7 Situations That ONLY Happen In Movies

7 Situations That ONLY Happen In Movies

[MUSIC] Hey, guys, and welcome back to Think Tank. Hannah and Charlie Berens here. It’s with my neck, I can’t help it.>>I love it, though. I’m gonna learn how to do it. I wish I had the hair to spin, too.>>What’s that bird that turns their head like->>The owl.>>I’m like an owl, I just can’t go the opposite way. I’m gonna work on that.>>Maybe you don’t want to work on that, that would probably be the end of your life, because if your head, okay.>>That’s okay. Guys, you may know Charlie from the videos that he’s been in this week, he’s also a comedian, he’s been on The Point, and we have just released a video, it will be on Funny or Die on Friday, May 6th. I think this video will be coming out after that, so be sure to follow us, both on Twitter, so that you can have access to that video. It’s funny.>>Mm-hm.>>I think it is.>>Hopefully not die. And if you do think it’s die, just click the funny button, anyway because that’s->>Just pretend it’s opposite day, something like that.>>Unless you think it’s funny, then it’s normal.>>Yeah, then it’s normal day. Good rules, I think you’re really helping everybody out. So today we’re talking about movies. Now do you watch a lot of movies?>>I do, I love movies, I watch a ton of movies, yeah.>>I don’t.>>Okay, so this should be a great invigorating conversation.>>I don’t watch a lot of movies because, one, it’s too much of a commitment for me. Two hours is a long time to be sitting. And also, it’s too expensive. It’s like $15 to go to the movie right now.>>Well, you can rent them off the old Netflix, or just get them.>>Yeah, eventually.>>Yeah.>>Do you know? I don’t know. But we’re gonna be talking about some situations that only happen in movies. So the first one is when two people are interacting in public and a large crowd of random, emotionally invested strangers form. Usually someone yells something like, what are you waiting for kiss her already. It’s like also when people kiss and people start clapping,>>[SOUND]>>It’s like nobody’s clapping.>>Nobody gives a shit.>>Nobody cares.>>Nobody gives a shit what you’re doing.>>People are worried about their own romantic comedy going on in their life, which is probably more comedy than romantic, so.>>Do you ever wish that this would happen to you in the public? Cuz you’re married.>>Yeah.>>And you have a very beautiful wife. Do you wish if you were out with your wife and people were saying something romantic and they were like. [NOISE] You two lovebirds, make out in front of us. Stick your tongues in each others mouth for us.>>Yeah, get after it! No.>>You don’t wish that?>>There are a few times I might of wished that a few times when I was four and watching moves like this and I was like, I want that to happen to me. That’s how I talked when I was four.>>That’s scary, that’s frightening.>>But I don’t think any actual real life.>>Okay.>>Do you want to hear a thing I don’t like or do you want to read some more?>>No, please.>>I don’t like it when somebody’s dying in a movie or about to die and they’re->>Death, period.>>What’s that?>>Period, you don’t like when people die in movies.>>Yeah, yeah, period.>>[LAUGH]>>Next sentence, and then there was somebody standing next to them like no, you can’t leave me. Don’t do it. Please don’t die. It’s like look, I only die one time in my life unless I’m John Snow. I want to enjoy this time. It’s a new life experience. It’s like going to Disney Land for the first time and having somebody shout you like, no. Don’t go to Disney Land. It’s like I’m already in the park, you know what I mean? I’ve already paid for the ticket just let me enjoy it.>>Sounds like a very healthy relation with a deck you have there. It’s a little, I’m a little concerned.>>It’s gonna be a new experience, guys.>>A little concerned and we’re gonna have a nice talk after this.>>Okay listen, Hannah, if you’re dying and you’re already dying, I’m like don’t die, do you think that’s gonna help the situation?>>But maybe it’ll help them fight like in a fight what we’ve done like their studies out there. When feel keep on praying for them and they feel more hope.>>Don’t mess with me if I’m dying.>>[LAUGH].>>We’re gonna just let Charlie die. We’re gonna lock him in the studio.>>Thank you.>>We’ll just let him shrivel away. This one is, everyone of your friends/housemates/family/whomever you live with all having a full, cooked and nutritious breakfast before work, all together. I eat my oatmeal in a bowl in my car every single morning. Like I can’t imagine like sitting down to breakfast and being like.>>Yeah who’s got time for that?>>No, I’m like bouncing it in between my legs and I drive and just like, it’s not good.>>That’s good.>>It’s not good.>>Her insurance rates just went up.>>[LAUGH]>>Geico. When you can eat oatmeal in your car and not have your insurance rates get jacked up.>>But they’re making pancakes, the mom’s a doctor who also has seven kids and a husband who needs to. Go do a fashion shoot. I don’t know what movie I’m talking, but I just made the movie up. [LAUGH]>>No, it sounds like Devil Wears Prada or something.>>Something like that and she’s making pancakes on the phone and then it’s perfectly swirled, the syrup.>>Yeah.>>No, that’s not realistic!>>No, it’s not.>>It makes the rest of us feel bad. And this brings me to my next one, that’s not in a graphic, that I have a personal vendetta against. Is these bitches, and that includes both women and men.>>Men can be bitches, too.>>Yes, as well, who eat like they’ll go to pasta and then they’re eating pancakes and whatever, a pizza. And then they’ll all stick thin or have great, rippling abs. It’s not realistic and I don’t like it. Yeah.>>Don’t like it at all.>>Don’t tell me you’re not bloated right now.>>[LAUGH]>>Don’t tell me that.>>Don’t tell me you don’t have a gluten intolerance. Okay?>>Yeah!>>They don’t talk about gluten free in movies.>>No, they don’t.