24 – Tamil Full Movie | Suriya | Samantha | Vikram Kumar | A. R. Rahman

24 – Tamil Full Movie | Suriya | Samantha | Vikram Kumar | A. R. Rahman

‘Megamalai’ Having separate connections
for both the houses is such a pain Till now whatever I have said is
the 1st limitation of my invention This machine capable of
magical wonders… …has a 2nd constraint What I mean is… …its limit An extremely crucial one Let me tell you abou- It will wor- Say ‘hello’ to your father He doesn’t want
you and me, right? This laboratory is
his whole world, right? Tell your father Priya Is this a playground? How many times have I told you
not to bring the baby here? This is full of chemicals Imagine if even a drop
falls on you or our baby? I didn’t topple anything All your son’s fault…! He has come here to give a gift
to his dad with so much love! And you’re scolding us Priya, watch your ste- ‘Let us not give your father
even a single gift’ Shall we keep all the gifts? Priya…? You mentioned a gift And then you walked off in a huff What was the gift? Happy Birthday You’re such an acclaimed scientist! You are not even aware
you should give a return gift! Gift?! Return gift…? Which means… …something is brewing
in your mind! What do you want me to give? Will you do it for me? Have I ever said
‘no’ to you? Tell me Don’t continue
this experiment Let go of it You are so deeply
involved in this research I am so worried it will
only lead to some disaster Priya…! This invention of mine
is 99% most unlikely to work But… …if at all …if at all it works- Even if whatever you are
scared about does happen… …I know I can fix it Whom am I doing all this for? For you And for our son What’s my little prince
complaining about now? He is hungry
Wants milk it seems – Hold him for 5 minutes
– Where are you off to? I’ll be right back – Priya…hey!
– I’ll be back I’m neck deep in work- Give me just 5 minutes Sweetypie No matter what anyone says
you are your mother’s pet Even when we admit you in school… …don’t take your father’s surname I will make sure
you take your mother’s name Are you okay with that? You will lie down
here for a while Lie down comfortably Rest a bit (baby crying) Oh…o…o
Why…why? Don’t cry, sweetypie Mother is coming I’ll ask your mother to sing for you Your favourite song, okay? (birds chirping) (water flowing) 1 minute…patience, dear (baby fretting) There you go (baby’s squeal of delight) He is all smiles listening
to his amma’s voice Mamma’s boy! “Our little bundle of love
You’re born to rule, sleep now” “Hush a bye baby
Sleep listening to this lullaby” “Our cherished flower scented sweet
You’re born to conquer, now sleep” “Rest, my little one so dear
Sleep, my treasure trove of laughter” “In the crystal depths of your eyes
all your sorrows will subside” “With the wave of your hand fancy
my world functions in normalcy” “In your every tiny heartbeat
my whole life revolves complete” “Hush, my baby
Listen to my lullaby” “Our little bundle of love
You’re born to rule, sleep now” “For every person born on earth
there is a purpose to unearth” “You are my expressive essence
You are my entire sustenance” “My penance paid rich dividends
I am blessed with you, my little prince” “Sleep, my pearl crescent of joy
Sweet dreams, my precious boy” “Sleep, my pearl crescent of joy
Sweet dreams, my precious boy” “Hush, my baby
Listen to my lullaby” “Our little bundle of love
You’re born to rule, sleep now” “Our little bundle of love
You’re born to rule, sleep now” Good afternoon, sir Has he started? I was with him
all morning, sir He should be
done by now He was supposed to
start by 4:00 p.m I heard sounds
from the lab He must have started Sir, I’ve been working
all these years for you You said you would
reward me suitably Priya…! Priya, it’s working Yes…! I did it My watch is working! Priya Priya? Priya? Priya In the same womb 36 weeks
we lay beside; cheek to cheek Within few minutes gap
we came out to our mother’s lap Identical in identity
Twins, you and me What was the difference in time
between you and me being born? 3 minutes Just 180 seconds Those 180 seconds
have moulded us Opposites of each other
180 degrees apart That’s time…! Look how it has
played in our lives Who can analyse time
better than you, right? Doctor Sethuraman You You are the perfect son A celebrated scientist The one who made
Phoenix Watch Company …India’s leading enterprise Model husband
Most loving father Etc…etc Etcetera! But I, on the other hand I am A brilliant villain Happy birthday,
my dear twin brother Where is the birthday gift
for your brother? I have come For my watch Athreya, just don’t hurt Priya Happy birthday …to me! Sethu Look at me Priya Search every nook and corner Hurry up I’m sure he must have
hidden the watch here Where is our baby? He is… …in the secret room Aiyo! Priya What happened? The watch It is with him – Mithra
– Sir? It must be in some
watch case, Mithra Please don’t tell him
where the watch is If he finds out where it is
he will kill our baby (baby crying) Silence! Sir We have looked everywhere, sir The watch is not here It must be here I heard their baby crying I want that baby – Go, search
– Okay, sir Where the hell is it? Don’t…! Don’t hurt her Priya Athreya She will suffocate She can’t breathe Athreya, don’t hurt her You are mistaken My experiment
is not yet done Give me 5 minutes I’ll make it work
and hand it over to you I swear, trust me ‘Priya…!’ ‘Priya, it’s working, Priya!’ ‘I did it’ ‘My watch is working!’ Think I’m deaf? Did you think I’m stone deaf? Poor Priya!
She may die What do you mean
‘She may die’? Let go Please…don’t kill her I’m begging you Priya Don’t cry Please don’t cry Stop! Over there (baby crying) (muffled crying) (Train whistling) Hurry You’ll be fine NO Go Move Faaaast! (baby crying) I’m sorry, my son (baby crying) GO Your beloved brother …did not have the heart
to leave his twin all alone For the last time Where is the watch? What you didn’t tell me Your son just did! You are a very lucky man Your birth day and
the day you died …are one and the same May you live long! (gunshot) Ten Nine Eight Bomb? Seven Six Five Four Three Two One Son, so far we heard
numbers in reverse Now let us listen to
letters in reverse, okay? Z Y X ’26 Years later’ Maaaa? Coming – Hurry up
– I am coming I have other customers to visit Wait, don’t hassle me The walls here are
covered with clocks But completely oblivious
to the value of time Come soon, ma I have other places to go As if people are waiting
spreading a red carpet for you! What’s wrong with him? He didn’t switch off the light When he gets the bill
he will get enlightened! Aiyo! I could have
got electrocuted Why hasn’t he fixed
this switch as yet? I’ve been telling him
like a broken record! Why are you so impatient? Can’t you see I’m coming? As if you will trade
something out of this world? You’ll throw away
your old junk I have boxes filled
with gold and diamond Why don’t you take them? Fat hopes! Finished breakfast? Of course! What is this box? Hey! How did this get here? Wait, let me take a look What do you use this for? I pound ginger and garlic
I hammer nails with it Prop up our chair
with a broken leg We even swat mosquitoes with it I can’t sell this This box is as old as my son! What is inside this box? Who knows? I tried opening it
for so many years I have no clue
what is inside Just unable to prise it open Give it to me
I can open it As if you can do what
we couldn’t all these years Give it here Maaaa? What? Give me the box
we use to break stuff Heard that? Didn’t I tell you
how useful it is! Now you know its value He was trying to
walk away with it Do you know its value? Watch me now Hey…! Haven’t I told you not
to show your face here? Anna, it was your mother
who called me to- Ma, you have too much
time on your hands Thanks to this chap, you are
trading all our vessels for plastic You are hell bent on
throwing away old stuff One day you’ll be
the only old stuff remaining And he will trade you
for a plastic bucket! Mother, of late your activities
are becoming questionable – Hey!
– Huh? Clear off! Hey! Haven’t I told you not to spit
your gum all over the place? It sticks to my slippers like glue Go, wretched fellow! Get out Why did you go out
without drinking coffee? – Eat breakfast
– What’s for lunch? It’s been ages since I tasted
your delicious fish curry Okay…okay How shameless can you get? Can shamelessness
satisfy hungry stomachs? Ma, where is that
wooden prop-box? Saravana has it Hey! What? Slide it over Here you go Enjoy Why are you still here? No, anna I was hoping I could taste
your mother’s fish curry Oh yes! I am here to cook
your favorite dishes 24×7 But do I have a daughter-in-law
to cook a single meal for me? Did you hear me? Loud and clear! To tick your wish list I have
a long line of to-be brides waiting Look at her, sir Such a beautiful girl But how tragic
she cannot talk – Poor soul!
