2020 October Democratic Debate in Ohio | The Daily Show

2020 October Democratic Debate in Ohio | The Daily Show

Coming into this debate, there have been
a lot of new developments. All right, Elizabeth Warren
has surged in the polls. Joe Biden and his son
have become targets of the Trump administration. Bernie Sanders had
a heart attack. And last week, Pete Buttigieg snuck into
his first R-rated movie -(laughter)
-But… by far the biggest development
since the last debate has been the impeachment inquiry
into President Donald Trump. So that was the first topic
of the night. I don’t really think
this impeachment process is gonna take very long,
’cause as a former prosecutor, I know a confession
when I see it. This president
had obstructed justice. This president,
on three occasions, three occasions,
has invited foreign governments and heads of government
to get engaged in trying to alter our election. We have to impeach
this president… He lied to investigators,
obstructed justice, fired James Comey,
head of the FBI, tried to fire Mueller… The president ten years,
or a hundred years from now, will look back at this moment
and draw the conclusion either that no one
is above the law or that a president
can get away with anything. Okay, I hear what you’re saying, but let’s be honest,
the way the planet is going, in a hundred years from now, the president isn’t gonna
be worried about impeachment, he’s gonna be worried
about the price of lizard blood. -(laughter)
-And as for Biden, his question was
a little different. He was asked why it’s not okay
for a president’s family to be working with foreign
businesses and foreign companies but it’s okay for
a vice president’s family to do. And I… I think I get
where he was going, but it took a while
for him to get there. Look, uh… my son did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. My son’s statement
speaks for itself. What I think is important is we focus
on why it’s so important to remove this man from office. On the 17… Look, the fact that… George Washington worried… on the first time he spoke
after being elected president, that what we had to worry about
is foreign interference in our election. Okay, one minute
he’s talking about his son, then it’s George Washington,
then something about the 17? Like, Joe Biden is the only
candidate who remixes his speech while he’s giving it. He’s just like,
“Removing this man from… (imitates record scratching) “…seven, on the sev,
seven, seven, sev, 17th, and the fact,
that the fact that…” This is, like,
a weird thing that he does. And aside from impeachment,
aside from impeachment, health care was
a major topic tonight, with the standard debate about
whether government-run insurance should be an option
or the only option. But the thing
that got the crowd going was when the O.G. of Medicare
stepped into the game and showed everyone why they should put respect
on his name. The issue is whether the
Democratic Party has the guts to stand up
to the health care industry, which made a hundred billion
dollars in profit. Whether we have the guts
to stand up to the corrupt, price-fixing
pharmaceutical industry, which is charging us
the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. -(applause) -And if we
don’t have the guts to do that, if all we can do
is take their money, -we should be ashamed
of ourselves. -Thank you. Ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai!
Bernie Sanders! -(cheering, applause)
-You can’t deny it. You cannot deny it.
No one speaks about health care with the passion
that Bernie does. I also have a suspicion that
that’s the same speech he gave every time the nurses tried
to give him pills. He was like, “No more pills! “I have the guts to stand up
to the pharmaceutical industry! I just need a nap.
I’ll be fine!” Now, you probably
didn’t notice tonight, but one of the 52 candidates
on stage was Tom Steyer, right? Hedge fund billionaire
and scarecrow from Oz. And… most people, most people only know Steyer
from his TV ads where he calls on
President Trump to be impeached. And if you think about it,
it’s a pretty cool perk of being a billionaire. You can just buy ads on TV
and make everyone listen to what you want
to talk about. Yeah. Like, if I was a billionaire,
my ads would just be petty. You know, I’d be like, “Hello,
I’m billionaire Trevor Noah, “and my Thai food was supposed
to be here half an hour ago. “Please, somebody call
the restaurant for me and see where it is.” Anyway, you may remember, Bernie Sanders, a few weeks ago,
made headlines by saying billionaires
should not exist. So, of course, the moderators
asked Tom Steyer, an actual billionaire,
about Bernie’s comment, and his answer
was not what you’d expect. Senator Sanders is right. There have been 40 years where corporations
have bought this government, and those 40 years have meant a40-year attack on the rights
of working people, and specifically,
on organized labor. I was one of the first people
on this stage to propose a wealth tax. I would undo every
Republican tax cut for rich people
and major corporations. Yes, the billionaire just said
the government needs to tax the shit
out of billionaires. And you saw Bernie’s face,
he was like, “Is this a trap?
Is this a joke? “Wh-What?
He’s taking my thing. You can’t take my thing.” And, you know, it seems weird,
but when you think about it, it actually makes sense. If you’re already a billionaire, you don’t want
more billionaires. Yeah, it makes it less special.
You’d be like, “Yeah, tax them. I don’t want
them becoming billionaires.” Yeah. It’s the same way
I think America has enough South African
late night comedians. Like, yeah. Zero was too few,
and one is more than enough. We get it. Apartheid.
We get it. Move on. We get it.
One’s enough. (cheers and applause) So the debate then moved
to foreign policy, in particular,
President Trump’s decision to pull troops
out of northern Syria. And although all the Democrats
had different proposals on how they thought they would
handle the conflict in the area, they all agreed on one thing,
that Trump is doing it wrong. What this president has done is that he has sucked up
to dictators, he has made impulsive decisions that often his own team
doesn’t understand. What he has done is wreck our
