2019 Best Action Films

2019 Best Action Films

(Dark-pulsing music)
who are they ? It is all ok, i tell you later… What are you doing here ? Where iis it ? we two fight it out please Keep my Family out! you put they yourself in you fucking traitor i ask the last time, where is it ? Nooo (Dark-pulsing music) (Woman) “I always wanted
just grow up Now I see the world as it is. Everything you love can be in one
a single moment disappear. ” Fabi saw me when we came in.
Now he ignores me. Well, maybe he’s waiting
to the right moment. The guy is such a fail.
– But a very sweet fail. Let’s Dance. (Electronic music) (Incomprehensible) The one guy at the bar …
– Do you have fire? Yes.
– Thank you. Ah, that’s cold. Do you want to have my scarf?
– Yes, thank you. I love that anyway. Are you stupid?
– (cell phone beeps) He wants me. Fuck.
– What’s happening? My dad is stressing because of it
the mountain tour tomorrow. Sweet, that you are going away together.
My parents never do that. It just annoys me.
– (friend) girls, we go in. I have to drive.
– Oh, dude! (Cellphone rings.) You write me, okay?
– Yes, sure. Get him. (Electronic music) (Door squeaks.) You should be home at eleven. Over two hours ago.
– I went first! If we make something,
do you stick to it? You are a control freak.
– I want to be able to rely on you. We want to start tomorrow really early.
– You, not me. Oh sweetie. Did we wake you? Excuse me. Come on, I’ll put you to bed. (Music box plays a sad tune.) Good night. (Mobile alarm rings.)
– (Beat) Lu … Lu! Wake up. It starts. What time is it?
– You know your father. He hates traffic jam. Come over. Come on. Good Morning. (Dark-pulsing music) (Child) I open the door.
– (mother) Hey, slowly! (Mother) I help you.
– (father) Strong. (Lu) I do not have a net.
– It comes and goes. As in life. (Child) Luna! Luna, look what I am
have done for you. Thanks, that’s nice. Ah! Ow! Leni! (A bird screams.) (Spherical Music) (Steps) Was I one too? Clear. Mama does not need to know that.
I do not do that anymore. And the box, the
you hide at home? I sometimes forget
how old you are Do you have any plans yet?
To study Abi medicine? No idea. Maybe I will become a consultant like you.
– Business Administration? Please do not. Then at least I’ll come around. Father. No matter what, I love you
more than anything else in the world. Now I’m not feeling sentimental. Do you want to go out? Yes. (Dance music from the headphones) (Cell phone buzzes.) Julia! Julia! Did something happen?
– Get Leni, go in the car. What is it?
– Do as I say. I’ll get Luna. Luna! Luna! Luna! (Music via headphones)
– Luna! Come back! Hello. Jacob! Who are they?
– I’ll explain it later. What are you doing here? (Dark music) (Leni) Luna! Luna!
– (mother) Leni. (Mother) Leni!
– (Leni) Luna! Lu …
– (shots, screams) (Father) No! (He’s sobbing.) (Dark-pulsing music) (Father) Ah! Ah! Father! Father! (Shots) Ah! Father! (Father moans.) Keep walking! Luna! (Shot) (desperate) Daddy! (Shot) (Exciting music) (Luna screams.) Aaaah! (Dark-spherical music) (She is breathing heavily.) (Party music and loud yelling) (Oppressive music) (Voices and laughter) (Male voice) Can I tell you
what to bring? What to eat? Say, if you need something. (Door is closed.) (Steps move away.) (Radio) “Operations center to all units. A girl, about 16 years, has appeared in our station. She is in shock and does not speak. A violent crime is
not be ruled out.” (Cellphone rings.) (via radio) “A colleague
from the KDD is on the way and will pick up the girl. ” (Incomprehensible radio message) (Radio) “… and bring
him to his parents. ” Hey. I am Kathrin Schulz
from the Kripo Munich. Here is something to wear.
Maybe not your size, but warm and dry. (Tense music) I’ll take you to Munich. Then we look for your parents. Stop. (She chokes.) (Luna vomits.) (To cough) Here. Please, tell me what happened. (Ominous music) There were men like that. They all shot.
– Shhh. You’re safe now, yes. (Ominous music) Would you recognize the men?
