1979 U.S. Open Film: “Irwin Two-Time Man at Toledo”

1979 U.S. Open Film: “Irwin Two-Time Man at Toledo”

I’m sandy Taylor was speaking on behalf
of the Executive Committee of the United States Golf Association to enlist you as
a USGA associate the United States Golf Association is a nonprofit organization
organized in 1894 for the singular purpose promoting and preserving the
game of golf it does so with a broad spectrum of activities which include the
conduct of national championships such as the United States Open Championship
rules with regard to implements and balls that preserve the integrity of the
game the making an interpretation of the rules of golf which are the means by
which we define the game we play and ensure that all of us are playing the
same game the organization and promotion of a national system of handicapping to
ensure that golf can be played equitably by amateur golfers wherever it is played
in this country and a museum and a library which preserves the memorabilia
of the game of golf in all of its traditions in a lovely setting in Far
Hills New Jersey in a green section dedicated to research and education and
training on the proper maintenance of golf courses the United States Golf
Association recently has organized an associate’s program the purposes of
which are to bring the golfers of this country in the closer contact with the
USGA and therefore with the game of golf there are some amenities involved in
being a USGA associate such as receiving the golf journal such as receiving the
rules of golf book such as a bag tag in a decal and other amenities that are of
real importance but the most important factor involved in being a USGA
associate is that it identifies him or her who is one as being someone who
specially cares about the game of golf and manifests that caring by becoming a
United States Golf Association associate so we urge you to do so write to us at
golf house at far Hills New Jersey and identify yourselves as people who
specially care about this game of golf and especially care about supporting the
United States Golf Association in all that it does to promote and preserve
this game of golf Inverness Toledo Ohio and the United
States open the memories come flooding back 1920 when Britain’s Harry Vardon 50
years old was five strokes ahead then played the last seven holes seven over
par and another Britain Ted ray himself 43 relayed his pipe nonchalantly puffed
and proceeded to win that year an eighteen-year-old amateur played his
first open Bob Jones who finished eighth and in 1957 Inverness is third open the
second haven’t been 1931 an even younger amateur made his debut Jack Nicklaus who
scored two ATS and missed the cut and now 1979 the ghosts join hands with the
wind rustling the trees and we seek modern parallels
will America’s Arnold Palmer play Britain’s Vardhan he’s around 50 now – maybe he can is there a young amateur to
play Jones Bob Clampett perhaps he was low amateur last year or maybe John Cooke the United States
Amateur champion following the footsteps of Nicolas now indeed a member of Jack’s
Muirfield Village Club Nicholas will play himself 22 years and 23 opens arm
and there won’t be a Ted ray there are no public pipe smokers indeed no
Britain’s the leader of Europe’s order of merit
has been invited but he’s a Spaniard Saverio no Ballesteros on his way to
imminent fame though not here also invited the leaders of four other
overseas orders of Merit including the Javanese Aoki and a Taiwanese shoe Shang
San it’s all a reminder of how golf has changed since 1920 its balance of power
its strength in depth indeed it’s democracy
sandy because here in 1920 Inverness became the first club house to open its
doors to the championship professionals a gesture so momentous that the pros
presented the club of the clock that still bears their humble message of
gratitude God measures men by what they are not in wealth possess this vibrant
message chimes afar the voice of Inverness one of the Inverness stage in
which these pipe dreams of comparison will be dream
it’s a typically demanding championship setup as ordained by the United States
Golf Association narrow fairways deceptively heavy rough and fast greens and Inverness rather small difficult
fast greens furnished by hot Sun and wind Nicholas’s double bogey six at the final
poll on the first day and more so his second day 77 hour blows from which he
won’t recover but he does make the cut for the last two rounds on one five one
which is more than maybe said for other almost legendary names Tom Watson
favorite Ray Floyd Johnny Miller Fuzzy Zoeller the Masters champion Jean
littler Ballesteros and less surprisingly perhaps in his
