2017/02/14: A Picture of Mohamed

2017/02/14: A Picture of Mohamed

Is This a Picture of Mohamed? Something woke me up at 5:30 this morning. Maybe it was my Conscience Maybe it was God Take your pick. I’ll go for conscience. In any case This week Canada’s Government is going to consider an Anti-Islamophobia Motion M103 in Parliament Before that happens, I have some things to say. Moses was a murderer Christ was a bastard And Mohamed? Mohamed was a… Mohamed was a… Mohamed was a… Holy Man whose Every Word and Action was Correct I ask Muslims worldwide: Can I say anything else? On the week, Canada’s government is going to discuss anti-Islamophobia motion M103 in parliament. I ask Muslims worldwide: Can I say anything else? I ask Muslims in the West: Can I say anything else? I ask Muslims in Canada: Can I say anything else? I ask Iqra Khalid, sponsor of M103 in Canada: Can I say anything else? Is This a Picture of Mohamed? Where do I cross the line? This Is a Picture of Christ This Is a Picture of Mo This Is a Picture of Mo This Is a Picture of Moses This Is a Picture of Mo This Is a Picture of Mo Is This a Picture of Mohamed? This might be a Picture of Mohamed Did I cross the line? When do I become Salman Rushdie? I’m a Westerner. I am Salman Rushdie. Iqra Khalid Are you Salman Rushdie? When do I become a Danish Cartoonist? I’m a Westerner. I am a Danish cartoonist. Iqra Khalid Are you a Danish Cartoonist? When do I become Charlie Hebdo? I’m a Westerner. I can criticize So that things can improve So that we’re not trapped in the dead past So that we’re not trapped in the embrace of the corpses of the past. I am Charlie Hebdo Iqra Khalid Are you Charlie Hebdo? Which side are you on? Every Westerner is Salman Rushdie. Every Westerner is a Danish cartoonist. Every Westerner is Charlie Hebdo. Who is Iqra Khalid? When push comes to shove, as it will this week, Where is she going to stand? Muslims of the world, on the week of anti-Islamophobia motion 103 in Canada… Muslims of the west, on the week of anti-Islamophobia motion 103 in Canada… Muslims of Canada, on the week of anti-Islamophobia motion 103 in Canada… Iqra Khalid, of Canada, who sponsored the motion after the murders in Quebec City On the Week of Anti-Islamophobia Motion 103 in Canada Can I say: This is a picture of the prophet Mohamed? Because if I can’t It’s not Islamophobia. Is This a picture of Mohamed? Is This a picture of Mohamed?

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  1. What do you mean??? Do you mean it is good to humiliate Jesus or Moses?.. Do you aprove antisemitism as a form of freedom of speech ? What is the red line between freedom of speech and verbal aggression against others??????? Sir, I admire your critical thinking. Being vague is not what I am used to hear in your speeches.

  2. That's just like saying: "I make fun of my wife all the time. Why can't I make fun of yours!!". Just to make things clear, I don't condone killing or harming people for these kind of things. But, you cannot expect all Muslims to be cool with that idea, therefore, it is better to avoid it all together. Not out of fear, but out of respect. A fun fact BTW, saying Christ was a bastard and Moses was a murderer are equally offensive for a Muslim because they are all prophets according to Islam, and all prophets should be respected, at least for Muslims.
    Edit: I forgot to say that I am one of your biggest followers and I hope you get to know some true Muslims so that you form a clear idea about Islam because the majority of people in the West are unfortunately clueless about it and I don't blame them.

  3. I am a muslim but am a supporter of western values and individualism, and have been following your lectures and interviews for a long time. My opinion is that islam is basically religious fascism, it tried to imitate the success of its predecessors whom developed a culture through time, by adopting and trying to impose its own abridged version of that culture. The prophet was the absolute ruler of a country named Medina after all, and the later caliphs expanded this empire to rule most of the arab world and into north africa and central asia. In my view, islam has an extreme group ideology stance. Believe this or you are an apostate. I support free speech, the right to criticize anything and the freedom of the individual. As you said, the young must revive the dead culture and give it new vision.

  4. I kinda agree,but you kinda have to take into context. You could say anything you want about anything no one can stop you, but the question is…is it moral. If you are a bad person(not Jordan) then you wouldn’t care about the morality of free speech. I love free speech, I don’t like it when people take it too far. I am a Muslim by the way.