– You mean this girl? Is this girl born dumb? She opens her mouth
you can see doomsday! She is the granddaughter
of that elderly gentleman She is off to Chennai
to study agriculture Why are all of them
into sign language? They treated one of their
family members too harsh She walked out of
the house many years ago That was on a Friday Repenting their rude behavior… …and not let their tongue run
in the words they speak hereafter …every Friday from
6:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m …they strictly follow
this vow of silence 6’o clock It’s 6’o clock now – Don’t talk to strangers, dear
– Make sure your phone is charged – Don’t forget to eat well
– Call us every day First get inside
and close the door Bye, Sathya
Go inside Grandpa (fire alarm announcement) Mithraaaaaa! Doctor Is it true
what I heard? It’s a miracle, Mithran Waking up from coma
after 26 years is a miracle But below the waist,
he is completely paralyzed But what’s amazing is… …his brain function
is absolutely normal Mithran? But we have a problem Mithraaaa! Why are you staring at me? Who are you!? Where is Mithran? It’s me, sir Mithra? What has happened to you? I’ve grown old, sir What- Which year is this? 2016 Two thou- 2016…? Get me a mirror Not now, sir You’ve just regain- Mithraaaa Didn’t you hear me? Bring it to me ‘May you live long’ Everyone wants to
live long and enjoy life But no one… …wants to live long
when they are old and grey Look at me I have aged without
having lived, Mithra I cannot live
this kind of life Those who were scared of me
will now be oozing with self pity I went after a machine to have
Time in the palm of my hands In the blink of an eye I have lost 26 years
of my precious life I want to get back
all that I lost Mobility, my youth, everything Doctor Take him to whichever
corner of the world Spare no expense But cure him I’ve been treating him
for 16 years till date If I could do so, wouldn’t
I have told you by now? I don’t want excuses Give me a solution I want the cure There’s only one way I know Go back in time
26 years ago Prevent him from being
involved in that accident In other words, it’s impossible Sir Don’t worry about anything Mithra Did you listen carefully
to what the doctor said? He doesn’t know it is possible
to go back 26 years in time But you and I know Where is that watch? ‘The house and lab
are still in my custody’ – Mithra
– Sir? ‘Good afternoon’ ‘The time now is 4:42 p.m’ ‘I am Dr Sethuraman’ ‘One among the many prestigious
watch manufacturing companies in India’ ‘…is our Phoenix Watch Company’ ‘We have manufactured
different kinds of watches’ ‘Now at a very basic level’ ‘What is a watch?’ ‘A device that shows the time’ ‘That is all’ ‘And as you all know…’ ‘…time cannot be
controlled by mankind’ ‘But what if we are
able to control it?’ ‘Project’ ’24’ ‘Priya’ ‘Is this a playground?’ ‘How many times have I told you
not to bring the baby here?’ Mithra Make this lab
the way it used to be! We can use this manual and
create the watch ourselves Right…let’s go Hear me out Youngsters nowadays
just can’t wait to get married The son I gave birth to
shows total disinterest Boys! Auto is here Sort all the items
and weigh them On your toes You were saying something What more can I say? How much longer
will I talk to myself? Why? Don’t I need a daughter-in-law
at least to fight with at home? I’ve spread the word in my circles
for a good match for your son Okay A lovely daughter-in-law will
soon land up at our doorstep Let me tell you
what I feel Mani’s time has come Everything will work
like well oiled clockwork Every time I talk to you
I feel calm and rejuvenated I’m glad The right girl for my son You are in charge That’s it Don’t even worry about it A wonderful girl will find
her way into your home! Be strong Mani Mani, where are you? Saravana…? I’m coming…coming What is this? Why do you leave
the shop unattended? I was here all this while
I went to attend to my customer Where’s Mani? Only 1/2 an hour ago he said
he would be back in 5 minutes He should be here
in another hour Someone will loot us threadbare Only then you will learn a lesson Hey! How long since I asked you to get
an electrician to repair that switch? I’ll attend to it I’m get electrocuted and then
it will be too late to regret What is this unique key? Wonder which lock it fits! Nair Hello, Nair Your wall clock is ready I told Saravana to give it to you He gave me the clock
But he forgot the winding key Typical!
Silly fool Just a minute It must be here somewhere Where can it be? Whose key is- Mani, my key Here it is Sorry, Nair I made you come back I gave the money
to Saravana Oh! Look at that! A watch No wonder What will you expect to find
in a watch mechanic’s shop? So the mystery of the prop-box
has been solved despite the build up! It never even struck me Looks quite new Project 24…? That’s strange! 24-hours dial ‘Mani!…?’ Hahn ‘Are you back?’ I’m back, ma ‘How many days I’ve been
asking you to change that switch?’ ‘Do you intend to or not?’ Shock- It isn’t a big deal, ma I’ll look into it My dear mother I managed to open that bo- ‘Hey! Mani’ ‘I heard a loud crash
What happened?’ Nothing, ma Nothing Hey! Mani Where did you disappear? You said you’ll be
back in 5 minutes Your mother yelled at me Okay, listen Khader from the tyre shop
collected his watch He paid Rs 150 Nair from the tea shop I gave him his wall clock You forgot the winding key…? That doesn’t matter He paid Rs 250 Then…listen Remember that ugly green
ladies’ watch you had? A soooper glam-doll walked in I palmed it off onto her I gave her a 10% discount – 10 %?
– Doesn’t matter Rs 800 for that watch All this adds
up to Rs 1200 For all my effort put into this I’ll just help myself to Rs 100 Hey! 100 bucks 100 is too much for you I’ll tell my mother Better not step in here ‘Hey! Mani’ ‘I heard a loud crash
What happened?’ ‘Hey!’ ‘Can you hear me or not?’ ‘I heard a loud noise’ ‘Nothing’ ‘Nothing, ma’ ‘It took you so long
to say this, huh?’ ‘Where did you disappear?’ ‘You said you’ll be
back in 5 minutes’ ‘Your mother yelled at me’ ‘Okay, listen’ ‘Khader from the tyre shop
collected his watch’ ‘He paid Rs 150’ ‘Nair from the tea shop’ ‘I gave him his wall clock’ ‘He paid Rs 250’ ‘Then…listen’ ‘Remember that ugly green
ladies’ watch you had?’ ‘A soooper glam-doll walked in’ ‘I palmed it off onto her’ ‘I gave her a 10% discount’ ‘Rs 800 for that watch’ ‘All this adds
up to Rs 1200’ ‘For all my effort put into this’ ‘I’ll just help myself to Rs 100’ See you Keep your watches clean ‘Stay right there
I’ll be back’ ‘Hey! Mani’ ‘I heard a loud crash
What happened?’ My respected mother! Nothing at all, mathaji ‘Hey! Mani’ ‘Where did you disappear?’ ‘You said you’ll be
back in 5 minutes’ ‘Your mother yelled at me’ ‘Okay, list-‘ Shut up Did Khader from
the tyre shop come? Yes – Did you give him his watch?
– Yes You took Rs 150? Yes Count…count and
keep it on my table Did Nair from
the tea shop come? – Gave him the wall clock?
– Yes Forgot the winding key, right? Yes Took 250 from him, eh? Yes Keep it on the table Remember that ugly green
ladies’ watch in the showcase? Yes Did a soooper
glam-doll walk in? Yes She flashed her close-up smile? Yes Did you give her
a 10% discount? Bloody idiot! You sold
that watch for Rs 800? Yes Keep that 800 on the table Now claiming you put in
so much effort… …you’ll take a kickback from me? Am I right? Hogger of the first order! Help yourself and go How did you get it
picture perfect right? Off you go, man Go and attend to your work Mani Hey! Just get out I say I’m leaving right now ‘Stay right there
I’ll be back’ Hello! Yes? Watch your step Sorry, sir
Thank you! ‘Instead of looking ahead
I kept turning back’ ‘Instead of looking ahead
I kept turning back’ I kept turning back- Instead of looking ahead Oh gawd! Damn What a sudden downpour All the clothes I washed
will be dripping wet now When you want rain
it will be so stubborn! And when you don’t want rain
it will have a mind of its own! All my hard work
is down the drain Sir Sir…sir 1 minute Could you tell me
the time in your watch? 10:30 ‘Come at 5’o clock, sharp’ What are you doing?
My shirt is getting drenched Water the plants
Not me, imbecile ‘Mani’ ‘I’ll just step out
for a while, son’ A groom is coming over to see
Kamakshi’s daughter Sudha I’ll be back in half an hour Don’t leave the shop
unattended till then Alright, take this with you What is this for? What if it rains today? April sun shining bright How will it rain today? No April showers, just take it
to protect yourself from the sun I’ve gone out
in the sun so often Why this sudden spurt
of care and concern? Mathaji! Catastrophes, apostrophes
with bed coffee and atrocities You are oblivious to! Listen to your
one and only son Take the umbrella with you I’m already worried about
finding the perfect match for you You’re blabbering
more than usual! Looks like my little faith
