2001: A Space Odyssey Official Re-Release Trailer (2014) – Stanley Kubrick Movie HD

2001: A Space Odyssey Official Re-Release Trailer (2014) – Stanley Kubrick Movie HD

“Daisy, Daisy” “Give me your answer, do” “I am crazy all for the love of you.” The 9000 series is the most reliable computer ever made. We are all foolproof and incapable of error. Open the pod bay doors, HAL. I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that. What’s the problem? I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.

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  1. This was one of the greatest art like films I have ever seen. The way this film shot through that time period is just pure gold. I just cant take anything away from this masterpiece.

  2. It took me 15 years to figure out the meaning of 2001….it exists on a macroscopic level of complexity that the human mind is simply unable to logically decipher. The Star Gate, Dave growing old and dying in that room, the monolith, the star child… it’s not meant to be analyzed or understood, it’s all there to be regarded in all it’s baffling glory. We’re privy to a view through the looking glass into something that Infinitely beyond us and whatever faculties we possess. This is Kubrick’s nod not only to the unknowable mystery of our place in the universe, but also that somewhere there is some entity that understands this inexplicable order that binds us all together. I just find it bizarre that someone like my sister for example , who is very intelligent, thinks 2001 is boring but is stoked about going to see a garbage film like Pitch Perfect 3.

  3. For the life of me why do some people say this movie sucks? It's hard to understand but still a masterpiece in cinematic history.

  4. I watched the movie and at the end I asked myself :who am l? The movie is awesome and let you understand a lot of things, I understand it by thinking that humanity will always keep going ahead but never will know who God is! What is God! So God bless you and I'm not a religious man nor an atheist either! But I believe in God! Only 2 things people's logic will never understand :1-god,2-infinite!if one day we will say it ends here still logic will ask:what's beyond this ending point?! See! That's why there's one God that we will never ever understand!

  5. i just saw this movie and i was baffled by the fact that this is a "legendary" movie but in in all honesty i was bored to death, what was the plot? stuff diden't even make sense.

  6. I've seen it. And I get it, but still from the movie point of view I don't think it's one of the greatest movies ever made. Yes it has a great idea behind it and the effects are ahead of its time, but is that all that it takes to be considered the best movie ever? I don't think so. Everything develops so slowly in this movie, at times you just think to yourself: please don't take another 20 minutes to move your arm a bit more to the left. What I like about movies is to be immersed in the characters, the world, the story, twists that happen throughout the movie. Apart from effects and good camerawork this movie has none of that or its poorly executed. I didn't feel any connection to the characters in this movie, I didn't care what happened to those 2 astronauts at all. Actually the one with the most character and my personal favorite was the computer HAL. And the ending is just a ton of imagery to be interpreted by the individual. That's why I can't look at this work as a good movie. The best description it would be a "video art piece". It conveys its message, it leaves you with tons of questions and makes you think about them but it does it in such an unpleasant and boring way most of the time. Maybe it didn't age that well idk, just didn't work for me.
    If I had to grade it:
    9/10 as an art
    5/10 as a movie

  7. If we dissected Kubrick’s brain, we would’ve discovered he found new shapes and colors no human has ever seen before.

  8. Its wierd how I feel about this film, this is one film thats so ahead of its time, but yet hasnt aged well at all? Like maybe in the 60s this would have been such a great spectacle, its so well shot and looks good even today. Yet at the same time its one of the most boring pieces ive watched. While the space shots would have been great to look at in the 60s and the music being just icing on the cake. In a world where sci fi is so much more common now, the whole time i watched this film I was like omg something please happen, to the point I had to fast forward half of its well shot scenery as i was dying of boredom. I get the love of why its a classic, and the actual acting is enjoyable and good, but I just honestly dont like the whole package.

  9. Film was absolute fantastic,they were thinking so big in 1968,but very boring, background sound was killing my ears.
    They would have made this little active.
    Not for all

  10. wtf didnt know this was made in the sixtys. more revolutionary than starwars and in my opinion starwars movies are boring af so like where was the hype after this movie like the special effects look way more inovative.

  11. not sure a modern audience could cope with the pace of this film or its mysterious meaning, today's cinema going audience have been conditioned with a visual language of fast crash cuts and cartoonish CGi and so I doubt a person who likes Star Wars or even the Star Trek movies is going to have the patience to sit through the nuances of 2001. I think it is a brilliant film and the vintage effects have a realism that is missing from Cgi because for 2001 the only option to film a space station was to build one and film it..well to build a large scale model at least. The effects were all done in camera and were not added later with CGi because of course Cgi did not exist in 1968! Kubrick portrayed outer space as a slow moving clinical world where people were mono syllabic and emotionless, the point was he was concentrating on procedure and hardware and ironically the character in the movie with the most personality and emotion was that talking homicidal computer called HAL. !

