5 Horror Movies Gadgets in REAL LIFE

5 Horror Movies Gadgets in REAL LIFE

What up? What up? It’s Chad wild clay and no it is not Halloween But today we are doing horror movie weapons because you guys left tons of comments all over my last video about Wanting to see horror movie weapons, so let’s go buy some weapons and test them out on a bunch of fun stuff. Oh, yeah and the first weapon We’re checking out is one of my favorite horror movie series of all time is a nightmare on Elm Street and we are looking at Freddy Krueger’s glove Freddy Krueger invades your dreams and wears a very deadly and very scary Glove with four blades attached to his fingers all right well let’s jump online and find ourselves a Freddy krueger. Glove here We go Freddy metal Glove Deluxe and I specifically looked for a metal Glove sident want one of those plastic ones because we’re gonna be chopping some stuff up here, so we need metal on this club Let’s just go ahead and buy this glove Look what has arrived in the mail today. It is Freddy Krueger’s glove Check this out, and I just stabbed my cardboard bottom here with the club. So that’s a good sign actually well We know that these are for sure metal the way it just jabbed into my cardboard right here. Let’s see if it fits Yeah, look at this thing this thing is cool fingers move very very nice, Louisville. I gotta be careful I like poked myself in the face here as I’m going watch this I was holding it kind of close It’s made out of metal. It’s not sharp at all really as you can sink just hit my hand like this It’s definitely sharp enough to probably like cut a banana or a tomato or a water balloon something like that So let’s go outside and see what we can destroy as Freddy krueger my firt wait We got to first become Freddy krueger yep I think this will do the trick let’s buy it and wait a second and this one doesn’t come with a hat so Let’s get this hat ruby’s costume ko ni tamara on Elm Street Freddy Krueger hat for nine Dollars and 79 cents cool alright Let’s order these things and become Freddy krueger And the costume and hat have arrived check it out. All right. Let’s try this funky hat here. Yeah, there we go I look like a park ranger more than Freddy krueger, but that’s why I need the Freddy krueger Mask so let’s open this up and get this shirt, and mask going here. Okay, so the mask is just a really thin Piece of foam, it’s just the front of his face Not too impressed with that, but hey it’ll work right and here is the shirt. Yeah, this is cool This’ll work. Let’s just go ahead and put these items on and become Freddy and see what happens oh What’s A-Matter feeling come tied? Yeah, this mask isn’t that great I’m not a fan of how the neck is here, but the shirts pretty cool the hats pretty cool And the glove is definitely very cool. Let’s go outside and stir up some nightmares ready coming for three four Gotta shut Killer Instagram Sorry, I scared you there. V/o pretty scary like the whole entire thing. You look pretty real there now I’m like super handsome right now. I feel safe Sexy friend yeah, that’s me. Woo. Oh I got these blades you better be nice Guys are really scary-looking check these out aren’t these cool Well, they’ve been out of metal are they sure they’re not sharp look there are minutes. All right? Well, let’s destroy some fruit as Freddy kreuger one two Freddy’s are coming for you three for That I shut the door. Oh, no, what’s this man? Behind me with the clouds have sweet dreams little emoji water balloon one two three good night Little emoJi Yeah oh Ready you came two little emojis nightmares alright. Let’s go back inside and get another horror movie weather. Yeah And the next horror weapon, we are looking at is Jason’s Machete Jason voorhees is the main character from the Friday the 13th series He is typically seen wearing a hockey mask and wielding a very deadly machete I think finding a machete is gonna be easy as spaghetti alright. Let’s go here. We go. We got tramontina 24-inch Machete with textured black plastic handle looks huge this one is Gonna work really well Let’s just go ahead and order this thing. Hey. Look what has arrived, holy cow. This thing is much longer than I thought Let’s just go ahead. Take it out of its own wrap here. Oh Geez look at that, and it is sharp you guys hear that Take a look at this that is one long Machete has a handle just big enough for one hand, and it just goes on forever alright guys. Well. Let’s just go outside I mean, let’s go to Camp and chop up some fun stuff Anyway wheels like it? I just remembered something that I actually have a jason mask from a previous video that I did Inappropriate toys for kids and it is right here. Oh spooky So I’m gonna put this on whoo now. Let’s go outside and chop some stuff up. Oh this case Hey, Jason, it’s Freddy. Oh Jason versus Freddy. Oh yeah Haha, that was a movie wasn’t it jason versus Freddy. Come on. Come on. You guys remember? I don’t remember have to watch that bring it on girl alright boy. Yeah, fuck you boy. Oh man, oh Actually sharp though, let’s take a look at that blade Ha ha that’s a pretty real machete that is I don’t want to be near you You’re playing Jason perfectly right now by the way by not spoiling you We want to hear you and see that beautiful face there we go. Oh It’s like so hot you are hot yeah Oh, yeah, little touch yeah, so I didn’t realize this is a real machete cuz I can’t really see anything Oh, that’s why