will also disappear Why are you like this? Take it with you You take care of yourself, son Bye Don’t leave the umbrella behind Okay…okay Freeze “Hail!” “The most proficient” “Monarch omnipotent” “Attend” “Hey!” “The ever talented” “King resplendent” “Descend” “No illusory power” “No magic spell either” “Not any sorcery” “Nor wizardry” “This isn’t maya” “Nor abracadabra” “No voodoo or hoodoo” “No mumbo-jumbo” “Has Time become my lady love?
An enchantress from above” “Is Time the enlightened visionary
who changed Einstein’s theory?” “I circled the celestial spheres
On my finger tips twirls success” “My life holds no fear
My heart has a four-leaf clover” “The key unlocked the box by fluke
Opened a new vista in my hands, look!” “Shall I tell you how to defeat death?” “I’m God’s favorite child on earth” “Has Time become my lady love?
An enchantress from above” “In the arms of Time cradled
even I become a child” “Holding my beloved’s hand clasped
we travel both to our future and past” “The moon and sun will be my toys” “A whole world’s lifetime
I’ll live in 24 hours sublime” “Welcome, the lucky one” “The enchanting magician” “The lucky mascot” “Forever rising to the top” “The omnipresent one, come” “The resplendent one, welcome” “The one who showers intelligence
The savior from heaven, descend” “The praiseworthy one, materialize
The messenger of change, rise” “The salt of earth, welcome
The diviner of change, come” “No illusory power” “No magic spell either” “Not any sorcery” “Nor wizardry” “This isn’t maya” “Nor abracadabra” “No voodoo or hoodoo” “No mumbo-jumbo” “Has Time become my lady love?
An enchantress from above” “Is Time the enlightened visionary
who changed Einstein’s theory?” “Is Time my beloved addictive?” “A damsel ever so exclusive?” Move aside Blocking my way Are you blind or what? ‘Why did you come this early?’ Excuse me My watch is broken
I need to fix it fast – When will that shop open?
– Anytime now Hey! Mani
Come soon Customer is waiting
Open your shop Please wait for 2 minutes Mani, can you hear me? Hurry up Help me down Lower me Sorry Sorry…sorry Let me down Careful My feet are on the ground Take your hands off! Won’t you be careful
while opening the shutter? Someone maybe standing out No concern at all? What if something happens? Are you okay? Are you hurt? Hope not Thankfully no But what if I had been hurt? Oh! No AIYAIYO! What happened? What’s wrong? ‘What’s wrong?’ Look at this! What? My watch broke You broke it It’s just a watch I can easily fix it for you I won’t pay a single rupee!
Because you broke it You don’t have to pay
I’ll fix it for you Please enter the dragon! Don’t forget I won’t even pay you
a single rupee! Okay, okay point noted Let me repeat I won’t give you
a single rupee! You don’t have to
pay me at all Give me the watch Wow! HMT watch! Model S 76 This is a rare collector’s item Of course This is my grandfather’s gift to me It’s his favorite, you know He won’t part with it to anyone I am his granddaughter When I moved here to study
he gave it to me with all his love Without a wee bit of compassion
you broke such a sentimental watch He gave it to me
with so much love Favorite watch Now I can’t even use it Listen Your grandpa’s watch
will be as good as new I’m a watch mechanic This is child’s play for me Keep chatting
I’ll get it done in a jiffy Right in front of your eyes,
I’ll take out my tool kit And watch what I do to
your grandpa’s watch! ‘Excuse me’ ‘My watch is broken
I need to fix it fast’ ‘- When will that shop open?
– Anytime now’ Bloody criminal! ‘Hey Mani, customer is
waiting, open your shop’ ‘Please wait for 2 minutes’ Just wait by the side here
He’ll come down now (loud thud) Aiyo! Please wait right there 2 steps back Can’t even enjoy
my bun in peace! What sort of life is this? Shucks! Hey! Stinko Where is that glam-doll? The one who was just- Blabbermouth! That HMT watch, model S76
with the broken glass Aren’t you here to
ask me to fix the glass? How do you know
my watch broke? And I am here
to get it fixed? I’m a watch mechanic, madam These are very trivial things for me I can hear it if any watch breaks
anywhere in this area Yeah! Please come! Enter the Dragon! Please come Go, go! Go work hard!! Come in! Carry on, carry on Watch, please Thanks What? Oh I see! Oh ok! Is it? Really now! Apparently, this watch has a
lot of sentimental value! Yes! But how did you know? I’m a watch mechanic, madam! ‘This is child’s play for me’ This is your grandfather’s
favorite watch Yes, it is He has never parted
with it to anyone When you moved here to study,… …he gave it to you
with so much love Am I right? Yes, but how do you know that? I’m a watch mechanic, madam All this is child’s play to me
As simple as a guppy! Generally speaking, I have a high
general knowledge quotient! The watch isn’t too damaged Only the glass needs changing If we could meet at around 2:00 p.m
the watch should be ready by then (phone ringing) 2:00 p.m sharp Yes, ma? Why are you so quiet? Oh! Today’s Friday? Are you angry with me? Cough twice
if you’re mad at me Have I forgotten something? Oh God! Grandpa’s birthday Is he next to you?
Give him the phone Sorry Happy birthday Forgive my ‘ghajini’ memory! Aren’t you my most
precious grandpa! Cough twice
if you’ve forgiven me Good I’ll call at 6:01 sharp
this evening You had better pick up Happy happy birthday What happened? All okay? My grandpa’s birthday I clean forgot I didn’t look at the date When will the watch be ready? I told you, at 2:00 p.m sharp
Ready with a new glass At 4:00 p.m I need to go
some place important Will it be ready
at 2:00 p.m sharp? You won’t send someone
to collect it, will you? You will come, right? Yes, I’ll be here at 2:00 Thank you so much Sir, careful Sir, let our researchers
continue at their own pace I have an idea Best Design New Talent Rolex Fancy dress? Doesn’t matter
I can add this too Neat Hi, please come
I was waiting for you Are you going out? Why? No You’ve changed your dress
That’s why I wondered Oh! You noticed And you said you were waiting I’m a watch mechanic
All this is child’s play- Please, sit down It’s so dusty Lot of things on the table So many awards! Are they all yours? I’m a watch mechanic, right? These things are
run of the mill stuff – Excuse me?
– Yeah! I’m in a little bit
rushed for time Is the watch ready? How much is it? You don’t have to pay Minor repair That isn’t fair
Just tell me how much! No- Okay, if you insist Let me bill it What is your good name? What? I need I need your name
for my bill Your name? Sathya Sathya? Such a sweet name Okay, your mobile number? What for? No, casually, for my
general knowledge In case of emergency,
for customer care Can you tell me how much?
I really have to go now Two hundred and… …forty seven rupees I would appreciate
if you gave me exact cash Hello Hello! What the hell are you doing? Aiyo! Just casually- Casual about what? What the hell is so casual
about ripping my tyre apart? It is normal for
watch mechanics to- What are you blabbering? ‘I would appreciate
if you gave me exact cash’ What happened to you? Watch mechanic, ma’am This is child’s play for me! – Are you okay?
– Yeah! This is just breathing exercise Your watch Exact cash Thanks 1 second Your watch This isn’t my watch My watch doesn’t show the date No…no
This is your watch This morning when you were
speaking to your grandpa… …you said you forgot
it was his birthday So I took the liberty of
adding the date for you I thought you would
find it useful Hope you like it Thanks a ton It’s okay I’m a watch mechanic All this is child’s play for me Okay, thanks Okay Bye Oh God! Why…what happened? I have a flat tyre It was fine when I got here This is a very dirty,
polluted area When I say chlorophyll and haemoglobin in
the air is high no one takes me seriously This looks like someone
took a green screwdriver And purposely ripped
your tyre apart Why are the insurance agents
and environmentalists nonfunctional? But how do you know all this? Generally- Didn’t I tell you? ‘Generally speaking, I have a high
general knowledge quotient!’ You don’t worry
I’ll drop you in my bike No, it’s okay I’ll take a 3 wheeler After all the trouble I took
to puncture your tyre! I meant your tyre is flat
And how troublesome! It happened outside my shop
I’ll feel better only if I drop you Why should you
go out of your way? I wouldn’t have it
any other way! This is no big deal
I can drop you Yeah? How do I tell you this? What’s the problem? I need to attend
an important event That’s why I borrowed
my friend’s scooty I brought a change of dress
with me to change at the hostel – But it’s late now
– My mother is at home We live just upstairs
You can change there Treat my home as yours – Come in
– Thank you so much Please come Like your own house Thanks ‘She stepped in with
her best foot forward!’ Yes, please come Ma…? – Ma…ma
