40 Weird Pictures That Should Not Exist

40 Weird Pictures That Should Not Exist

40 Weird Pictures that Will Trick Your Brain From boats that can float on water to a dice
stack that defies gravity, we count 40 weird pictures that will trick your brain! 40
Here’s a photo of a tropical parrot in a tree. But, wait! Look a little closer and
you’ll see it’s actually a strategically posed woman in colourful body paint!
Former world champion body painter Johannes Stoetter is behind this impressive optical
illusion, which took four weeks of painstaking planning. 39
The force is strong here. Or should that be the horse? How about both? In this photo,
a young recreational horse rider appears to be living every pre-teen boy’s dream: wielding
a lightsabre! He’s also dropping his jaw and looking off
camera, as if he’s just seen his first pair of boob, so it looks like a good day for the
young Jedi. 38
In this perfectly timed backyard snap we see that someone’s successfully trained their
golden retriever to breathe fire. We always knew you could do it, Lassie. 37
Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care! Yep, all four of them. This guy’s
clearly on the team ’cause he plays amazing defence. 36
This landscape photo’s not quite as obvious, but with a bit of lateral thinking you can
see these islands make up a sideways violin. The main island makes up the violin’s body,
the water is the neck and the two trees on the right resemble tuning pegs. This amazing
trickery is caused by symmetry in the water’s reflective surface. 35
The image, titled ‘Momentarily headless’, features gymnast Katherine Coronel of Venezuela
performing her routine at a rhythmic gymnastics competition in Colombia. Her supporters say
she has a good head for gymnastics. 34
Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go – doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded
by a hundred strangers or are seated two metres from an elderly woman. This should coin the
expression ‘to pee like an oscillating sprinkler’. 33
This photo is known as the hovering boat optical illusion and requires a very particular set
of conditions to work. It’s taken somewhere in the crystal clear waters of the Carribean
and, as you can see, the boat appears to be hovering in mid-air, rather than floating
on the water. Pretty cool! 32
This piece of brain trickery is what you get when you cross a rocky island, a sprinkle
of black magic, and a photographer with an insane eye for detail. It’s a horse, of
course! 31
This image of a triangular dice stack looks impossibly put together. In fact, the longer
you focus on it, the more your brain screams in protest, begging to know the secret before
it leaks out your ears. Those responsible insist the image isn’t photoshopped, which
begs the question: what David Blaine voodoo is this!? 30
Right, so here we have a group of smiling ladies on what appears to be a ferry, and…
Hang on! What’s that in the background!? Why is that small jockey riding the woman
on the left!? It takes a close inspection, but the small-looking
man is actually in the background of the photo, and the black line that looks like his leg
is actually just a pattern in the woman’s shirt.
This is just a perfect moment of accidental hilarity – proof that the giant octopus
controlling the universe from space has a sense of humour. 29
If you needed any further proof that cows are a holy animal, check out this divine creature
and its impressive butt-flame. Clearly this cow stumbled across the TM for Flamethrower,
or maybe it learnt from Lassie in the earlier photo. Very a-moo-sing. 28
This sunbathing woman must have a splitting headache. I wonder if this guy axed her nicely
if he could take this photo? No, put down that axe! I promise I’ll cool
it with the bad puns! 27
Here’s a smattering of pictures featuring accidental dongs. Looking at these will no
doubt make you feel self-conscious next time you take a photo. Be aware of where all your
limbs are! 26
Because it’s fun to test our depth perception, here’s a photo of a man-sized seagull and
seagull-sized man. Imagine how insatiable his appetite for chips is! 25
This photo is proof of why you should never invite Sub-Zero to play ice hockey. He never
plays fairly. 24
In this happy post-wedding snap, we see a man and centaur walking off blissfully into
the sunset. So beautiful. 23
This little guy’s burning up the soccer field with a gender-bending ponytail hairstyle.
Even if he loses the game, he wins at life. 22
As if giraffes weren’t strange enough, this picture was taken at just the right moment
to give the illusion of two heads. Some creatures are just too beautiful for this world …
… and, uhh, some aren’t. 21
In this photo it’s virtually impossible to distinguish whose legs the guy on the left
is holding. Is it the leggy blonde or the leggy brunette? 20
