4BIA – Film Completo Italiano Horror

4BIA – Film Completo Italiano Horror

4bia Loneliness I’m so lonely From Puak: “A lonely girl desperately seeking a rich man.
Good looks is a must.” Puak, you’re so cruel.
I hope you drown at Chiang Mai. Then, you’ll be all alone.
Just like me. Haha. Puak: You’re foul mouthed.
Take care! They’ll be coming for the rents. They were here. Almost broke down my front door!
Have a nice camping trip. May I know you? Just want to be your friend. Do I know you? Not right now, later, maybe…? A you a girl or a guy? A guy. Sorry. The number you’ve just dialed
is not available. Please try again later. Hello:) New message… 0 Hi, it’s me.
What are you doing? Enjoying the night at the balcony.
And you? Lying down. All alone… Do you have any MSN account? Sorry, I have no room for a computer. My place is so crammed. Too bad… If you’re bored we could chat on MSN. I am not bored…
Are you? No. Just lonely. Have been confined in my room for quite a while. Me too.
Have been alone for a 100 days. Are you sick or something? No.. Just unlucky. The taxi I was in,
was involved in an accident. My leg has been in a cast for more than 3 months. Cheer up! Every cloud has a silver lining. Gone to bed yet? No, not sleepy right now. May I have your photo? Why don’t we swap photos.
OK? No problem.
Why don’t you send yours first. Not as pretty as you would have imagined… Not as handsome as you expected… Cheater! That’s my photo. Look again. I’m by your side.Phone number search.Sorry. The number you’ve just dialed
has been disconnected. Son of Princess Sophia of Virnistan passed away
at Phuket. Causes still unknown.
It is 100 days since the funeral. Rumours have it that he took his own life. It is also rumoured that she left
her cell phone in his coffin.In case her son feels lonelyOr wants to get in touch with her.Me too.
Have been alone for a 100 days. Why are you afraid? Don’t put down the phone or you’ll be sorry. I’m passing by your apartment.
Can I meet you? No, please…
My boyfriend will be upset. That’s a lie! He’s not there. You’re all alone… I’m at the entrance of your apartment. Coming up… I’m here… From Oh… Ton, I want to break up with you.
I have a new boyfriend… Hey undertaker!
Are you running from us? Let me handle this! Let’s go! Hurry up! Where are you going?
Let’s take a ride! I think we’re over reacting. Huh, what did you say? Don’t you think it’s a bit excessive.
The way you’re treating him. What’s that Pink?
I can’t hear you. It’s what you’re doing… Please. Stop…
Don’t hurt me… My father is sick in the hospital. I have to see him. Because of you all of us
are suspended from school. I…
I did not wish for that to happen. I just wanted my notebook back. That’s just an excuse. Only a thief will open
other’s bag without permission. And why didn’t you mind your own business? Why did you report to the teachers
about the drugs? I didn’t know they were there. You didn’t know? I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I think, it would be better if
you quit the school tomorrow. I don’t want to see your ugly face
anymore! Don’t let me see you again! What are we going to do with him? Undertaker! You are a discard, understand?
A discard! Rubbish should be burnt! You’d better disappear
from the face of this earth! Move out of school… Or you’ll be burnt alive! Understand? Get out of our sight! Stand up! Is this your bicycle? Why don’t you go after it! Should we push him out? Look at him! He’s scared out of his wits! Shit!
He almost fell out!The Deadly CharmI’ve got 7. Mine’s 9. I lose. I lose again. What’s the bet this time? This is really boring. Think positive. You’re lucky with cards! Let’s see how I fare this time. Hey!
What kind of a card is that? Hmm. That’s a Joker… you idiot. Diew, if Ngeed dies…
Will your father be able to help us again? Hey Pink, why do you say that? I think he’s just fine.
And he’ll quit school for sure. And we should all quit the drugs. My dad got mad at me for getting suspended. If Ngeed didn’t stumble on it,
nobody would’ve known about the drugs.
Maybe he’s better off dead. Speaking of him… Saw his bike on my way home yesterday. His bike is still there.
But no signs of him… What the hell… Are you looking for trouble, undertaker? The last beating wasn’t enough for you? Haven’t you learned your lesson? Enough! Stop it! He’s had enough!! Mind your own business, Pink! You’re nothing but trash.
