5 Brilliant Moments In Film

5 Brilliant Moments In Film

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  1. I never liked that close up in the Godfather scene. It's not realistic. In real life, people's eyes don't move all over the place when they face an imminent, hard decision. It's quite the opposite. The eyes are transfixed while the brain processes the decision.

  2. Everything missing from the MCUs cumshot compilation gag reel story telling style. Fuck modern cinemas obsession with box office records.

  3. the "lips reader" scene was unreal, there is no way human being knew something like that "AI" would happens.
    Kubrick mush be an alien

  4. One thing about some of these movies – such as The God Father pt.1 and Taxi Driver – is that neither the actor nor the director were veterans. The end result is that while it may well be a good movie – the characters are not believable as veterans.

  5. I am Canadian and was in a bar and started a conversation with a guy. I asked him what part of America is he from. He asked me how i knew he was an american. I said because he ended his sentance with a "hu" a vary slight "R" sound in his talk. and the pack of cigarets gave him away. When i was in Vagas the reverse happend LOL.

  6. Your channel is a masterclass for film lovers!! (one suggestion: can you slow down a bit? the montages and the commentary, as they have so much of details and I felt missing some of it due to the speed)

  7. Just love your lists! And if you are running out of ideas, why not rank the best fighting scenes? Or action scenes?

  8. On Al Pacino's eyes, I've known a lot of nervous people looking around like that several times. I think it's believable, he's analyzing everything at the same time.

  9. Replying way, way late. But one of the two fears we’re born with is a fear of loud noises. Perhaps sound’s effect on us starts with this. It is one sense that has “danger sensors” built in at birth. And while our other senses do develop and may lead to better detection of danger (mainly sight), sound is the OG sense that helps us navigate the world.

  10. Idea: villains eating. LOTR Return of the King, The Spy Who Loved Me, Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, the mute guy in Fargo…

  11. @11.44… the train wheels synonymous with the wheels of his mind turning and screeching to a halt just before he jumps up and shoots

  12. From what I understand, the movie studio didn’t want Pacino to play Michael in The Godfather, so FFC filmed this scene out of sequence and sent to the executives. Thus ended the talk of firing Pacino.

  13. You are retared if you think crouching tiger was even remotely good.

    Before you say everyone's got his own taste—-
    Everyone has his own taste- said the dog and continued to lick the fecies.

  14. Not sure if I've posted this here, but what the hell, its a damn good story.
    Story from Walter Murch (who you've mentioned) when he was doing the scene in The Godfather (which you mentioned), about the subway sound (which you mentioned) when he was doing a Q&A at Aberystwyth University.

    Coppola didn't want traditional music over that scene, because it was too easy and cliche. Having lived near that area, Murch knew there were subway trains nearby, and so they decided to use that sound as music, slowly increasing the volume, changing the exact sound, using the brakes like brass, and using the sfx as music to ramp up the tension. The game would only be up when the sound cuts out at the gunshot.
    Years later, a hitman (can't remember his name, racked up about 17/18 hits in his time) who had recently been granted immunity was asked if Mario Puzo (writer of the novel and the screenplay) had connections to the mob because of his knowledge of how it worked. His reply (roughly). 'He must have done. 100%. I know, because the sound Michael hears in his head before he kills someone for the first time is the exact same noise I had in my head the first time I had to kill someone.'

    The long and short of this story? By just trying to do something different, Murch and Coppola actually created the exact noise a hitman had in his head before shooting someone for the first time. The eye movements might not be the most realistic thing in the world, but apparently the sound design is. Mental.

  15. The inglorious bastards and Pacino were pathetic and I think you have to be an American to think that this is Brilliant Moments In Film, indeed?

