17 Mistakes of ZOOTOPIA You Didn’t Notice

*intro theme plays* *song “K-391 – Everybody” plays* Narrator: Disney’s Zootopia is the kind of animated film that passes with flying colors in just about every category it needs to, making it a firmly a thoroughly endearing classic that will stand the test of time and delight countless new fans as time goes on. It’s the best of it’s kind since last year’s Inside Out and one that will be hard to top this time around. With a world-wide gross of over 991,000,000 dollars, it’s currently the second highest grossing film of 2016, and the 26th highest grossing film of all time. Hello everyone welcome to Movie House, and in this episode we brought you the 17 Movie Mistakes you probably did not notice, in Zootopia. Mistake 1: When child Judy is preforming her show at the Carrot Days festival, her last sentences were “Thank you.”, and “Good night!” Anyone… can be… ANYTHING! *electric piano playing* Thank you and good night! Narrator: But in the following scene, right as they exit the farm, it’s… broad day-light. Mistake 2: The scene in the street where Judy is asking Nick some questions for the otter’s case, Judy is carrying a blue folder. At one point, she opens the folder, makes some accounting, and then turns one page to the left. But at the change of view, the folder has all of the pages on the right side. Mistake 3: Judy walks into the cement and visibly has no chance to escape on her first try. So she is unable to move. After Nick left the scene, Judy’s standing position suddenly changed by 90 degrees. Mistake 4: Before Judy walks into the wet cement, a few moments earlier we can have a look into the street she and Nick are walking along. And there we see no construction site, no construction workers, and no warning sign like we do later when Judy stands in the cement. Mistake 5: In the same scene you can see there is a white box beside the wall. But as the camera angle changes, it is gone. Mistake 6: When Judy is watching the package for Carrots for One in the oven, it can be seen she is wearing a round-neck pink shirt. But when she is about to eat it, she has the meter-maid uniform again. Mistake 7: When Judy got home after the wet cement scene, we later see her with a package of Carrots for One, but there is no where a refrigerator nor a food cupboard in her apartment. She also didn’t carry any shopping bags as she entered her apartment. *song “Lensko – Titsepoken 2015” playing* Mistake 8: In this scene, Clawhauser is talking to Mrs. Otterton, and we see behind the counter, three cabinets with trophies, and to the far left from the cabinets, a polar bear and a lion standing. When the huge doughnut with the weasel rolls to the counter and stops, the polar bear and the lion in the background are suddenly standing near to the cabinet. Mistake 9: In the same scene, Clawhauser’s nameplate on the table changes it’s position from the right-hand to the left-hand side. Mistake 10: After her first day at the Zootopia Police Department, Judy gets a brief call from her parents. The time says “8:40” when they hung up, but when she replies with a bye-bye, immediately after the time says “9:44”. Mistake 11: The character “Yak”, who doesn’t wear clothes, incorrectly refers to himself, and his fellow nudists as “naturalists”, when he should have used the word “naturists”. Mistake 12: Towards the end of the film, when Dawn Bellwether informs Judy that prey outnumbers predators 10 to 1, yet goes on to add up prey make up 90% of Zootopia. Which will be made to outnumber predators 9 to 1, and not 10 to 1. Mistake 13: When Judy goes to the police station on the first day, we can see Officer Clawhauser eating a bowl of Lucky Chomps. But a shot later, the bowl is empty. Goodness… they really did hire a bunny. What!? *soft giggle* I gotta tell you, you are even cuter than I thought you’d be! Hmm… you probably didn’t know, but bunny can call another bunny, cute, but when other mammals do it… …it gets a little… (gasps) I am so sorry! *gasps* I am so sorry! Narrator: Mistake 14: In the same scene, when Officer Judy and Clawhauser are talking with each other, no doughnut can be seen stuck in Clawhauser’s neck. I’m just a flabby doughnut-loving cop stereotyping you… Aww… (playful) No… it’s okay. Oh… you got a… Narrator: But as the camera angle changes, a doughnut appears from nowhere. Oh, there you went, you little dickens! *chewing* *Judy chuckles* Mistake 15: When Judy opens the fast-food container, we cannot see her phone on the table. *”Kontinuum – First Rain” plays* But as the camera angle changes, her phone appears on the upper-right corner of the container. Hey! Stop right here! *aggressively* Have a doughnut cop! *Judy screams* Oh my god! Did you see those leapords print jeggings? *All Shrew’s screaming*

Mistake 16: In this shot we can see the doughnut is way far from Judy’s reach. But she still somehow managed to save the Shrew from getting crushed. Mistake 17: When Manchas goes savage and starts chasing Nick and Judy, Judy takes out her walkie-talkie and calls ZPD for help, but drops it in the chase. Okay we are sending back-up! Hopps! HOPPS!? A few shots later when the reinforcement arrives, we can clearly see the walkie-talkie in her belt. Narrator: So what did you think about this? Did we miss any interesting mistakes in Zootopia? Which movie mistakes would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos just like this one. Thanks for watching!

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