All of you deserve to die. Yo, keep still! Why the hell are you laughing? No! No! No! Not me! What happened?
Diew, what should we do? Let’s get out of here! Hurry up! Get out of here! What are we going to do? The hospital!!
Hurry up! Where’s the nearest hospital? There’s a clinic near my place.
Go there! Alright. Alright.. Yo!
Ping! Is this it? No, next lane. Yes turn into this lane. Yo! Yo! Get her out.
Hurry! Yo!
Yo! What do we tell Yo’s parents? Let’s go to the police,
there’s a dead body down there! But she’s our friend! What.. What the hell.. What the hell is going on? Something’s not right…
Did you see Yo’s face when she opened the book? And Ngeed was in a state of shock before he fell. I saw… I saw what he was doing… What if someone sees us here…? Good. Make it more exiting! But, what if, it’s the teacher? Great. Make it doubly exciting!! What’s that noise? Just ignore it. Stop and listen!! Hell!
Who is chanting his prayers here? Ball, I’m not in the mood anymore. Who is that? Look into my eyes!! Are you telling me,
Ngeed practiced black magic? Is he planning his revenge on us? His father in an undertaker. It’s reasonable
for him to practice black magic. Or maybe… Maybe what, Ed? He was performing the rituals
of the Deadly Charm. To perform the rituals of The Deadly Charm,
you need a photo of someone who died
with his eyes open. Anybody who looks into the eye
will be found dead. There’s something written on this photo. “I am watching you..”
Something like that? I am watching you… What are you looking at? I didn’t mean to do it. I’m sorry… How does it look, to be burnt alive? What you have told us.
Is beyond imagination… They’re just unbelievable… Are you saying these books
killed your friends? I got hold of your parents.
They’re on their way. Please stay in the room.
Make yourself comfortable. We’ll be right back. Hungry?
You want something to eat? Pink.
Look at me, Pink. Aren’t you part of the gang? Aren’t we your friends, Pink? We’re waiting for you Pink. Don’t leave us Pink. Give me your hand Pink.
Come with us. Don’t you like me anymore? It’s your turn now. No, I was not involved in this. To perform the rituals of The Deadly Charm,
you need a photo of someone who died
with his eyes open. I have never hurt you. I was not involved. Right, you just stood still
and didn’t do anything… And this is what I want you to see. Look at it!
– No I won’t. Please… I have never hurt you. I was not involved. You cannot run away from your guilt!!
Look at it! This will end right here! Look at it! Look at it!! Emergency! Emergency! A policeman has been shot. Get him!! Be careful, he’s got a gun! Miss, please stay here, don’t… You don’t have to worry.
They won’t get to me. They cannot take me. I am watching you…!!! – Hey are you asleep yet?
– No, what is it? Have you heard this before: “Don’t sleep at the outer fringe
if you’re in the woods at night.” – And why not?
– Tia once told me that.. He slept on the outer fringe
while in the woods one night. And late at night… He heard footsteps approaching
closer and closer towards him. Then he felt a touch on his leg. Frightened, he opened his eyes slowly. And what did he see?..
A beautiful woman… Is the ghost cute? She was just standing there.. Of course…
Hey let me finish the story, OK? Tia just said that she was a woman. With black, beautiful, flowing hair,
covering her face… Pale skin… Sitting at his feet.. So what did he do? He didn’t know what to do.. He just closed his eyes tight
until it was dawn. In the morning he went to ask
the local people there. They said, a woman had drowned in a
river close to where he was camped. And the location where Tia once slept… Is where you are sleeping right now,
Chin. – What the hell!
– I’m having goose pimples right now.. Shit! Why tell a ghost story in the
middle of the night! Wait a minute.. You don’t believe
that bullshit, do you? Why must ghosts always be females,
with long hair, covering their faces? Every horror movies I’ve watched
have similar ghosts… Have you seen the film Shutter? Shit! I haven’t.
Please don’t spoil it for me! Really..
You’ve not watched Shutter? At the end, the ghost was sitting on
the lead actor’s shoulders. Shit! You spoiled it for me! It’s true. That is why he always have neck pains. Seriously, I don’t believe ghost exists. I’ve camped here before.
