4 Chords | Music Videos | The Axis Of Awesome

4 Chords | Music Videos | The Axis Of Awesome

*Thundery Noises* *Four chords played* Recognize this? Yeah, that’s “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey –And the cast of Glee! Yeah there’s a few more songs with the same chords Check it out: My life is brilliant My love is pure I saw an angel of that I’m sure People killin’ people dyin’ Children hurt and you hear them cryin’ Can you practice what you preach? Would you turn the other cheek Forever young I wanna be forever young I won’t hesitate No more, no more It cannot wait I’m your….. Lipstick stains… On the front lobe of my left side brains I knew i wouldn’t forget you If I could, then I would. I’d go wherever you will go. (and) Can you feel the love tonight? Nobody wants to see us together, but it don’t matter, no Cause I can’t live Oh country road, take me home To the place where I belong I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me. Papa- Paparazzi Well I can’t live, With or without you. Pictures of you. Pictures of me. Hung upon your wall For the world to see And she will be loved Yeah she will be loved. *coughs* When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me No woman no cry. (Yeah momma this surely is a dream) I come from a land down under Red, white and blue, Funny things you do America, America This is you They say that Taylor was a good girl Never wanna be late. Complain, express ideas In her brain I need some love like I’ve never needed love before I’m gonna make love to your baby. Take on me (When I come around) Take me on (when I come around) I’ll be gone In a day or two! (Save tonight) It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you (and fight the break of dawn) (Come tomorrow) There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do (If I were a boy) Here I am, once again I’m torn into pieces. Can’t deny it, can’t pretend, just (I think I would understand) thought you were the one In my head I see you all over me In my head You fulfill my fantasy (In My Head) Despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage. What if God was one of us? Tell me why’d you have to go make things so complicated See the way you’re acting like somebody I know she’s playing with me Well that’s okay cause I got no self esteem With a thousand eyes and a good disguise Hit ’em right between the eyes, Hit ’em right between the eyes You’re so beautiful So damn beautiful It’s too late to ‘pologise Too late Just gonna stand there and watch me burn That’s alright because I like the way it hurts It’s my life It’s now or never I ain’t gonna live forever Can’t read my- can’t read my No he can’t read my Poker face (Come on Barbie, let’s go party) How long- how long will I slide? (Separate my) Double rainbow all the way across the sky Yeah yeah so intense Enjoy yourself Take only what you need from it. A family of trees wanting Time to say goodbye (veduto e vissuto cante) Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind. I’m more than a bird! I’m more than a plane! I’m a birdplane. A motherfuckin’ birdplane Doesn’t that sound familiar? Doesn’t that hit too close to home? Doesn’t that make you shiver; the way that things have gone? And doesn’t that seem peculiar? ‘Cause everyone wants a little more. It’s something I do remember; to never go this far That’s all it takes to be a star Thanks for watching the new version of Four Chords We’ve got a new album out: Animal Vehicle. Check it out as well as more videos to see here Here. Various places. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Visit us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Come and see us live if we’re in your town. That’s Benny *Four Chords Played*

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  1. Sad fact : our modern music is poor because all the songs use just 4 chords. They reduce the whole music art in to 4 chords.
    Beatles used it only once.

  2. Just out of curiosity is this example of ( auto tune ) , just curious because it sounds perfect ( pitch perfect at times) but great editing 🙂

  3. Esse vídeo é maravilhoso e é incrível a quantidades de músicas cantadas apenas com quatro acordes, maravilhoso.

  4. Holy f*ck I’ve been practicing piano and after reading and recognizing the chords just realized I can do this and more and play basically every pop song that doesn’t try to kill your hands!

  5. which website do you recommend for learning guitar ? so far i'm using neatchords.com for chords and ultimate-guitar.com

  6. I used to think this was really ridiculous until I made music and realized songs == chords. But whatever, it’s still funny, and it is still uncreative to keep using the same chords. But there’s a lot more to a song than that

  7. The re-imagined StarWars theme in the new trailer uses the same 4 chords XD (in order: vi, IV, I, V like in the video between "Africa" and "Time to say goodby"… and different key)

  8. We watched this in 6th grade and our teacher had only reviewed the 1st minute so when the Bad words came on well hehe

  9. Go ahead and add Maroon 5 “memories” to this list! The melody also rips Canon in D which probably started this all in the first place! lol

  10. প্রবাসি বন্দু আমি টাকার বিনিময়ে ইমু সেক্স করি ইমু 01305403152 তুমরা তো অনেক টাকা দিছো টাকা পাবার পরে সেক্স করেনি আমার মায়ের কসম টাকা পালে সেক্স করবো 01305403152 emo sax 01305403152 মনে রাকবেন আমি নতুন আমি তুমাদের মনের আসা পুরন করবো টাকা পালে কুরানের কসম কাজ করবো ০১৩০৫৪০৩১৫২

  11. its the human brain. We are all programmed the same. Music, is the cheat code to push emotion. Its the back door of coding that bypasses words. And its one of the gifts we get.

  12. Jesus died on the cross for our sins ✝️ and he rose again if you repent towards God and believe in Jesus Christ our Lord you will be saved

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