13 Movies You Need to Watch This Fall! (The Dan Cave w/ Dan Casey)

13 Movies You Need to Watch This Fall! (The Dan Cave w/ Dan Casey)

(upbeat music) Summer is nearly over, and soon we’ll have to take to the fields to harvest enough grain to last us through the winter. But in between threshing wheat and going back to school or whatever you have planned, you should definitely go to the movies. But what movie, you ask? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. This fall and winter promises a veritable cornucopia of cinematic goodies coming your way. So on today’s episode of The Dan Cave, I’m gonna tell you what movies you absolutely need to see this fall and winter. Blair Witch, the reboot-quel that no one asked for somehow became one of the films I want to see most this fall. I know, it’s weird. Director Adam Wingard of Outcast and The Guest fame has taken a tired horror trope like found footage and filled it with new and terrifying life. I mean, who knew that 17 years later, we’d be heading back to the heads of Maryland to scream ourselves silly? And if you did, well, you’re a witch. A witch. A witch. (all yelling) The Magnificent Seven, finally, you guys. Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt are starring in a live action remake of A Bug’s Life. Oh, my bad, it’s actually a remake of 1960’s The Magnificent Seven, which is actually a remake of 1954’s Seven Samurai, but whatever, time is a flat circle. Who cares? It’s all gonna get remade. With Antoine Fuqua’s eye for badass action sequences, this film about a ragtag group of renegades defending a town from a total jerkface industrialist looks like the best western this side of the budget hotel chain. Plus, there’s a gatling gun that looks straight out of Wild Wild West but it doesn’t have the dumbassery of Wild Wild West. I mean, giant mechanical spider, what were you thinking? I mean, Will Smith end credits rap? Okay, that was pretty cool. Can he do one for this? Oh, my God, that’d be so good. The Accountant, finally someone combines the action of Jason Bourne with the math of Good Will Hunting and removes that pesky Matt Damon from the equation. Ben Affleck stars as Christian Wolff in The Accountant, a math savant who uses his cover as a CPA to cook the books for all manner of less-than-savory enterprises. Also, he owns like a million guns and is handsome at sniper rifles for some reason. Anyway, I was sold after that first trailer set to that Radiohead song. I mean, how do you like them apples, Matty D? They’re pretty good. The Handmaiden. The director of Oldboy is back with a sexy twisting, turning thriller set in 1930’s Korea. A conman hires a streetwise pickpocket to become the maid of a wealthy mysterious heiress in order to steal her money, but things take a sudden left turn into scenic oh snap cove when the heiress falls in love with her new maid. And if you’ve seen Oldboy or any of Park Chan-wook’s movies, you’ll know that left turn is likely the understatement of the year. Squid, anyone? Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Now first of all, they should probably just call this movie Tom Cruise: Face Puncher. The sequel to Jack Reacher picks up four years after the first, with Jack Reacher returning to his old military headquarters, only to find that he’s been accused of a murder most foul. I mean, basically that right there is why I’m terrified of going to my high school reunion. Not because I get accused of murder but because Jack Reacher might be there, and that dude loves punching faces. I’m a very punchable face. Doctor Strange. This November, we’re getting one of the Marvel films that I am most excited to see, Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Stephen Strange, an arrogant surgeon turned sorcerer’s apprentice who must save the day from a goth-tacular Mads Mikkelsen who wants to make New York City cosplay as Inception. Now, this movie will not only introduce magic and the supernatural to the MCU, which is awesome because demons, but also, it’s gonna create a legion of Tumblrs devoted to Benedict Cumberbatch falling through portals. Get ready cause Portal-dict Fall-berbatch is gonna be sick. Hacksaw Ridge. Now, say what you will about Mel Gibson the man, but he’s a pretty