– What? A customer needs to
change her dress here Are you running
a garment store? To change clothes here? Can’t a watch mechanic
do even this favor? – What’s wrong with you?
– She has a function to attend One lady helping another
I told her you are here Please come
She’s here already This is my mathaji I mean, my mother What’s your name, child? Sathya Really!? My name is Sathyabama too We share a name! Remember I told you
it’s a sweet name? Now you know why Actually, ma, my name
is also Sathyabama The girls at college
will tease me So I shortened it to Sathya It suits you
Come inside, dear Come in 1 2 3 My sari is stained What do I do now? It was fine when I packed it Ma, what is this? Bad enough a girl’s tyre
is not safe around here Now even her sari isn’t safe What are these anti-corruption
movements doing? Can I take a look? Spilt all over Looks like it is
a well planned ploy Looks like ink has been
splashed artistically! What a wretched fellow
with a disgusting mindset Now what do I do? Poor child! Ma, tell her I’m a watch mechanic, you know All this is child’s play for me Wait a minute Ma, come inside Where to? Come in, I say Quick! Give me your sari How can I give my sari to that girl? Who asked for your sari? That pink sari you bought
in Saravana Stores for Rs 8000 – You were ironing it this morning
– In your dreams! I bought that sari with
so much love for your wife-to-be – I can’t part with that
– Ma, don’t say ‘no’ You don’t realize the feelings of
the son you carried for 10 months! She is the one! Really? Don’t pull a fast one My God! She’s so beautiful! Did you find out about her family? Don’t frighten her away
with your over enthusiasm! Step by step, we shall
proceed slowly Okay…okay
– Give me that sari I’ll get it, you go You’re a darling! Does it look good? You look terrible Why? Then what? You know very well
you look gorgeous Then why fish for compliments? All these beautiful women
need a constant endorsement! You saw yourself
in the mirror, right? I really want to know
why even ask? Just… …casually! ‘Generally speaking, I have a high
general knowledge quotient!’ She forgot her ‘bindi’ ‘Flowers?’ What happened? Exercise My breathing exercise! What is happening here? I told you today is
my grandpa’s birthday Back home it will be
celebrated as a special day So I thought
I would come here That’s a lovely thought Thanks My pleasure Don’t You look beautiful ‘Bindi’ and jasmine
are perfect accessories Really…!
Let us…go ‘Stop blabbering, Mani’ Welcome, please come – Hello, ma’am
– Hello – This is Mani
– Good evening The food you ordered
has been delivered Siva, chair please Please sit Thanks (Cricket commentary) Cheer up, children Come and see the goodies
ma’am has brought for you Come on
Get up Let’s all eat India should have won At least for these kids
India should have won Just imagine how
they would have rejoiced! The kids would have
cheered and danced Our ear drums would
have been flat out! (cricket commentary) Hello? Yes, ma? What? I’ll be right there My mother on the phone Customer
I’ll be there right now I’ll be there
in 5 minutes, ma Okay…okay, ma (loud cheering) (loud cheering) Eat well, children Don’t waste anything Would you like some more? Dhoni did it The sixer just flew into the sky
I was so scared he would catch it Hi I heard we won As usual, Dhoni hit
a sixer off the last ball The kids must have been
so happy and excited They must have cheered
ripping your ear drums off You should have seen them But tell me this
Where did you disappear? I had to go- My mother called to say
a customer was waiting I went to see him The customer was at
Chepauk stadium, huh? Chepauk…stadium? I saw you
On TV! You were going home
Why were you at the stadium? You must have mistaken
someone else for me Don’t be a bluff master Same shirt
Same trousers Tell me the truth now You saw me
on TV for sure? I am 100% sure Gone case! What I was hoping won’t happen… …has happened What are you saying? This is a disease affecting
pretty, young girls Especially popular among
girls in your age group It’s called Imaginoromansophilia Imagino-what? Supposing you- If you love someone and
I don’t mean the normal kind If your love is strong and deep if you love him truly, madly, deeply Then whomever you see
will be like his clone! It’s called Imaginoromansophilia What is this nonsense? I’m in love with you?
And that too, strong love You’re getting angry instead
of me losing my temper! You just said
you saw me on TV Next it’ll be a hoarding,
And here, there, everywhere You’ll then say I fixed
the flowers and ‘bindi’ on you? – Look! This is too much
– Why? How will I fall in love with you? I saw you for 10 minutes in
the morning and 1 hour now – How can I fall in love so soon?
– Yeah exactly I should be saying all this You’re the one who claims
you saw me everywhere It’s called Imaginoromansophilia You’ve got it really bad I’ll prove it to you You don’t believe me, right? I’ll prove it Do you see that caterer? Can you see him? Look at him
You’ll think it’s me Please look at the dragon Hi Did you see me? He looked like my clone? Aiyaiyo! It has spread Don’t worry
I’ll be there for you Let’s check one last time
for our own confirmation Okay? Look at that gardener Hi What happened? I’m a watch mechanic Breathing exercise! The gardener didn’t
resemble me, did he? He looked ditto you! Whaaat? That gardener resembled me? Don’t you think this is too much? I’m basically a simple
watch mechanic I may help out for
the welfare of our nation But if girls fall flat
for such reasons! I understand You are different You love me sincerely
Truly, madly, deeply No, I don’t I don’t blame you It isn’t your fault
Don’t blame yourself But… …basically, I am
a watch mechanic I prefer to marry a girl
my mother selects And love her
till death do us part! Whatever you feel,
tell my mother directly But you do love me …deeply, truly,
honest to God And very sincere Please don’t forget that It’s a kind request See you Bye But SONG TO BE [email protected] ‘Today is August 15th’ ‘Not just our city, the entire nation
is celebrating Independence Day’ ‘They have organized
various programs’ ‘Call and tell us exactly what
Independence Day means to you’ ‘Husband endorsed
his wife’s secret lover!’ Yuck! And this hits the headlines! Subramani Mani, wake up Get up, Mani – Don’t bug me
– Wake up – Let me sleep some more
– Get up What? Aren’t you my childhood friend? – Yes, I am
– We are inseparable? All these years as a watch mechanic,
have you ever helped me? – No
– Not once, right? Read this ‘Golden opportunity
Prize money 5 crores’ They have promised
50 million for this watch 5 crores, imagine! Pay close attention
to what I’m saying How many heads will I tonsure
to earn this kind of amount? Mani, somehow make
a duplicate of this watch I’m sure we can get
at least 50,000 for it I’ll keep just 40,000
and give you 10,000 There’s something
called ‘hard work’! But please don’t say ‘no’ – Yes?
– Okay True to your name
you’re such a gem! ‘This has been with me
for so many years’ ‘But only now I realized
how unique it is’ ‘How is Phoenix company
aware of its existence?’ ‘If this company is offering
50 million for this watch… ‘…then they are also aware of
the time travel power of this watch’ ‘How are they linked
to this rare watch?’ ‘Then…?’ ‘How are they connected to me?’ ‘Who are they?’ Mani, did you
underestimate a salon? It’s like a school You broaden your mind
internationally there We make our clients read newspapers
and they share news generously Do any of your customers
read the newspaper? When I get the 50 million in my hands… …I will have gold scissors
and silver blades in my salon Don’t you worry, Mani I’ll take care of everythi- Wretched fellows! When did they start
reading the newspaper? All of them have duplicated
the watch to grab the prize money Mani, my childhood friend Will your watch
pass muster? Will we get anything at all? Stand in queue
I’ll be right back Goodness gracious! Yes, sir
Your name and address? Well, my name is Mani Mani Watch Works New #6
Old #16 Watchmaker’s Street Parry’s corner
Chennai – 1 Mani Token #144 I’ll be in my 70s
by the time they call us Okay
Sit here I’ll be nearby Call me when they announce
our token number Managing Director- Mithran Chairman – Athreya I can’t believe it, sir So many people- Mithra Let’s talk inside What is it, sir? You wanted to tell me
something urgent Mithra We have got it! What we were searching
high and low all this while… …has come in search of us Token # 144 ‘Token # 144’ All the watches we’ve got
so far are duplicates I checked them myself How can you be sure
this one is original? This is also a duplicate But the maker of this watch… …has the original with him In the paper advertisement… …we had given only
the front picture of the watch All of them out there
who duplicated it… …have created
only the front dial But Look at this He is the only one who has
