1917 – In Theaters December (Behind The Scenes Featurette) [HD]

1917 – In Theaters December (Behind The Scenes Featurette) [HD]

The First World War starts with literally horses and carriages and ends with tanks. So it’s the moment where modern war, you could argue, begins. From the very beginning I felt this movie should be told in real time. Every step of the journey, breathing every breath with these men felt integral. And there is no better way to telling this story than with one continuous shot.Three…two…oneGo! Go!From the first moment I talked to Sam about the idea as a one-shot movie, I knew it was going to be really immersive. It’s meant to make you feel that you are in the trenches with these characters. The film in itself is a slice of time. These two young men get sent on a mission to deliver a message to stop an attack.Action!So they’ve got to cross into enemy territory on a race against time to deliver a message that will save 1,600 lives. And the camera never ever comes away from the two characters. There’s always that sort of “get out of jail” card that you have with a movie “Well, you know, we might be able to cut around this or we might take that scene out.” That’s not possible on this film. The dance of the camera and the mechanics all have to be in sync with what the actor is doing when you achieve that it’s really beautiful and exhilarating. Sometimes you have a camera being carried by an operator hooked onto a wire and the wire carries it across more land and it’s unhooked again that operator runs with it then steps onto a small jeep which carries him another 400 yards and he steps off it again and goes around the corner.Let’s go back to one.This film does not take place in a series of interiors. This is endless exteriors. No location ever repeats, so you’re constantly moving through landscapes. Being such an exterior movie, we’re very dependent on the light and the weather. And we kind of realized, well for a start you can’t really light it.Action!Because, you know if you were running down a trench and turning around 360 degrees there’s no way to put a light anywhere. And because we were shooting in story order we had to shoot in cloud to get the continuity from scene to scene. So some mornings the sun would be out and we couldn’t shoot. So, we would rehearse.And we’re rehearsing.And then we’d be waiting around, everyone with their eyes up in the sky, trying to see how long it would take for the sun to move behind the cloud. And as soon as it comes over you’ve got this five-minute window. Everyone would be like, “Come on! Go, go, go.”Go! Go! Go!So you are also in the lap of the gods. It was like a piece of theater every take. Once it starts it can’t stop. If something goes wrong you just have to keep going. Until you actually see it on a screen you don’t really realize how immersive it is and how that technique kind of draws you into it. For me, engagement is very important. And that is behind the way in which we decided to shoot this film. I wanted people to understand how difficult it was for these men. And the nature of that is behind everything.

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  1. "Call of Duty United Offensive" & "Band of Brothers" is calling !
    Geil……einfach nur Geil…..Gänsehaut !
    In a one-shot-film ?…..WoW !! Unfuckinbelievable !
    Alter……ich zitter hier rum………wann seh ich dem Film in Deutschland ?

  2. Ok then what battle is this representing. A small one washed out by other more famous ones. Or is this based off of memoirs or personal accounts. Or just a made up story to make a cool war movie. All great war films that are accurate are considered dramas if not anti war films. This feels like Hollywood and nothing like. Generation war, Das Boot, Stallingrad,Paths of glory,aAll quite on the western front both black and white and color, or even Apocalypse Now, or talvisto,Land of Mine, As far as my feet will carry me.ect

  3. Whatever. Another WW1 "epic" that conveniently erases the Commonwealth troops who did a lot of the dying and pretends that "jolly old England" did all the heavy lifting. Without the Canadians, South Africans, Australians and New Zealanders, Germany would have been able to grind the "triple entente" into a negotiated peace, not a surrender.

  4. Is this about a dude running through out the entire movie?? Or is this Dundkrk meets Saving private Ryan, going to Dowtown Abby? Fucking pathetic

  5. but why is he running to the side instead of to the front? and why ain't he running in the trench or behind it where he is more safe?

  6. 1600 men is nothing when in perspective of the first world war, in the battle of the somme. The british hgad about 60 000 casualties and 20 000 deaths just in the first attack

  7. Let's talk about WHO FUNDED BOTH SIDES of the war… Hint, they own all the banks, Hollywood and the mainstream media….

  8. I hope you guys value what it really is to be in war and he died for nothing I will buy this movie maybe two of them just so they don't wear my kids destroy the first one I have another I promise you

  9. 1600 lived? Sounds like half a minute in 1917. Besides why are the trenches so clean? Why is there still grass growing? Why is the sand for the trenches white?

  10. damn.. this is kinda clichè but it's kind of a tinsy bit revolutionary to the movie industry.. especially with the like realistically made exteriors and extras.. mostly landscapes.. though i'm not rlly that excited since it's rlly what i'm nit expecting.. but if it's a movie abt history.. be my guest.. and it seems like

    I smell an oscar for history..

  11. damm i'm a huge filmmaking nerd and this looks good also the entire movie being one continues shot will be cool to see anyone else?

  12. Only one other film to my knowledge had amazing success as a one-take movie and that was "Russian Ark". I highly recommend it, and cannot wait to see 1917 on opening day!

  13. It looks like a movie where we see just british soldiers. Im not even waiting for anything from american/british movies anymore

  14. After seeing how Chris Nolan completely ruined the last big budget war film the bar is set pretty low for war film expectations . I love war films and don’t care about ground breaking film making techniques . Let’s pray its nothing like the hype and subsequent crushing disappoint of that steaming pile of shit Dunkirk .

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