5 Optical Illusion Gadgets Tested and Ranked

5 Optical Illusion Gadgets Tested and Ranked

What’s up everybody? This is James White
with Freakin’ Reviews bringing you weird gadgets, product comparisons, and
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like this. Now today I’ve got five optical illusion gadgets. Do they really
work? Let’s check it out in today’s video. Alright I got five items ranging in
price from 14 bucks all the way up to $180, and yes I paid for them all myself. No
freebies here. So let’s get started with the first one, hologram projector.
Now when you think hologram projector you think of some high-tech device
that’s gonna get you thousands of dollars. No, not in this case. This is a
cheap hologram projector. Check it out. Alright let’s try this hologram
projector. Very high-tech. Let me show you how it works. First you need a phone. You’re
going to search for a hologram video on your phone and notice there’s an X right
there. That is where you place this device. Placing it right in the middle of
the X and I will stick my finger in there and press the play button. And? And
there you go. It’s pretty cool. It’s kind of holographic. What do you guys think?
Where’d it go? Let me try a different video. It’s pretty cool. I think it’s
pretty cool. It’s just… I wish it was a lot bigger. I wish was about 10 times
bigger than this. Oh there we go. So yeah, I mean I think the
hologram projector might be a little bit more high-tech sounding than this. This is
more of a mirror. It just… it’s basically taking what’s on your phone and kind
of making a hologram-ish image out of it. It’s not real bright. It’s not real big
and I think $17 for two of these was a bit expensive. I think it should be less
than that. I think there are other vendors out there that sell them cheaper
than that. This is just the one that I found that was shipped in a decent
amount of time. Might be kind of cool for a few seconds but the novelty wears off
pretty quickly. I’ve had this for a couple of weeks now and I don’t ever use
it. But it’s worth checking out. What do you guys think? Have you guys ever used one of these before? Next up we’ve got a USB clock fan that
spins and tells the time. Let’s open it up and check it out. I’ve got my computer here. I’m gonna plug
it in and according these instructions the time should be somewhat easy to set.
Let’s try it out. All right it’s plugged in. Let’s try the on/off switch and…
Oh we’ve got a clock. Oh! My camera is not picking up what I’m
seeing. What I’m seeing is a static image. Let me mess with my camera settings and
try to get it right for you. That’s about as good as I can do with my camera but
you can see how it looks like a static fan and you can even see the second
hand moving around the clock itself. Let me try to set the time here. Whoa
this is how you set the minute hand. You have to kind of just time it. I guess
that’s… I guess that’s close. I think the I think the clock is finally set now. I just kind of want to think maybe since you’re plugging it into a computer, you would think that it
wouldn’t be that hard for it to just read the time off the computer rather than
have to deal with that. But that being said, it is pretty cool. Look at that. Let
me try the fan itself. I’ll just sit here on my computer with a nice breeze as
I’m looking at the time staring me right in the face. It’d be nice if there was
some sort of a variety to this because the clock is cool but eventually you don’t
really care about the clock anymore. It’d be cool if it had some sort other things
you could do in there, but… So it’s a simple design. I think it works pretty
well. It actually is pretty cool. It’s decent as a fan so I think that
it’s alright. It only cost me 14 bucks which isn’t terrible I don’t think.
It’s completely useless. You’re not gonna really need to have a need for this and
it’s actually kind of hard to film, too. The geek factor is there. People will
definitely be asking about this if you have one of these attached to your
computer. But let’s let’s move to the big leagues now for my $180 holographic fan Now these things can run all the way up
to a thousand dollars. This is on the low end because I didn’t want to spend a
thousand dollars and not have it work None of these really have great reviews
but let me crack this open and see how it works. Went from a big box do a little bit
smaller box. The tension mounts. Oh now we’re getting somewhere.
I’m definitely gonna have to sit down these instructions for a little bit and figure
this out. People on Amazon were saying this wasn’t the easiest to set up but
I’ll figure it out. Alright I’ve got to interrupt this
regularly-scheduled review to go on a little rant about this next product.