ability to do foreign policy because nobody in the world will believe
this pathological liar. This president is caging kids
on the border, and effectively letting
ISIS prisoners run free. This president has betrayed
American values… Turning the moral leadership of this country
into a dumpster fire… We have an erratic,
crazy president who knows not a damn thing
about foreign policy. Okay, okay.
Hold on. Hold on. You may not like Donald Trump
but you can’t say he doesn’t know a damn thing
about foreign policy. Because, unlike Trump,
not one of these Democrats has congratulated
the country of Nambia on their health care system,
all right? And maybe that’s because there
is no country called Nambia, but that’s not the point. The point is not one of you
can find it on a map! (laughter) Now, since the debate
was in Ohio, the moderators also spent time focusing on the opioid epidemic which has ravaged
the Buckeye State. And the candidates had different
thoughts on the problem but many of them agreed
on who should help solve it. Let’s go after these
pharmaceutical companies for what they’ve been doing
to destroy our country. They are nothing more than some
high-level dope dealers. Until we hold those responsible,
accountable for their actions– Purdue Pharma,
Johnson & Johnson, we’re gonna continue
to have this problem. The people
that should pay for this, that should pay
for the treatment, are the very people
that got people hooked and killed them
in the first place, and that is the people that are manufacturing
these opioids. Yeah. Yeah. I 100% agree with Klobuchar. Drug companies should
have to pay to rehabilitate all the people
that they got addicted, oftentimes on purpose. And you know what? It shouldn’t
just be drug companies. Every industry– If you create
something addictive, you should be responsible for
making it harder to consume. Like Oreos. If they’re gonna make those
cookies so goddamn addictive, the least they could do
is after, like, every fourth cookie,
put a mousetrap inside. Bam! Slows the addiction down. “Ow. I’ll try again tomorrow.” Yeah. Or, like, Pornhub. Pornhub– every hour
that you’re on there, they should randomly pop up
a picture of your grandmother. Just, you’ll be like,
“Ah! I guess I’m done. Hi, Nana.” But the elephant in the room
the whole night was Bernie’s heart attack. And eventually, the moderators
got around to asking about it in a very, very awkward way. There is a question
on a lot of people’s minds and I want
to address it tonight. You’re 78 years old and
you just had a heart attack. How do you reassure
Democratic voters that you’re up to the stress
of the presidency? If you’re elected you will turn
80 during your first term. Last month former President
Jimmy Carter said he could not
have undertaken the duties of the presidency
at 80 years old. Why are you so sure
that you can? If you win the presidency, you would be
the oldest president ever inaugurated
in a first term. You would be 71. Congressman Gabbard,
you’re 38 years old, and you would be the youngest
president if elected. Should age matter
when choosing a president? Okay. Okay.
Is it just me or did the moderators ask
everyone about their health just to hide the awkwardness
of them asking Bernie? Right? ‘Cause they were like,
“Bernie, heart attack.” Then they’re like, “But
everyone. Everyone. Everyone.” I even, like, get the part about asking people
about being too old, but asking Tulsi Gabbard
about being too young? Is that really a concern? “Tulsi, uh, are you too fit “and vibrant for the presidency? Is it possible you might die
of young age?” And that-And that wasn’t the
weirdest part of the night. The weirdest part of the night
might have been when Kamala Harris started
a real life Twitter beef. Senator Warren, I just want
to say that I was surprised to hear that you
did not agree with me that on this subject
of what should be the rules around corporate responsibility
for these big tech companies, when I called on Twitter
to suspend Donald Trump’s account, that you did not agree. And I would, I would urge you
to join me. Twitter should be
held accountable and shut down that site. It is a matter of safety
and corporate accountability. LACEY: Thank you.
Senator Warren, you can respond. So, look, I don’t just want to push Donald Trump
off Twitter. I want to push him out
of the White House. -That’s our job. But the way…
-But join me… -But the… -Join me in saying
that his Twitter account -should be shut down.
-But let’s figure… No. -Let’s figure out…
-No? (laughs)
Wow. Someone’s mad
they didn’t get a retweet. What happened there? It’s just like, “You didn’t… you didn’t say the thing
with me.” Elizabeth’s like,
“No, I don’t care about that.” I… And I’ll be honest.
I’ll be honest. I kind of understand
Warren’s point here. Like, we need Trump on Twitter. It’s the only way
we can monitor what he’s up to. Yeah, otherwise,
he’s doing that shit in secret. You got to think of Twitter like
a presidential baby monitor. That’s what you got
to think of it as. Yeah. The whole time you’re looking,
you’re like, “Hold on, hold on. “He’s awake, and he wants
to nuke a hurricane. I got to go.
I got to go. I got to go.” (laughter) But Harris,
Harris wasn’t the only one picking a fight
with Elizabeth Warren tonight. No, in fact,
as the evening went on, the attacks on Elizabeth Warren
only grew more intense. I want to give a reality check
here to Elizabeth, because no one on this stage
wants to protect billionaires. Not even the billionaire
wants to protect billionaires. Uh, we just have
different approaches. Senator Warren is more focused
on being punitive or pitting some part
of the country against the other. Your signature, Senator, is
to have a plan for everything– except this. I appreciate Elizabeth’s work, but, again, the difference
between a plan and a pipe dream is something
that you can actually get done. Damn. Elizabeth Warren
might have an even bigger target on her back now than Joe Biden,
and it makes sense. I mean, she’s risen
to the top of the polls, and now her competitors
have their sights set on her. And that, really,
was the big takeaway of tonight, is that they’re coming for you,
Elizabeth, and all I can say is
I hope you got a plan for that.

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