duplicated the original How else will he know the words
‘Project 24’ engraved at the back? Replay the entire footage of
the CCTV camera from this morning Token # 144 I want to see him Mithra Play the live feed I want to see what he’s doing now Mithra Something fishy What do you mean, sir? Look carefully, Mithra He has no idea
what’s happening here Bring him to the conference room And wait for my instructions Excuse me, sir The person you wanted to meet Hello You are Mr…? Sara- – Mani
– Congratulations You’ve won the competition Your watch has been selected The prize money
is all yours Aiyo! Sir, what is your name? Mithran You aren’t Mithran You are my lucky mascot-man! Don’t go anywhere Sir, I won’t move an inch I’ll be right here Mani, you are truly a genius I can’t believe we just won 50 million! Sir Go to the conference room again Thrash that duplicate Ask him where the original is! Okay, sir What about the cash, sir?
Are they counting it? Please don’t hit me Tell me, sir Bring him in front of the camera Call your accomplice Call him Mani I can’t bear the pain It really hurts, Mani I can’t take it any longer Where are you? Mani Come soon Aiyo! I can’t take- I can’t take this any longer Call him loudly Mani…! For 26 years I was
vegetating in the same spot I was wondering why
I came out of that state You are the answer
standing before me Your father snatched my youth
and passed it on to you Are you wondering who I am? Go Heaven’s gates are open for you Go and meet your father there Ask him Your mother will also welcome you Ask her too When you ask them
focus on their eyes The fear in their eyes will tell you Who Athreya is! “Ayushman bhava” “May you have without strife
a long and healthy life” “May you live long
Healthy and strong” Ayushman Bhava! Did you see his lifeline? It stretches a mile long! Such a tragedy to die so young – Mithra
– Sir? Remember the hologram? To charge the watch… …the wearer of the watch must pass
electric current through his body Even in death he is useful Mithra I’ll travel 26 years
into the past now History, achievements, glory,
challenges met in this world… …shall surrender under my feet! Come here You touch the watch too I want you too along with
the lost memories of all these years Come We shall time-travel together Project 24 Twenty four Mithra Sir? Sir I can’t believe it, sir I was right next to you And now I’m in my house! ‘Mithra…?’ Sir That watch I swear- ‘Mithraaa!’ Sir, what happened!? He defeated us Sethuraman has won Why do you think
he named it ‘Project 24’? This watch can only take us
back in time for 24 hours 26 years It cannot take us to even
yesterday or tomorrow! What do we do now, sir? To fix this properly There is only 1 person in the world Mani Sethuraman’s son But we killed him, sir Only now we test
his long lifeline! Look at the date Note the time now We’ve come back
to the same day Our Independence Day
has dawned again! We haven’t killed him as yet He’s at home
fast as sleep 2 points to keep in mind How did he even
find out about us? The advertisement He came after he saw it He will come He must not see it As of now, he knows
nothing about us That advertisement shouldn’t be
published in any paper tomorrow 2nd point to note When he wakes up… …the watch should
be on his wrist Otherwise he will suspect
something is amiss ‘Today is August 15th’ ‘Not just our city, the entire nation
is celebrating Independence Day’ ‘They have organized
various programs’ ‘Husband endrosed
his wife’s secret lover!’ Which is the freebie? Either one can
make me happy Watch? On this hand? How is it on this hand? Mithra Sir I did what you asked me to I hope he didn’t see you No, sir If he saw you… …then all our efforts
will go down the drain I know I’m sure he didn’t see me But I saw him On his wrist was
the watch you invented I looked at it closely It’s working But the real shocking-surprise is… …he is a carbon copy of you Heard that, Priya? Our son Resembles me Like a carbon copy Let him resemble me
in appearance But I sincerely pray…his life… …should be nothing like mine And that is why… …even though
I know he is here I have kept myself
away from him But a father’s heart
aches to hug him, Priya I wanted to check
if he was okay, just once So I had sent Mithran He is healthy and happy it seems… …and surrounded by good people As his parents… …what more can we ask for? How, sir? If I fixed the watch
on the wrong hand… …how did you guess right
he would follow me here? If he is Sethuraman’s son… …I am Sethuraman’s elder brother! This is quite a huge task Do you think he can do it? Only he can do it Not having seen his father
or known his father’s profession …he grew up as a bright lad But now Look at the profession
he has chosen for himself He is a watch mechanic Sethuraman’s blood
runs in his veins He will definitely
do the impossible! If we simply ask him
to tweak the watch Or threaten him Will he do it for us? I shall go I shall enter his life
as his long lost father I’ll tell him about his mother And make him yearn
to see her again I’ll tell him the cruel story of
how ‘Athreya’ destroyed his family Then he will do it for ‘his father’! You saw how emotional he was
seeing his mother’s photo For his biological mother He will do it for her He will do it
to cure ‘his father’ I’ll make him do it! Mithra Any fool can use the watch
while it is on his hand Without even wearing the watch
watch how I get my work done! I can’t believe it My son has suddenly
become enlightened He has got up as early as
6 in the morning! Must thank the good spirits! I don’t want to jinx it Son? What’s wrong? Mani…? What happened?
Why are your eyes red? What happened? Ma- I’m not dying to know
who these people are I’m asking because it pains me
to know I may not be your son Who are we, ma? This is your father As you grew up… …I realised this
looking at your face He thrust you into my arms
and changed my life forever You asked who we are Let me rewind
to my past Our family is well respected
in our village My father, brother,
sister-in-law Very close knit family I was the apple
of everyone’s eyes My father believed
girls should also be educated And contribute to our society So he sent me to
a nearby city to study One day I got a letter
from my father He had found a suitable
groom for me And asked me to
come back at once ‘This journey would change
my life’s path forever’ ‘I didn’t know then’ I saw your father, hurt all over,
carrying you as a baby in his arms ‘He gave you safely
into my arms’ ‘I have promised my wife
our son will not be harmed’ ‘But I am not in a position
to uphold my vow’ ‘You should save my son’ ‘He said this and
he rushed out’ ‘I never saw him again’ My father came to
the station to receive me Along with my brother, sis-in-law,
the groom’s family members And all the kith and kin
we ever knew A real big crowd When they were
all waiting for me… …I alighted with
a baby in my arms Everyone was shocked
including my father People jumped to conclusions If a girl is sent out of town
to study before she is married… …this is how she will come back Their comments were
below the belt When I recall their harsh words
even now I feel heavy hearted Everyone at home fought with me It was almost like world war 3! ‘Will our villagers digest this
even if we believe you?’ they asked ‘Will the groom to-be
accept this baby?’ ‘Will his family agree?’ they asked I told my father ‘Father, a promise should never
be broken, come what may’ ‘You brought me up
to follow this strictly’ ‘I gave this baby’s father my word
I would take care of him forever’ This is what I told my father These were the last words
I spoke to him till date I carried you to my room You cried the whole night
wanting to be nursed I couldn’t bear your pain
and I wept too Finally I decided Without becoming a mother
I nursed you myself That is when I realised
the value of motherhood I forgot I was a daughter I decided to be your mother I did not want any problem
to arise because of my son So I left the house
I was born in From that day onwards… …you are the centre of
my entire universe Let me confess now Like you did to
your biological mother… …you did not kick
in my womb But for 26 years, I have
carried you in my heart! I am your mother Whatever anyone may say
I am your mother Let them say what they want I am your real mother Amma Don’t cry, son Look at me Take me to your father I have to tell him I promised you I would
take care of your son I must tell him
I’ve kept my word Take me to him ‘Mother…father’ I lost them before knowing
the meaning of those words That isn’t a big deal Because ever since I can remember… …you have been my mother,
father, my everything But you… …lived for 20 years
with your parents You were brought up
with such love and care You gave it all up for me You raised me all by yourself Who can be more important
to me than you, ma? Forget the people