  5. Saying jesus is a bastard..is a rude true..saying Mohammad had a picture..is a rude lie…no its not a picture of mohammad.

  6. Mohamed was just a person suffering from some kind of mental disease or personality disorder ! That's all what I've concluded as an ex-muslim !

  7. The answer to your question comes from the assumption that there has to be "a side" Muslims are people just like everyone else and have differing opinions on each thing. There will be some Muslims that will be furious I say this. It is a general rule that Muslims don't draw prophets. Doesn't mean that non Muslims can't. God made free will for a reason and in my opinion no one should infringe on that. Islam says religion cannot be forced on someone. I take my religion seriously and for that reason I say, Jordan say what you wish, that is your choice. I will not do the same, but that is my choice. I support your freedom of speech. Hopefully the recent incident won't ruin your upcoming tour with the far right or far left turning up. Both are horrible. Looking forward to seeing it and learning lots. I just hate the politics, and I bet JP does too.

  8. No one can force you to say what you don't believe in. You think Muhammad was wrong, and so do the majority of humans (otherwise everyone would have been a Muslim). And no one objects to that (otherwise all non-Muslims would have been killed). There have always been societies in which Muslims lived peacefully with adherents to other religions. It is one thing to think one is wrong and to criticize them or their belief system, and a totally different thing to insult others and stigmatize them. Freedom of expression comes with a moral responsibility, and can be easily misused and abducted by ideologists.
    Say what you will about Muhammad. Believe me, I as a modernist Muslim have more chances to be persecuted than you.

  9. I'm a muslim and i agree with your message behind this video. Thank you Mr Peterson for understanting the actual hypocrisie that is going on

  10. Curious that youtube should serve this up to me in 2019, two years after the fact.

    Is Islamophobia a thing?

    Is it a function of a bilingual government that they should choose to include made up words with no natural meaning in the English language in statute?

  11. I personally love it when people criticise my religion. It often leads to intelligent conversations. I just hate my fellow muslims who lash the hell out without using their brains. Nothing is above criticism. And people can do whatever they want so long as they're not harming another person.

  12. Rasul Mohammed (saw) was an orphan, if you had thought of history before making this video. a father, a husband, a widower, a community leader, a person in authority, the seal of the Prophets (peace be upon them all).

  13. I'm not sure that I understand the point you're making. I totally agree that free speech should be above all and it shouldn't be compelled by law. I understand that free speech is the ability to express one's ideas without the fear of being persecuted and that come with risk of being offensive. But if that idea's only purpose is to offend and it bears no logical thinking doesn't that make it slander ?

    Let me also add that to Muslims it is as much offensive to say those words about Jesus and Moses or about Mohammed. So that shows how much you're ill informed about Islam.

    I really respect you and what you have to say and what you preach. I may also add that your words that are inspiring the youth (me included) to do better by themselves and their communities are the real doctrines of Islam. I really hope that you read the Quran instead of reading about it and I really encourage you to do so. You'll discover something rather extraordinary, and you'll understand that the bad things does not come from the religion itself but rather from the bad preachers lurking around it.
    I may also recommend Jeffrey Lang's Even Angels Ask: A Journey to Islam in America.

    At last, I just want to thank you for all the wisdom you're sharing with us and for the firm stands you're taking to defend your views it's been really enlightening.
    Much Love, and may Allah brings you to his right path.

  14. As a Muslim I have to say, I disagree with premise that depicting the prophet should be killed or punished, especially if you want to start the discussion, now do I believe that you should be depicting the prophet is no, because I like every other Muslim with knowledge about Islam believes that the prophet must be depicted just not to make him into a godlike figure, but again I don't believ u should be killed or jailed for doing it. I think I would this with me saying as a Muslim as somebody from the middle east I believe that there is something deeply flawed with the Muslim community and that it should be fixed so that both Muslim and western nations could coexist in a peaceful and cooperative environment, I still don't know how, but I will do all which is in capabilities to make sure that those radical views are destroyed and replaced with better ones, the ones of the day where Islam was the center for technology where Islam pioneered into technological advancements just like the west today, where freedom of speech was a thing that is valued and protected. So please don't forget that not all Muslims believe in killing who depicts the prophet, we all have our believes

  15. no offense, Jordan, but Muslims don't have the intelligence to see what you are doing, nor do liberals. they only have crazed responses to anything that doesn't fit their delusional narrative to take over the world

  16. Any Muslim will refuse any statement talking badly about Jesus and Moses as well .. but there's truth to a point where speech become intentional provoking tho like someone looking for a fight

  17. Has anyone else wondered, why organized religions stem in Middle and Far East but not Western world? Maybe God decided eastern people needed it more than we do and those believes should have stayed in their originated places.