>>People actually have gluten intolerance’s.>>Mm.>>Some people are allergic to peanuts.>>Yeah!>>You know? There are things that happen in this world that need to be represented more in movies. Just can’t.>>[LAUGH] The next one is attractive woman with pretty normal personality in well paying, interesting careers who just has an odd personality quirk being completely ignored romantically by any and all men in her life. Until she like strains her hair and takes her glasses off then everybody’s like who are you?>>Disney princess.>>[LAUGH] It’s just so weird, it’s like>>I don’t remember what movie I think it was like Au Pair or something like that one of those movies.>>There were a lot of them, yeah.>>Yeah, where she like literally takes off and they’re like wow, wow.>>I can see you now, four eyes sucks that’s a great message to send the kids ya know.>>[LAUGH]>>Hey kid if you can’t afford contacts you’re never gonna get laid or a wife or a husband, whatever.>>Yeah. Movies really I feel like help people’s’ self esteem? Do you know what I mean, in general?>>Yeah, they can.>>The next one, most of what happens in rom coms>>Would you get slapped with a restraining order at a minimum.>>Tow it away, tow it away.>>Yeah, people are really creepy in rom coms, and somehow it’s taken as romantic. And when it happens in real life people get mad that they’re called creeps because they’re sneaking through people’s windows. I’m like hey, or they’re like waiting at their doorstep. No, that’s not okay. Do not be at somebody’s doorstep.>>If I were standing outside your window holding a boombox like this, playing some sappy ass song, you’d probably call the police for a noise complaint. You wouldn’t be like my god, let’s do it.>>No, I’d be like Charlie, why do you have that boombox? It’s 2016. We have bigger issues.>>D batteries, baby.>>[LAUGH]>>Somebody’s got to keep them alive.>>Get yourself like one of those like Beats By Dre or whatever.>>[LAUGH] That’s true.>>[LAUGH] It’ll help your hand.>>Yeah.>>You can do like different, you know. That would be->>It’s surround sound.>>Yeah, you gotta think about these things. The next one is characters breaking all TSA, TSA rules to win back their love. You’re not allowed to run to the gate. That’s not, you will be body slammed to the floor. There’s no rules like this. There’s no real rules in movies, which is why it’s Hollywood magic or whatever. But sometimes it’s not realistic because what if you want to go run after someone in a plane, and they you’re attacked. And then you have liquids on your person. You have a ticket?>>If, in a movie, you’re trying to get through security with more than 3.4 ounces of liquid in your carry on, don’t even, I won’t believe it.>>In your shoes.>>Yeah,>>They have to take off their shoes, they’re not catching that person.>>No.>>No, and then you like maybe leave your belt on and you gotta go [SOUND] the whole thing. It’s just no, you’re not running after anybody at the airport. If the love of your life went into the airport, move on, cut them out, move on.>>Yeah, forget about it. There are plenty of fish in the sea, okay, true love isn’t a real thing.>>[LAUGH] The next one is getting the parking space right outside wherever you are going every single time you arrive somewhere. Yeah, this really spoke to me, I didn’t realize that until I read this one. Especially living in LA, cuz I circle for parking for twenty minutes every day, wherever I go right.>>Yeah.>>And they never do that in movies, because that would be a really fucking boring movie.>>Yeah it would be 20 minutes of circling around, finding a spot. I caught her walking to the building today, it was like a 20 minute walk.>>Yeah it was a long walk or just felt really long.>>It wasn’t 20 minutes, 10 minutes. Because I was your company.>>[SOUND] Moving on, to everybody always speaks so clearly that nobody ever has to say pardon me,>>What was that, say that again? Yeah I sometimes have trouble hearing people it’s like half because I don’t know if I have great hearing, I think the other half is like I’m usually thinking about something else and so I’m always like what wait what did you say? That doesn’t really happen in movies that much->>So that’s why you make me repeat myself a lot, you’re thinking about something else?>>Got a lot going on up here you know>>Yeah>>Or if you’re like in a club>>You know what I mean? So I’m gonna just put this out there. I went on a date the other day and we went to a.>>I’ve been really trying baby.>>I went to a bar and it was loud, there was music, right? In this bar, and I never go to bars. So like I didn’t expect it. I was like, this is like a lot of going on. And so we’re having a conversation but like you can’t hear each other.>>Yeah.>>So the whole half of the conversation was like wait, what? Wait, what did you say?>>I know.>>Like that’s not sexy, that’s not cute.>>No. Those clubs by the way, little bit of a tangent. If you’re inside them the decibel level is the same amount if you were sitting on a jet.>>It’s too much.>>Okay, that’s how hot it is. The only thing they’re good for is dry denim dance club sex, or something like that.>>Yea I agree.>>I’m gonna get some weird comments about that comment.>>No I think people are gonna respect that. That’s something that you don’t see in movies. Dry denim sex dances.>>Well sure you do in Step It Up. Step Up.>>I don’t know what the name of the movie is.>>Was it Save the Last Dance? Save the Last Dance had a lot of dry denim. I watched a lot of dance movies as a kid. Those were the only movies I ever saw.>>Well, so you know a lot about it.>>Yeah, just a little bit about the dry denim. Dance club sex.>>All right guys, let us know about some situations that you’ve noticed in movies that don’t actually happen in real life. I know this is gonna be a super long list, so we might do a followup video based off of your comments. So leave it down below, and we’ll see you guys soon. [MUSIC]

