5 Ridiculous Movies with 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

5 Ridiculous Movies with 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

( bright, upbeat music ) Mama always said,
“If you can’t say anything nice, – don’t say anything at all,”
– Mm-hmm. and today we’re gonna see
if we can apply that principle to some of the worst
movies ever made. Yeah, so we’re gonna be
looking at movies that have been given
a big fat zero… ♪ Wah wah ♪ on Rotten Tomatoes, which is really quite
an accomplishment, okay? – Yeah, it is.
– So 0% of critics liked them and we’re going to
show these clips to one another and see if we
can say anything nice at all. Which is really
quite a challenge. It is quite
a challenge, Link. Link:
It’s time for… Okay, so the first one is,
I remember this one, “Mac and Me.” This “E.T.” rip-off… Uh-huh. …that does have a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes
from 1998. – Okay.
– 1988. Link, watch the clip and see
if you can say something nice. It’s not safe
here anymore. You have to
come with me. Please? I won’t let
anybody hurt you. ( music playing ) It’s like
the movie “E.T.” if you wanted to
put E.T. in a bag and then set
the bag on fire. – ( laughter )
– And that’s a good thing? – And please take that
as a compliment.
– And that is a compliment. I also think that
this thing right here, if we ever get upset
with each other, – if we can just do…
– Like this? If I can just look at you
through my hands like this I’ll see you through
a whole new perspective. – Hey, Link. Hey.
– ( high-pitched) Hi. I don’t even know
if the thing talked. You don’t have to. You look so wonderful
through my hands. – Not E.T., phone home.
– You don’t have to hold me. I’m framing you up for this
perfectly for the camera. All right,
show me what you got. Okay,
I found this one. Horror classic,
“Empire of the Ants.” Also 0% on
the Rotten Tomatoes. I’ll play the clip. Say something nice
about it. Oh, my God,
what the hell are they? ( dramatic music ) ( high-pitched warbling ) I gotta think
of something nice. ( laughs ) Hey,
I got two things. First thing,
they used real ants, guys. Those were real ants. – They were.
– Nobody can deny that. A lot of filmmakers are
not willing to do that. They used real ants. And the second thing
I can say is that I actually have
an ant problem in my house and now I know I should just be
treating it with an axe. I thought he was
gonna axe an ant – and then it cuts to the shot
– He probably does. and it was
just a rope. He damaged his boat. He damage his boat
a little bit. And then the ants
crawled on, which is my favorite
part of the movie. The only part
that I’ve seen. Right. – All right.
– Okay, here’s another one for all you 80’s kids. “Rainbow Brite and
the Star Stealer.” You remember this one. – Link: 0%.
– Rhett: 0%. But audience score, 80% liked it. Oh, okay, All right,
that’s usually a good sign. It’s gonna help me. It’s spring! Spring is in the air. ( music playing ) ( laughter ) Well, let me tell
you right now, there is no more work
to do on that movie because it seems as if
it’s already perfect. Yeah,
I believe that. They got Kenny Rogers’
brother to sing. – ( laughter )
– Donny Rogers. It took me a second
to realize that horse was
the one singing, you know
what I’m saying? ‘Cause his voice
changed so much – Yeah.
– but it was so wonderful. Finally my wife and I
have a new soundtrack – to our love-making.
– Oh. “Even little things”? – Oh.
– ( laughter ) “Need a helping wing”?
I get it, Link. Yeah, you’re right. ( laughter ) – Oh, I stepped
right in that one.
– You sure did. A big pile of
rainbow horse manure. ( sighs )
I got one for you. “The Lonely Lady,”
this is a story of a writer pushed to the brink
of madness. 0% on Rotten Tomatoes
of course. Doesn’t look to mad
in the movie poster, but watch this clip
and say something nice. ( indistinct shouting ) Shut up! ( echoing )
Damn you! Mm. Well, you know? This actually kind of
gives me a good feeling because this is exactly
how we wrote our book. ( both laugh ) ( both yelling ) Chapter one. ( both yelling ) Both:
Chapter two. You know? “New York Times”
Bestseller. ( both yelling ) Hold on, you gotta say something nice
about the movie. You can’t say something
nice about our book. “New York Times”
Bestseller. It made me feel nice
about myself, man. And I mean, you know,
it’s a… good graphics. ( laughter ) Really good graphics. The way they composed
the different elements. Okay,
how about this one? This is a sequel. I didn’t even know
this existed. A sequel to
“Saturday Night Fever” called
“Staying Alive.” 0% of course. “Dance to
your own beat.” Let’s watch it. ( downbeat music) Man:
♪ Dance ♪ ( echoing grunt ) Ah. ( echoing grunt ) Fire! ( mimicking grunt ) Goodness. – Um, hmm.
– Really? You know, I appreciate
the fact that this movie employed a lot of
out of work singers who are really good
at going… ( grunting ). – That’s all I got.
– ( laughter ) It was good
for the economy. It was good for the economy
of grunting singers. Okay, there you go, Mom,
we said something nice! Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what
time it is. Hi, I’m Gionnorinso. And I’m Andrea. – We are from Milan, Italy.
– From Italy. Both: And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Click the bottom link
to watch today’s episode from the beginning. And click the top
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with sandwiches. That’s right,
it’s sandwich yoga. And to see where
the Wheel of Mythicality lands.

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  1. Some movies that got a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes need to have a score on Metacritic that means “overwhelming dislike”.

  2. While watching this I was thinking about how a lot of kids in my class were putting one of ur songs “Rub some bacon on it” on and they didn’t even know who u guys were!

  3. It‘s Lumberjack Hipster and 1890s Gay Maine Fishing Village Librarian…not that there's anything wrong with that.

  4. omg my exes grandmother LOVED mac and me, she thought it was better than ET and thought that thing was so cute. >.>

  5. I’ve seen Staying Alive. It had John Travolta & Finola Hughes from General Hospital in it. Those movies were sooo cringe worthy and cheesy 🧀

  6. As a fan of Rainbow Brite I have to say that the Star Stealers movie was a good time waster film. Was it some cinematic God Send to all animated films of the time? Of course not, it was a film parents sat their kids down in front of to give themselves peace.

    That being said, kids liked it kept them entertained and thus now is nostalgic for them and if you liked Rainbow Brite then the movie appealed to you just tjat little bit more but it was an entertaining time waster which I can't really say about Mac and Me.

  7. My sister and I loved Mac and Me growing up. We would always try to whistle like the aliens. Now looking back on it, it was a bad movie…..

  8. I got an add for a huge rose gold bracelet….
    Turns out the button thingy screws off, and you hid liquor in it…..
    The lady in-twisted it and poured the liquor into her orange juice

  9. Something to think about is that most of these movies have less than fifteen critic reviews, so not many. The emoji movie has 110+ and still only managed to scrape an 8% score from critics. I believe that makes it worse than the movies showcased in this video.

  10. No one ever told me that if i didnt have anything nice to say not to say it at all. My mom literally told me if my brother hit me to hit him back as hard as i could

  11. I hate that I have to say this but put a ⚠ warning for people watching with their dogs before you have crazy high pitched noises in your video. My poor pups was not happy with me!!!!


  13. But how did the Empire of the Ants got negative reviews? I thought it was a good movie and I once thought it teaches us not to make ants huge.

  14. H
    Hey i
    Hey in
    Hey int
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    Hey intern
    Hey interne
    Hey internet
    Im not doing the rest of it cause im lazy

  15. This is one of the funniest videos on the internet hands down! "This is exactly how we wrote our book".. Ch. 1 " AHHHH".. lmfao!

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