Slept alone… And nothing happened. Right…
There’s nothing to worry Chin. Ghost or no ghost is beside the point. I’m about to pee in my pants
right this moment. Here’s a thought.
What if… One of us dies all of a sudden.. Will you be scared? If it’s you, of course I won’t be frightened But I’ll be really scared if…
Ihave to die. Come to think of it, amongst the four of us… Chin will be the scariest ghost. Why?? Look at his face. His looks is already so scary while still alive! What about you? So handsome huh? – What’s going on?
Ter, Puak move aside, I want to sleep in the middle. Hey, are you really scared? You aren’t scared, so go sleep on the outside. I’m not scared, just too lazy to move. Ter.. Ter.. You’re not scared right?
Let me sleep here, please… I won’t be scared if you die,
but I’m scared of real ghosts. Let me sleep in the middle please… Don’t push me, go away! Hey stop arguing. Let’s sleep.
I’m sleepy now. See, Ae is sleepy now.
Go back to your place. And if I die, I’ll come back, And haunt the one in the middle first! Sure… I hope you die soon!The Man In The MiddleWe have to go this way. It’ll lead us to the campground.
Could be there by dusk. Chin, no need to use the compass. The river flows only one way. Yeah look. Just follow the river. There’s no other way.
Is there? I’m just being cautious.
That’s why I brought the compass. Never mind. Just put it away. I am the king of the world. Puak, are you crazy or something? Jack Dawson…
Have you watched TITANIC? He was on the ship shouting, “I am the king of the world” Do you want our boat to sink too?
Like the Titanic? Of course not! I just want to be Jack. Chin, don’t tell me you don’t know, That the Titanic sank!? I have never watched it yet. Haven’t watched TITANIC? Did you know, at the end,
Rose was on Jack’s neck. SHUTTER copied this scene. Really? True… Titanic was released
more than 10 years ago. Damn, copycat Thai movies!! Does your village has a movie rental store? Hey, here comes the fun! What a thrill! Be careful! Puak, sit down! – Chin, Puak. Are you OK?
– OK, and you? Where is Ter? Ter! Ter!! Ter!!! He’s not a good swimmer! Over there! Damn! Ter!! Ter! Help! Ter!! Help, Help! Ter! Ter, don’t struggle! What happened to them!? Where are they? Ter! Be careful. Sit down. Sit down. I’m okay… Where’s Ae? Ae!! Where are you!? Do you think he’s alright? Yes, I think he’s safe.
Don’t worry. You’re the one who’s worried!
Else why are you crying? Ae’s still alive. If he dies…
Then it’s time to cry. But we looked for him everywhere… Don’t worry about him. Tomorrow, we’ll ask for help, from the local people here. Why don’t we take a rest. We have a very long day tomorrow. I’m going to bed. Ter… Let’s go. Ter?
What’s the matter Ter? Why didn’t you sleep in the same position? Same position? Last night I slept on Ae’s side.
I should be sleeping on the fringe. C’mon.. Don’t make a fuss.
Just go to sleep. Ter, are you thinking about what
Ae said last night..? What are you babbling about? He said if he dies, he’d haunt the one
who’s sleeping in the middle. C’mon.. Ae is still alive.
He’s not dead! You’re talking rubbish! We’ll find him tomorrow, let’s sleep. If you’re not afraid,
could you sleep in the middle? Damn you Chin!
Your feet are horrible! I didn’t smell anything. Take your feet out of my face! Put your nose away from my feet then. Shh..
Did you hear that? What’s that? What’s that noise? Sounds like footsteps approaching our tent. Who’s that? Ae, is that you? Ae.
Ae.. Ae!! I thought you drowned! Ae, how are you? Chin, get him a towel. Are you feeling okay? Any injuries? How did you get back here? I’m so cold… Let me wipe you. Why don’t you change your clothes.
It’s all wet. We searched for you for quite a while! I’m so glad you’re fine. Yes, he looks fine.
Can’t find any injuries. This is great! You’re one lucky guy! Hey! Where are you going? – Smoke.
– I’ll keep you company. Thought you want to smoke? Let me have one. Don’t you think it’s strange? – What’s strange?