– Yes. Yes. Good. (Moaning and coughing) (Dramatic music) (Luna screams.) No! No!
– (Engine starts.) Help!
– (Car accelerates.) Help! (Knocking and screaming) Gentlemen…
– Mr Behringer, I have to speak to you. And not only he, also his
Wife and his daughter. The other daughter is missing. What do you think? That any of us
talked to the Russians. If that comes out, there is
Trouble, and not just for me. And what are we doing about the girl? We stay out as long as possible. (Cellphone rings.) (Tool jingles.) (Rumble) (Engine stops.) (Car door is opened and
slammed, steps) Ah! (Man) I am here to help you. Otherwise you would be somewhere in the woods
with a bag over his head. Listen. Your father and I were friends. The culprits will not
stop looking for you. I can get you to safety. I open it now. If you want to run away, then run. Come on, get in. (Car door opens.) (Door is slammed.) (Engine starts.) Who are they? They are from the Russian secret service. Like your father. Dimitri Petrovich Ignatyev. That’s the name of your father. Dimi has done business with the BND. When the leadership learned about it, they were
all nervous. I tried to warn him. You are one of those? We drive to me. There you are safe. Tomorrow morning you take the bus
To moskau. To your grandmother. I do not have grandparents anymore. (Rhythmic-enthralling music) (Baby cry, angry woman’s voice) Mr. Rahmani, the garage light flickers. Do you fix it?
– I will do it. (Man) Thank you. Come in. You need a Russian passport. I’ll be right back. (Door falls into the lock.) (Sad music) (Exciting music) (Tooting) (Girl) “Hello!”
– (party sounds) Hello, Charlie, it’s me. (Computer Signal) (Charlie) “Wait, I’m going out. Why do not you answer my messages? ”
– “I had no net.” “I was worried.” Yes?
– (Agent) “I have her.” She is with Rahmani. you
phoned her girlfriend. OK. Andrej! “Can I have your scarf
still have a little bit? I’ll go tomorrow
to the cinema … with Fabi! ” Yes, sure.
– “Hey, is everything okay with you?” Charlie, I …
– “Ah, Fabi, stop it! Sweetie, leave us later
to phone. I have to go. I love you. Ciao. ” (Busy tone) (Wistful oriental sounds) (Be right) (Voices and laughter from outside) (Clattering) (Tense music) (Charged music) (Door squeaks.) (Dark music) (Woman) Is there who? Who’s there? Be quiet. You’re welcome. Help! (Exciting music) (Hammer) Do it now! Mach. (Hammer) (Engine starts, tires squeal.) How did they find us? Did you phone?
– no. No? Only briefly. Man! They know now that I’m you
helped. Do you know what this means? I’m so sorry.
– Shut up. (Cellphone rings.) What do you want?
– (Agent) “Listen.” That with Dima and his
No one wanted that family. “I know how important he was to you. But he was a traitor. Bring us the girl,
then we talk about everything. ” Fuck you. (She starts, breathing hard.) (Distant horns) Do I get one too? They just get away with it, or what? We have to go. We leave the car here. A Russian passport,
Driver’s license, prepaid credit card. In Moscow, a friend is waiting for you. It is time. What is your name?
– Hamid. (Radio) “The news of the day: After the bloody deed in the Alps searches
the police to Luna Fürthauer. She was briefly in the care of
Police and is fleeting again. ” “The girl seems
hard to be traumatized, has delusions. She could do something to herself. We assume that
the father committed the act and then killed himself. ” (Tense music) What shoud that?
– I want you to pay for it! And how do you want to do that? You do not know who you are dealing with. My dad has business
made with the BND. They help us.
– I’m not a traitor. But. Are you. When you helped me,
you had decided. Okay, I’ll do it alone. You are as stubborn as your father. (Cellphone rings.) Yes?
– “My name is Rahmani. I knew Dimitri Ignatyev. ”
– What do you want? “With you about a cooperation
speak. Odeonsplatz, in an hour. ” Drive to the city center. Naturally. Mr. Rahmani, I suppose.
– What was the deal with Dimitri? You are from the secret service.
