50 COMEDY STARS ⭐ Then and Now | Name and Age 2019

50 COMEDY STARS ⭐ Then and Now | Name and Age 2019

50 Comedy Actors – Then and Now | Name and Age 2019

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  1. Then vs Now makes me sad… I feel so old. And I don't mean to sound like a 25 year old girl (I'm actually 35/m) but seriously, I feel old as shit, in 10 years half the stars I grew up watching will probably be dead.


  3. Its just amazing to see the difference in how whites and non caucasians age. White people look 7 to 10 years older than their non white counterparts in general.

  4. Yep, Jim Carrey got hit big time.. he said in one of his interviews that he got very little sleep. Not just with his busy schedule being an actor and producer but just being, well Jim Carrey. He said he never got over being a star.. a famous guy and all the excitement and glamour it brought. He would be out all night and couldn't wait to get up early in the morning and go out to breakfast, or even just walk into a 7-Eleven and get that recognition. Like a drug really. But even if you were just a moderate partier getting no sleep will affect your looks and aging. No he has even admitted that he did party quite extensively on top of all that

  5. Each day our Number changes… time is a trip folks.. Never worry you see your not alone.. We is right there with you brother and sister… we all in same Boat 🚣…. and there's lots of Love and Room… No worries folks….

  6. 9:04 This picture is from the 1986 movie "Les fugitifs" and he was born in 1934, so he was 52 and not 49.

  7. It is a painful thing to get older and to see the one you love is older. I hope that the Lord will protect them from all evil with my love

  8. all those men with grey hair, being overweight ( it changes the shape of your face) and with facial hair, ugly beard or moustache – look so much older … Lose weight, colour hair, shave, and you can remove 10 years instantly. No need for plastic surgeries or extreme makeovers.

  9. Danny Devito ist für mich mehr Characterdarsteller,ebendso Mike Myers.Die besten Filme mit denen,sind jene wo sie weniger lustig sind.Z.B.Studio 54 oder L.A. Confidental. Genayso wie John C.Reily.

  10. Great video I'm glad that all of these guys are still alive and I can remember seeing them when I was younger too.

  11. Блин, так грустно смотреть как твои любимые актеры стареют…
    Казалось бы, ты только смотрел на экран, и они были такими молодыми, а тут ррраз и…

  12. トム・ハンクスと若い頃のビル・マーレーが似てるて、話題になってたっけ。


  13. 짐캐리 미친놈 헐리우드 뒤산에 올라가매일 난 미국최고의배우가될거라 외치고그렇게된인물

  14. 톰행커스 캐스트어웨이 포리스트검프 우리외사촌이 이사람과정말 닮았다
    영진이 그때무너져가던 내가 다시 일어날수있었던 영화 포리스트검프
    열등한사람은 죽어야하는 한국사회에서
    그들의영화를 보고 일어서는 법을 배웠다
    노력한다면 이룰수있다는 그평범한 진리를 깨닭기까지 난 늘 그영화를 보던
    불쌍한 청년으로 돌아갔다

  15. Марлон уейнс слегка,только г поднабрал,а так никапли)) Сандлер ,Ален и Дрейфус ниче и не состарились))

  16. La vida es como la niebla hoy está y mañana ya no, así de fugaz es la estancia del ser humano en este mundo, y pensar que por momentos nos sentimos inmortales.

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