5 Biggest TV Game Show Scandals

5 Biggest TV Game Show Scandals

Game shows are made for not only our entertainment
as the viewer, but for the people competing to have some fun and even potentially win
some epic cash prizes. Although, there can be a dark side to what
should be an hours worth of fun for all. Here are our top five gameshow scandals. Nuber 1- Super Password – Fugitive In 1988, A man by the name of Patrick Quinn managed to win a total of $58,000 on the game
show “Super Password”. Sadly enough, however, this was not long-lived. The man, Patrick Quinn, was actually named
Kerry Dee Ketchum, a fugitive who was wanted in 3 states. Someone watching the program managed to recognise
him, and made the call to the police. When the 36 year old turned up collect his
prize money, he was swiftly arrested by local officers. Ketchum was sentenced to 5 years in prison
for faking his ex wife’s de ath, in order to collect $100,000 from the insurance policy
and for credit card fraud. He also never received his super password
winnings as it was deemed that he had violated contestant eligibility rules. Number 2 – Michael Larson – Press Your Luck Genius or cheat? How about both! In 1984, Michael Larson managed to win $110,237
in a single game of the American game show ‘Press Your Luck’. The concept of the game was simple, contestants
would collect spins by answering trivia questions and then use the spins on a seemingly random
18-space game board, to win cash and prizes. However, The clever ice-cream truck driver
noticed that the Luck board would always move in one of 5 looping patterns and he was able
to stop the moving square on the board anywhere he wanted. It wasn’t luck or random at all! With the help of hundreds of recorded episodes,
Larson completed his memory training in just under two months. He was then able to dominate the show by stopping
the moving square on the high value prizes and cash amounts which quickly added up to
a sizeable amount. Producers of the show tried to get out of
paying him because his ‘skills’ could be counted as cheating… However, because there weren’t any specific
rules against memorising the patterns… the producers had to admit that there were flaws
in the system.. and Larson drove off into the sunset with his cash… Unfortunately, his small fortune didn’t last
long and within 2 years he had lost the lot.. mainly due to getting involved in illegal
schemes and some had been stolen in a burglary. Number 3 – Million Dollar Money Drop Scandal A total reverse scenario here, in the form of couple Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayi, who
were contestants on very first episode of Million Dollar Money Drop. The two were given a question, “Which of these
was sold in stores first?”, and the couple placed $800,000 of their $1,000,000 on Post-It
Notes, with the two other choices being a Mac computer and a Walkman. Unfortunately, the couples answer was wrong,
and down the shoot their $800,000 fell… However, after the show was aired, producers
were left red-faced, when it was revealed that the couples original answer of Post-It
Notes was in fact correct. The internet was extremely vocal in its collective
upset with Fox, as they deduced that while Post-It Notes, under that name, were sold
after the walkman in 1980, they were first tested and sold under the name Press N Peel
in 1977. So, technically, they were right. However, host Kevin Pollak is on record explaining
that because of the way the game is played, at the time when they got the answer incorrect,
it did not even matter, because the money winnings were not even secured at that point,
and the couple lost the remaining money on the very next question. To this day, the argument is still divided. Rather than Fox offering the couple some sort
of compensation, they were instead invited back onto the show for another shot at the
game. However, in another streak of bad luck, the
show was cancelled before they could come back with a vengeance. Number 4 – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Fraud In 2001, former British army major, Charles Ingram managed to show the world how utterly
stupid he is, all the while being made to pay 115,000 pounds in fines for fraud. His crime? Attempting to defraud on an episode of popular
gameshow Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. How? by having his wife and another contestant
cough as the correct answer was said out loud to indicate that it was right. Luckily, the producers of the show were vigilant
and suspected foul play, and his scheme was quickly sussed. Charles managed to answer the 15th and final
question correctly and had won the 1 million pound jackpot prize. However, the winnings were quickly suspended
on allegations that he had cheated by using the help of the audience. After the show ended, Producers began looking
at all the recorded footage in an attempt to find evidence of cheating.. which they
did, after Tecwen Whittock (who was another contestant) and who was positioned right behind
Charles, could be heard coughing and blowing his nose numerous times through out the show,
after the correct answer to the question was read out loud by Charles. During the 14th question which was worth 500
thousand pounds, Charles nearly messed up the entire plan, when he almost answered the
question incorrectly, but out of desperation, Tecwen can be heard coughing and even whispering
loudly, the word ‘No’. Charles’ wife, can also be heard coughing
twice during one of the questions, Once she thought her husband didn’t know the answer. Charles has always claimed that he did not
cheat during the show and did not recall hearing any coughing. However, a jury disagreed and found all 3
guilty of fraud and they were each given suspended jail sentences, and instead of receiving the
million pound prize, were made to pay over 100 thousand pounds in fines and fees. Charles was also ordered to resign from his
position in the Army due to the scandal. Number 5 – The Dating Game Killer The Dating Game, was an american TV show which aired on ABC, that had three mystery men battle
each other with their own words of seduction, in order to gain a date and maybe a bit more. Cheryl Bradshaw was the woman of the episode,
and in 1978, managed to weed out a serial killer in the line-up… Rodney Alcala somehow managed to remain undetected
as a rap ist and killer, even though he was a registered sex offender. Prior to being on the show, The seemingly
charming man had already ra ped a child and murdered at least 2 women and went on to kill
at least 2 more and a 12 year old girl. Looking back at the show now, it’s very creepy
hearing some of Alcala’s answers to the womans questions, especially when the 35 year old
said ”We’re going to have a great time together, Cheryl. Luckily for Bradshaw, despite choosing Alcala
as her choice date, she never actually went on it and refused to go out with him. Alcala was eventually caught in 1979 after
the disappearance of the 12-year-old girl led traces back to him. He is currently awaiting execution in a California
state prison. It is estimated that he has murdered between
8 and 130 women. We’re not sure what’s crazier, this guy’s
creepy answers on the dating game, or the fact that a murderer was easily able to get
on a TV show. Thanks for watching! please like & Subscribe
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  1. to win without anyone knowing is to buy vibrating panties and say every answer and then when you say the right one your friend will vibrate no one will know becuase you aren't talking etc

  2. #2 use his techniques and trained his brain from physics so his reaction time completely upgraded .. so why this called cheating ? maybe the press your game show.. cannot pay him . so they decide to report it cheating .. so clever

  3. number 2 did not cheat, his dream was to be on the show and also win it, he studied for 10 years for it to happen, what a legend

  4. Second boi didnt cheated,He memorized the pattern of the square because he was a genius and won the game

  5. in the 4th one, shouldn’t the wife just join the game instead of the guy. if they would cheat it would no longer be that suspicious knowing that the wife knows alot of the answers

  6. Number 2 isn’t cheating, because if he is than memorizing your notes for your test is cheating, I guess we have all been cheating. Right? 🙄

  7. What type of spinner system uses the same loop pattern? Number 2 deserves his money that’s the fault of the people who ran it.

  8. That’s Ted Bundy in the thumbnail he killed a 12 year old girl and before that she went Missing but that’s just my guess

  9. I feel so bad for the people who got it right but the stupid people were wrong and they should owe them 2mill dollars 💵

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