first u.s. open shoe all these have failed and others have struggled like
Andy North thus has the defending champion qualified for the last two
rounds by a birdie and at halfway the leading contenders come from the ranks
of the outsiders your commentator Peter Alliss Tom Purtzer six years of
professional but only once an American winner second shot to the 18th and it
looks a beauty if it’s up at the pace on these greens verts are putting for a
birdie 3 go Purtzer 69 today the only player so
far to finish under par for 36 holes 3-under but out on the course there’s
Larry Nelson from Georgia also 3-under second shot 18th hole and what a
beautiful stock pick short again in the crowd incidentally another Nelson
Byron Nelson who won they opened 40 years ago then became the professional
here watching to see if Larry Nelson who won his first Tour tournament last
winter can hold for a birdie the outright leader done it just to
touch me I’ll tap that in phase par-4 and a splendid round of 68 Nelson and
Purtzer then the joint leaders at halfway on one three nine many good
players three shots and more behind them and our nostalgic parallels having a bad
time Palmer is ten strokes behind the leaders but Nicholas the real Nicklaus
and cook the embryo Nicholas have only just scraped through and clamp it our
would be emulator of Jones hasn’t made the cut at all we’re down to modern
realities the third day more than 21,000
spectators 88 degrees and now at the 4th hole its
Lee elder three over par two over and five off the lead
what a shot of the overnight leaders Nelson soon meets disaster and Purtzer
is ultimately unseated by the pressure of two men one is Tom Weiskopf three
over par overnight and reducing two below par today the other Hale Irwin the
champion of 1974 he’s level pas playing the par-5 8th hole is his third shot
maybe a little strong beautiful shot from Irwin Irwin desperate to victory
hard to believe he’s not had a win for two years but now a chance for a birdie
for a birdie for Irwin
1-under for Irwin it’s the start of a crucial burst TV viewers see him birdied
the 11th the 12th as well then come to the par-5 13th an awkward side he’ll
live this hold 523 yards that’s a two iron here she comes and right at the
hole could he go in and almost certain Eagle 3 5 under par and four strokes
clear the field but now triumph is followed by setbacks
he bogeys the 14th and 15th and goes back to 3-under his nearest rival now
Tom Weiskopf 1-under Weisskopf has played the 17th Berwyn follows him 431
yards a good par 4 Oh in second shot and yet another splendid iron shot dead
online tricycle playing with him at +4 Bill Rogers second shot the few golfers
not to use a left hand glove in modern go spinning back from the hole went with
an outside chance for a birdie so oh in 4-under par Rogers having got
his par here at the 17th is still four over only one other man under par in the
total column and that’s Tom Weiskopf ahead at the 18th
what a lovely hole it is 354 yards that’s all a simple powerful but is it
Weisskopf 1-under here’s his second shot to this tiny sloping green surrounded obvious chance for a birdie playing with Weiskopf Jerry Pate who won
this championship in 1976 and he’s having a good round today as well coming
down from three over to one ideal position on the fairway smiles they
relaxed young man eight-second and inside Weisskopf both
with great chances for babies the championship leader Hale Irwin
prepares to play behind them – wait a moment – just getting settled
meanwhile up ahead why scoff the past ah here 71 round of 67 total of 2 1 2 1
under par huge colorful galleries now watching paint and we hold this three
he’s seen wise gospel fall away and he’s done the same thing
knowledgeable shakes of the head paid the par for around a sixty nine total to
one for that’s just 1 over par behind them at 4-under par halo ideal position
dead center of the fairway up onto the screen which slopes from
right to left spins away leaves open a difficult at
that ball going ever down the slope face now with a difficult one and he knows it Erwin on the last screen with this long
difficult curly putt huge swing he does very well to get it to the whole side
he’ll walk up tap in for par for around a sixty seven that’s 209 for three
rounds good scoring indeed although it must be said conditions a lot easier
today far less wind than on the first two days Erwin for under the right hand
side of the board showing weisskopf at 1-under pate and pizza one over the
elder and Larry Nelson – OH so the fourth and final day again huge
crowds a hot humid day with a gusty wind returning and Erwin the leader has had
virtually a sleepless night still with Erwin three strokes clear anyone on the
