1941 Official Trailer #1 – (1979) HD

1941 Official Trailer #1 – (1979) HD

[Wind Howling] [Bird Squawking] [Bird Wings Fluttering] [Bird Cawing]

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  1. My favorite Spielberg movie! I actually paid to see this THREE times.

    It took the first 2 times just to be able to follow the dozen or more plotlines running simultaneously. I think most people completely miss that the "main" story in the film is with Bobbi DeCicco, Diane Kaye, Treat Williams and the jitterbug contest.

  2. I've heard of this movie a long time ago and finally decided to watch it.. Pretty funny! I'm surprised there no sequel to it!

  3. this is one of Spielberg's best produced and underrated films. the 2-and-a-half hour version on DVD is the best way to watch this one

  4. I would have been 13 when I saw this, the critics hated it, nobody saw it but my 13 year old me thought it was hilarious.

  5. It's the kind of movie you'll enjoy depending on your age or your IQ. If either is 13 or below, this might be for you.

  6. directed by spielberg, written by bob gale and robert zemeckis (back to the future), starring dan aykroyd, john belushi and john candy.
    big hollywood budget, super expensive set designs (tanks, planes) buildings that resemble the buildings of the time
    You can't possibly stuff this up

    Can you?

    Can you?!?!?!

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