good filmmaker. His latest directorial effort is Hacksaw Ridge, a true story starring Andrew Garfield as a pacifist who fought in World War II without firing a single bullet, and singlehandedly saved 75 of his comrades during the Battle of Okinawa. Finally, finally, it seems like Andrew Garfield is getting a good superhero movie. Whip. Actually, no, that’s Doctor Strange. Thwip. Arrival. When aliens come to Earth, everyone always tends to lose their collective gourd. It’s a tale as old as time, or at least as old as movies about aliens coming to Earth. And fortunately in director Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival, we have a secret weapon, Amy Adams. Well, the language expert, Dr. Louise Banks, played by Amy Adams, I should say. Anyway, Dr. Banks tries to decipher the alien language before we accidentally initiate intergalactic war, which considering how awesomely bad Independence Day: Resurgence was, probably isn’t the best idea. Welcome to Earth, indeed. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Harry Potter may be an aging Gen X-er dealing with his own brood of curious teens and cursed children, but J.K. Rowling has a whole ‘nother realm of the Wizarding World for us, America. Having found his shirt since Jupiter Ascending, Eddie Redmayne plays Newt Scamander, the author of the titular Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, as he journeys across America looking for all manner of magical critters. So, wait, is he just like playing Pokemon Go for wizards? If so, holy (bleep), you guys, I think we’re onto something. We need to call Niantic. Actually, maybe we shouldn’t call Niantic. Sorry, Niantic. Moana. Because only releasing a Marvel movie and a Star Wars movie this fall wasn’t enough, Disney’s also dropping an adorable animated bombshell in the form of Moana. From the directors of The Little Mermaid is a story about a badass teen girl navigator who sets sail with a demigod voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in search of a fabled island in the South Pacific and, oh, Alan Tudyk voices a pet rooster and Jemaine Clement plays an evil 50 foot tall crab, in case you weren’t already a hundred billion percent on board. Yeah, now you are. Assassin’s Creed. That’s right, ladies and gents, Fassy B is starring in Ass-y C, which is to say that Ubisoft’s mega popular video game, Assassin’s Creed, is coming to the big screen from Macbeth director Justin Kurzel and cinematographer Adam Arkapaw, who is a big reason why the first season of True Detective looked so damn good. Could this be the critical hit that video game movies need? Hopefully; at the bare minimum, it’ll have Michael Fassbender doing badass parkour in Inquisition-era Spain. I know, right? No one expects it. Passengers; the Internet’s two favorite people, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star as two passengers on the Starship Avalon, a spaceship on a 120 year journey to a far away colony with 5,259 people onboard, except there’s one problem. Their cryogenic pods opened up early. Namely, 90 years early, leaving them stranded on the spaceship. I mean, to be fair though, things could be worse. Could’ve woken up 100 years early next to Gary Busey. Utah, make it two. Also, we got 100 years together, Utah, make it two. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I mean, come on, really? You really need me to tell you to go see this? Right, I thought so, I’ll see you there. You know, that old chestnut. That old, I’m already gonna go see this and so are you and so is everyone we know so let’s just agree to meet there at 11 so we can catch the midnight screening, chestnut. Anyway, it’s gonna be great. And there you have it, folks. Which of these are you most excited to see? What other movies would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below and while you’re there, give me a cinematic thumbs up. Be sure to like and subscribe or else you’re gonna miss next week’s episode about the story of a high school slacker in an Indian passenger train traveling through time To study for a history test and helping three estranged brothers reunite in Bill and The Darjeeling Limited’s Excellent Adventure. Until next time, keep on digging. (electronic music)

