3 Ways To Watch A Scary Movie

3 Ways To Watch A Scary Movie

– Watching a scary movie doesn’t
have to be scary. – Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Before we get started we wanna remind you that our brand new sketch, Did You Get
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But not before we answer a few of your questions.
– Mythical Beasts, every week we ask you to ask us questions on Facebook,
Tumblr, and Twitter, and every week we (witch voice) throw then into a
steaming hot cauldron of question brew. Double double, toil and trouble,
fire burn and question cauldron bubble. We pile your frothy question ingredients,
one on top of the other, as we churn the sludge with all our might. At long last
we dip our answer spoon into your question goo and feed it to the ungrateful child
we stole from the local village! Turning him forever into a slimy toad. He has his
answer now, children. Do you? (shrieking laughter) – Wow. This week we asked you if you
needed any advice about scary situations. I was just in a scary situation being next
to you. But, you asked from Kasparas Keraitis, how, I love that name, How do
you watch a horror film and not get scared? – This is, this is so inexplicably pertinent…
– Perfectly timed! – …pertinent to us! Pertinent. Last night, I was
over at Rhett’s house and we were watching a scary movie, The Babadook.
– With a number of friends. We had a room full of adults watching a scary
movie ’cause I love to get people together and watch scary movies.
– And I don’t love to be there but I do it because, this is like a whole different….
– Because you’re a good friend. – ….whole different birthday.
– You’re a good friend. But, one by one adults began to leave the room.
– Very quickly! – As it got scarier and scarier
– Like, in the first ten minutes. Like, oh there’s a kid in this and
this is weird, and they’re like gettin’ out. And I was determined I was gonna
stay there, and I employed these techniques that I’m gonna share
with you, because I made it all the way through the movie, and I seemed like a man.
Even though I was shivering in my boots… – That’s right. A man-child.
– …and I was peein’ in my britches. Alright. My first technique I call, the
stare at the left corner of the screen technique. Which is pretty self-explanatory,
Stevie told me about this one. – Uh huh.
– So I tried that one first. Staring at the left-hand corner of the screen.
– Upper or lower? – Lower. And, the bad thing was, when
there’s bad stuff in the lower left-hand corner!
– Oh! – You didn’t tell me about that!
– It’s not foolproof. – So then I had to switch to the all
of a sudden I need to comb all my hair forward move.
– You know what? – So I’m over here and I’m like…
– I saw you doing that and I was wondering what was going on. I was like,
Link’s fidgeting over there. – So I’m like, I’m like looking at my own hair.
– Yeah. – It looks like I’m looking at a screen,
and I, the problem was I could still see a little bit of it. And like,
some of the Babadook kinda creeped in. – Right, the Babadook can find a way
through those bangs. Babadook ain’t gonna get stopped by no bangs.
– Babadook Bangs. (laughter)
– Let’s…put that on a bumper sticker. – Yeah. I won’t.
– Or a movie poster? – Too late.
– I don’t know. – Maybe the sequel.
– So that ended up not working, and then I had to break out the big guns.
Which I’m like, it’s the, I’m totally watching the movie! Except not really,
I just have these two ping-pong balls over my eyes that are painted with
eyes on them. – It’s weird, I didn’t see when
that happened. I didn’t notice that. – That’s ’cause it’s really convincing.
– Oh. Yeah, they look realistic. – So at this point, I can still hear…
– You look totally into the movie. – …and I seem like I could be in
the movie like Yeahhh! (crew laughter)
So like, the last 60 minutes of the movie…. – You just heard it.
– Yeah I just heard it. (laughter)
And just stared at the backside of some white ping pong balls
– Why don’t you try those techniques out and get back to us and let us know
how they worked. – Shall we move on to the next question?
– We shall. – Okay, I’m gonna need some help
with this one. – Oh, okay. I can take care of that.
moonysiriusly says, Link! Move your cup away from the edge you are living
a dangerous life! I spend all videos staring at it!
– Okay, listen. We get this comment ALL the time. Guys, I get it. Aw, your mug’s
on the edge! It’s about to fall off! It’s puttin’ me on edge! What’s gonna happen?
I don’t know! Well listen. The mug is never gonna fall off. I got my mug game down
tight. And listen, if the mug DID happen to fly off, nothing weird would happen.
Pffft. Nothing weird at all would ever happen. (raising voice each time)
Nothing weird would happen! You know why? Because this is this mug’s
home. And we all know, there is no place like hom- (dramatic sound followed by
dramatic music) (slow motion voice) Noooo! ♪ (dramatic music continues) ♪ – Cow, cow, cow, cow, cow, cow, cow, cow, moo. ♪ (dramatic music continues) ♪ – (witch voice) I’ll get you, my pretty! And
your little mug, too! Ahahaha! (music hits a climax)
– Nice catch, Link. – Ahhh. (after taking a sip)
Told ’em nothing weird would happen. – Nothing weird at all. It wasn’t
weird for me. – Next question comes from fakeusernamewe-
madeupsowecantalkaboutsomethingwewanna- talkabout, asks, Hey, why don’t you guys
make your own lip balm and beard oil? That would be AWESOME.
– Well, fakeusernamethatwemadeupsowe- couldtalkaboutsomethingwewannatalkabout,
we’ve done just that! Look at this! We’ve got, Rhett’s Beastly but Balanced
Beard Oil, and I can’t say the name of Link’s product so I’ll let him say it.
– I’ll say it in a minute. I wanna leave them in suspense a little bit.
– Okay, okay. – This is kind of off the wall, so, it’s
not just, Hey we created this stuff and we want you to buy it, we really
got a kick out of doing this. – Well. And we developed these.
