3 Bahadur: The Revenge of Baba Balaam 2016 | Pakistani 3D Animated Movie

3 Bahadur: The Revenge of Baba Balaam 2016 | Pakistani 3D Animated Movie

Sir, let me drop you off to the rickshaw.Thank you, son.I don’t see Amna with you?She is busy preparing for exams
with Saadi and Kamil.KhursheedHas your son started focusing on his studiesor is he still involved in fun and games?Well, he has started studying after
spending so much time with Amna and Saadi.The company of good kids
always has a good influence.Oh Kulsoom dear!How are you?You seem to be in a hurry.I’m fine, aunty.The kids are studying at home
and I have to prepare food for them.That’s why I’m in a rush.Yes, we were just talking about the kids.Actually, Saadi has influenced Amna and Kamil.Her child is very intelligent.Quick! Catch him.It’s a six!No way, man. What’s he doing?Oh little one!What was his order?Fifty plus twentySo, seventy.And four biscuits.Ninety.Here you go. Ten. What a shot!Kamil!Come here quickly.Oh wow!There’s a lot of rush today.Rush?Only four have come for teaand forty free loaders to watch cricket.If we win the match, they might get something to eatotherwise they’ll leave with a sad face.Anyway, tell me.Where is Gabru?Did you feed him?I gave him Gabru candy just a while ago.What will candy do?Take this milk for him.
He’s getting weak.You can’t catch me.You can’t catch me!Gabru candy!What Gabru won’t eat,
Mitthu will eat.Watch it!What are you doing, aunty!Sorry, sorry.Great job Sannata!
Cash and mobile phones!I’ll keep the phone since mine
doesn’t work anymore.Teeli look! Your target!Sale! Sale! Milk for sale!Not seventy. Only Rs. 50 per kilo.Ma’am, buy 8-10 kilos.
This sale is only valid for two days.No way! Open milk?
Who knows what you’ve mixed in it!Should I ruin mine and my children’s health?Weaken myself because of your “sale”?Look! This is the secret to my health.I bet this is what you drink at home too. Fatso.Man, is she a woman or a
government school teacher?You’re outta luck.
She’ll make mince meat out of you.What’s wrong Teeli? Are you scared?I am not gonna mess with that bulldozer.You guys go ahead. I’m off!Where are you going Teeli Builder?So much for acting macho and tough.Saadiwhat are you doing here?What happened, son?
What are you looking for?Nothing, Uncle Deenu.You’re missing your father, right?Did you know my father?Yes, son.He was a very kind and brave man.He was the only one in this town
to raise his voice against injustice.If you knew my father, then why didn’t you save him?And why didn’t you stop Mangu?My fight is against evil.I don’t have it in me to fight bad people.What do you mean?Just like I have given you
powers to fight evilsomeone gives bad people
the power to spread evil.So why don’t we destroy
the source of that evil?Good and evil lies within us all.That’s how it will always be in the real world.To finish evil, you’ll have to journey
into the other worldwhich we are connected to.
But nobody pays attention to it.The other world?Tell me the way to that world.I will go there and destroy evil.No, son.You must stay here and protect the people.Take care of your friends
and especially your mother.This is my fightand only I will continue fighting with it.But enough work has been done for now.I’m going to go on a vacation now!Vacation?Yes, of course.I will fly in the skies,swim to the bottom of the ocean,visit the moon, Mars and
the rest of the planets.Oh, so you’ll go travellingand what if we need you here?
Then what?Now you guys won’t need me.And what if we just want to meet you?Oh man!
Why won’t you guys let me go?Fine.If you want to find me,then come here and
this will bring you to me.All right. Now go home.It’s late and
your mother must be worried.Where is Kamil?Late-comer that he is,has he ever arrived on time?And he wants to become a police officer!Now that the milk is here,
he’ll show up as well.Where is the Olper’s milk?Isn’t Kamil dada making
good use of his powers!Whenever he hears about food and drinks,he suddenly appears out of nowhere.You are just jealous of my powers!Have you seen your face?I’m better than you even
without powers.Stop! Stop! Stop!Now stop fighting.You are all brave.With or without any powers.Tell me, Saadi.What are we doing for the Sports Day?What’s there to think about?