I never really had But I must reunite you
with your family That is my priority Mathaji Your activities have been
fishy right from the start Silly fellow! Sister-in-law ‘Friday’ Father? Father How are you, dear? Mani Your grandson Hey! Come here In 1 day you took
your mother away from us But to bring her back… …it took you so long, huh? Why are you standing there? Give your grandpa a hug This is your grandfather Father broke his vow
Why should we wait? It’s 6’o clock – Sis-in-law?
– Sathya How have you been? Let us all go inside You forgot all of us, didn’t you? (Overlap of excited voices) Who is this, grandpa? This is your great-grandfather The school you saw
on your way here? He built that school Next…? This is your- Grandpa Who is this? She looks like a square peg
in a round hole! That girl? Your uncle’s daughter Sathya – Really?
– Sathyabama! Your mother wasn’t with me So I named my granddaughter
after your mother She is somewhere around I think she has gone out She will be back now Brilliant girl Nobody can fool her Soooper smart Ma…? Where is everyone? Didn’t even tell me their program Hi Good lord! Has it started again? Lord Muruga…Muruga, help me He predicted this would happen I was fine
all these days I told you so! You have Imaginoromansophilia! Why me…? As it is I’m not well You’re adding fuel
to the fire Oh my God! You could hear me? Look at me First, you saw me
when I wasn’t even there That means you fell in love with me That’s symptom #1 And now You can hear me That’s symptom #2 What does this mean? What? Love has gone beyond
redemption stage Chee…crap! – I won’t believe this
– Why not? Love and I are
poles apart – That too fall for you?
– Most certainly What else can it be? I live at new #12, old #16
Watchmaker’s Street Mani Watch Works
Chennai – 600001 You’re right now in old #28,
new #24, Madaveedhi Gopalasamudram And if you can see me
face to face…? How is it possible? How do you know my address? Aiyaiyo! I’m basically a watch mechanic Forget that, generally speaking,
my general knowledge is high How are you able to see me? How? Love…! Love…? Yeah! Now where am I? New #6 Old #16 Mani Watch Works Watchmaker’s Street Parry’s Corner,
Chennai – 600001 And where are you!? Old #28
New #24 Madaveedhi
Gopalasamudram Bingo! But you can see me
You can hear me Gone beyond redemption Symptom #2 confirmed And now for symptom #3 – There’s more?
– Yeah! What is it? Let’s check if you have a desire
to get married immediately I have no such desire Never make decisions in haste We share he same wavelength! I don’t like you loving me
without my permission! Okay, forget that What has happened, has happened
Let’s do the litmus test What if… …you are able to
see my mother? It means you want to
become part of my family And the desire to marry me
is overflowing from your heart How can I see your mother? Maybe…I guess I love you I can see you and hear your voice
when you are not even there But your mother
That’s too much! Wow! You are very sharp What if you can see my mother
through that window? What if…? Please – What!?
– Oh God! – I can really see her
– What crap! You’re dying to marry me
So you’re lying glibly I swear on my mother
I can see your mother! What? You really can? Don’t worry One last test For symptom #4 Another test? This is the most
beautiful test of all Alright, tell me This test will tell us if you want to
have kids immediately after marriage! How? Where am I? New #6 Old #16 Mani Watch Works Watchmaker’s Street Parry’s Corner Chennai – 600001 Where are you? New #28 Old #24 Madaveedhi
Gopalasamudram When I am there, and you are here… …can I touch you? You can’t What if you think
you can feel my touch? Sathya? Open the door – What is it, ma?
– What are you doing? Come downstairs You go…I’ll join you in a while I’m really sick – Call the doctor
– What happened? Nothing wrong with you
Come down now This is a disease
Imaginoromansophilia! Symptoms 1 and 2 Marriage…babies! What are you blabbering? Is it contagious? You need not worry Just to be on the safe side
go back 5 steps What if you get it? I’ll rest up
and then come down Wait You know who has come?
Your aunt! Come, dear Aiyaiyo!
What is this, ma? – Ma, I need an ambulance!
– What happened to you? Sister-in-law?
This is- Your niece, Sathya You can also see her? You’ve also got it now Let us both go to the doctor Be quiet! We are all so glad she has
come back home after so long Don’t blabber like a lunatic My niece has already
visited me in Chennai But it was quite by accident I can’t believe this I didn’t even offer my niece
a cup of coffee! Why are you staring blankly? Mani will be so happy
to know you are here Mani…Mani Here he is Mani, come here Me? – Come here
– Sure Yes, mathaji!? How can I help you? Look who’s here Who? She came home, remember? When? I gave her my sari
for a function I get a lot of customers How will I remember? Sorry, don’t feel bad that
I don’t remember you Remember that sari I bought in Saravana Stores
for your wife-to-be, pink one? We gave it to her? Yeah…yeah What was it? HMT
Model S76 Grandpa’s favorite watch Sorry, basically I’m a watch mechanic
I never remember a customer’s face I remember only the model of watch I added the date device, right? Is the watch working? By the way, I’m Mani Your cousin Yes, grandpa? I’ll be there He’s showing me some more photos
I’ll be downstairs Can you lend me a hand
to place my box on the shelf? That is not the done- A boy entering a girl’s room? How can a guest be asked to wor- Just help her, son Anni, I can’t believe
this coincidence Ma, I have a sore throat Ma…! How was that? Symptom #1 2, 3, 4…! Do you know
symptom #5? I wasn’t taught this
in my school Don’t know? The patient suffering from this disease
is able to see the guy she’s in love with Do you know what
she will do to him? Gorge his eyes Punch his nose Rip his ear apart
Break his hand I think the imaginophilia
has left you for good – HUH?
– Yeah! We both are in
the Romansophilia mode SONG TO BE [email protected] In your happy moments of reunion …as a close knit family …I told you my story And upset all of you No…no Not at all, sir You just opened your heart to us That’s all, right? All of us tremble with fear on hearing
your elder brother Athreya’s name We feel so terrible
listening to your story Imagine how you must be feeling
haivng experienced it He tried to kill his twin
for materialistic gains And his twin’s wife Men like Athreya
should be tortured to death He should have lived and
been traumatized every second Died a million deaths- Raghu – Raghu
– Sorry, pa Sethuraman How can we change
what has already happened? All we can hope is
a better future ‘For 26 years I was
vegetating in the same spot’ ‘I was wondering why
I came out of that state’ ‘My son’ ‘You are the answer
standing before me’ I think I was holding
on to my last breath… …by the blind faith
I would see you again Madam…? I have no words to thank you I just wanted to see
my son again one last time That’s why I’m here I have seen him now
to my heart’s content I am at peace with myself Be happy, son I’ll take leave now I’ll leave, sir – Mithra
– Sir Let’s go Goodbye What is this, Sethuraman? You can’t leave when you have
just come into our lives My daughter has come back
after so many years My grandson is here! The pain of being separated
from your own child As a father, I know it
only too well My father is right Won’t your son want to
spend a few days with you? Listen to me, Sethuraman Don’t forget you are
also part of this family Mani Take your father inside – Alright
– This is your house Come in, Sethuraman Forgive us for
disturbing you We didn’t expect a tree would fall
and destroy the school building We need to rebuild
as soon as possible, sir What you say is right I can’t deny it Varadarajan, father and I have
been discussing the issue We don’t know how we can get
this huge an amount all of a sud- Please come in, Sethuraman Small problem with our school
We are trying to resolve it That’s all I heard everything How much would you need
to rebuild the school? Around 10 to 15 Around 15 million No worries Let it be my contribution Please start the work
as soon as possible Sethuraman
We cannot accept it Why should you? Why not? It isn’t my money It is your grandson’s money Please accept it Alright, as you please Problem solved – Happy now?
– Thank you, sir I’m speechless 15 million Such a boon to
our school kids Thank you so much, uncle – Sathya
– Uncle? Open that briefcase and
give me the check book I’ll give it to grandpa
and be right back Sathya Give me the check I think I’ve got
the date wrong Give it to me I have to check the amount Everything is correct
Including your signature Give me that cheque You are Athreya Give it to me You destroyed that family Give it to me Mani Mani, open the door Father Father! Pa…? Father, you’ll be fine Just 1 minute Sethu…raman Hey Your dad gave me