you came at both of us full force You good yeah yeah, yeah, oh she’s bold with that thing yeah. Oh, it’s just a toy Let’s wait on a plastic Slash a limb falls. Yeah, never give me a real weapon yeah bad idea Alright, let’s chop some stuff with this hey let’s do it Trick or treat smell my feet. Give me something good. What’s this blade? Oh no? Oh, no? I don’t know what I’m Gonna do Yeah Jason and his Machete Beats, Soda Ninja Let’s check this thing out here who else a pretty good cut without machete look at who some Didn’t cut all the way through, but it definitely destroyed him and the next horror film weapon is the Freddy’s glove thumbs up because his four fingers are covered with blades his thumb Is still a daily weapon because if you hit that thumbs up button down below this video. It turns blue and dies Anyway, I’m just kidding guys Thanks for itting that thumbs up button if you did hit it though in the next horror film. We are looking at is Candyman there’s an urban legend that claims the candyman can be summoned by saying his name five times While facing a mirror where he will show up and slice you with the hook that’s jammed onto his stump of a right arm Hmm, so I need to jam a hook onto my right arm. So I need to probably chop my hand off first I Think I’m gonna skip that part and just see if there’s something I can go over my hand that has a hook on it Let’s see what we can find yes here. We go perfect pirate hook metal and leather captain hook costume and again I look specifically for a metal. Hook most everything. I found before this one was all plastic So this one says it’s metal that guy looks like he’s ready to rhumble $59 that is expensive But hey, it’s for you guys, and we’re gonna have some fun with it. So let’s just order it. Okay here. We go and Candy man’s hook has arrived. Let’s open up the box and check this hook out Candy man, where are you? There it is wow it’s much bigger than I thought let’s get out of its bubble wrap here, whoa This is a legit pirate, hook look I usually says guys and it’s metal I am very happy with this wow. I was expecting something like cheap, and you know not very good This is really good. So the hook. It’s not Sharp, but it’s very hard metal. So it’ll definitely destroy some things Let’s jump through the mirror and go outside and destroy some things with Kenny man, so look It’s the candyman opie Yeah, the candy man can Hahaha or Captain hook. Hey Captain, hook on the big bag. It actually is a pirate prop It was the only hook I could find that was actually made out of metal right everything else is plastic It’s pretty cool though, cuz candyman does have like a stump of an arm? Yeah, hook on it, and you look in the mirror and say candyman three times. I think it’s five times Oh that money maybe 325 I don’t know you guys up to let us know don’t watch that movie I do now It’s too scary. Yeah, Justin watched it when he was younger, and he’s been traumatized. I never said sanitize So you know you can’t anymore what haha album movie. Maybe the kid should watch it. So you know your guys yeah, yeah The Mone can’t be right handyman is good for nutrition Speaking of candy let’s go cut up some candy. Just kidding. Maybe some fruit all right yeah You have googly eyes on the tomato now, Mr.. Tomato. Are you ready? Oh? How dare you throw Rocks down at my an amazing movie? This is Gonna get banana. Look at hooked on let’s get bananas beat Now you know how I felt, and there’s a banana residue left on my hook. Look at that. Would you look at the hook okay? That’s enough and the next horror weapon is has it has a sound to it there it is that was a scary sound wasn’t it because that means for whom the Bell tolls It’s the bell down below. Thank you everybody who has that bell turned on because that allows you to get here quick you can leave comments that I see because I hang out for the first 30 minutes of every upload and read all your comments and I show your comments at the end of my videos down below Here for those people who have the bell symbol turned on let’s get into the next weapon and the next horror movie weapon We are looking at is the classic Butcher’s knife? We’ve seen a lot of horror film characters using this such as Michael Myers and even Chucky the doll Well, you know a butcher’s knife this is gonna be super easy to find so let’s just jump online Yep, I think this is perfect. Oh beware 8-inch chef’s knife stainless steel multi-purpose. Oh, we’re gonna be using it for a purpose They did not intend and it’s only $5.99 finally I get to save some money in this video you guys alright Let’s order it and wait for it to arrive and the butcher’s knife has arrived Let’s open this up and butcher some things with the butcher’s knife You have to be smarter than the packaging to be able to use this knife there. We go. This is how you open it? Oh, and it is a beauty look at that very shiny and a nice wooden handle and I’m sure it’s extremely sharp Yes, it is of course What else do you expect from a kitchen Butcher’s knife you know I mean these knifes are intended for chopping up lots of things We’re gonna be chopping up fruit and stuff So we’re not going too far out of the ordinary let’s just go ahead and go outside and pretend to be Michael Myers or Chucky But we’re gonna be chopping up some fruit instead all right? oh Be come on over. What do you think’s in here a shack night? Oh, you were supposed to read I Thought you’d go. Oh, you