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  1. Great video! I chose the 38 since I’m a very small person, and it’s much more comfortable for me. Also, aren’t the sport loops just so comfortable? I have 4 other bands and I’ve only used the sport loop lately. I want all the colors.

  2. What is the best apple watch size for me? 6 1/2 inches or 16 1/2 cm. I need your help. What is the best color for me? I am boy and my color of my skin is Brown, like this 👨🏾. Please help me.

  3. I have a 19cm wrist and I Don’t know which one to get. ATM, I am leaning toward the 42mm but I’m not sure. Looks aren’t a factor to me. Any suggestions?

  4. Everybody is saying they are getting 42mm and saying it is better and I am getting 38mm… pls say it is good 😬😬

  5. I like the 42 mm but I have a small wrist god it tough I want Apple Watch series 3 42 mm for my birthday can you help me find it or I can buy band that 38 size? Sorry I just want to know

  6. Do you have to have the crown on the bottom left for the 42mm version? If so, I don’t really like the way it looks as much. What about the Nike 42 mm version, is it like that on there too?

  7. Planning to buy 38 mm bcs i m 11 yrs old amd it will fit me perfectly and the 42mm will look like a monster in my hand:)

  8. I am young kid who is getting one. I like the bigger 42 mm screen, but the 38 is really nice and low profile. What do I do?

  9. I bought 42 mm and I like it! It is bigger and screen for more information! But I am 13 years and my hand isn’t big. I am from RUSSIA , sorry for mistakes )

  10. I’m getting the 38mm. I’ve got smallish wrists for a man and found the 42mm is just a bit too big. Shame about the smaller battery but it’s a trade off I’m happy to live with. The series 3 has a better battery life than previous models so will be good enough for me.

  11. Does anyone have any advice for me, I’m 15 but have average to small wrist size but I’d prefer 42mm but I have no apple store near me to test them so if I get the wrong one then…

  12. I’m getting the Apple Watch series 3 but if I should get 38mm or 42mm I’ve just my first ever iPhone the iPhone 8plus last Thursday

  13. U want to pay less to get the 38mm, but I want the bigger screen tho. Forget it im getting 42mm

    Edit: I want to pay less*

  14. I had the 38mm and I have tiny wrists and hands. I traded it in for a 42mm. It’s wayyy better. Who cares what people think it’s your body and you’re the one who’s going to be wearing the watch. And yes I am a girl.

  15. Enjoyed this vid. Helped me make my mind up getting the 42mm even though my wrist is small. I just prefer the bigger screen. Could you share where you got your screen saver at 2:30 please> Thanks (thumbs up!)

  16. Fantastic educational video, I started out loving the 38 because I have very small wrists. I ended up getting a 42 because it was a good deal on eBay and when it arrived it fit perfect. Now, going back to a 38 is just minuscule – the screen is too small, it feels wrong, and I just put the smaller band on my 42mm. Also, the battery is better!

  17. Who else thinks they should make a product red Apple Watch? Ok there is a red band but it looks a bit weird

  18. I own the series 3 42 mm and it feels nice, that’s probably because I’m used to large phones but I wore my friends 38 mm series 2 and it felt horrible

  19. I was gonna ask someone to give me more money cause I currently have like 200 dollars and something but I’m just gonna work my butt off to get it so i will appreciate it more cause I wanna go to the version store and try both on before getting one

  20. Very good video ! I liked the part that you worry for people influencing on the choice, when the person itself should decide 😀

  21. I was confused of which size to choose, ended up i went with the 42mm and i love it as its not too big yet not too small on my mid size wrist ^_^

  22. 38 mm! (40mm)
    It just looks better! When you are very tall and got big wrists you can wear 42 mm! (44mm)
    I often see people with an overdimensional apple watch ( big chunky black screen)… and i wish that they would have gotten the smaller size.

  23. Best Tempered Glass Guard for Apple i watch 42mm

  24. so i went to the store the other day to pick out an apple watch. i got the nike series 3. i have extremely small wrists, so i was planning on getting the 38mm. however when the worker went to get it, all they had was 42mm,so i told her that was okay. i can’t have it until christmas (parents ugh) but will it be too big? i can fit my middle finger and thumb around my wrist for an example.

  25. I have tiny 135mm wrists and Apple recommends the 42mm for people with 140mm wrist or over. I still think I’ll try out a 42mm and if it’s too big I’ll sell it and get a 38mm.

  26. I have small wrists but the 38 was just uncomfortable it sat right on the edge of my wrist bone so I went with the larger 42 just upgraded to the 44 looks a little big but my large hands of set it like the video

  27. I just want an Apple Watch to track my steps and calories and that’s it not for heart rate or sleep so which one should I get?

  28. the 38 mm looks just right for me but i also want a larger screen like the 42 mm plus a lasting battery life. but thanks for comparing them. now i have an idea of which to get!

  29. Thanks for a really informative video about the two Apple Watch 3 sizes compared to each other. After watching your video I have decided that I will buy the 42mm size. There is no difference in prices for straps on Amazon for both sizes. My watch should arrive in a couple of days by which time I will have bought a selection of straps for it from Amazon (saving £££ compared to what Apple expects us to pay them for a strap!). Thanks again. 😃✌️

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