For the school fund What is it, son? I just came to see
if you wanted to go down I could take you What is it, uncle? Do you need anything? Mani’s room is over there I came to meet you What is it? Mani is in love with you His actions make it obvious His life will be beautiful
if you share it with him That’s why I came to ask you
how you feel about him Shall I talk on your behalf
to the elders of the house? Yes, please do I’m very happy You sleep now – Good night, uncle
– Good night Sir Sir Why are you out alone
at this time of night? You could’ve called me Let’s go to your room, sir What a performance, sir Now way anyone in this house
will see through our plan You fooled everyone completely If I didn’t know better… …just like all these people
I would’ve also believed you One can pretend to be sad But harboring so much
sadness in your heart How are you pretending
to be so happy, sir? To know you may live
only for few more weeks How are you able
to take it so easy? Your son must know, sir He is your son A very talented watch mechanic You only need to say the word! He’ll do it for you He will do it to meet
the mother he never saw He will finetune the watch
to go back 26 years You won’t tell anyone the truth Neither will you let me do it And you have decided to
leave this place tomorrow Sorry, sir I’m saying all this out of helplessness
at being unable to help you Forgive me if I spoke
out of turn Good night, Mithra Alright, sir Good night Within 24 hours this watch
can travel anywhere Why can’t it travel
beyond 24 hours? What must I do? What’s missing? What is it, son? Father For you For your sake I have finetuned it It will now suit your need I have made a small change
to your extraordinary invention! Your watch has a needle that adjusts
time within 24 hours only But it has no date
to help it extend through days I have only added that feature Using this, you can
time travel across days Time travel across months Or even across years For me? Why, son? Did I ask? Whenever I look
at this watch… I remember only how
I lost everything But you have… …for my sake Give it to me Father, like you wanted to
now you can go back 26 years Father Do you remember the date
and time you need to go to? Father? Athreya I am Athreya You ask if I remember
the time and date?! How could I ever forget? 13th January, 1990 It was 5:00 p.m That was the day… …I thought with this watch
I can play God And ended up like a vegetable! Sethuraman That was the day
he died along with your mother They were both killed By ME…! I’ll leave now Once again To the same day
To the same time The man who made me
end up like this Your father Your mother Not forgetting you I will kill all 3 of you I will be the 1st person in this world
to kill the same man twice I am indeed lucky That’s ME HEY uncle! I’m a watch mechanic All this is child’s play for me If you are Sethuraman’s elder brother… …I am Sethuraman’s son! Even if you lied glibly …I suspected foul play
when I saw my father’s 6th finger Didn’t it occur to you? One who fixes the watch Won’t he check
before giving it? That’s why This is the second time I’m living this day! Athreya…! Why do you think I gave you
that dummy watch? Even I know I must
go back 26 years But the date and the time Only you are privy
to that information Now I will travel to my past For my mother and father Not only for them But for this mother
who raised me as well Mithraaaa! Mithra Mithra I owe it to you I…I am…back Mithra Tell these men to find a tunnel at
the third bend and enter the house Tell these men to cut
the electricity at the house You come with me Come Watch Sethu ‘Where is our baby?’ Sethu ‘Where is he?’ ‘He is in the secret room’ What are you looking for? I was doing my experiment The watch is missing It must be here Just 2 minutes I’ll feed him
and help you search No Where? Sethu The watch is on the baby’s hand And you’re rummaging everywhere Here you go I’ve brought your milk for you Are you hungry? Are you hungry, baby? Here Look at your father He fixed the watch on your hand
and is searching for it high and low He’s searching under the table He’s searching on
top of the table Right, baby? You agree? Why are you staring at me? I went away
only for 5 minutes In 5 minutes did you miss
your mother so much? You missed me so soon My pet you are! Priya The watch is working I did it I did it! Priya Congratulations
my sweet, sweet darling Your son is the world’s
first time traveler! What are you saying? He has come back
from the future With memories
of 26 years He has returned as our baby Hello, little prince Let me hold you My moppet! The watch is on his hand That means he was the user Yes, Priya Look here This date device was
not part of my design He has added it But why did he do that? He has come back from 2016
to this specific day What is the reason? What if…he’s trying
to tell us something? If what you say is true and
he wanted to tell us something …he would have chosen
a date he can talk Perhaps when he is able
to talk, we were not alive? Take this Hey! Kalai Lock the gate Nobody should go out Okay, sir
I’ll take care Mithra Stay here This time he should not
get the better of us Okay, sir Sethu Hey! Dear brother of mine! My fountainhead My fruit of knowledge Where are you? Once again, I wish you and me
a very happy birthday, Sethu I’ve come back 26 years
just to see you again I have come by experiencing
the power of your invention, Sethu Hey! Where are you? You must have run away
and hidden, hearing my voice Are you trying to
charge the watch? You can’t I have come here after cutting
the electricity to this house Sethu My brother My heart is dying to see you! I’m longing to hug you tight Kiss you Take a knife in my hands And stab you repeatedly Until you bleed to death Where are you? SETHU Sethu I got a sudden brainwave You are my younger brother My blood I only want that watch Give it to me And I will not harm you
or your wife and son I’ll just take it
and be on my way You believe anything I say? Am I such a nice guy? Where is your son? Tell me Where is he? Where have you hidden him? He’s worse than I am Where is he? Let us go
Please He’s inside, right? Don’t hurt us You must die, Sethu There should be only 1 watch And it must be mine! No! (baby crying) Priya No, please Come here Sethu Priya, come Mithra Mithra, where are you? Sethu 10 What are you doing? No! 9 8 Mithra 4 3 2 1 Son, till now we heard
numbers in reverse Now letters in reverse, okay? Z Priya Both of you stay here For a little while – Sethu!
– I will be fine Trust me I have to charge the watch
1 minute only – Look, if I charge it
– Don’t go, Sethu I can fix everything
It is closeby – Don’t go
– I’ll be fine Where will you charge it? Watchman’s cabin will have electricity Wait here Athreya sir Over here Sir…! I have him here for you He’s here, sir Kalai, leaving you alive
this time was a good choice! For the last time May you live- Athreya sir? Hey…! What is it? Sethu Let’s not keep this watch! We have gone through hell Priya? Throw it away Please? Please, Sethu Sorry May we sit here? By all means
Please do Come Such a beautiful baby What’s his name? Manikandan We call him Mani Mani darling! Come here Hey! He is coming to me
so willingly What is it, baby? Do you know me? Where are you going? To start a new life Really? Just like me! My father has finalized my wedding – Is that so?
– Congrats! Thank you What happened? Nothing serious On the way What work do you do? I’m basically a- Scien- Science teacher? Yes My father has just started
a school in our village He’s looking out for
a good science teacher Why don’t you
take up that post? You said you were
starting a new life Why not start that life
in our Gopalasamudram? Gopalasamudram Yes What do you think, son? Gopalasamudram Shall we go? Will you come? Will you come with me? He says he’ll come Mani Mani darling! Mani dearest Where are you, son? Where has he gone? Where else? As usual, wherever Sathya is,
he’ll be playing with her Let them play for a while, Priya He keeps calling you ‘mathaji’
And flatters you all the time And while you melt
he gets away with everything You pamper him way too much Now look, Sathyabama At such a young age… …you should not get
Imaginoromansophilia! Among girls of your age group,
this is a very popular disease If you look at a Barbie doll
you’ll see only me! When you see Tom & Jerry,
you will see only me When you read a Tinkle comic,
even there you’ll see only me! I will finish my studies and
become a famous watch mechanic You are loving me
without my permission I don’t like it one bit If you want fall in love with me
talk to my mom and mathaji I will marry the girl
both of them choose for me Because I’m a watch mechanic Shhhhhhh! Stop crying! Stop crying ‘Subtitled by rekhs’ “24 carat gold” “Most precious I am told” “24 carat gold” “Sky is the limit
for the Daredevil’s antics”