I will take part in high jump!Check this out!I’ve bought new joggers as well.I will take part in the 100 metre race.And Saadi will definitely participate
in the quiz competition.No.I’m not going to enter the
quiz competition.What?And neither will you take a part in the high jumpnor you in the race.We’ll…do something different!Are you feeling okay?Listen.even if we win these gamesthen everyone will think that
we won because of our powers.How else would we win?You’re right, Saadi.We should do something else.Whatever we do,my shoes should be used.Okay.I’ll enter the 100 metre race.I’ll enter the three-legged race.All that remains is the quiz competition.No man!Quiz?Me?No! No! No! No, man!Don’t say such things.Yaar, what will happen to my shoes then?Man, just think!What are you saying?!No brother leave me, I’m not going!What are you going to do now?Balaam!Wow, my friend!You recognized me.This pungent smell can only be you!Can you shower at least?Stop laughing.And tell me why you’re here.With the help of your key,
you gave those children powersand along with Mangu,
you destroyed my key as well.You should not have done that.You were stupid enough
to give your key to Mangu.Now, how is that my fault?You’re right!But if I don’t get my key back,then those kids will have to face
the consequences of my stupidity.You’re forgetting that you can’t
harm those kids in this world.I might not be able to destroy thembut I have enough powersto force you to open the hidden door of that world.Some habits are hard to break.Now, prepare to be punished.Well done.Thank you!What is this rubbish place?This is my lair, Deenu.And now you can’t leave this place.Oh, really? Is that so?Then take this!Is your mind in the right place now?Or should I fix it further?So much arrogance because of
the power of this key.If I had my key, you would be
on the floor right now.What rubbish are you saying?Accept defeat.Go ahead. Kill me!At least I will perish
having fought bravely.I will never give you that satisfaction, Balaam.Here! Now, I don’t have anything either.This key?You thought I was so stupidthat I would give my key to Mangu?That was my trick.To take your key.And finally I have succeeded!No matter how powerful the wicked become, Balaamalways rememberthat evil can never trump good.Then you will witness the end of good,from right here!We have to register for the gamesand Amna is still not here!She must have finally realised
how stupid your idea was.What?Who are you guys talking about?umm… me…..We have to register today
and you’re late.I went with my dad
to open a bank account.Bank account?She must have bought a piggybank.Look at this!Wow!What card is this?This is a SnaPack accountwhich my dad opened for me.But Amna, you need money
to set up an account.Yes, but only a hundred rupees.Amazing!Amna, Kamil and Saadi!Please report to the principal’s office.
Thank you.Come children.
This is our police station house officer.He wants to meet you.Oh, so these are the 3 Bahadurwho are being praised by the whole city!So children, do you guys study or just spend all day doing judo karate?Amna and Saadi are our school’s top students.Kamil has started concentrating
on his studies too.Good!Children, fighting with the thugs is our job.Anywaywho puts you up to these tasks?We’ve learnt that if you see tyranny,
stop it with your hands.If not with your hands
then use your tongues.And if not with your tongues,
then at least know in your heart that it is wrong.Very good!
That’s very good.Okay children,
have you registered for the sports day?No ma’am,
we’re going there right now.Hurry! Today is the last day to register.Thank you, ma’am!Oh madam, they’re just kids.You should make them understand,that these powers can harm them
as well as others.Powers which are used with good intentionscan never harm the innocent.Besides, there are many people
who have powers here.Even you have them.Wecolme to the Roshan Public School’s
Annual Sports Day!Everyone looks happy and excited!All the participants are amped up!Everybody is hoping to win.We start with the three-legged race.
The legs are being tied and we are ready.Everyone’s at the edge of their seats.There goes the whistle!
And they’re off!This race isn’t easy,
Both members have to work together.Faisal looks extremely tired.The other racers are surging ahead.Faster!Imran and Sara win,
followed by Amna and Faisal.Now on to the hundred meter race.Everyone’s ready.
Saadi looks particularly energetic.Saadi seems to have come prepared.
That was a very professional start.But what’s this? Bilal is in the lead.
So is Salman followed by Adnan.And Bilal has won!Saadi hasn’t given up.
