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  1. A grown 'man' kills a child because he fell in love with the child's girlfriend… whom of course is also a child. I hope he dies a painful death after being in solitary confinement for 6 years straight.
    "…wanted Jordan out the way." Fucking Christ. Piece of shit.

  2. That is such bullshit. No he did not have the right. Especially if he did not adopt them. They have a father.

  3. The sad part of the last story is she never found her daughter Suzanne then to learn she died years later. But the part that makes me mad is they let him go so many times.

  4. Kill a Pastor,do all sorts of wrong:do not be shocked when you "boyfriend" throws you under the bus on every level…
    Even though I watch a lot of shows like this,I still get so upset with how many evil people are in the world.
    Floyd needed to go straight from Juvi to a life sentence…that is the type of criminal that did 100x the things he was caught for.
    He got a pass to be a predator in every way.smh

  5. Floyd is a fucking pig,,How the hell is he not in general population in prison,,he deserves to be fucking mutilated,,,

  6. lmfao i live on Clearwater bch FL abt 30min away from trailer park city pinellas park and my girl used to work at mons venus in tampa… only in florida would someone not report a father watching his daughter strip 😂 fckn Florida is such a shit state. visit here but never live here. NEVER

  7. This is sick! The cops should have did their damn jobs! They would have saved so many ppl (and especially kids) this is sickening to me…. Smh.

  8. Do not get into cars of unknown people ! Why did the 14 year old kid go to a cemetery at midnight ?

  9. The last one what does it take to see a guy take him to the gas chamber and put the death I don't understand why it took so many times for this guy to be put down like a dog I just don't get it Georgia must have the leniency leniency on census because this guy is a murderer rapist serial killer who did a lot of bad things throughout the life and probably needs to be looking into for other crimes that he did a judge did not kill a few people I think he's wanted good for about a dozen people over the years just this does not just happen a few times this guy is a bad guy

  10. The picture of the 3boys that killed the 14yr old boy ,is very disturbing …I can see the evil in their eyes for some reason,especially the middle one..He looks like either something is really bothering him or he is cold as hell..

  11. This narrator guy sounds like he just woke up & smoked a fat joint right before he recorded this. Lol

  12. I can't believe they gave the first guy life without any evidence that he did that SMH and the last guy got to walk around and cause even more destruction

  13. I think I saw Tonya and her Dad she was working in a strip club in lake city Wa. There was a wired man sitting in the club and she said it was her Father. Only worked there A would of been around 90 or 91

  14. When one of the cases happened right by where you use to live it gets even scarier. Wow some people are fucking sick.

  15. Please find someone who can actually narrate the story. Good grief, it cannot be that difficult. The content is interesting, but the speaking…ugh!

  16. Forget the justice system everyone is going to start making REAL JUSTICE! The justice system is mentally incapacitate and it is truly elementary, that doesn't help it's citizens!

  17. Jesus F*ckin Christ that last story was disturbing as F*ck.. how the hell did he get away with it for all those YEARS?

  18. I've read "A beautiful Child"
    It's about the last story in this video. The book was incredible. They didn't know her name for the longest time and I remember a few years after reading the book, I stumbled across a news article or clip (can't remember which one) and they finally figured out her identity. The book was so moving and disturbing I cried when I found out. Genuinely happy she finally could be given a name. An identity.

  19. That pastor wouldn't have sex with 2 junkies, they're the only ones who'd imagine that. F.Delano's not a good choice as a name…

  20. They did a story on the last one on Investigation Discovery…. he was the step father so he had the right to take them. Meanwhile, a blood parent yells at a kid in front of people, the police comes immediately!

  21. What gets to me the most is how her last words were "daddy". This monster kidnapper her, raised her as his daughter and then went on to marry her, who knows what he did to her all these years, and yet she probably loved him. Or thought she did. I guess he was all she had and all she knew. And then her son, he got a chance to have a normal life with people who cared about him and this monster took that away from him too. What a tragedy.

  22. Also what I don't get, I think it's great that stepparents get parental rights too, but they shouldn't be allowed to just take children away from the biological parent and never tell a soul where they went. That's just crazy. And only under special circumstances should stepparents have more rights or even the exact same rights over the children as their biological ones!

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