I can not tell you. I was. Let’s say I’m out
withdrawn for private reasons. Dimitri has for us
Information collected. We had him unmasked. He should give us info
deliver via the Russian network. If I do that, Make sure yours
To be turned off pursuers? For sure. Bring me what Dimitri
had for us. Then yes. I would like to do more for the girl but there is a leak
Place in my department. Clear. Only your father and I know this place. Your father documented his
Work better than anyone else. We have to find clues
what he had for the BND. How long has he done that?
– 20 years. Did my mother know about it? Why does he have a file about her? We do not have time for that.
– I want to know. We should not notice. Adapt us, find a job …
– … marry, have children. Are there any files about me?
– no. Crap! No! Do you know why he switched sides? The BND has unmasked him.
They wanted to lock him up. Your sister and
you would have been separated. He chose the family. (Melancholic music) (Someone’s Knocking.)
– Yes. They wanted to talk to me.
– You sit down. Hamid Rahmani. Does that tell you something? FSB?
– Yes, earlier. Now he has Dimitri’s daughter with him. He wants us all
supply Russian network. That is very good.
– Yes. But he should not do it alone.
– We search in the Darknet. Dimitri has an online back-up
with all information. Good. If you find something
bring it to me right away. Naturally.
– And something else: Everyone in the department is being screened. Telephone calls, accounts, who and when
with whom in bed was. Everything. I want to know who betrayed Dimitri. This makes me unpopular.
– Are you with me because you love me? So please! That’s what your strong ones hold
Shoulders off already. Thank you. Ludger. I count on you. In your flat… Hm? There was such a picture. Is that your family? Yes. But they do not look like
Russians. Rather like Arabs or something. Pashtuns. From Afghanistan. And why is an Afghan working?
at the Russian secret service? Eat your noodles. Do you sometimes see your family? No. How so? There is Internet.
– They are all dead. Skypen would be hard. (Clanking and jingling) Hey, wake up. Did you find something? A bunch of keys and one
Address List. That’s the track. What do you want to do now?
Depart all addresses? Do you have a better idea? Fully comprehensive, Ms. Sorokina? Naturally. (She says something in Russian.) I probably said it wrong. “You are a beautiful woman.”
I caught that one time. Good ride. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. (Suspenseful, rhythmic music) (Exciting, fast-paced music) (Exciting music) (The girl laughs.) We go. There is nothing left here. Luna … Come over. Whatever your father found, it’s gone. They blurred their tracks because
they knew he was betraying them. Did my father kill someone? That was not his job.
He collected information. What was your task? I was a soldier. Soldiers are only in the war.
– There is war, even if you do not see him. I’ll get a coffee.
– Hey. I can do it alone. Two coffees please.
– Clear. For you and your dad? Yes. Is everything okay with you?
– Yes. How so? You look so sad. Do you want something sweet? is
good against bad mood. Thank you. Do you know what is good? On
Colleague of mine will hang up later. After Hour. So if you’re upset … I’ll go there later too. Maybe. Wait … here. That’s him. (Electronic music from the headphones) Yes. Good. Yes, no?
– Mm. (Tense music) (Policeman) n ‘evening. Toilet? Once left down. Good evening. Good evening. Your coffee. A box of the lights, please. And could you do that here?
Hang up somewhere? Real sad number: The father
shoots the whole family and then yourself. The girl survives as the only one. The little girl is so fucked up.
– Yes, that’s pretty blatant. Thank you bye. Your coffee! Young lady, wait! Tell me … Do you hear hard? Turn around! (Hamid) Very quiet now. Hamid!
– (Policeman) Weapon off or I’ll shoot! Ben … Do not shit. Ben. Gun down!
– Ben. Now put the gun away! Away with it. Luna, get in. (Tires squeal.) Hamid?
– Yes? What’s this? – What you need
to observe someone. (Hamid) Viktor. He watched him. (Dark music) Crap. (The voices of the family over radio) (Ludger) What’s up?
– We found Dimitris traces in the Darknet. He saved data on an encrypted
Server. Should we crack that? Still waiting. I have to
to be blessed first. Good work. The appointment at 15:30 clock I will
can not hold. Ah, Ludger. What’s new from your IT people?