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  1. Since when are movies supposed to be realistic? The reason most people watch movies is to scape their shitty lives, the last thing they want is for all their problems to be on the silver screen as well.

  2. I didn't see anybody mention this, but it really pisses me off how inaccurate the medical field is portrayed in movies. Like if somebody like drowns or something you see someone else give them like 6 chest compressions and 2 rescue breaths and then they're all of a sudden ok. Like no bitch! You'll keep oxygen flowing to their brain for a while, but they're not going to just wake up after you've done CPR for all of 10 seconds. Also sometimes in horror movies the antagonist will land one of the characters in the hospital, and they're like in the ICU in critical condition and shit and just when you think they're safe, the bad guy comes back to finish them off. You're telling me that someone can just walk into a patient's room and start suffocating them and their heart rate monitors won't start going beserk and alert all the nurses on the unit? OK, SURE! Like wtf?! lol. And yes, I'm throwing shade at Orphan.

  3. when the female characters wake up looking FLAWLESS!!!! im talking FULL makeup Hair Prefect, NO BAGS

  4. Intimate conversations in close proximity to other people. Mel Brooks did a spoof of this in one of his movies. He and a woman get on a crowded elevator and the camera zoom into a Two-Shot. Once the camera is just on them, they begin having the most intimate conversation about their love affair, the the bell on the elevator rings, the camera zooms back, and everyone acts like nothing happened.

  5. Idk how common this is but I've seen it somewhere before when in a war movie the lead does something against orders and the nothing happens to him (i.e. Gets demoted) when in reality they would get in a crap ton of trouble

  6. By the way, Nothing "needs" to be represented in movies other than what the person making the movie wants to do. I could have a weird fetish but that doesn't mean that it needs to be represented in a movie. Get over it

  7. How tech people/hackers can instantly know how to hack something and hack it in a few short moments (they seem to know where to access it, all the specific lines of code they need to write, all the specks of a computer systems just by looking at it on the outside while standing next to it, know all the safety systems, security protocols and back doors, what networks and places it's connected to, etc.).

    How they can use a few commands to get into extremely highly secure databases, such as the Pentagon with a handful or less keystrokes. – Get past government firewalls and secure log-ins like it's not a challenge in the slightest/have done it several times/never get caught.

    How all of these people seem to also have perfect touch typing skills, barely or not at all looking at the keyboard while typing code with weird symbols at a blazingly fast pace without any making errors.

    Using some self-made program to easily give them the computer's log-in/password/access code.

    Related note, how tech people can also easily know how to re-wire any type of electronic doors by simply popping off the user interface panel, most of the time without any tools, just using bare hands (no screw drivers or wire cutters).