He is neck and neck with Talal.Saadi has crossed the finish line!He’s celebrating as if he came first,but can someone tell him
that he’s second last.That was fun!Now please head to the Blue House
for the quiz competition.Yes, ladies and gentlemen.In this competition, we will ask
general knowledge questions.If you give more than one wrong answer,
you will be disqualified.Kamil, the first question is for you.What does the yellow light in the traffic signal mean?If you have stopped and start movingand if you are moving then go even faster.This is the wrong answer.But that is what happens.Right, uncle from the van?That’s what you do, right?No! No!
What are you saying?No! No! No madam!That’s not what I do.Kamil, please think before
you answer.Yes, Maheen.When was oxygen invented?1773.Very good!1773, the answer is correct!What?How did people survive before that?Wasif, what are the black and
white lines on the road called?And what is their purpose?They are called Zebra crossing,
and are used for crossing the road.Good! This is correct!Zebra crossing?No wonder people don’t use it.Kamil, please concentrate on your own answers.This is your final chance.What is our country’s
first 3D animated film?Uhhh… I know this one.It’s…. which one?This one I know.Yes, three…three, three, three…Yes, the three giants!Kamil, that is the wrong answer.What?Your two answers were wrong.I hope you come better prepared next time.He should’ve gone into some sports!What an idiot!He should’ve gone into some sports!He should’ve gone into high jump!Who told him to take part in this quiz?Kamil!Did you prepare?Don’t talk to me.It’s all because of you guys!You wanted to do something new.See that, Gabru?Look how big people cry
when they are beaten up by us.I’m hungry.I’m so hungry.You’re hungry?Where are those mischievous friends of yours?They abandoned me!Your friends left you too?Forget it, man.
Friends are like that these days.Don’t cry about it.I am hungry!For now this is all I have.Can you survive on this?Well, you’re quite rude.You’re crying even after
you got the candy.But I want more.Well, I won’t give any more candy!I do have these samosas for the house.Please, Baba! Open it pleaseBut if I give them to you,
my dad will kill me.Don’t cry, don’t cry!I’m giving it, I’m giving it.Gabru!
He is hungry.Oh Gabru, why are you getting angry?
Stop!You can’t catch me! Can’t catch me!Can’t catch me, can’t catch me!Leave him alone, Gabru!
Let him go.Gabru is useless,
and so is his friend!They both can’t do anything!The birds have taken flight.Are you crazy?Who are you after?How did you not see
such a big truck?You don’t care about me at all!This has all happened
because of you guys.Never show me your face again!Master Balaam, everyone is present.Though they’re somewhat scaredthey can be very useful to us.I am very fond of frightened people.This fear is exactly what makes humans greedy.Fear of hunger causes greed for food.Fear of poverty causes greed for wealth.And a fear of weakness
gives birth to the greed for power.And this greed wipes out all this
friendship and brotherhood nonsense.You’re absolutely right, boss!
We’re hungry, poor, and weak.I can get rid of all that
by giving you powers.But there are four of you,
and only three powers.You should definitely give one to me.Who do you think you are?
Master, give it to me.These people will ruin your powers.
Just give all three to me.I’m putting all three powers out in front of you.Whoever can get them, keeps them.Watching you compete was a blast!And the winners have been given their prizes.You call fighting against each
other a competition?Do you have no shame?
No morals?Those who have powerhave no need for shame or morals.And this power comes from violence.Even if it is amongst your own people.Now go!
Unleash your power on the naive.And carry out your rule over the town.Saadi.Mom.
When did you come in?I’ve been standing here
for a while now.What thoughts are you lost in?You haven’t touched your glass of milk.Nothing, mom.
It’s not important.A child’s worry can’t be
hidden from their mother.Tell me quickly, what’s the problem?Actually Kamil has been mad at us
after losing at the sports day.He thinks I’m responsible for his loss.Is that all?Other than that,
the SHO also came to our school.He told – or rather threatened – us to stop
fighting robbers and thugs.That, this is their job.Look, son.Those who are quick to get angry,
are often also quick to understand.Kamil is a bit emotional,
but he has a good heart.He won’t be able to stay away
from you guys for too long,and he’ll come back soon.You two shouldn’t leave him alone.And as for the SHO,I too want you to stay away
from these dangerous matters.But Mom, we have super powers.
Are you still worried?What can I do son?
I’m your mother.I will always worry.And who do I have besides you?Don’t worry, Mom.I’ll do whatever you want.Papa, a parrot!Mitthu, why are you sad?I’m hungry.
Mitthu is very hungry.Papa!
