to look out
for more of these because I want to get better
at spotting these goofs. (door squeaking) – What movie is this?
Oh, it’s Jurassic Park. ♪ (thrilling music) ♪ (velociraptor snarling) (velociraptor growling) – (girl whispering) Timmy, what is it?
– (boy) It’s a velociraptor. – This is one of my favorite scenes
from the whole movie. – (girl) It’s inside. – God, this was so terrifying
to me as a kid. – When the door was opening,
there was a reflection of a man that almost looked like
he had a cowboy hat. – Something behind the raptor was off. – There was some guy’s hand
up the velociraptor’s butt. – (FBE) Okay, so this
is rumored to be a hand. – Oh. Oh! Okay. It looked like someone was putting
its butt down or something like that. – Oh! Yeah. Yeah, I saw it then. – Did not notice that.
Did not notice that hand. Damn. I’m not doing well. – How do you mess up an animation? – Takes off her crown,
throws it. – (singing along) ♪ Let it go ♪ – ♪ Let it go ♪ (silence) – What?! – The crown just went nowhere. – Something was wrong
with the animation. – It definitely had something
do with her hair. Every time I watch this movie,
I was like how did her hair go from being in a bun
to being in a braid? – Something’s wrong with her hair. – She goes through her hair,
right, her hand does? – (FBE) Her hair went through
her shoulder here. – Oh, yeah. (laughing) That definitely went
through her shoulder. – Oh! It did slip through. Damn, I did not notice that at all. – Oh! Okay, from the back
and then to the front. Oh, I see that. – That’s part of her charm.
That’s part of the magic. Part of the transformation
is suddenly having hair that goes anywhere! – (man) Save the phony tears.
– (woman) You just get back. – (man) Why, you little fool. – (woman) You just stay away from me. (gunshot)
– Oh, f– – (woman shrieking) – (man 2) No good, sir.
We can’t get involved in this. – I don’t even know
what movie that was. – That kid looked like
he was doing something weird in the background. – Oh, I’ll tell you what it was. That little boy had his fingers
in his ears before the gunshot came out. – (FBE) So this was from the film
North by Northwest. The boy in the background
is seen preemptively plugging his ears before the gun was shot.
– Oh! Aww, he’s just a kid on set
who was scared of the gunshot. – Okay, I saw that but I thought
he was just being a kid, picking his earwax or something.
I don’t know. Kids are gross.
They do that kind of stuff. – Woo! I’m actually proud
of that point. I’ll take it. ♪ (rousing music) ♪ – Ooh! In half. Oh! – There’s too much going on. (spectators reacting) – Oh, [bleep].
That’s gruesome. (spectators reacting) – Damn it. – It’s gonna be someone
out of costume, isn’t it? That’s what it is. – So either something happened
when he fell and there seems there was another person there.
I’m not quite sure. – When the cart flipped over,
there was a mechanism that made it flip over. – So I know what it is. It’s the air canister
in the back of the thing. – (FBE) Here the mistake you missed.
– Oh, wow. See? Always pay attention
to the action, and then, next thing you know,
there’s a whole C02 tank right there. – Everything, too,
is moving so quickly that I felt like my eyes
were all over place because I didn’t know where to focus in at. (scuffling) – Ouch! – Oh, my favorite Avenger. – Her shoes?
Something on her feet? No? No. – Agent Coleson was holding
a closed phone, not an open phone. – Probably something about
when she did the wood on his foot. – Something about him getting stabbed
in the foot with the chair, huh? – Yeah, one of these guys
reacted too early. Way too early. – She actually knocks
a man out with her hair. – Oh, okay.
She does a hair slap. – You don’t know!
You can’t judge. Black Widow is trained
in kinda martial arts. You know, hair whip could be a thing. – (FBE) All right, congrats! You won!
– Thank you. – I kinda do this for a living,
so I can point it out. (laughing) – I’m pretty proud of myself. I feel like most of these things
are very quick, so the fact that I can
kind of hone in on specific details, I’m happy with it. – I think it’s a fun thing to look at. You know, it’s cool to see that
no matter how professional you are, there’s always gonna
be a little room for mistakes and it’s okay. – You have to be really eagle-eyed
to see that, so kudos to anyone who did get some of those
because those were really hard ones. – (FBE) Do you have anything to say
to our audience at home who’s looking for Easter eggs
in our episode? – Oh, my god. Good luck! I hope that you end up
being the winner and you get some sweet, sweet merch
because the shirts are really soft. – Thanks for watching me
try to find the movie mistakes here on the React channel. – Subscribe. New shows everyday. – Did you find our Easter eggs?
Let us know in the comments. – Bye, guys. – Hey, guys, Sabrina here,
a React channel producer. Subscribe, hit that bell,
and checkmark to be notified of new episodes
and while you’re at it, hang out with me in the comments. I’m there for the first 30 minutes.
See you there. Bye, guys!

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