  12. I was studying for an assignment of audiovisual communication and I ended here. The fact that this was recorded at the 68's is unbelievable and amazing. This is gold and I'm so glad that I found it.

  13. Someone needs to say it..Kubric must have been inspired by forces outside of this world to have done a film this perfect in 1968.

  14. Love the movie, but this trailer goes against everything the movie is. Trying to show every "iconic" line or scene in a trailer…

  15. everytime I tried to watch this film in the 90s with VHS I fell asleep. The deepest paralyzing sleep. I will try again, now that I am older I could focus without tiring. lol, the irony. This movie and that Eastwood movie, The Good, the Bad and the what not, used to always put me to sleep. I have to try and watch them both again.

  16. look what it predicted in 1968 – video phones, man on the moon, space stations, computers with intelligent decision making capabilities. space shuttle. incredible.

  17. I got a little choked up. I saw this in Cinerama four times in 1968. I was 17. In 2013, I made a short film noir. Bum Rap – A Noir Fantasy. About 11 minutes. It's in HD on YouTube. Won't play on a phone. There's a lot of 2001 in it, that I didn't realize till after it was done.

  18. En la secuencia en la que Bowman traspasa por un agujero de gusano (wormhole), se usa una técnica de fotografía que el cine no había experimentado, se trata del proceso de "slitscan", por el cual se capta una imagen en movimiento a través de la abertura de la cámara en forma de tajo, esto genera una deformación total en el producto final de Kubrick: un viaje lisérgico, colorido, hipnotizan, claustrofóbico y casi como si el que lo ve se mete en un caleidoscopio…

  19. Bill Cooper recommends this movie from beyond the grave! It's the story of the entire human race! According to the late Mr Cooper that is.

  20. its makes me feel goosebumps when watch the movie, realize that it just came just one year before "Apollo 11"still a mystery

  21. Guess it should have been called 20,001: A Space Odyssey.

  22. IMO, the best, the most classy (there were design flaws with gravity and zero-gravity depicted throughout the film . One scene Bowman is climbing into HAL on all fours. Suddenly, he is weightless INSIDE HAL! Explain that.) This film brings me to tears….every time I see it…..the goosebumps never stop.

  23. Booooring and overrated. Just like most of Kubricks movies. A Clockwork Orange is an idiotic controverse just like Eyes Wide Shut was up to e certain point, Lolita is mostly enjoyed by pedophiles, Full Metal Jacket was only good till they arrived in Nam and The Shining was enjoyable but could've been alot better.

    I just don't think Kubrick is such a great director. He's more like an artist which results in movies that aren't that great to watch for people who like movies. His movies are more appreciated by people who see a Picasso in a dog's turd. And there's a bunch of people who tell themselves 2001 is a great movie because it feels sophisticated to say so.

    It's just stupid. 2001 has nice visuals, even great visuals for a movie that's half a century old. But the acting is mediocre, the story is ehrm… Let's not go there and the pace is eyebleeding slow (which can be considered a plus, as you can get a beer, some peanuts and take a leak without missing anything).

    Don't fool yourself. This is not a great movie movie. I don't need Michael Bay fast paced movies, I mostly enjoy the pace of 80's/early 90's movies. But 2001 is so increadibly slow and boring… Don't waste your time on it or just watch it with the remote in your hand to fast forward it and skip some parts.

  24. All I can say is don’t savagely beat someone with a bone and tell the Judge it’s because you touched a monolith…..he’ll get really really mad at you.

  25. Guys, they are screening this movie everywhere in the big theaters. GO AND WATCH it on the big screen, it is so AMAZING. Especially when the movie theater has a good sound system you wont believe the experience. I have been yesterday and the theater was FULL. I was so pleased that young people attend.

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  27. Omg no, seriously terrrible trailer trying to make the movie something it's not. It completely misses the style.

  28. I saw it in 1968 at the Lowe's Capital Theatre in Los Angeles and several times since then, last in 2017. Never gets old.

  29. What's the problem? The problem is in a movie, way ahead of it's time, so excellently made but which illustrates through the medium a message devoid of God. Man is on the throne. And materialism is the thing. The conclusion to the movie is the weak point as well as the Darwinist beginning.

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