This is a talking parrot!Give him some bird seed, my child.Papa, can we keep him?
I’ll get a big cage for him.No dear, you shouldn’t cage birds.Besides, now that he has gotten
food, he will return.Mitthu will come.
Mitthu will come again!Gabru, what are you doing?
Leave him alone.Gabru, leave him alone!Gabru!Sorry! Gabru, sorry!Are you hurt? Are you okay?Amna! You hurt Gabru?No Kamil, it was an accident.
He was attacking this parrot, I was just-Oh I see.
This is definitely that parrot’s trick.I won’t let him go.Kamil, don’t touch him.
This is my parrot.Such an aggressive parrot
can only belong to you.And your Gabru is so good, right?
He’s the one who attacked.He did the right thing! I would do worse…Hey! What’s happening?
Why are you fighting?Gabru and Kamil are attacking him.Look what Gabru did to the poor bird’s wing.Kamil, that’s not nice.
Why are you attacking him?It’s pointless to say anything to you.You’re only going to side with Amna.What’s with him?He’s going nuts.Mitthu, can you still fly?
Show me how you fly.The birds have taken flight!Enough, brother Tony.
I can’t walk any further.Are these powers a reward
or a punishment?It is Balaam’s decreethat these weapons should be released
in a place so far awaythat you are drained of all energy
by the time you reach it.Oh man, what is the use of a powerthat comes at the cost of one’s life!I think we should take
these weapons out now.Can’t walk anymore.Fine. So let’s see thenthe reason for Balaam’s strange command.Wow, Master Balaam. This is incredible!So this is what Baba Balaam
wanted to show us.Now let’s go.Sorry!But I said sorry!
Let me go, man!That Teeli is so stupid.How should one use a power?
I’ll show you–Enough!This is why I brought
you fools here.Maybe you’ll learn something.Come on!
Now stand up straight.And do exactly what I say.Believe me, brother Khursheed.Bank Alfalah’s SnaPack account can get
your child discounts on many fast food outlets.Do open an account.
They also have special gifts for your child.Who were they?They came from the Bank,
talking about some shnackpack accountSnaPack account?
The one that opens with a hundred rupees?Yes, the hundred rupee account for kids,
with a profit every month.Baba, please open an account for me.What do you need to open an account for?I’ll use the money I get from it every month
to buy a cap for Gabru.Please, Baba! Open it please!Okay, okay.
I’ll open one tomorrow. Happy?Wow Gabru, you’ll also become
Gabru Dada just like me!And we’re going to eat burgers and pizzas too.Come now.
Count this money and put it aside.I’ll be back in a bit.Alright.Fire! Fire!There’s a fire in the PMT!Someone call the electricity people quickly!The PMT is on fire!
Someone call the electricty people!You can never reach these
people on the phone.Somebody go on the bike and get them.They can’t hear the phone.Once there is an explosion, then they’ll hear.Hey, Kamil Dada.You and your friends should
do something about this.The three of you have super powers.Okay, okay. I’ll do something.Son, call Saadi.
He’ll be able to figure this out.What will Saadi figure out?I can take care of such a small matter by myself.Hey kid!
What are you doing?Don’t throw the water!Hey, stop! Stop!Come down!
We’ll take care of it ourselves.Don’t throw the water!Trying to be a hero, are you?Use your powers in your own home.I always said these kids were trouble.Which crazy fool asked him for help?Amna help! Amna help!What happened, Mitthu?Thieves! Thieves! Thieves!Thieves? Where?The bank! Robbers! At the bank!Oh, I see…
Robbers at the bank!The birds have taken flight!Amna, come in.Aunty, where’s Saadi?He’s inside.
Is everything okay?Aunty, there are robbers in the bank.
We have to go there at once.Robbers?Saadi, get up.
We have to go to the bank.Hey!First tell me what happened.Why do we have to go to the bank?There are robbers there.Come on quick!
Don’t ask so many questions.What are you standing around for?
Let’s go, quick!Wait a second, Amna.Hello, Mr SHO?
Get to the bank quick, there are robbers in there!What have you done?What we should be doing, Amna.This is the police’s job.
We should only help them.You’ve lost your mind!Amna, just listen to me.Go son.