fringe of contention has got to break through early on the second green Bill
Rogers seven behind overnight well back on the
par-4 1st both one over par five off the lead eight second shot first medium
short iron Tom Purtzer to the elevated green so many of the holes here look simple
but a proving very formatively that’s a easy swing 9-iron wedge up onto the
green and look at this one eight former champion as watching Purtzer putting for
a birdie 3 yes dead central goes for level par good start as behind them the
final pair pair to start their round weisskopf who grew up in the state of
ohio and watched the 1957 open here as a youngster of 50 that looks safe enough
I think Weiskopf is just off the fairway but anyway oh when the leader by three
strokes as Paton Purtzer played a second that’s a good speed very good speed
indeed a second behind them here’s the cheers and must realize that already the
pressures well and truly on and word comes from the course that Gary player
the South African nine behind overnight is going great guns the man in the 1978
Masters at Augusta began the final day seven strokes behind the leader and won
the championship our win and Wycoff at the second hole her win still 4-under
par medium short iron shots looking good right at the flag Oh quite
super that’s the way to keep you lead now Weiskopf he dropped a shot at the
first did she come up and almost looks as if it tips the ABS in and go through
the back of the green trouble for Weiskopf dropped one at the
first struggling at the second gusty conditions here today making club
selection very tricky indeed why scoff through the green and where all the
spectators have been trampling around difficult shot now stubbed it tried to
be too delicate now facing a minor disaster as to whole list to salvage is
par for no so that’s a five and another stroke dropped by why Scott now a win
for a birdie 3 face twice got two bogeys in two holes begins to slip away and now
just ahead at the short third hundred an eighty five yards Peyton Purcell Purtzer
1-under par very difficult pin placement today
swirling wind dug in went back towards the flag which is very close to the
water now Jerry Pate first prize here $50,000 stop quite
quickly enough with an excellent shot just inside that’s the way to watch by
the swaying on this putt who’s got off to a really hot start wings away but
that’s an almost certain par 3 but Tom now plate as he learned from Hertz’s
putt from a birdie – he goes to 1-under par the same as Purtzer as Hale Irwin
follows them up this same difficult par-3 looks to be strong a bit left into
the crowd they’re stopping it are they trampling it Sandee Tatum USGA makes the ruling well
in fact the ball finished on a blanket it was moved by one of the spectators
that constitutes an outside agency and as you can see the slope takes the ball
away further from the hill he has another girl and I suspect there’s not
much to stop this ball rolling and we might have a place situation that we do right there very precisely done now
after a little delay her win lines up his second shot and you can see how the
winds whipping their little waves on the lake conditions not easy
Oh in for his par three no he drops the stroke goes back to
4-under well ahead at the fourth it’s pate and this is a superpower for whole
Bert so with a long putt again across the green this crowned green he’s
playing three and he’ll be very happy to get down into racing down across the green and way up
ahead Gary player still going well now three
over so much for the first of the three acts that comprised this last day drama
Irwin under pressure now begins act two because Purtzer can keep up this
pressure he bogeys the fifth sixth and seven and his end will virtually come at
the par-5 8th which requires we elude the embarrassing story of the T and the
tree the eighth is a new par-5 528 yards and on the first day chi-chi Rodriguez
for one found a novel way of shortening it he turned half left drove down the
neighboring 17th then back toward the 8th green lawn Hinkle made a birdie that
way inducing imitators the USGA promptly planted a 25-foot Christmas tree as a
deterrent the players or some of them resorted to more ingenuity chichi teed
up on a pencil and aimed over the trees people tried steering between them but the shortcut has hazards as well and
on this final day Purtzer incurs them playing six his power 500 and that’s a
double bogey seven / / – tragedy because he’s played so well for three and a half
days of this championship and now playing the 8th in more sensible and
Orthodox fashion early 3-under now he drove into the trees it bounced back on
the fairway here’s his third shot but he’s got a chance for a birdie for Weisskopf fading now sadly – over but a