  18. The advantage of religion is the fact that it should be so completed that you don't even think about criticising it. That's one the main reasons why we should have a religion or even trust on a religion

    There should be something for human to trust on. For Muslims it's Islam. their religion.
    If you don't trust on GOD's said and the person whom he has sent to guide people… then what is the main reason of being created by him???

    Come on!

  19. Freedom of speech:

    The moment before a fight, 10 vs 10. The 2 leaders talk to each other, currently in peace.

    Kyle: what about you guys fuck off?

    What happens? Kyle 2 reacts, the only idiot who pulls out a gun…

    It's just a melody with two sounds representing both, this is destined..

    Not unlikely in a group fight no one really knows the one on their right. At the end the sane people think to themselves :those two idiots..

    Freedom of speech is a tool. Those who can't use it should be careful.. Those who can use it should be careful.. Views.

  20. Im a Muslim living in America. Legally we can say whatever we'd like. Mortally we should aim to strive to say what's right. And Muhammad, Jesus, and Moses were all respectable humans that deserve similar respect that we owe to our parents.

  21. YES you can. Don't listen to the lefties. Im a muslim and everybody have the right to say anything they want. It is only important, that every person is an different individual and please dont say that EVERY muslim is an terrorist. Thx ❤️

  22. I'm Muslim and I just heard about this motion just now through this vid. I guess the motion didn't "ban free speech" like many people were afraid of.

  23. Islam attacks everything, especially Democracy.
    Pls fight against the prehistoric ideals of this religion. Everyone.

  24. You're not supposed to talk disrespectfully of Isa(Jesus), Musa(Moses), Muhammad.. any of the Prophets.. peace be upon them all. In Islam backbiting and slander are forbidden of any person. Its permissible to warn against someone. If they are a danger to others or themselves. You can inform someone of someone's character so they can know if a person is a good potential spouse, business partner, teacher.. but to make fun of, to put down, to attack or assassinate their character.. or anyone is not allowed.
    If a Muslim is enraged by what people do and say about The Prophet Muhammad they are supposed to equally upset by what shows like family guy and the simpsons do to Jesus and Moses and the Creator of worlds.

  25. In Islam its not the deserving who gets 72 virgins in the afterlife. Its Allah/God who gets 72 virgins

  26. I do not care what you ve got to say about the prophet, he, himself, if you care to read some of his history, thing of which i am convinced you never did, he answered to people who insult him with complete indifference, and advised muslims to do the same.

  27. calling prophets with bad names doesn't prove your point, it makes you look an idiot, you can show where I might be wrong, but that doesn't give you the right to insult me. if I paint this picture and said is this the picture of JP'S wife? how do you feel? …or painting her in a bad way,, how is that make you feel? there is nothing wrong with the freedom of speech, but " is how you present it",, not all people are smart and intellectual or have a higher education, but all people have feelings . and you should respect that.
    PS ..this is not the picture of Mohammed,, is this your picture?

  28. Mister Jordan, I learned from you many things which are to my surprise missing in this video. Charley hebdoo and the Danish cartoonist made fun of others beliefs. Is that freedom of speech!
    Critising a belief and discussing it is way different from mocking its symbols.
    Am astonished why some one like you who is a model of truth seeking for me and millions of people does not read the Quran and come up with a true perception on it rathar than saying I dont know much about Islam. Finally, I learned from you that most important lesson a person could learn, is this what lies underground in the realm of his own fear. So I am just asking what if this lesson for you is in the Quran. I truely hope that you read it because I know a lot of ideas and notions that you hold are deeply rooted in Quran…

  29. When you want to criticize for the purpose of learning, delivering a good message or to clear something it’s good, but if you want to criticize to provoke, to hate & to show that you have the freedom to curse & insult, that is not freedom.. that means you are an as*hole

  30. If want to call your Prophets that we all (Jewish, Christian and Muslim people) believe in despicable names like murderer and bastard, words the Muslims do not attribute to them, you are free since your attacking your own religions not ours. But to go out of your way to attack an other religion in the name of freedom of speech and actually believe that you have a moral stance is utterly appalling. If you had a functioning moral system, you would say the Muslim revere our Prophets and have never called our Holy Books despicable names as we call theirs. Your moral system only works against far-Left idiots who want to fix problems by flipping everything the other way around instead of finding the source of the issues and dealing with them properly, and that is not something to be praised for, it is just common sense.