– no. But it’s our turn. I hope so. (A cellphone rings.) (Incomprehensible) (Ring) (Ludger) “Dimitris data
lie on a server. ” “I put all my men on it
at. Send me the IP address. ” Hurry up. I can mine
Do not hold people long. Who was he talking to?
– That was the mole in Behringer’s department. They will have the data soon.
– And what are we doing now? Viktor is our lead officer.
It’s all over him then. That’s our chance. We wait here. (Voices on the monitoring system) What does the BND do with it,
if we bring you the data? He will not be able to do anything to you. They lock him up for a few years. And swap it for one of their agents. This is a murderer. He must not walk around freely.
– Officially, he does not exist. I know. That does not feel right.
– Yes. I was younger than you when the
Russians invaded us. My dad traded with the soldiers. He was a traitor to the mujahedeen. That was our death sentence. In the night, when she
I was not there. Coincidence. What had you done than?
– Nothing. I hid myself. Otherwise
they would have killed me too. Your father was a young soldier.
He took care of me. Smuggled me to Moscow. He became my family. (He turns off the monitoring system.) Yes! (He laughs triumphantly.) What do we do when this is over? You get a new one
Identity. Can stay here. That’s what happened to Behringer. Thank you. (Ring) (Agent) “I have the package.”
– (Viktor) “Finally good news. Send me everything on a secure channel. ”
– “Okay I’ll do.” I’m going over now.
– What? Once he’s done, clear
he the data. You stay here. You are not alone.
– Luna, please. If I have the laptop,
Let’s meet below. Do not worry. (Tense music) (Threatening sounds) (Charged music) (A weapon is loaded.) (Klacken) (Shots) (Hamid moans.) (Door is opened.) What is?
– This man wanted to break in. (Woman) Everything okay?
– Yes. Go to Paul, shut up
call and call the police. “Run, damn it, run!” Without you the girl will not get far. I had no choice.
You have to believe me. Let him go! Away from him. (Threatening sounds) (Victor screams and falls to the ground.) (He moans.) Father!
– Stay back! Hamid. (Tense music) (Hamid moans.) (Police siren howls.) Stand up! Come over! (Sad oriental music) Ah… Stay there, I need you. I’m so sorry. (softly) Luna, go. What? No, Hamid. Hamid! (softly) Hamid. (Melancholic music) (Sad piano music) (Music box plays a sad tune.) (Melancholic music) (Sad music) (Clattering) (Hopeful music) I can only vaguely feel
what you went through. So if I …
– What do you intend to do with the data? They are in the best hands with us. And my promise to sir
I think Rahmani of course. We draw the murderers of yours
Family out of traffic. Maybe you find in one
Foster home a home. And the others, the
my father was watching? Do you pull that out of circulation? This is more complicated. Digging out the Russian network with us, could endanger our people in Russia. With your father’s data
can we steer the situation? We have our methods. And everything goes on as usual. You can cover up all the shit and become BND staff of the month. You are angry…
– My whole family is dead, because others do their dirty work. First my father … then Hamid … They did not care about the risk. Their methods are shit.
– Where do you want to go? You will hear from me. My name is Luna. My father was
at the Russian secret service. Because he wanted to get out,
my family was murdered. All that the BND wanted to cover up. But I will not let that happen. A friend once said, this is the place
a war that you do not see. Now you can see him. (Narrator) “The Office for the
Protection of the Constitution … ” “Secret documents …”
– “… alleged agents …” “Thanks to information in the
Internet were distributed, an agent network was dug up. ” “The goal of these missions was …” “The agents are said to have been
90s have operated nationwide. ” “Informants of the network
were identified. ” I did nothing! “Members of the network
threaten long prison sentences. ” “The federal government
denied speculation about an involvement of the
BND or other authorities. However, the pressure on the BND is growing. ” “A situation like the Cold War. Relations with Europe
obviously do not care about Russia. ” “Two decades after
the end of the cold was Russian spies continue
to operate in our midst. ” Police! “Allegations naming the
father as the suspect, have been discarded. ” (Incomprehensible calls) Father! Charlie. I was so worried.
– No, do not cry. Everything will be fine.
– I thought, I’ll never see you again. I have to go away for a while.
– What? Equal? – Please do not worry.
I can take care of myself. What you up to? I am looking for my family. See you, yes? Take care of yourself. (Hopeful music)

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