7 Smart Gadgets For Cheating During Exams

7 Smart Gadgets For Cheating During Exams

Hi, guys! You are on YouFact channel and Max is here! Forget about cheat sheets in your phones,
and especially on scraps of paper, because today I will show you a few modern gadgets
for cheating during exams and you may have never heard of some of them. Links to all the gadgets you will find in
the description below this video. 7. Earpiece
The first thing that comes to mind for easy passing of the exam is earpiece. Connect it to the phone and insert it into
the ear. Now you just have to whisper the number of
the ticket or dictate the question to your assistant, and then record the answer he will
tell you. But, as you know, you are not always able
to say something on the exam so that the teacher didn’t notice this. Therefore, a digital pen comes to the rescue. 6. Digital pen
It looks like a normal pen, but it’s not so simple. Everything you write on a sheet of paper with
this pen will be copied via Bluetooth to your smartphone. For example, you write a question on a sheet
of paper, and it immediately appears on your smartphone and thanks to auto-sync with the
Cloud, your assistant will immediately see it and you will get the answer via earpiece. 5. Pen with UV light
Also, you really can come in handy such a thing as a pen with invisible ink. For example, you can write down any formula
on a sheet of paper. A sheet of paper will remain absolutely clean
in this case. To view your recordings, you just need to
send to a sheet of paper the light of your UV flashlight that is located on the reverse
side of the pen. A blank sheet of paper will not cause suspicion
of the teacher when you will come to the exam or test. You will only need to send UV light to the
written text. 4. Mathpix
United States developers have created the mobile app Mathpix that is able to solve any
equation that is written on a piece of paper. You just have to take a picture of this equation
on your smartphone. The application is able to solve various types
of equations, including integral ones. Mathpix can even show you step-by-step solution
of the equation and explain why this particular method is the most effective. You can download it free for Android and IOS.
3. Smart watch
Of course, it is impossible to ignore smart watches, which are very popular today. You can download infinitely many cheat sheets
and cheat on the exam. There is a built-in panic button in the watch,
all smart functions are blocked and the gadget only shows the time when you push it. But if the teacher stands behind you, the
watch will not help you. That’s why the experts have created a smart
watch with an invisible screen; you can read the text on such screen only with the special
glasses. Even if the examiner stands next to you, he
will not be able to find fault with you because the screen of the watch will appear inactive
for him. 2. Smart calculator
In order not to arouse suspicion at all, you may bring this seemingly ordinary calculator
to the exam. You can use calculators during the many exams,
so you will be able to use it without problems. And when the time comes to write the answers,
you enter the special combination of keys on the screen and the pre-loaded text of your
answers appears on the screen instead of numbers. You can download information into it from
a computer via a standard USB cable. 1. Micro Camera
And, in my opinion, the coolest gadget that we will review now is a hidden camera that
can be fixed on the clothing and can transmit streaming video to your assistant, or can
take pictures of your tasks. The camera is fixed either on the spot of
a button, or under the sleeve and when the teacher is not around, you have a couple of
seconds to take pictures that will immediately be transmitted to your assistant. He sends you the answers via the earpiece. This scheme will be the most productive and
the least dangerous for disclosure. This set of gadgets can be highly expensive,
and the most complex options have a special button to fix it on the toe to send signals
to your assistant.. But when talking about entrance exams, university
entrants are ready to do anything. For example, in Thailand, three guys were
caught cheating with glasses with built-in camera. The entrants recorded the questions using
camera, then they left the audience and handed them via the laptop to the special team, which
sent them the answers via the smart watch. The scheme was uncovered and all 3000 entrants
were forced to retake the exam. And these three cheaters were added to the
black list of the medical University they were going to enter, so the road to this university
is closed for them forever. I can hardly imagine the situation if they
could enter there and become surgeons, for example. I would never want to be the patient of this
surgeon. By the way, one of them admitted later that
he had to pay 24 thousand dollars for all these gadgets and for helping during the exam. That’s the way it is.

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  1. Hello respected sir my question is how to cheating with neighbouring students with any light and something the students can written anything I could see he was written

  2. Wrong mentality…
    The topic should be cool gadgets or explore gadgets instead of cheating gadgets……it make students unsuccesful……bhai tum kitna bhi gadgets bana lo,examiner hamesa pakad lega and it will cast the students in jail for cheating

  3. Win at test and then fail in your career due to lack of an actual education. Come back five years later and pay to retake all the classes again

  4. Rather than watching this video you could have revised and pass or listen to this guy and get suspended

  5. If most of you want to cheat in exam who will become successful ?
    i think you will never feel sweet of successful without doing hard.

  6. WTF, how come i didn't know about this "Mathpix" app, do you have any clue how many homeworks i left blank just because i couldn't bother with that math shit

  7. I need a device which can help me in exam but it should be using without mobile phone coz our school doesnt allow any mobile phone…i want something mini device that can help me for eg: i say some questions then after the device heard my ques it show me thw answer of that question…something like that i want

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