  31. I am a practicing muslim, and a revert (note not convert) from aetheism, God forgive me. You have the right to say and do as you please. Islamic doctrine does not encourage or even permit assassinating someone for drawing a picture of our Prophet praise be upon him. It is outright murder. I dont hold all Christians accountable for Hitler or white supremacists actions, but thats just me.
    I'm surprised for all your enlightenment you havent been able to surmise that islamaphobia is a calculated agenda of the oligarch a la divide and conquer us muslims or monotheists / misdirection of masses to unite against a false enemy so the real tricksters can hide in plain sight . ISIS was created by the CIA: the propaganda photos of isis are poorly done. Muslims all pray facing the one direction, Mecca, and the extremists in the aforementioned photos pray in a semicircle each facing a different direction. Not so attentive, but here's hoping also not so blind as this eerie mind control-esque video suggests. Open your heart and mind JBP you just might be pleasantly surprised.

  32. "If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.
    " – Winston Churchill.

  33. Criticizing does not mean cursing or defamation.
    Not only on prophet Mohammed, it should be on all prophets and people.
    "Free Speech" does not exist in any country or society.

  34. Well I say as I see and facts dictate!….
    Muhammad was a schizophrenic looney tune
    Allah was a voice in his head
    He was a child abuser
    Slave owner and enabler
    He fulfilled 0 prophecies
    Performed 0 miracles
    He was lice ridden
    Believed trees, cows, stones and ants could talk.

    Allah isn’t the god of the Bible, he’s a moon god called almanac!

    Quran is corrupted not only in present form but also by the Sana’a palimpsests, and the fact there’s 31+ different qurans!

    One Muslim wants to prove Islam, allah, Muhammad and the Quran as true then Muslims have to explain the following….

    Allah, Muhammad and Quran claim Mary the mother of Jesus was the sister of Aaron and Moses!

    Allah, Muhammad and Quran got the trinity wrong!

    So until Muslims can either prove the claims allah, Muhammad and Quran make, or concede and admit that allah, Muhammad and Quran got both facts wrong. Islam, allah, Muhammad and Quran remain exposed and proven to be false!

  35. If those are pictures of Moses and Christ then it is a picture of Mohamed, Mohamed was described many times, reason there is no picture of Mohamed is because there was no cameras back then and muslims don’t want to give out a false image, unlike in Christianity, i heard from a lot of people that Jesus was black, such misunderstandings is what muslims are avoiding, Prophet Mohamed is a human being

  36. I ask you to know Islam before say anything about it because ther is two billion people are muslims so show some respect.

  37. As a Muslim myself I’m gonna say: This is a picture of Mohammad if you want it to be. I’m rational enough. I just wait for you to ask me questions whatever they are.

  38. The truth is, the Christian nations have fallen, gone are the jam-packed churches, Christianity has fallen, but not to another religion but to atheism,
    before the atheist start celebrating consider this, what if a major war breaks out? what do you fight for? before all countries united for a cause but atheists have destroyed Christianity, churches are empty, neglected only used for funerals but for some odd reason everyone wants to draw a picture of a Muslim prophet, have you all lost your minds, I believe in God, I do not think my answer to what I did in this world "i wanted to fight for the right to draw a picture" will do me any favors,
    The atheists destroyed Christianity but not overnight, look at youtube every second video is an atheist boasting about owning a person following a religion,
    "a fool has said in their heart there is no god" Fools is what God called atheists before the word atheist was around, and to be honest if you think the reason why you have been created was to draw a picture then well done indeed you are a fool, good luck with your picture but will not waste my time worrying about a picture especially when it's my soul that's on the line ,

  39. From wikipedia: Several previous motions in the House of Commons have singled out individual religions in a similar manner (for example, asking MPs to condemn anti-Semitism).[11] Conservative MP Michael Chong pointed out that the House of Commons had previously passed motions that denounced hatred against Jews (on February 22, 2016), Yazidis (on October 25, 2016) and Coptic Christians (on October 17, 2011).[9] What are you freaking out about? FYI I find Islam to be a VERY backward religion.