win after some adventures putting for a birdie 4 under again and really surging
along five strokes ahead 10 holes to play then 6 ahead and 9 to play
shades of Vardhaman meantime Gary Player at the final hole he’s three over he’s
picked up two strokes on par today and none of the other contenders has done
back that’s a good shot the bank but trickling down the slope of
so many have done before and getting further furlough
it’s a marvelous performance by Claire maybe 43 years of age like Ted ray back
in 1920 this difficult putt for a birdie and the leader so far in the
championship and out on the course act three begins for he who believes a win
is a runaway winner knows nothing of the torment of a tired leader whose game is
going sour on the final stretch he’s bogeyed the 14 but he’s 3-under
with just two holes to play tee shot at the 70 is going to the right watching
anxiously but shouldn’t be too far off the fairway good par-4 difficult
powerful flag today left side of the green Owen off the right-hand side of
the fairway he’s walked up to the top of the hill to get a view of the green and
he’s a little bit unlucky he’s just missed the short cut of rough but it’s
not lying too badly to grass going with him and I do believe he can drive the
ball under the branches of that tree this is a 5-iron yes well hit but it’s a touch left short
left and catches the sand and leaves her win one of the most difficult shots in
golf the long bunker shot with the flag fairly close to the edge of the green oh no no he’s shot it right into the
gallery over the green and it sounded a bit hard and oh and think so as well
at bought over the green amongst TV cables and when will get a free drop
drops it and this time the ball rolls closer to the hole so once again sandy
Tatum saying place it just there little chip up and down the green looks a good
one but this green very fast look at it go look at it swing and it’s still going well Irwin with this putt for a 1 over
par 5 2006 very ugly six indeed a double bogey in
1925 and double bogey at the same 17th hole and lost the championship of course
Irwin still has many strokes in hand but I’m sure he’s feeling very miserable
meanwhile just ahead at the 18th and purchased finished a disappointing six
overpass so much going for him at one time now pate who’s 3 over 33 this time
with Gary Player a very happy Jerry Pate as Hale Irwin plays the same final home
the ATS have been a crucial factor in every open at Inverness since 1920 only
354 yards a simple-looking powerful but full of trouble
Owen can take six and still win so it would appear to be all over that is it
the dreaded signal away to the right and tries to get back into the short stuff
doesn’t quite huge crowds gathering there’s a win
standing below the ball small green nine and that’s going left thumbs down
in the bunker and it’s almost unbelievable to think this man was at
one time six strokes ahead he’s still got a couple in hand but there have been
two playoffs in the three opens played here at Inverness including the longest
ever in 1931 Oh in that third shot deep bunker must get it out yes he does
well and he can afford the lecture three putts from there and still the champion
but I’m sure his pulse rate is running pretty high at this moment but not for
why Scott that’ll put him in a tie for fourth place with Phil Rogers and Larry
Nelson so near and yet so far once more for why Scott now the arena still his
for the 72nd hole finishes with a round of 75 a total of
284 that’s level par he wins the championship I have to Stokes if the scores speak ill of this last day
drama consider also its leading actors and the stage inverness beguiling
Leeteuk denied any the right to break its arm and the three who came nearest
are all past winners and proven champions pate gets the second place
medal tying with player and the winner the
winner of an open of course needs special qualities Hale Irwin a two-time winner only Willie
Anderson Hogan Jones and Nicklaus have done better

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  1. Hale Irwin, one of the most under rated players of all time. He has 20 PGA and 45 Senior tour victories with 3 U.S. Open wins in 1974, 1979, and 1990. His earnings of over $33 million is a testament to this man's amazing career. At age 74 he made 3 cuts in the 2019 season on the Senior tour. The man is a legend in the game of golf!

  2. Thanks so much for uploading stuff like this, it's a real slice of history, in this case from the year before I was born. I've learned so much about the history of golf from YouTube over the last couple of years, it's just so great to have access to these videos.

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