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  1. awesome movie . samantha <3 ar rahman <3 Cinematography <3 but this was flop.. why many people dint like this fantastic movie my god.. my fav surya movie. it should have been a blockbuster but many people cant digest time travel movies at all what to doo…….

  2. should have been a great hit..but those peoples only comes to theatre for flying stunts and bomb blasts…made this movie a failure…in our hearts this is a500 crore victory movie…great work SURYA❤

  3. We can see who's the real Surya in this movie. Cause he done a three different characters faces in this filim.
    Sethuraman: innocent/soft heartened
    Subramani:- romantic /brave/as a heroic role/cute👌
    And the main villain character does mesmerized me .
    Athreya:- cruel /unkind mind
    Check the all different faces he does it really amazing . That's the real plus point of Surya all attitudes on his under control 😘😘👏👏👌

  4. Director: Suriya you must act in 100 getups

    Suriya: basically I am a versatile actor, idhu ennaku sarva sardnamaana veshiyam

  5. Inthe padam Hollywood padatthe vide rombe supera think panni edutthurukange…very2 nice inthe movie ye English le dubbed panni veli naatle release panni iruntha confirm super hit aayirukkum…inthe movie part 2 iruntha innum super…enakku Suriya sir rombe pidikkum because avarode acting like Hollywood hero…very smart 👌👌👌

  6. I have come again to watch this movie second time only for Surya’s versatile acting and songs,the some visuals.. but when Surya says “ I am basically a watch mechanic “ for hundred billionth time..,😨😏

  7. Such a brilliant movie, Hats Off Vikram Sir and Suriya Sir 😘😘😘

    Wish there was a real time machine like this 😅

  8. எப்போதும் வருத்தபடாத வாலிபர் சங்கம் says:

    Supper movies

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    asi pasen los anos seguira siendo una estupemda pelicula.

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