got me jewelry. I’ll be like no something better Are we gonna cook me a fabulous meal? Oh, it’s for you to cook me a meal with hello Oh, well, it’s gonna get you in trouble with Sjw’s just kidding. Haha. Anyway. Haha make me a sandwich Haha, at least you could cut my sandwich for me you cut off the cross. I’ll make it you cut it alright I hate right in the middle fill this empty. It’s really hot oh yeah, I’m sitting out in the sun It’s super hot this is Gonna cut like a hot knife 1000 degree knife Vs.. Fruit oh geez that again. We’ve never done it yet But now we will here we go. Oh No, you’re Gonna Chop, Mr.. Miyagi Sensei Ninja fruit Ninja is Gonna be bursting Chucky or Michael Myers blade weirdly. Just played a little differently We’re gonna actually try throwing it at fruit Ninja. See if we can beat him. He’s a good ninja. It’ll be tough All right, I’ve got the gopro on so you guys can see what it’s like from my perspective See you later, Mr.. Miyagi Sensei fruit Ninja oh Stool gets take it out horses It’s ready inside that you got a laggy – I got this neck I got the stool and Mr.. Meow wow All right, well Mr.. Miyagi is still alive. I think we’re gonna have to go get another horror movie weapon to take out, Mr. Miyagi cuz he’s a tough one. Let’s go get it And the next horror movie character. We are looking at is leather. Vase. He is a character in the Texas Chainsaw massacre Horror film series and it spin-offs He wears masks made of human skin hence the name leather face and engages in really bad stuff often using a chAinsaw So I guess all we need to do is go get a chainsaw here. We go I think this will do the job w en 40:17 electric Chainsaw 16-inch this I actually just looked for like the cheapest chance I could find and also look for any electric lengths I don’t want to have to deal with like oil and gas and all that stuff just want something easy to chop some fruit up With here, you know what I’m saying 80 bucks That’s pretty expensive, but hey it’s worth it for you guys and to chop some stuff up for you So let’s order this thing and look what has arrived. It says Chainsaw right on it It’s heavy all right. We got a manual I guess I better give that a read before I use this thing let’s pull this puppy out of here there is 16 inch electric chain saw now I gotta figure out how to put this thing together Here is the blade of the chainsaw. It’s kind of like a bike chain lay the dice a blade I meant change the chain of the Chainsaw It’s got the word chain in it for a reason this must be the blade that you’ll be put the chain on I don’t know if it’s called a blade double guard low-Kickback Well, I’m gonna do some reading here how to put this together, and I’ll be right back. Oh, I’m back That was really quick the chain saws not together yet I need to go get oil for it because I still gotta keep the chain oiled I guess so I’m gonna meet you guys outside with this chain saw and you’ll see it put together And we’re gonna chop some stuff up with it. Let’s go I am the leather face baby It’s a Chainsaw Will you go ahead and remove the sheath from my blade, please? Well done Don’t touch the blade though, and it’s not it’s not plugged in so I can’t start or anything look, but don’t touch Exactly, so what do you owe? For a Chad note now everybody knows Look, but don’t touch that’s the rules of any good marriage Look don’t touch exactly haha anyway. We’re not supposed to be laughing and joking around We’re supposed to be it horror also all these the exactly’s must be scared of my dangerous weapon here. Yeah And you’re like not screaming ah I know I? Feel like I’m prepared well, this is gonna be interesting guys. I’ve actually never used the chainsaw in my life I’ve seen my dad use one okay. I’ll stop this so plugged in yeah But yeah, we should probably put on some safety glasses for this one because it might be stuff flying up as the blade spins So let’s go chop up some uh some people from a horror movie named fruit inches all right, Mr.. Miyagi We got a new weapon for you and this time we’re all wearing safety goggles me be and Justin just to be seen wearing our safety goggles because as this blade spins through chunks hopefully we’ll be flying all over the place ah Sayonara, Mr.. Miyagi Whoa, I got him right between the eyes yes, I should thank him way over here All right, well we’re so sorry Mr.. Bing all this stuff all over the lenses well, let’s go back inside Just a little joke is it don’t chunk in there getting that off. I know it’s Kiki That doesn’t sound like a horror film to me until you get smashed there you go And I want to thank all of you guys who left the comments down below? recommending that we do a horror film Weapons video looking forward to seeing what else you comment below? I’m Gonna be showing a bunch of the notification squads comments right here some of my favorite comments from the last video So thank you guys for getting here early and leaving these funny comments or these diced comments that I’m showing right now, all right So if you guys have not seen this video who needs my little metal finger here check it out I think you’ll like it if you’re not subscribed to me right there if you’re not Subscribed to V click right there, and if that video doesn’t look good check this one out all right guys I hope I didn’t scare you too much with these horror film weapons. We’ll see you next time. Bye. Bye

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