Don’t leave Amna alone.Help him!Help him, quick, quick!Bring him here, bring him here!Hey, come on, get up! Put a bandage on him, quick!How could this much destruction happen?Mr SHO!Sir! Are you okay?Yes son, I’m fine.Hey! Ambulance!What happened?Oh kid, I don’t understand it myself.We are still investigating.What are you guys doing there?
Help them!Amna, how did all this happen?All this happened because of you.Because of me?Yes, because of you!We were late because of you!Why did you have to call the police?Amna, these attackers were
not ordinary people.And it didn’t take that long to call the police.Whatever. You should have left quickly.I could have left quickly but -But you were afraid.You got scared by the SHO’s threats.The truth is that you are a coward!I’m not a coward!I only listened to my mother.Oh! Aren’t you obedient!Look Amna, Mom was very scared.Oh really?And your mom wasn’t scared
when we fought Mangu?Oh yes, I remember.Back then, you just wanted to
avenge your father, right?Amna, don’t bring my father into this.Why not?
You used us to avenge your father!And now your pulling out.Stop! That’s enough.I’m leaving!Fine, go!
And help the police.I’ll help the people myself.This friendship has failed
in the face of mistrust.The friendship of close ones has gone.Now only time will teach them a lesson.Keeping watching, Mitthu.
This is going to be great fun!It will be great fun!Hey Kamil.What are you doing here at this time?Nothing really, Baba.What do you mean, nothing really?Go out and play.Normally you scold me for playing.Son, I only scold you for jumping around
so you don’t hurt yourself.Otherwise, kids are meant to
laugh and play.Brother Khursheed, one biscuit please.I will bring it to him.What kind of a bank robbery is this?They destroyed the whole bank in five minutes.What’s surprising is that
they found no traces of bullets or bombs there.This dosen’t look like the work of an ordinary person.Who could it be?It is Mangu! It is Mangu!This is Mangu!
He is back. Mangu is backlYou again!Go away from here!He lies!I feel like he’s telling the truth.I always said that Mangu
couldn’t have died so easily.If Mangu had come back,
he’d be at the tower.Where is Mangu?The Old Cemetery! The Old Cemetery!Go away, you.The birds have taken flight!What happened, Kamil?These people think that Mangu is back.And so what if he’s back?We are here.You three may act all courageousbut if you really are,
then go to the Old Cemetery.You should be ashamed of yourselves!Who talks to children like this?Brother Khursheed, people like you
have spoiled their kids.When you have to face the consequences,
then you’ll realise.Let it go, son.People have nothing else to do except talk.Come, Tony. Come.I am very proud of
your accomplishments.Master, all of this is your giving.That is something you
should always remember.Look Deenu.This is my army.They will do anything I say.If you still don’t listen to me then they will destroy the whole community.With my three Bahadurs,
your thugs can’t do anything.Those three swords of your bravery
were destroyed a long time ago.Now they can’t do anything.No, this can’t be true.That’s how it is, Deenu.And now I give you
an ultimatum of two days.If you still don’t support me,then you will be responsible
for the town’s destruction.If I can figure out this cemetery’s secret,then people will forget
all about Amna and Saadi.I must figure this out!Kamil.
You always want to be a hero, right?Then why are you scared now?
Go forth.Such great loot we got.What are these guys doing here?You idiot!Why are you moving forward?
Use your power.I don’t listen to people.Wow, boss!Kamil?Uncle Deenu?How did you get here?Well… I… Actually…Mother! A demon!Fantastic work, my loyal servants.This is my real prize.Uncle Deenu! Save me!Son.I’m not strollling in a park
that I can come save you.Who told you to come here?I made a mistake.
I won’t come again.Try to escape from here first.If you succeed,
you need not return.My dear friend.Now you have no time left.So now, shall we go?It isn’t your uncle’s housethat can be opened at any time.It opens at a specific time.When is that time, Deenu?I have been waiting for
that moment for years.I can’t wait anymore.
Tell me quickly.On the 15th day of the moon,
before the sun risesthat door begins to open.And it starts closing with
the first ray of dawn.That’s when we will have to go there.Tomorrow is the 15th day of the moon.Which means we are going there tomorrow.After tomorrow, good will end from this world.From tomorrow
there will only be my rule.My rule alone.Balaam.
I’m not sure howbut I am certain that your planwill never see the light of day.Good will never end.Gabru?Stop.That dog will be taken care of.Gabru?Gabru, are you okay?Gabru! Are you all right?You are here?Gabru is finished.
