4K | Biosphere Continuum FULL MOVIE – Extended Version.

4K | Biosphere Continuum FULL MOVIE – Extended Version.

Music Playing as Background

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  1. Amazing filmwork and music score Jennifer, congratulations. Evokes the Ron Fricke and Michael Stearns film Works.

  2. I bought a 4K TV and will treat my 4th grader son and his friends with your videos on the TV. Master pieces in my view!

  3. Ok i am jealous, great job. I am learning to to edit and shoot in 4K. Your holy grail shots were perfect, i could not tell which was day or night. Very smooth gradient and camera tracking. Davinci color?

    Also can one purchase a copy of 4K? my bandwidth is chopping up the film…

  4. Thought provoking. Gorgeous cinematography. Unquestionably the best video I've ever seen on YouTube. Simply beautiful.

  5. I watched a lot of movies already. Simply amazing. I would venture that is as good as the Samsara c. movie. It was really good to see such quality! More good work and a lot of movies! Greetings from Hungary! [email protected]

  6. Lying on my bed
    One meter distance from the 50-inch 4K screen
    The air is warm and pleasant
    A little dark
    Watching this
    An amazing experience

  7. We need more movies of this genre. no commentary, just amazing visuals and synchronized music. This was a good film, but it doesnt have that meditative trance that Ron Fricke's films do. I think it was the music choices as well as synchronization. It also felt a little too judgmental up front compared to Baraka, and Samsara's gradual and meditative viewing guide into the madness of our culture. The music was a little too aggressive at many points, when it should have been more rythmic or ambient. Hopefully this comment helps you guys on your next production.

  8. 16:35 我看见了位于智利阿塔卡玛欧洲南方射电天文望远镜矩阵天文台 明显的大小麦哲伦星系!

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