G’day it’s Dash how are you all going? I hope you all well and heading off to the Royal Geelong Show again at the Geelong Showgrounds Also check out my artwork channel at Enjoy So I’m there now Although it’s a bit windy and hope it doesn’t rain Pigeons Hello again Hello, hello Special breed award Well done Free Lie Detector Test Grab that Are you a good person yes or no? Yes, I’m a good person Ohhhh!!! [laughs] It doesn’t want to go [laughs] So the show again was great went on a few rides and hopefully to go on more next time Thankyou for watching Feel free to drop a like, comment, share this video, share any of my videos, or subscribe to my channel, subscribe to my art channel and catch ya later, until next time

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  1. Oh you shaved? Awesome, thismvid also awesome, i mean i wanna go to gelong so badly, ik when i get older i am going there

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