– And we developed ’em. – Okay, so this is the story. Over the
holidays, back in December of 2014, I was at home, and I was at somebody’s
house and there was a bunch of dudes there with beards. And I had this beard
oil that I had bought just off the internet, and I realized that all these
guys have beards and I’m like, I’m gonna break out beard oil and we’re all gonna
put on beard oil at this Christmas party. – You were like…
– That’s the kinda thing I think about. – …’cause you didn’t think they had
beard oil and you were like, Hey I got some, I’m into this. I’m gonna share it.
– And I was like, just try this! And we all put it on and we were like, this is
soft, this smells good, I really like it. Is this good for me? And I was like yeah,
makes the hair grow long and strong. So anyway, then my friend Lance
who’s always starting something new, is like, You know actually, my wife and I are
starting a company, Beard and Lady, beardandlady.com, long time friend of mine,
Lance and Lacey. They’re starting this company and they’re like, We’re developing like natural
products for like hair oils and lip balms and that kinda thing. And like, we can
MAKE this and I can make it exactly the way that you want it. Like, I can send
you samples and we can narrow it down and get the exact scent and texture that
you want. He started that way back in January. – A fun fact about Lance, in our original
Spanner video, he is the voice of the director… – He is. I totally forgot about that.
– …off camera. So he’s the guy who’s getting…
– Old men who can’t pee… – …the old men who can’t pee
back on track each time. – So anyway, what that resulted in, is me
making this beard oil which… – And me making this lip balm.
– …and then I was like, I’ve got a beard, Link, you’ve got lips.
– Right. And so, I am ironically depicted on the front with no lips, ’cause I’m
goin’ like this in the picture. – I’m gonna apply some beard oil while you
explain why it’s flavored like it is. – So, I’m a big fan of lip balm. I’m
basically, I gotta have it every day, I carry it in my pocket all the time. And I
really like peppermint lip balm, but I just didn’t wanna do that, because, well
it’s been done. It’s been done really well. – Mhmm.
– We had the idea to create… – Oh, so nice.
– …Link’s Peculiarly Perfect Peanut Buttermint Lip Balm.
– Buttermint. – I didn’t even say it right. Peanut
Butter Peppermint Lip Balm. – There’s a lot of P’s in there.
– So, I know it sounds… – Let me put it this way…
– …crazy. – Well, let me explain. ‘Cause I can…
– But. – …I feel like I can…
– Let’s slather this on my lips. – …as somebody who isn’t as big of
a fan of peanut butter as Link, so, we were originally developing this as just
a peppermint lip balm. And we tried it and we were like, This is really good.
But, I was like Link, your favorite thing in the world is peanut butter, can we
put peanut butter in there? And we were like, peanut butter peppermint? Let me
tell you right now, it’s peculiar, that’s why we call it that. It is unbelievably
tasty. I’ve just been eating it straight. – It’s peculiarly perfect.
– I’ve substituted all meals, I don’t recommend that… – It is edible though.
– …but I just have been eating this lip balm exclusively for the past few meals.
– So, you gotta buy it to experience it, but it’s minty, and it’s pepperminty, and
it’s peanut buttery in a weird way. – So, shoutout to Lance and
Lacey at beardandlady.com… – Dessert-a-licious.
– You actually are going to be, these are exclusively at our store, our
DFTBA store. RhettandLink.com/store is where you can get these. And we made
a really small batch of each one to start, so, go over there and…
– Get in on that before they give out. I’m also gonna put some beard oil on…
– Yeah! – …even though I don’t have a beard.
– Put some beard oil on your stubble. – Can I do that?
– Yeah, you can do anything you want to. I wouldn’t drink it, but, you can put as…
– Oh, wow. – It’s almost like cologne.
– Make my face shiny. – Yeah, it’s…
– You got the shiny face. – It’s shiny face lotion if you don’t
have a beard. Which is something a lot of women are into.
– Oh man, that’s good. So, I don’t care if you don’t buy it, I’m just really
pumped that we made it, but I think you’ll really get a kick out of using
this stuff. – Yeah so head on over and check those out,
and thanks for buying them ahead of time if you’re going to.
– Also thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing.
– You know what time it is. – “Hi I [Sander], and this is Daddy,
and it’s tine to spin the (trying to say Wheel of Mythicality!)” – Make sure you check out our brand new
sketch, Did You Get Me Anything? over on the Rhett and Link channel, it’s live
right now! – Please watch that! But click through to Good
Mythical More first where we open mail with Jen and eat this Dairy Milk
with Vegemite. Eugh… – Unisong about Chainsaws! Together- ♪ (chainsaw noises) Yee! Yee!
Yee! You know what you need to grab when you wanna slaughter people! Left
and right! As long as you got some gasoline! Well, really it’s a mix of gas and an oil!
But then you throw it in the tank and slice, slice, slice (horror movie noises) ♪
– (laughter) This is not a song. It’s not a song. – It’s not a song! It’s a chant!
– It’s a chant! Together – (chainsaw noises)

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  1. Question: how do you watch a horror film, and not get scared? Answer by me: horror movies aren't often very scary, so… MAN UP!

  2. I am watching this the sixth time, and still laughing at the way Rhett pronounced the name Kasparas Keraitis because he tried so hard
    And still failed

  3. To watch a scary movie just remember it’s a movie and everything is fake. Once you have that realization it’s never scary again

  4. I know it's probably how it DIDN'T went down but i gotta say, the fact that Rhett's next thought after getting his Beard oil was "Hey, Link has lips"

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