  40. You may question whatever doubt you have in your minds. You may also pose constructive criticism (if you think is required). But you do not have the right to degrade anyone's religion; be it christianity, jewism or any other religion. You may question anything that comes to your mind but don't be abusive or disrespectful. We Muslims keep Muhammad (SAWW) and all other Prophets that came to this world that includes Jesus (PBUH), Moses (PBUH) etc at the top of our Hearts and have utmost respect for all of them. So if anyone says something abusive to anyone of them we feel more offended than any non muslim would if someone abuses his mother or father.

  41. Wow, Dr. Peterson. If you wrote all of this yourself. You are great Sir. You are great.
    PS I am a Muslim and I love Dr. Peterson.

  42. Well people who mostly getting offended are those who doesn't know anything mostly about what they're following specially they just followed it as a figure that can't be questioned and for literally no reason to believe in what they're following they just know they're following this and bad to disrespect what they're following , for me I was atheist then agonistic then now Muslim Ik what I'm following very well , it's a right for everyone to know the ideology and question about beliefs and religions it always have existed in Islam , yes it is not appropriate to """ insult """ other's beliefs whatever they believe in but for sure questioning is always right and a path to find a truth of what this thing are in general , before people questioned and according to how deep and specific the question they get the answer and they discuss and not a single problem with that , as I consider myself a strong believer in what I'm believing because Ik it enough after studying it I can say most of the Muslim community sadly are completely "Ignorant"
    I'm with this idea of freedom of questioning and criticizing thess ignorant people will just continue to get triggered no wonder why they have the weakest believe in what they're following lol
    and for insults I think disrespecting through insults is a pretty weak way !

  43. Sir J. Peterson, you are a genius. Yet adding: To seperate The Message of the Books from the Human beings doing "errors" is a key word here.

  44. As muslim we respect your thought, see you can "write and draw anything you want" this what even Mohammed SWS will say it to you, and we still brother in Humanity

  45. No no no maybe you can’t read about it if already have a problem with it . Clear your mind than start to have knowledge of Islam . Read for yourself. Not to make a video . And if you finished the holy Quran and the sunnah than you can make your reflections but with out this knowledge you will not be able to judge our religion correctly.

  46. Mohamed was a medieval paedophile warlord who got revelations in a cave visited by an angel. Md. hated Jews, kafirs, gays, apostates of Islam and called for their death if they didn't convert. He called for the stoning of women for adultery. He demanded 'Jizya' from the 'Dimmies'. None believers had to pay taxes and tribute.
    He also called for the cutting off of the limbs of thieves. He took sex slaves among other heinous acts. He consummated his marriage with a 6 year old girl when she was 9. You asked… 'and Md. was'????? Well, there is your answer Jordan.

  47. Basically Islam holds Jesus and Moses at the same level of reverence as Mohamed, so criticizing any religious figures associated with Muslims in an Islamic debate context could be seen as a form of Islamophobia. But they won't see it that way because all they care about is the honor of their prophet, which by the way has been compromised a long time ago if we carefully read history. Of course some western countries have tried pushing these Islamophobia legislation which is nothing more than the offence of blasphemy put into law, and the question we need to ask is how do we reconcile that with the idea of a secular state.. But the underlying reason for it is actually fear, the fear that inadequate legal protection can lead to youth radicalization or even terrorist attacks from outside. So Islamic terrorism has lead to the stiffing of free speech in western countries, and they are probably counting that as a successful strategy since that is what is what it was meant to do among other things

  48. If one knows Scripture, some Babylonian, and Fallen Angel histories, one can SEE OBVIOUSLY from certain antique ottoman Turkish miniatures that not only was he a beheading warlord, but DEFINITELY journeyed to NOT heaven surrounded by NOT heavenly angels on a very unnatural BEAST.
    They want this information buried. Find the images. Run with them.
    Ephesians 5:11 EXPOSE THE DARKNESS
    Use their own art, their own history.
    Btw, I survived and escaped 18 yrs of sharia torture, but I've had Jesus with me since I was four, I'm nearly 50 now, I'd not survived without Him. Hold fast to Our Father's Love always.
    God bless you all.