  16. "well if this is it old boy, i hope you don't mind if i go out speaking the kings…"

  17. I actually think the lip reading scene is a rare misstep for Kubrick. In a movie filled with extreme subtlety that challenges the viewer to pay attention and interpret layers upon layers of subtext, the scene is out of place. When, much later in the film, HAL tells Bowman that he read their lips, it falls completely flat. Bowman is shocked but we, the audience, cannot share his surprise because we already had the "twist" handed to us on a plate. Also, had the scene not revealed that HAL was spying on the astronauts' private conversation, it would have kept his true nature hidden for longer, making his reveal as a rogue entity that much more impactful.

  18. The genius with this sort of camera work is that we understand it subconciously st first and only when we think about it do we realise why its perfect

  19. 10:50 I feel like I do this a lot when I'm stressed out, and I make myself stressed out a lot, so it's easy to keep track of, lol. My mind feels like it's shutting itself off, and it sometimes feels like paralysis, and my eyes are the only thing I have control of. 100% brilliant performance from Pacino.

  20. How about the korean movie the island where she approach from the toilet space , bullet ballett, blue in the face jim jarmusches dialog, smokes last scene when auggie depicts how he get his camera

  21. Every scene in inglorious bastards was well thought out and given awesome intake by ALL the actors…I LOVED IT…They really did a awesome job ..no one can beat a movie which has every scene to its point.

  22. For the Tiger/Dragon part, was that written in the actual script and if so I’d really love to see how they wrote it. Great video. I love this channel.

  23. I loved this film,. ♥️♥️♥️♥️💛♥️♥️♥️♥️💛♥️💜♥️♥️♥️🕊️🌿🌿🕊️🎶🎶💞💥❣️🙏👁️👌⛩️⛩️⛩️🌌🌌🌌🌌

  24. He's not listening to wht, Big man saying cz he knows once he crossover , there is no returning, it will change him & his life 4ever. ,. 🙄🤔😵🖤🖤😢🔫🔫🔫🔫

  25. He also was not supposed to make eye contact , he does leave the gun in the ristorante' , but …..hear the man b4 I play the seen he tells u kid u think too much of me…….him soon ….dramatic scene tho , Al Pacino was so young ❣️Bravo

  26. over rated is our quentin …… and that 3 finger thing is pretty much a poor excuse …couldn't he do better with something more difficult, or less moronic maybe, to get the effect ..?

  27. I took German in Highschool so that Inglorious Basterds scene made my heart drop when I realized what he did! No one else in my family would have noticed it, so having prior knowledge of the difference in the way we count on fingers vs them just makes the scene what it is. Absolutely dreadful.

  28. How can you over analyse the Inglorious Bastards scene without mentioning the lines from Helstrum, "Eric has a bottle of thirty-three-year-old whiskey" "Eric! The thirty-three. And new glasses!" "You don't want to contaminate the thirty-three with the swill you were drinking." He's showing the mental warfare that the Gestapo Major is playing and his whole characters persona, unlit area, analysing the room. The way that he prompts the table to specifically think around the number three, unironically landing to the conclusion that three glasses are needed, it's a really clever set up.

  29. I mean, I know the Hellstromm was already highly suspicious of him, but I have seen plenty of people in America hold up a thumb pointer and middle finger to signify three. Maybe Germans exclusively do it that way, but idk I know people who hold up pinky ring and middle fingers also so I would never think of that.

  30. In the scene from Inglorious Basterds, you can see the worried look on Bridget von Hammersmark's face and the look the other two give each other when passing the glasses. This tells us the only one at the table that is unaware of the situation is Lt hickox

  31. Im surprised to bit see the final shootout from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Tarantino calls this movie the greatest directed movie of all time. The close up of their faces, hands and eyes tell you everything and with the background score giving it even more power you know exactly who each character is going to shoot for and their stress level.

  32. Every time I see the bar scene I contemplate if I'm actually german cuz I think I do it the british way with the fingers

  33. Heat: Robert Deniro staring viciously to (Al Pacino) through the negative image screen when Deniro heard a sound comin from the cabin cops were hiding inside-unusual connection between two characters especially one of them does not know/not seeing the other

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