    An infinity with USB drives that automatically upload or download programs/files from a computer without the user having to actually use the connected computer to 1) even allow access to a secured computer, 2) to even open the program on the drive. – Rip USB's out of a port without properly removing it/still able to read data when only partially downloaded.

    Transferring funds from one bank account(s) to another always use a progress bar/show the numbers change digit-by-digit by counting up/down, and take a ridiculous amount of time to transfer a few digital numbers like its several gigabytes of information instead of kilobytes.

    Able to re-purpose random old analogue tech lying around to easily connect to the digital world/interfere with it. – It's the lifesaver during an apocalypse, whether or not an emp has gone off.

  8. I'm a stay at home mom. I wake up and fix my family a full breakfast every morning and we all sit at the table and eat early enough for my husband to go off to work afterward. Not so unrealistic.

  9. People never talk to their best friends like real human beings in movies, they always have quiet toned chats never like "hey Kitty Kat wuz up bitch?"

  10. The movie where she takes her glasses off, straitens her hair, and puts on a cute dress and becomes crazy desirable was She's All That.

  11. 1. Everyone hangs up on each other in movies. They call, exchange dialogue, and then hang up the phone without saying goodbye.

    2. Being knocked out is a much more serious thing than you'd guess by watching movies. Head trauma that makes you lose consciousness means it's time to get to the hospital. Call 911.

    3. Courtroom dramas. First off, "surprise evidence" isn't ever allowed. You don't get to pull crap out of your ass and present it until both sides have had a look at it, and the judge approves it. All the objections and impassioned speeches are much more rare irl too.

    4. Police procedural shows don't usually show nearly enough paperwork, and the main characters don't often wait for backup in dangerous situations.

    5. If you ever need to perform a Heimlich maneuver on someone that can't breathe, make sure they get medical attention immediately afterwards. Movies depict this all wrong in several ways. Same with CPR. If you do this, and it works, call an ambulance. Like the Heimlich, CPR can crush bones near the heart, so get that person to the emergency room immediately.

  12. I don't know how to say this guys, but movies aren't meant to be realistic …. that's what documentaries are for.

  13. The bad guy giving a long, dragged speech before killing the good guy… leaving enough time for the bad guy to be killed.

  14. Some primitive random giant blue humanoid tree lovers beat way technologically superior humans and don't have problems with imported diseases. Unrealistic.

  15. That moment in romantic movies where a man and a women make eye contact and its just love at first sight. In the real world people suppress their feelings and don't go out of their way to talk to pretty people.

  16. Where to begin?

    1. People discarding usable weapons in order to "knuckle up".
    2. Heroes walking away slowly from explosions that the on the low end, would rupture eardrums and surface blood vessels and the high end pulverize the human body on.
    3. Crashing through glass, without being lacerated to death.

  17. I hate in kids movies when people pure there hands on there face when there scared and put there hand on there hips when trying to be sassy

  18. When in a movie everyone has perfect skin, NO ACNE WHAT SO EVER, even the teens who they even say are going through puberty.

  19. Where did the notion that glasses are unattractive come from? I personally think they're super sexy.

  20. Before i watch this, i would say no1 is : you love someone and chase them for life and in the end it turns out the other person loves you too, happy end.

  21. When people are facing certain death and they suddenly passionately kiss. If I was going to have my brains blown out by aliens or torn to pieces by a rabid pack of zombies, the last thing I'd be feeling in that moment is romantic….. Oh and how everyone leaves a full drink on a bar (or in restaurant) when they leave. If I had to leave somewhere like that in a hurry, I'd scoff my drink first lol

  22. Seven things that only happen in movies:

    1. A man in an argument with a woman suddenly kisses her passionately and that ends the argument.

    2. A twelve-year-old super nerd knows how to hack into every computer, how to cure every illness, how to speak every modern language and read every ancient language.

    3. A dude knocks out another dude with one punch, but his own hand doesn't hurt.

    4. Anything involving bullets in movies never happens in real life. Lone heroes run hundreds of yards through machine gun fire without getting hit. But he fires one shot with a pistol at his hip and kills someone thirty yards away. He does that eight times without reloading his six-shooter. He never hits an innocent person. He never regrets shooting anyone, and everyone thinks he's great.

    5. A bunch of angry people are yelling at each other, but then someone gives a really idealistic speech and persuades everyone.

    6. A psychopath is about to attack his next victim, but then the victim's phone rings so the psychopath jumps back like, "Oh, darn, I'll have let this innocent person take this call and then I will rape, murder, and dismember him."

