5 Scary Horror Movies on Netflix you should NOT watch ALONE! (2018)

5 Scary Horror Movies on Netflix you should NOT watch ALONE! (2018)

What is up everyone welcome to dark corners, I’m your host dark and in this video We will take a look at some awesome horror movies that you can check out on Netflix 19:22 man’s pride was man’s land and So was his son My wife She wanted us to leave all this behind Cities are for fools we divorce we both know that’s what you want Life is rarely fair especially out here I Believe that there’s another man Inside every man I murdered my wife Bray is limiting sheriff can I look in the house? Y’all would go on suitcase woman. That’d be crazy to leave a nice house like this one There is no God because if there is no head There’s no hell RUP would’ve loved this place he’s a good man the best of us You know what they have walking trails in England pubs come up by what you saw last It’s twisted. It’s twisted. Look we go Southwest through here we cut the journey in half or through the forest. Yeah, why not? Should’ve gone to Vegas you’d have found yourself something to fall over in Vegas to mate Now is it me, or is it really quiet here? It’s been gutted could be hunters out here. I’m bait possibly or it’s the bit. They don’t show you in the nature documentary It’s a warning We shouldn’t be here Where the hell are we to beach the tents this is ridiculous, man Won’t you think so here don’t hear anything come on? So we’re gonna talk about then oh, no it was a nightmare Phil what happened to you then? Then you got spooked and we had bad dreams alright Nothing was done that – you’ve done it to yourself if you have to deny everything because I do not value your judgment We need to be working together, man What the fuck is that All right, we are leaving the flatlands, and we are heading out towards the mountaintop We had set $1,000 for the day filming services discretion is appreciated The older and realizing that knows I’m here I’m assuming you’re Aaron. Yeah Joseph oh my god, oh my god This is gonna be a good day so the reason I’ve hired you is because I have terminal brain cancer and I want you to film me to make a video diary for my unborn son You ready for this Joseph this is called an adventure We don’t know exactly where we’re going But I have a feeling When you follow those feelings great things can happen don’t ever forget that There was about two seconds there where it looked like you wanted to kill me Justin I think I’m gonna head back One drink okay bottoms up You need to get out of that house right now Jose how do you look scared don’t be scared it’ll all be over soon I Won’t you say we’re gonna be here for you said that I’d be back for our graduation You should stand our mountain house, I thought you guys were selling. I just have to leave for a bit on Sundays during open houses That’s good to see some new faces. You must be Logan everybody knows everybody in these small towns, huh? So sorry for what happened to your husband. I lost my husband a few years back Death, it’s like it moves in and never leaves Sam searched the entire house, there’s no one here we had an open house here a few days ago Maybe someone found a spare key laying around her maybe someone stayed Probably just some kids trying to scare the newcomers Didn’t feel like kids who’s that hey? Hey something is clearly going on Hello Is anyone there? It’s always nice to know you have someone nearby The quiet out here can get real loud

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  1. What's your favourite Horror Movie?
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  2. If you want a good one watch Winchester It’s based on a true story so before you watch it watch the buzzfeed unsolved Winchester episode first and it makes it all the more scarier x

  3. Lmao this guy had no work because Netflix shows them the recommended films and these are the ones they recommend open house is shit but this guy doesn't know bcs he didn't even see the movie thrash vid

  4. whats so scary about this all horror vida u shown..that we don't wana see it alone..bullshit.meaningless and pointless

  5. How about when i already watched these alone? Ps: don't waste your time by watching "Hush" bc it's not worth it. It's boring, nothing special

  6. I would recommend Creep 1 & 2 as both movies are good. Hush is decent and Open house is good in parts. 1922 is overrated and not scary at all.

  7. Don't watch BirdBox they have no budget to create the monster and show it so it'll be a waste of time…

  8. I loved Open House, Gerald Game, The Invitation, The Ritual, The Hell House, The Monster, Havenburst, The Boy, 10×10, Malicious,
    The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Hemlock Grove, Hush, Await Further Instructions, Mara, The Keeping Hours, Darkness Rising, Prodigy, Lavender, Don’t Knock Twice, Before I Wake6 Souls The Disappointments Room etc. Some aren’t scary, but are great thrillers.

  9. I know the 7:35 and we watch that on the be cation and the mask is man and the woman are will not die

  10. By the title i thought you gonna show me something that i cant even watch the full trailer of it XD

    great video tho ^^

  11. 1. 1922 – Trailer was better than the actual movie (not scary at all)
    2. Ritual – Start was good, crap ending. (Had potential)
    3. Creep – Meh
    4. Hush – Highly recommend
    5. Open House – Don't even bother.

  12. I watched all of these on my own except the ritual. I liked Hush, I'm part way through 1922, Creep was alright and Open house was utter crap. Don't bother to watch open house it really is crap !!

  13. "5 Scary Horror Movies on Netflix you should NOT watch ALONE" i've watched at 3 of those alone. thank you for the new suggestions tho. The ritual and Creep looks good

  14. It should end at 5 horror movies on netflix you should not watch…..i have watched 3 out of 5 and were terrible….waste of time

  15. Creep is the worst crap.. the Original Creep with Franka Potente is awesome as fuck.. they shall not waste the name of Creep!!

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