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  1. Nearly all girls get nervous around me because they think I'm a scary individual so that's probably not gonna be a good indicator for me lol.

  2. I got this one girl who act like so the point i’ll go sit in the cafeteria and she come sit next to me and just random start to me hey there how your day going so far I said good hbu she I’m great and I don’t understand how she great in less she like me help me

  3. hello ladies I need your help I am 48 years old my wife is 58 years old I'm trying to turn her on I could let her know I love her I care for her can you show me seven ways or five way to let her know I care for her can you tell me what I can say to the way I could touch up in certain ways

  4. hello Adele I need some ways to tip a woman let her know I'm in here for her when you lay down in the bed we don't say nothing to each other we just go to sleep or play the game on the phone I want let I want to let her know I'm here for her I love her and I care for her can you show me the eight ways I can show her all the 10 weeks

  5. we don't hardly have sex no more she said I do not do my job run the house I do my best and she don't realize that I'm trying to show her some kind of emotion let her know I'm here for her I'm trying to make love to my wife let her know I want to Crestor

  6. should I come to your women cuz y'all know how women is y'all know how they bought it act I know every woman body is different in each other cuz y'all know a woman better we do

  7. sometime my wife want me to make the move on her at all times sometime I tell her she got to make the move to it I knew it the man posed to make the first move at the right time at the present time I told her no

  8. we used to touch each other in the bed now we don't. She get upset cuz my friend don't get up on hard for her no more she said I don't love her I told her it's not that because you don't let him know you is there I told you don't touch my friend

  9. when my wife want to have sex if you do it on her own time not my time she do it because she want to do it she don't care about me about herself she kept by herself when she want to have sex she don't think about the next person

  10. I do everything by the pool and try to make her feel comfortable and make her feel happy it seem like it's not working on her I don't know what I am doing wrong I cannot figure it out myself I'm reaching out to your ladies can y'all give me some tip or give me some ideas what can I do

  11. so like i’m hanging out with my buddies and she’s not friends with any one of them, and she hangs around me. she also laughs at whatever i do. does she like me? she comes out of her way to come sit with me too. i’m afraid to ask her if she likes me. is that the right way to do it?

  12. 7 what if hugs
    6 she laughs at everything
    5 she never really text unless she wants to be with me
    3 her friend think we should date
    2 i told her i like glasses and yoga pants now she exclusively wears those
    1 hant kissed her yet

  13. look this is about getting to fucking, that is primel point…and you woman take much more from a guy then guy does from a woman on sex…dont try to make it look like you woman doing man a favor by having ssex with him or making it harder so that man can ches you…no, never chse them never, if they dont want to fuck then move on to the next one…she will say yes because they need it more then man do most of the time…man dont go around with vibritors or didldios in their hand bags but most woman do, never forget but it is never same as the real man…

  14. Number 2 is so true from me I’ve gotten some pics with like the dog filter and a flower filter and I was like ummmmm ok imma pretend I didn’t see that

  15. I meet a women today, shes got a good heart and even thow we were nervous, we had so much in common to talk about, i felt like i was floating, well shes my psychologists student, i have not felt this in many years, took me by surprise, i dont know what to do?????

  16. We don't text each other because we just meet, but we finished each others sentences off, we love the same things, should i ask her out, i cant stop thinking about her, iv never really felt this, sort of way in the past, but not this fast, omg what to do

  17. More guys want to know how to make a girl like them instead of how to know if they like you. If your like me your not exactly the alpha of the bunch, but what I've learn is almost every girl likes lots of attention.

  18. Well there is this girl that keeps on texting me and she keep on making out arms touch in math class and she keeps on saying sorry. Happened like 12 times in 1 period

  19. Yeah theres a girl I like atm but she really seems kinda 50/50 with me in person we always laugh and smile togeather and we talk about some deep and slightly more personal stuff. The problem is when texting 😂 I try my best to talk with her over text just like irl but she just doesnt act the same. Shes more blunt to put it simply. It makes no sense since it contrasts completley with how we are w eachover in person 🤷‍♂️

  20. I sent a message telling a girl shes Hot no reply I sent 3 more messages she just blue ticked me I know she likes me coz her friends told me.but she's to scared or something unlike a guy that go s for the throat

  21. Shit if a girl takes blackheads outta skin (fckn gross I know), marry her.

    Dont make my mistake and let it go

    Edit: true friend, it may take a long time but she's the one!

  22. She seems like she likes being around me, but at the same time she doesnt really care when i send her texts and stuff. Hope im not fucking friendzoned

  23. Okay…

    What if she likes to put her elbow on me like I'm her property, and well she does like talking to me, she always seems to need me all the time too like hang on to my bookbag going up the stairs when she's way stronger in the legs than me


  24. Problem: I can't apply any of this information.

  25. She smile laugh and was next to me in car trip for the second time and i was like a stupid she even ask whats my horoscope i answered short and stop talking… i think ill never see her again

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  27. All of this is making me feel a weird bug cause I never had or speak a girl like this or have much friends on person

  28. I have crush on my school and i ask her friend what her type and her said

    Small eye

    And i know i fuck up Im only 5'9 tan skin 🙁

  29. Guys work out or do something and stop watching these videos!!!
    Trust me, go ahead and do it by yourself.
    Also, create a relationship with her first, don’t pop it unanimously.

  30. You know she likes you when she puts on so much make up all you see is a bomb of clay. Oh wait. She’s just a slut. Oh and yeah girls have vaginas. They have the world of dicks. Easy to be a girl. 😂 at least us men carry you and the rest of the world. You’re welcome. Guys are the real mvp. We deserve more thanks.

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