  49. I am a Muslim born and bred in the uk. I hope muslins particularly in the west wake up and understand the agenda of those seeking to protect us. The blessed Prophet was a master of discourse and encouraged it. The legislatures actions is creating the extremities by preventing the conversation that is necessary. I hope Dr Peterson takes it upon himself to study the Quran to offer an analysis which I as a Muslim may nit have been offered previously.

  50. I have read so many comments with people saying they're Muslims/Ex-Muslims and that they would tolerate the idea of "hate speech" masked as "free speech". I'm a Muslim and I say otherwise.

    This topic IS and SHOULD ALWAYS BE very sensitive for many reasons, of which:

    For Christians: We can't criticize Jesus (PBUH) because he is mentioned in the Quran 25 times while Mohammed (PBUH) is mentioned 4 times; we love and admire Jesus.
    So we are asking you this (as a courtesy) don't hurt those who cannot hurt you. Furthermore, regarding 0:45 which I'd rather not write, it's completely false because Muslims and Christians alike believe in Jesus's Miracles (E.g. Healing the Blind & the Lepers) so why can you not believe in the Miracle of his birth ?

    To all others, I've quoted some verses from the Quran (Chapter No./Verse No.):
    "To you your religion and to me mine" 109:6
    "There is no compulsion in religion" 2:256
    Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed. *Allah does not like transgressors*. 2:190

    Finally, I don't think all criticism is bad, constructive criticism for example (Based on Actual Research & Evidence) is welcome but Hate Speech being called "Free Speech" is very disgusting and frustrating, and I'm not saying Dr. Jordan uses it, I hold very high respect and regard to this gentleman.

    Peace be upon you all. (Muslims and Non-Muslims)

  51. As a muslim i think everybody should have the freedom of speech about the quran or anything else, but hate speech is also a part of that freedom, and those types of speech provoques a lot of criminal actions, so where do we draw the line? Should we assume the violence that comes with hate speech?

  52. I am muslim…As a Muslims we bear witness that Jesus(peace be on Him) was Born without Male intervention which was a Miracle Done By God…as a Muslim we have to Believe Jesus as a Messenger of God…And some words you've told at beginning abt Jesus was Embarrassing to hear.

  53. “I ask muslims worldwide, can I say anything else ?”……………

    “..Because if I can’t, it’s not Islamophobia..”

    (Jordan Peterson, 2017)

  54. Yes say anything else, and we'll easily respond

    It is mostly the typpical stuff we answered before, so it is not an issue

  55. Qur'an: "(140) And it has already come down to you in the Book that when you hear the verses of Allah [recited], they are denied [by them] and ridiculed; so do not sit with them until they enter into another conversation. Indeed, you would then be like them." Surah An-Nisa [4:140]. Even Qur'an said, "So do not sit with them until they enter into another conversation". let them talk and leave if you don't like it.

  56. This is not a picture of Mohammed. I really respect you, there's no wrong to criticize a person, especially you, you're a professional in " how people think ". the reason for this heat is that there are great love and respect for this great man Mohammed. I fell in love with you, so I kept chasing your lectures on youtube and searching on how is your reaction after you read his full bio. wich I beleave you'll do it honestly.

  57. I get that I really strongly encourage free speech, but as you said, where do you draw the line ? Where do you say stop to the bully, I mean charley hibdo was straight out bullying

  58. Muslims are not OK with you calling Muses as murderer, we are not OK WITH SAYING JESUS is a bastard, we believe that he is the word of God!
    With the same concept, we are NOT OK with talking badly about the prophet Muhammad.
    It is very sad to see learned man like yourself talk about muslim believes without actually understanding it

  59. Oh canada, how convenient! You’re totally cool if we fuck with Moses and Jesus because they weren’t at all profets in the quran too now were they? Fucking ridiculous.

  60. you do not really know what Mohammed mean to 1.8 Billion Muslim in the world , and its ok
    you can start by simple question for any muslim , if i want to curse , do you prefer me to curse Prophet mohammed or you Mom & Dad ? and then you will understand…

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