– Hush… Keep your voice down. I mean to say, Ae.. Why? He almost drowned today. But he acts as if nothing happened. It’s good that he’s fine.
Isn’t it? Ae..
Are you all right? Ae.. Are you okay? Ae.. Ae.. Ae.. What are you doing out here? You don’t smoke! I’m starting right now! Take it easy.. Welcome to the man’s world… Ter.. Are you thinking,
What I’m thinking? What the heck are you talking about? Puak…
I think Ae is dead. Bullshit! If he’s dead,
who’s in the tent then? Damn, haven’t you watched
THE SIXTH SENSE? Why? The ghost does not know that
he is already dead. Idiot! You spoiled it for me!
Haven’t seen it yet! It’s my turn… Or did he come back to take
revenge on you, Ter? He drowned saving your life. Idiot! Don’t be ridiculous! I think he’s back because…
you cursed him to die! But I thought you said he’s alive!
Didn’t you? I was only kidding!
Hehehe! Do you really think he’s dead? Don’t know, maybe I’m confused. That’s right. You think too much. I’m going to pee then. Go pee far away from the tent. Chin’s foot is more than enough
to make me sick. Hold on.. I’ll go too. Ter, why don’t you go with Ae then? Looks like, you’re sweating a lot. Are you okay?
Not feeling cold anymore? Hmm.. Okay, that’s good. Corpse!! Damn it.. Damn it.. What’s wrong with you, Ter? Ae is dead! I said, Ae is dead! What are you talking about? There he is, on his way back. What are you doing, Ter? Believe me, Ae is dead.
I saw his corpse. Are you kidding me?
That’s not funny! It’s true! I saw his corpse
floating out there. Crazy.. Ter, don’t let him in! What is wrong with you people? Don’t tease him. It’s so cold outside. Let him in. We cannot let him in! Why is he doing this to us? He’s still our friend, isn’t he? But he’s dead! You’re a ghost. Not our friend! Ae.. Please leave us alone. You’re already dead!
Ae.. Has he left? Puak, why don’t you take a look? What! Why me? I think he’s gone. Shit!
Where’s my glasses? Is Ae dead? Maybe… Oh shit! How do we get down? How did we get up here so high? Who’s that? Who’s there? Tell me who are you? Hey it’s me, Puak. Shit! You scared the hell out of me! What are you afraid of?
Here’s your glasses. Why can’t I find it earlier?
You scared the shit out of me! Is that you, Ter? Chin, Puak.. Hurry! Ae’s body! What should we do now? Why don’t we get out of here first! We’ll inform the authorities to pick up his body later. We’re not taking his body with us,
right? Ae, forgive me… Wait… What are you waiting for? Lets’ go. Ae!!
Why are you calling for him? Stop calling for him! I’m calling for him to look at his body. Only then will he realise, he is dead. Ae!! You are already dead! Ae, please look… This is your body! Look! Ter… Ter.. Look at it.. So.. are we humans or ghosts? Damn! Same twisted story like THE OTHERS! Shit! You spoiled it again! Why do you have to worry?
We are all dead!! I’ve tried to tell all of you. But you kept running away from me,
scared… So I let you see them for yourselves. So? Are we still friends? I guess so.. Yes… Hello Pim, just woke up?
Can we talk? Are you with your boyfriend? No. I’m alone. So when will you take your boyfriend
to meet us? Are you afraid I’ll take him
away from you? Anything I can do for you? Pim, we have a special flight tomorrow. Remember Prince Albert and his princess? They booked our airlines,
for their honeymoon last year? They have requested the same team
of flight staff. They’d like our airlines
to take them to Phuket again. Yes, I remember…The Last FlightI do not understand either.
Why ask for the same team of flight staff, When only the Princess is going to Phuket. Rumours have it that she’s fallen
out of favour. And the Prince has a new flame. Really?
But I’ve made other arrangements. Can’t you find a replacement. Hey Pim, the boss said it must be you. Nobody else. Because you’ve served them very well before. I’ve just convinced Tui to join you too. Yes, OK then. I Understand.. Where’s Tui?