This is an award-winning photo of what appears to be a man straying dangerously close to
a cliff edge. He’s actually just walking along a riverbank inside the canyon. The photographer
is just playing with perspective. 19
Here we see what looks like two players engaging in hand-to-rectal surgery during an intense,
no doubt low-scoring soccer match. That’s a brown cardable offence, boys.
Australians will know this technique as the John Hopoate (pronounced ‘hop-o-wah-tee’). 18
Attention all train commuters: beware the dreaded dog-faced woman. This creature of
legend can be seen riding the rails after midnight. And she doesn’t buy a ticket! 17
Nothing beats sitting on a bench, stretching out your strangely long, strangely feminine
legs on a cloudy day. Right, fellas? 16
This majestic-looking creature is the fabled offspring of a deer and a Staffordshire bull
terrier. Or is it just a dog standing in front of a tree? A magician never reveals his secrets. 15
In this pic, a tower obscured by fog looks like a ghost ship sailing through the sky.
Pretty terrifying – especially for anyone who’s seen The Mist. 14
Here we see a uniformed guard murdering some serious-looking banker woman with a rapier.
If that’s not what’s going on here then I have no idea! Take that, shitty interest
rates! 13
These pictures play on the male mind’s tendency to find boobs in every situation. Whether
it’s instinctual hypersensitivity or wishful thinking, these photos show that some will
find eroticism in things as benign as trees and elbows.
In 2015, a high-end Argentinean lingerie brand called Jane Pain ran an ad campaign featuring
elbows, knees and armpits cleverly disguised as cleavage. The tagline on a lacy-bra-clad
elbow reads: “If it can make your elbow look sexy, imagine what it can do in the right
place.” These poor horn-dogs! Ad companies are toying with their emotions! 12
These creepastic photos of trees, rocks and sand formation demonstrate the way our brains
naturally perceive familiar shapes and faces in objects. The region of our brains responsible
for this is called the Fusiform Face Area. 11
This cleverly orchestrated photo was captured at the Salar De Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia.
Photos like this are taken here all the time because, as you can see, there’s very little
on the horizon to draw depth cues from this famous dry lakebed. 10
More trickery from nature! Here we see some what looks like a gateway to heaven. It’s
actually a rare cloud formation called a “fallstreak” that has combined with perfect sunlight-blocking
cloud cover. In another image, a setting sun at Yosemite
National Park makes melted snow look like lava flowing over a cliff edge.
Finally, for giggles, there’s a photo of flowers that look like bushes… 9
Introducing the sequel to dog-faced woman: dog-faced man! Dog-faced man is a highly competent
action hero who can skydive, ride speeding jet skis over ramps and roll over on command!
This is his Tinder profile picture. 8
Do you ever feel like the world is a topsy-turvy place and that you’re walking to the beat
of your own drum? These guys do. I love how the people in the background are
looking on like it’s a possible crime scene. Clearly not Inception fans. 7
Mirrors have been trolling us since they were invented. Check out this gender-bending bar-tending
bowtie-trending individual. He’s on cocktail duty because he makes them with extra sass. 6
This is Billy, whose hobbies include exaggerated waving and reaching for things that are very
high up. No, if you look closely you’ll see Billy’s
long arm is actually an illusion caused by another kid doing something suspect under
the table. Mystery solved! 5
The trick of this illusion may be obvious, but in the future we’ll probably all have
bionic arms like this. Hopefully there’s a model that comes without the tacky tattoos. 4
This is either water ballet, a weird twist on the butterfly stroke, or a highly insulting
whale impersonation. Either way, it’s not good… 3
In this image, the woman on the right appears naked thanks to the left arm of the rotund
woman in the foreground. It’s kind of awkward for both of them. I highly doubt they would’ve
framed this treasured memory… 2
When we look at a pack of zebras our eyes often force us to do a double-take. This is
because their stripy patterns disrupt our ability to follow an object’s continuity
or detect edges. Because of this, it can sometimes seem like zebras have two heads or multiple
bodies. 1
Is it a young woman with her head turned, or an old woman with her eyes downcast? You
may have to press pause to get your head around this one. Thank goodness it’s easier to
distinguish age in real life or the dating world be a truly uncomfortable place.

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