Gabru’s story has ended.Let me go!
You killed my friend. I will kill you!Amna.Why are you so sad
on your first day at school?Today was a very bad day, DadAt least tell me what happened.Today was the maths test.I failed in it.But you had prepared for it.Oh I see.
This time Saadi didn’t help you.But what do I do now?What is there to do?
Go and meet them both.No Dad, I won’t meet Kamil at all.My child, this is wrong.Friendship is not based on need.This time you needed Saadi.What if Kamil needs both of you?You are right.
He didn’t even come to school today.Then you must go to his house immediately.Go change your uniform quickly.I will take you there myself.Okay, dad.Uncle?Won’t you invite us in?Of course.
Please come in.Who is it, Saadi?Oh Imran, please come in.
Have a seat.And Amna, where were you
all these days?The three of them
have had an argument.Saadi?
You fought with Amna as well?I didn’t start the fight.
She argues with us all the time.Oh really? I fight?It was your fault.If I said something out of spite, so what?Said something?Shall I tell everyone what you said?Oh really? And shall I…That’s enough.Whatever happened, forget about it.Yes, my child.
All friends argue sometimes.But you don’t abandon
your friends because of it.Come now.
Apologise to each other.Sorry!Okay now let’s go meet Kamil too.Uncle, you don’t have to worry about Kamil.I already know
how we can get him back.How so?Gabru Candy!Saadi! Is Kamil here?No, uncle.
He didn’t even come to school today.What happened, Khursheed?
Is everything okay?Kamil has disappeared.He was in his room last night.I don’t know when he left the house.Don’t worry.
We’ll all look for him together.Saadi, what are you thinking?First, that bank was destroyed.Then the rumours about Mangu.And now, Kamil’s disappearance.All these questions can only be
answered by Uncle Deenu.Deenu? That watchman?He isn’t a watchman,
or an ordinary human being.And now he’s the only one
who can help us.Butwe might have to face
some real danger.I am confident that you
will tackle every challenge with courage.Go on now.Go and find your friend.Why have we come here?Uncle Deenu said this is how
we can find him.What are you looking for?What happened to you?And where is Uncle Deenu?Saadi, what is happening?Nothing is making sense.It’s not making sense to me either.Can you take us to Uncle Deenu?What happened here?Can you explain to us what happened here?And where is Uncle Deenu?The poor things have been
drained of their powers.It seems they are trying to tell
us that Uncle Deenu is in grave danger.What should we do now?Should we look for Kamil or Uncle Deenu?If we can find Uncle Deenu,
then we can find Kamil too.Saadi, is it possible that
Mangu has actually returned?All of these rumours
originated from the Old Cemetery.That’s where we have to go there.What do we do with this one?Baba Balaam has deemed thatthe boy will be the final
nail in the coffin for Deenu.The time has cometo take revenge from the whole neighbourhood.To once again, establish our rule over them all.We will tear it all down, brick by brick.We shall spare no one.Where do you think you’re going?Brother Tony, I was coming to help you.Stay here and keep an eye on him.Useless fool!Maybe we are in the wrong place.There is nothing here.What shall we do now?What was that sound?Gabru?Gabru! You’re okay.You’re unhurt.But how did you get here?We’ve been searching the entire city for him.And he’s relaxing down here.You both rescued Gabru?Why?Is Gabru only your friend?I’m sorry I had…Enough.
There is no need to get too emotional.And say sorry to your fatherwho is waiting for you at home.Amna!Don’t touch my cap.Now that’s the Kamil dada we know.They used to be my friends.Once they got those powers,
they’ve left me behind.What!Where has he gone?Oh kids!
Please forgive me.I didn’t do anything.
Let me go.We will let you gobut only once you tell us
what all this is about.I’ll tell you.
I’ll tell you everything.I have been waiting for
that moment for years.I can’t wait anymore.
Tell me quickly.On the 15th day of the moon,
before the sun risesthat door begins to open.And it starts closing with
the first ray of dawn.That’s when we will have to go there.Do not fear, my child.I shall wait for you on the other side.What do these terms mean?The first rays of sunlight are called Subh Sadiq.