Why isn’t he here yet? Pim, I’m afraid you have to go alone. Why? What happened to Tui? Tui’s brother, Ter was found drowned
at last night. I can’t find others to go with you. Really? Your Highness, May I humbly introduce myself
as Pim Wongpoom. May I have the honour of being your personal flight attendant on Flight 224. Beverage will be served shortly,
your highness. Your highness, would you care
for a coffee or tea? Excuse me, your highness. Would you care for coffee or tea? Coffee or tea, your highness? Coffee. Sorry… A fresh cup of coffee for you,
your highness. It doesn’t matter. Just bring me lunch. Of course. Just a moment, your highness. Wait. How’s your arm? It is fine, your highness. I see you have a Virnistan ring too. Can you take it off, so I can have
a closer look at it? In my country.. if a woman has an affair with a married man… Do you know what the punishment is? She’ll get arrested. Then undressed in public. Then stoned to death by the villagers. And before she dies… She has to get down on her knees… And beg for forgiveness from the wife
of the man she slept with. Your highness… Your lunch, your highness. I won’t eat this kind of food. But your highness, This is what the royal household
has asked to be served. I insist. But we have nothing else available
to serve you. How about your food? Sorry? I much prefer to have your food. May I? Certainly, your highness.Remark: Princess has an allergy to shrimp.What a spoiled Princess! Your highness… Captain, would you like something
for lunch? – No, thank you.
– All right. Would you care for some water,
your highness?Phuket International Airport,
22 hours later
Yesterday, Princess Sophia of Virnistan
passed away at 9pm in a hotel room at Phuket. Aged 34, cause of death is still unknown. Spokesman for the royal household has
requested for the late Princess Sophia, to be flown back to Virnistan
within the next 15 hours. Golden Star Airlines is preparing a
special flight to fly the late princess. Miss Pim, they want us to send the
princess back within 15 hours. To honour Her Royal Highness, we’ve made special arrangements to
accommodate her in the plane’s cabin. Miss Pim… Your duty is to look after
the princess’s body. Nobody else is allowed into the cabin. Yes, captain. And after this flight, you’ll have to attend an investigation. I understand… Captain. Yes, Miss Pim? Captain, could you please come out here? What’s the matter? Well… Miss Pim, what is it? Nothing.., Captain. Miss Pim, this is not the time for games. I’m sorry. Dinner, Captain. Thanks. What is it Miss Pim? Captain are you playing tricks? Where’s the body of the princess? What are you talking about? Have you gone mad? Where’s the body of the princess? She’s nowhere to be found! What nonsense are you talking about!
I’m hanging up the phone… Captain..
Captain.. Captain!! Captain!
Please land the plane right now! Captain!! Land the plane! Open the door!
Open the door!! Let me go! Pim!
Let me out of here!! Have you gone mad? The princess body has disappeared! Stop this nonsense! Let me go! No!! Let me go! Pim, when we land.
You will be disciplined. Captain, please… Please, leave me alone… I beg you. I made a mistake. I won’t do it again. I’ll leave him, I promise.

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  1. la prima parte bellissima e molto inquietante. Che poi non ho capito perché il ragazzo se l'è presa con lei..poverina.Alla fine la sua ragazza l ha lasciato.

  2. La cinematografia horror asiatica é ben assortita e ha sempre un qualcosa di trascendentale, nelle storie che racconta, senza
    "splatter" in eccesso, come in troppi film Americani del momento, per i quali ottenere l'effetto horror é cosa semplice, ma non
    sempre gradevole e spesso ripetitiva. Se questo non é il meglio del prodotto Thai, il livello di definizione, l'audio elevato e
    la trasposizione in Italiano rendono questo video datato ancora fruibile.

  3. Per il momento sono arrivata alla fine del secondo.. Tra le due preferisco la prima.. Farebbe ansia anche a me star a casa da sola e uno che t dice che è nella tua stanza.. Ho fatti un salto alla fine😌 la seconda un po' splatter ma nn male come storia.. Ora vediamo le successive due 🤣

  4. Il secondo episodio è così frenetico, violento, grottesco e confuso che fa morir dal ridere! Soprattutto la scena dello sterminio dei bulletti! Da spanciarsi! Anche il terzo. Più che horror, è tragicomico "noir"!

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