Alright this product is listed as an Amazon’s Choice and the pictures showed
it with the us adapter. So what I wanted to do with this next product was I read
some instructions, I figured I would check out the software instead of
fumbling around on the camera and doing that, and I would just make sure I got it
working properly before I go to demonstrate it. Well when I pulled it out of
the box and go to plug it in, I get this. That is not a U.S. plug which is shown
in the pictures on Amazon. How dare you bait-and-switch me with a plug that
doesn’t work. So I’m here at Best Buy right now. I had to get an adapter to
actually use this thing. I just spent more money on it. Not happy about that.
When I first put the memory drive on my computer, the computer crashed. The software is complete garbage. When I went to import a PNG file on there, the software
crashes. When you hit the question mark for help, it doesn’t show anything. It’s
just… I’m off to a bad start so this thing had better blow me away because
right now the setup is not impressing me very much at all. And the fact that I had
to spend more money on this thing is really not sitting too well with me. So I
head back home and see if I can get this thing to actually work. Now back to your
regularly-scheduled program. Now here’s a few things about this fan. First of all, it comes with an SD card that goes right there. And the software that comes with
it, it’s a little bit weird. Like you can’t run it from the SD card. You have
to copy your hard drive, run it from there, and then copy it back to the SD
card. The instructions don’t say that. I learned that from the Amazon page. The
other thing is I tried putting a few of my pictures and video on here, which I’ll
show you, and they didn’t really come out so great. The demo looks good. So I’m sure that
those are fixable problems but right out of the box I’m having problems getting
the format to look good. I also found out that when you first plug it in, it
immediately turns on and this is kind of a heavy-duty fan so you have to be careful about that. There’s a remote control that’s barely
mentioned in the instructions. It says A and B. This is on and off but I found I have to
hit each one about four or five times for it to actually work. I’m gonna plug
it in, watch this. Immediately working. Can’t see it from this angle. One… Of
course if it works after one time when I’m filming. And here we go. This is the
demo. It looks pretty good, right? Looks like it’s floating right there in my living
room but it’s just a fan that’s spinning with LED lights. Now when I tried mine
you’ll see how they look. Not quite as good. This is the video of myself. It does
actually fix itself. There I am floating in my living room. Very cool. The next one I did was my logo and that’s how it turned out. I tried a
couple different formats, neither one really worked. So if there’s better
instructions I might be able to figure that out. I’m sure there is a solution
but I haven’t figured out just yet. The video of me looks pretty cool when it
works but it doesn’t work the whole time. It’s kind of a loud fan and here’s the
funny thing. I don’t feel any breeze from this fan at all. I feel more of a breeze
on the other side of it. There’s no way to switch direction. There’s no way to
skip the current video. The remote is just on or off. For 180 bucks I feel like I
should have got a little more than that. It is a really cool effect. I think it’s a
really great idea but I just think the implementation could use some work.
The instructions could be a lot better. It’s also not quite as quiet as I
expected it to be. It’s kind of like a loud fan and there’s no speed control so
that would be something else. I like the idea but for 180 bucks it should work
better than that in my opinion. What do you guys think? This is the Euler’s Disk. There’s a
sharper edge and a smoother edge here. You’re gonna spin it smooth edge down
and you also have three different magnetic faces you can place on there.
I’m gonna try this one first. What you do is slap it on there. It stays easily and
then you’re gonna spin it on this mirror that’s included. What I’m gonna do now is
put some overhead lights on to illuminate this and then I’m gonna spin
it. Alright the lighting is kind of weird in here but it’ll help this stand out better on camera I believe.
So here we go. Whoa how cool is that? It looks almost like a spherical
crystal ball. The pattern on the face is actually changing shapes as it’s moving
around. It’s very hypnotic. The squares in the pattern are actually kind of slowly spinning. Whoa look at that. It’s getting faster and faster too. It’s still going! Look at that, how cool is that? Whoa! Oh! Wow that was so awesome!
Very very cool. I’ve gotta do this a couple more times. What I think I’m going
to do is, without showing the entire spin for both, I’m going to try real quickly
showing what the other two faces look like. Because you do get a few options
here, so let’s check those out. Face number two. This reminds me of the
this futuristic computer in The Time Machine movie where they spun these discs.
I feel like it’s some Star Trek episode. “Spock don’t look at the light!”