    7. American spies do brilliant espionage.

    Bonus: Violence solves their problems and they live happily ever after.

  23. music stopping in a music club for dramatic effect… very unrealistic unless you're fighting the dj zoolander style. #bestmovieeverright?

  24. 4:45 every friday i go to my local storen and buy 4 chocolate bars and a bag of chips and i still have a six pack. i can eat alot of junkfood i want and i dont get fat so it isn''t that unreal

  25. Just download from pirate bay or kickasstorrents. Why people buy movies 😀 It's a waste of money. I never was at the cinema before just one time when I was5 and after 20 minutes we came from there cause there were sexuals things going on. 😀

  26. Fucking love the moments when Charlie calls Hannah on her unneeded interruptions and how he doesn't encourage her self-centered made-up anecdotes about her "real life"

  27. When Avery skinny girls lock there selves in their apartment and eat gallons of ice cream and pizza and soda ect..for weeks because of frustration and they just don't gained any weight 💔💔💔💔

  28. Whenever I take off my glasses, people say my face looks weirder. But about the breakfast thing, well it does happen, specially when there's a little kid.
    I wonder how women are always shaved, even when they are, for example, lost in the forest for weeks

  29. Women give birth to babies that already look 6 months old. Plus the babies only cry for like a minute after being born.

  30. A man and a woman wake up after a night of great sex. Both have underwear on, feel great, and have perfect hairstyles, she has unruined makeup.
    They increase an image from a camera to see some small detail. The image doesn't lose quality.
    A crowd is shooting at one guy with chainguns. No bullet hits him.
    A crowd is beating a guy for ten minutes. In a couple of hours he looks like a macho with tiny scars and bruises wherever they make him look more badass.
    A girl walks in the rain and gets soaked. When she comes back home, her hair and makeup are in perfect condition.
    A skinny feminine-looking girl fights on par with large muscular men.

  31. People hitting others in the head with a beer bottle and having it break. Sculls will crack before the bottle does.

  32. People buy a new house, bring their stuff, and then start looking around the house figuring out what all the rooms are.  Didn't they look at it before they bought it?

  33. Superhero movies:  Somebody suddenly gets powers and immediately keeps it a secret.  If I could suddenly stick to walls, I'd want to ask a doctor about it, or at least mention it to one of my friends.  In movies, they never tell anyone.  Then when a villain shows up, their first instinct is to make a costume.  Why waste time on a costume?  And where did they learn expert-level sewing skills?  And then the bad guy kidnaps the hero's girlfriend/wife/son/daughter/brother/etc.  What's the point of that?  The hero is already coming after him.  Why give him one additional reason to fight him?

  34. One thing that gets me is the opposite of the first one. When the characters are arguing and talking about something inappropriate or just doing something crazy and everyone is just eating their food like they didn't just see the main character throw a drink in someone's face. Like, maybe I'm just nosy or something… hahaha

  35. a lot of these actually apply to my life tho??? am I living a movie
    like the breakfast one and the romcom one and the parking spot like ???????

  36. Gluten intolerance is largely placebo. There was a study with a groups with no, low, high gluten diets that were "gluten intolerant" yet still had symptoms such as bloating nausea and fatigue.

  37. When someone getting chased and they ALWAYS falls down and DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO GET UP!!!!!!!

  38. when someone gets stabbed or something and they just stare and die when they should be screaming or attacking the person

  39. When people are talking on the phone, and they say what they need to say, and just hang up on each other. What? No. I would call you back and ask if the line got disconnected. lol


  40. please stop the "trying to be funny" chatter and stick to the points. getting tired of skipping ahead until i see some writing with the next point please.

  41. what I see in some movies is when people just lock eyes by the slightest bit and they are both instantly in love. like that does not happen

  42. When two people are talking in a supposed to be loud place, you only hear them and not the other people. This happens in movies involving school.

  43. i eat pizza every friday, my normal snack is like a chocolate brownie or a muffin, EVERY DAY I have pasta for lunch…I'm considered skinny by most and because I'm a sprinter I have to maintain a six-pack…..totally realistic to eat shit if you work it off

  44. on the "not hearing": lol it's because they read the script. they know what the other person/people should say, so they know when to chime in with their line(s)

  45. My boyfriend used to wait at my window in he middle of the night with a knife to take me on adventures, and I thought it was romantic 😊
    And I used to walk to his house in the middle of the night and leave flowers on his doorstep 😂
    Edit: I should clarify we were like 13-14

  46. Whenever someone does something really despicable that they can’t believe they would do such a thing, they take a long hot shower with a very troubled look on their face.

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