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  1. Didn't @purpleeyeswtf predict something with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence a year ago in the episode of none piece he removed from his canon

  2. Disney and LucasFilm should save the marketing budget money. Millions of people will see Rogue One regardless of the trailers, tie-in ads and products, and promotions. Let audiences go unaware and be surprised at the film!

  3. Everyone shits on the Naruto filler… like all the other big name series don't have it either. Dragon Ball itself is about 20% filler (approx. 30 episodes) while DBZ is at about 15%-18% (45-52 episodes, depending on personal opinion), and not counting GT or Super at all… that means the series as a whole is about 16% filler (approx. 73 episodes out of 444). Detective Conan is nearly 40% filler (315-330 episodes) Bleach is nearly HALF, around 45-48% (164-176 episodes).

    Naruto, as a series, has a lot of filler. I won't deny that, and some of it is really ridiculous. Anything involving Kakashi's mask is stupid. Anything involving Shino's bugs is stupid. Anything involving an extended stay at a hot spring is stupid. Any episodes or arcs talking about food for extended periods of time (yes, there's more than one of these instances) is idiotic.
    Beyond that, there's some really good arcs that actually elaborate on the world of Naruto as a whole, and can actually be worth watching, which a lot more than some series do with their filler.
    Oh, and the math (since I did it for the others) comes out to be about 40-43% (288-300 episodes out of a current total of 688)

  4. I'm a pre-Sayan Dragonball fan. I have never been interested by Naruto. My favorite anime is still Avatar The Last Airbender. Good list of movies for the fall/ winter season.

  5. That's just the problem with Star Wars movies. We "know" they HAVE to be great. But… you know… there were these three episodes, we all want to forget. Which is almost half of the series (or a third if you count the soon to be released movies in).

  6. Disney is going to make a shit load of money this year and I hope assassin creed movie because great cause of the games were fucking awesome

  7. since seeing what they did to the Animus im actually not as excited about AC because if they messed that up what else did they screw up

  8. Ben Affleck playing an accountant just weirds me out given that another Batman just played one not too long ago and I think he's actually the most memorable part of that movie.

  9. Blair Witch actually looks like a descent horror movie. I'm done with found footage movies (have been since Project X), but I may give this one a pass give that it's predecessor pretty much popularized the genre of found footage movie.

    I'm for sure gonna see Doctor Strange and Rogue One. I may see Assassin's Creed, but I'm still not convinced by the trailers. Something looks off, but Micheal Fassbender is awesome enough that I may give it a go just to see what it's about.

  10. assassins creed looks like crap. it looks like the classic mistake where the studio twists the original material into a dumbed down pure action flick. and the writers and directors dont respect the original material because its just a dumb video game so they redo tons of things.

  11. The Accountant, Arrival, Doctor Strange, Rogue One and the Magnificent Seven is what I'm looking to this autumn.

  12. Let's hope Assassin's Creed does good as a videogame movie. Kingsglaive Final Fantasy was great, and if AC is too it might start the uprising of great videogame movies

  13. Hang on , don't most star wars fans hate the prequels?… Well wait a minute… Isn't Rogue One just another prequel? Another Star Wars movie again , with no original story in sight. Aren't there any writers out there with a little bit more imagination.?

  14. I'm really excited for Doctor Strange and Rogue One.
    Doctor Strange could be the best Marvel movie, but I won't have my expectations high.
    I will go in thinking it's going to be nice movie with nice visuals and 2 really awesome actors.
    Rogue One?
    I liked TFA, but TFA was just episode IV all over again, still liked it.
    I really hope Rogue One doesn't fucks up.

  15. Why +DanCasey #PunchableFace, why did you have to dis Wild Wild West?!
    Wild Wild West is so Steampunk awesome! It helped lay more foundations.

  16. Holy shit.
    Ridiculous 6
    Magnificent 7
    Hateful 8

    it's definitely a series. A weird quantum entanglement of western movies that will all be summed up in the next one.

    The Over-used 21

  17. Sorry, i had to stop when you recommended that awful Tom Cruise movie. This is a troll video right ? Jack Reacher and Blairwitch a must see? Hahahah good joke guys, keep releasing funny contents!

  18. Ben Affleck showing up Matt Damien in friendly competition doing two of Matt Damien best movies in one it's like getting two birds stoned at once lmfao

  19. New HarryPotterUniverse movie took me by surprise. It looks actually quite interesting, and not just "let's make more moneys".
    Dr Strange – I will go and watch it. MCU never dissapointed me. The movies are rarely masterpieces, but I am always satisfied in the end.

  20. Billy Lane's Long Halftime Walk looks pretty good. Its a war film, has Vin Diesel, Garret Hedlund Kristen Stewart and a few more people.

  21. I can't decide which movie I can go see it on the day after Thanksgiving? dr strange or fantastic beasts and where to find them

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