$35 Budget LED Mini Projector Home Cinema – Should you Buy? Overview | 4K

$35 Budget LED Mini Projector Home Cinema – Should you Buy? Overview | 4K

This is a $35 a mini projector if you’re looking for a cheap budget projector this might be for you but the ceiling so small and cheap is actually usable let’s find it alright so starting with the unboxing there is no proper box at least I didn’t get a proper box but inside we have a remote controller which needs to double a batteries that are not included so wires a very cheap and small power doctor with 12 watts output and we have the projector itself just to put into perspective this is how it compares next to my iphone 7 plus and you can really tell this thing is really small on the top we have our power button and some basic controls on the right side we have a USB input of AV input and a SD card slot on the other side we have a headphone jack input and a power input and on the back we have a vga input hdmi input added infrared sensor for the remote controller and in the front is the project or lens itself this specific model has a manual focus and all you do is turn the lens around to just focus performance-wise it was fine for thirty-five dollars this thing doesn’t compare anything close to the professional project is out there that are ranging in hundreds and even thousands but I guess you’re getting what you pay for if you really want a projector and you only have thirty five dollars to spend this is not a bad choice screen size can go anywhere from 20 to 80 inches which is pretty good although the maximum screen size I was able to test with 60 inches and it was a really bad for the price talking about some specs this thing is 400 luminous contrast ratio is 300 x 1 which is a really great if you’re in a room that has some light coming in you have trouble looking at your image but in a perfectly dark room it works fine it also has built-in speakers that do it pretty decent job although they’re not very loud it’s probably has loved it as my iphone speakers and as I said before you’re getting what you’re paying for for thirty-five dollars it’s not bad the screen resolution is only 320 x 240 which is pretty bad and if you’re using it has a 16 inch or a 70 inch screen chances are your image won’t be so queer anything about 60 inches you can clearly see each and every pixel close so you can judge yourself how the image quality would probably be also the sides are a little dirty no matter the screen size not just how I projects the image i guess so wrapping things up if you’re looking for a projector is just for fun and don’t want to spend a lot you might want to consider something like this after evaluating all the pros and cons if you want something for professional presentations or office for it i will recommend you save some cash and get something a little better for this projector has it is i would weighted average if you’re using it in a complete dark room and your screen size won’t go anything above 50 this could be decent anything about 50 you can see individual pixels so that shorteners an image quality won’t be there and you probably want to enjoy the overall experience and yeah guys that was it for today let me know what you think about this project in a comment below and also subscribe for more content and has always thinks an awesome

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  1. I wonder what it would be like to get 3 of them and line them up perfectly so all 3 on them are projecting in the EXACT same place.

  2. these Chinese mini projectors are complete garbage. they have a native resolution of 200×300 pixels. supporting 1080p and displaying it are two very different stories. these can take a HDMI cable but they still project in
    200×300 pixels. Horrible people sell these on eBay and lie all the time about the quality.

  3. i have one and it overheats and turns off after half an hour . Its brand new , is this normal or do i have a dud .

  4. Hi I bought one, and played around with the ratio aspect on my computer and the projector and now the image is not as clear as earlier (the projector is 2 days old and image was really clear) when I first tried it but when increased it to 16:9 and 4:3 and other stuff and now I am stuck with an image that is not clear please help

  5. I just got mine .. if your room is small, it's not a good choice. My living room is 14ft an it's to small to project anything close to 80in . Save your money to get something better.

  6. I have one of these. Mine is black and was $40. We’ve used it for many movies and it’s worked just fine. Sometimes you can see pixels, but I’ve just unfocused it and it actually helped. Honestly not a bad projector for business meetings or just for fun. Or a budget home theater

  7. Unfortunately, three years ago I bought similar projector and it was the worst decision I could make. Definitely waste of money!!!!!!!!!!

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