Oh here it goes. Whoa. Oh I love that ending. Alright let me
show the last face. One more. This is more of a speckled look. You can see that it
is like greens and reds mainly in there. It’s also kind of a flicker so you might
want to keep that in mind as well. That might be one of the funnest gadgets
I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing on this channel. Very very cool.
I’d never heard of until recently. I’m glad I did. This is an awesome product. 32 bucks and I think I’ll be getting my money’s worth very soon. By the way
under a UV light it’s really cool. Hah! That never gets old, especially under UV light.
Very cool. Next up at 24 bucks I’ve got this
optical illusion desk spinner. I don’t really have a name for it. Is that the name of it? I’m not sure. I don’t even know what that means.
This is the large of the two that they offer, which is still pretty small. It
also is a spinning an optical illusion. Let’s see how this one looks. Alright that’s pretty cool.
It kind of looks like, almost like water rippling off of there.
I’m feeling it. Kind of. I think it’s pretty cool.
I paid 24 bucks for this one. 32 bucks for this one. I think I’d spend more money for $32 on this one. You can spin either direction. You can have the
lines looking like they’re moving up or look like it’s moving down. Which one
would you pick? I know which one I would pick. Let’s have a little fun and see
which one lasts longer between the Euler’s Disk and the transfer gyro I
think they’re calling this. I’ll get my stopwatch out and see which one actually spins the longest. Here we go. I’ll spin one then the other. I’ll spin them both
as hard as I can and again it’s not scientific. But I’m going to spin both
them as hard as I can and see which one lasts longer. Let’s go. And now we wait. The tension is killing me. The tension mounts. Get at my UV light and make this some fun. Whoa. I use this to hunt scorpions by the way. It’s actually quite effective here in the desert. But I digress. Uh-oh I think this is
gonna be the winner. 145 for the Euler’s Disk and this one is still spinning.
I can see how if I spun one slightly harder than the other it might have been
different but see how long this one goes. It’s still going. I gotta say a very
impressive showing over four minutes. There it goes. A very impressive four
minutes and 34 seconds. Even though I think this is way cooler, this one wins
the longevity battle between the two of them. So let’s do a quick recap and I’ll
rank these from my favorite to least favorite. I will say my least favorite is
probably this one because it was the most expensive and the most problematic.
I do think the problems I had can probably be fixed but I’ve had to tinker around with this a lot already just to get the software to work. The instructions
are horrible. I just feel like for the amount of money I spent that I shouldn’t
have to struggle so much with it. I think there’s a lot of potential here and
there might be other models that work better. This one I’m a little
disappointed with. Keep watching my social media and I’ll probably post
pictures of this later on if I get working properly. Number 4 I’ll take
the hologram projector only because it’s just a cheap piece of plastic. That’s all
it is. To call this a projector is really pushing it. And there’s cheaper ones out
there that are probably a little better deal. The one I paid for was a little bit
overpriced I think. And not to mention that it’s kind of dim. It’s not really a
true hologram. It’s just more of a mirror. It’s not that great. It’s okay.
I would have paid two dollars for it and been happier. I would say number three on
my list, it’s a close number three, is this spinner right here. I think the only
reason I would put this number three is because it really doesn’t do that much.
I mean once you spin it you just kind of stare at it and it doesn’t really change.
It just… the effect is cool but eventually you’re not gonna stare at
this for four or five minutes. Cool idea. $24 seems a bit steep for this. I think
if it was ten or twelve dollars it might be worth it. Number two I’m gonna say is
the clock fan that actually I was able to get to work with a regular battery
pack. So it doesn’t just go in your computer, it can go in any USB. I think the
fact that it’s only fourteen bucks, and it does work pretty much as
advertised, pretty easy to set the time, I think that this one qualifies it as a
good number two. And of course the obvious number one will be the Euler’s Disk.
This thing is fun to watch, it’s fun to spin, it’s fun to try
the different faces on it. It’s well-made. This thing is…it’s very heavy. I just
think this is my favorite one of these and I’ve actually shown quite a few
people this and they’ve all been pretty mesmerized by it. So to me the
Euler’s Disc is the number one choice of my favorite optical illusion of
this batch. Have you guys tried any of these optical illusions? Tell me what you
think in the comments below. Please follow my social profiles for progress pictures, videos as I go. And subscribe for more product reviews from me James White with Freakin’ Reviews.

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