Meaning the True Dawn.And a few minutes before thata light heads towards the sky, called Subh Qasib,meaning the False Dawn.But where do we find this light?Someplace open.Like the ocean.So we’ll have to go to the ocean?But we’ll have to go
home before that.The thugs are going
to attack the neighbourhood.Why didn’t you tell us before, idiot?Let’s go!Where are the neighbourhood’s brave protectors?Be grateful that they’re not here.It’s the only reason you’re still standing.You better leave before they get here!The whole neighbourhood burnt down,
but they’re still so arrogant.That ends today.It’s not going to be that easy.So you’re going to save the
whole neighbourhood all by yourself?Chapta…Attack!She alone can deal with you all.But, why shouldn’t we
participate in the fun as well?We’ve already dealt with one of you.Now it’s time to deal with you two.Shikra!This is our home, buddy.What are you going to do about it now?Now none of you will be spared.ATTACK!HOLD IT!ATTACK!Change your positions. Quick!That’s a good idea.Awesome!What’s happening?It’d be better to go back to sleep.How do we defeat him?Attack me.What?!Attack me! Quickly!He could have told me he was going to jump.Hey kids!Give us an opportunity to serve as well.Come on, come on. Let’s go.Put them all in the car.What are you staring at, Tony?You wanted to play with your powers, right?Now, we are going to show you
the power of the Police.Now we need to go save Uncle Deenu.But where is he?We don’t know that yet.But there are some hints
which might lead to him.Go, my son.I am confident you will succeed
in this challenge as well.Good.
Now you can finally use your sneakers.The force field of that island is too powerful.Gabru, stop. You cannot swim.I read somewhere thatif someone runs at 30 metres per second,then it is possible to run on water.But we have never experienced
that kind of speed.Well then, let’s experiment today.But Amna, if the speed falls
for even a second…Do we have time to think about that?Amna, you’re going to…Yes! And, I’m lovin’ it.Saadi!Amna is very…Very scary. Very scary, indeed.Perhaps, this is that door.And what if it’s not?Then this will be,
the last time we meet.We are dead meat, buddy.Saadi, do something.
Make a black hole.We’ll go into the black hole,
but where will we exit?We’re saved. We’re saved.Look, Deenu.Evil has thwarted virtue.This is it!Soon all goodness will be
erased from the world.Brothers will become sworn enemies.Humanity will be erased.What kind of place is this?Amna!Amna!Amna!Amna!What happened?Why are you yelling?As it is, my head hurts.Amna! Thank heavens I found you.Now forget about your headache
and yell with me.Gabru!
Where are you, Gabru?I heard his bark from somewhere over here.Hang on.I’ll take a look below.You idiot!This is smoke, not water.Oh right. Sorry.Gabru!Gabru!I can’t find him.But, I found him.Gabru! My buddy!Amna! Kamil!I’m coming!What? Do I look like Pateeli to you?Thank goodness, all three of us are together.My throat was getting tired
of screaming out your names.Silence!I can hear some voices.Serves him right.He pulled us down into the vortex, right?Amna, this is not the time to be vindictive.We’ll have to follow him.You have lost.Now the entire world
will become a slave to evil.It will become my slave.Sorry.Kamil?Put me down, old man.Hand me that key, otherwise…Really sorry about that.
Are you hurt?Uncle Deenu!Don’t touch that, Saadi.Then, how are we supposed
to free you?Fetch my key from that parrot.That parrot?Yes, Your Highness.Your parrot.Mitthu is hungry.
Very hungry.I’m not going to spare that parrot.Amna! Watch out!Now what kind of headache is this?This is the root cause of all evil.Finish them, Master.
Finish them!And that one too.Then what are you thinking about?Attack them.Stop children!You can’t defeat him.Just get my key from that parrot.No Gabru!
Don’t jump!You’re going to catch me?Come on! Come on!Now I will spare nobody.And first of all, I will end you.Amna!Don’t worry about me.Grab the key!You fool!Take that key and get out!Saadi, make sure he doesn’t escape.Saadi, think of something. Quick!Kamil.Listen to me.
Can you hear me?All right.You’ll have to use Gabru.Head to the parrot’s left side.His left again.Now, drop down to his left.Throw Gabru to his right.Amna! Catch Gabru!Now what do we do?This heart is the center of the world’s good and evil.If it turns black, then all will be lost.You all have to stop Balaam somehow!No!You’ve ruined all my hard work.How was that!Kamil.Amna.

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