12 Best Long Takes in Film History

12 Best Long Takes in Film History

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  1. The Tram scene in Before Sunrise is fantastic, it's just a stationary shot, no flashy movements, just pure unfiltered performance, also along the same lines the 17 minute ideological debate from Hunger

  2. Not the best Bond movie but the opening long shot of Bond moving through the Day of the Dead festival is pretty impressive.

  3. This shows how RACIST the acting industry is. How did 12 Years A Slave NOT make this list? I love acting.. but I resent is so much at the same time because of the type of people that are in it and basically over it..

  4. The Children of Men scene is my favourite movie scene full stop, let alone long take. I was absolutely gobsmacked

  5. There is a scene that's not on this list. I cant remember the name of the movie but it was a party scene and they have to rearrange the set while filming the take which must of lasted about a minute or more. Can anyone tell me what movie I'm thinking of? Its driving me nuts!


    The film was Hugo.

  6. Woody Harrelson's 'Lost in London', not exactly one take but several very long ones (like 'Rope') and screened live as it was being filmed on the streets of London. Great movie.

  7. I don't think Gravity should be there. It's a great movie, sure, but there's nothing special about it's 12 minute shot when most of it is made by CGI.

  8. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but a long track shot i enjoyed recently was from Halloween 2018. The shot where you follow Michael going from home to home is what stood out in that movie for me.

  9. No mention of the original Oldboy.
    That corridor fight was epic, filmed side on in one complete take, had the feel of an old platform scroller

  10. 1. The original Oldboy (hallway fight)
    2. Magnolia (camera follows the game show kid into the studio building)

  11. Whole " Victoria " that german movie is one big take. True Detective season 1 have few minutes take with Rusty escape from suburbs.love that

  12. Contact, By Robert Zemeckis staring Jodie Foster. the opening scene and various other scenes in the movie

  13. You forgot the German movie “Victoria” it’s one complete long take about a heist gone wrong and the opening scene to “La La Land”

  14. I know it’s a TV show but Daredevil Season 3 has an 11-minute long take during one of the entire MCU’s best fight scene.

  15. Check out Quebec's director Podz movie "King Dave" shot in a single 90 minutes sequence – after the opening scene which contains edits – on 9 kilometres through 20 locations (interior and exterior) where the protagonist walks, takes the bus, drives a car, takes the metro. Add fights, ambulance rides, special effects, 61 actors and you have a spectacular technical feat.

  16. I'm surprised that you not mention Bella Tar's films. It's faimous for his long shots. In The Turnin Horse and The Man from London there are the most beautiful long shots I have ever seen!

  17. Not even a single mention of Lee Van Cleef's protracted and brilliant match striking scene in Sergio Leone's "For a Few Dollars More"?

  18. how about the long take in Apollo 13,_which, starts with tom Hanks – Jim Lovell being helped into his space suit by Gunter Went ( with the joke I vunder where gunter vent) and ends the launch of the saturn V booster!

  19. If they cheated by stitching 3 short takes to make 1 why did u put them on…but old boy had a great 1 take and for the sake of 2018 Halloween had a good 1 take following the shadow on a kill streak that makes cod game players happy

  20. You've forgotten the stadium chase in "The Secret in their Eyes", academy awarded foreign film from 2010! Take a look at it.

  21. I know this is focused on movies but you should check out the opening scene for the haunting of hill house episode 6 for an staggering 33 minute tracking shot of the family walking through the funereal then transitioning into a flash back of the house all in one shot , its insane.

  22. I agree. COM's long take is so mesmerising… Only when I watched it a second time did I realise there were no cuts. And when I did my brain blew another fuse.

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