8 Creepy Clowns in Kids Movies

8 Creepy Clowns in Kids Movies

If you want to hear about a kids movie clown
that scarred an entire generation, stick around to the end of this video. So we’ve talked about horror movie clowns,
I’ve written you a creepy clown story and short film, and it kind of begs the question,
are there ever any actual funny clowns who aren’t just horrifying? I can only think of one really. But why ARE so many people afraid of clowns? Maybe they’re just naturally scary, because
the makeup of a clown often contrasts and hides their true facial expressions, tapping
into the fear of the unknown, kind of similar to the fear of the dark. But maybe it’s a deep seeded fear planted
from the point of childhood, because if you look at some of the many clowns seen in kids
movies, there are some really disturbing ones. And most of them come from old Disney movies,
like Dumbo from 1941. This movie is about a circus elephant, so
you can bet there are a lot of clowns, but there’s one scene in particular that stands
out. Dumbo has a dream about this parade of pink
elephants, which are already kind of creepy with their empty eye sockets and Fauvism inspired
art style… so when they start to appear as clowns, things quickly break down into
an acid trip nightmare. And as kind of a side note, I always think
the title at the end of the movie is also pretty messed up. I mean look at that guy. It looks like he’s crawling out from behind
that gong to feast on you. Of course, this is kind of an older movie
so I think that adds to the creep factor a little bit. Another circus clown appearance can be seen
in Red’s Dream, a PIXAR short from 1987. This was one of the earliest CG animated films
about a unicycle who dreams of being in the circus, and what makes this so disturbing
is the level of detail and quality of animation isn’t quite what we’re used to today. It’s just off-putting seeing this clown’s
deformed face, and the way those balls float in the air is unnatural. There’s something off about the music, that
is, before the music just stops and he looks directly into the camera. That’s just so creepy! The ending of this is really depressing for
a PIXAR film too, the dream ends and the unicycle just cries in the corner for almost 30 seconds. Then it just ends. This clown also makes a little cameo in Toy
Story 2. Another PIXAR clown appeared more recently
in 2015 with Inside Out when two of Riley’s emotions, Joy and Sadness try to sneak in
the part of her brain that contains her biggest fears. *snoring* The only thing scarier than a creepy clown,
is a giant creepy clown. Jangles seems to have been a birthday party
clown that psychologically scorned Riley. What makes him terrifying is similar to what
makes Pennywise so unnerving, which is the fact that he’s crazy and unpredictable. And did I mention giant? This movie is more recent, so I wasn’t a kid
when it came out, but if I had been, I’m sure my nightmares would be filled with that laugh. “Birthday?!” “Oh man. Follow us!” “Nothing like a good scare to wake you up,
right?” Speaking of nightmare clowns, how did this
make it into a kids movie? A lot of kids are already afraid of going
to the doctor, so the fact that Pee Wee’s Big Adventure then takes that fear and throws
clowns into the mix is just not going to go over well for them. Not to mention that they seem to be using
torture devices to fix this bike and the whole dream devolves into some kind of nightmarish
hellscape. “Ha, hahaha!” And moving right along from one nightmare
would to another, who could forget the Clown with the Tear Away Face from Nightmare Before
Christmas? “I am the clown with the tear-away face! Here in a flash and gone without a trace!” The fact that the clown’s true face is just
a black void is so disturbing compared to the other characters who simply have a spooky
form, like a skeleton, or a Boogeyman. It’s not a scary movie despite being about
Halloween, but a clown with a black void under his face has become known the scariest part
of the movie for a lot of people who watched this as kids. But the 90s clown horror does not end there. Air Bud of things, has a crazy clown in it. Like Jangles, it’s the psychopathic tendencies
from a birthday clown that get you here. As soon as you see this rusty clown truck
come barreling over the hill to start the movie, you know it means trouble… Outside of the crudely applied makeup, one
thing that puts you on edge about this guy is the evidence of anger issues. He is a bit less scary then some of the others
I’ve mentioned because of his clumsiness, but there’s still something off-putting about
a birthday clown who hates kids. “I HATE BIRTHDAY PARTIES! I HATE KIDS! I HATE BEING A CLOWN!” There are also hints of alcoholism, which
can turn anyone into a monster, and the fact that it’s happening to a clown makes it that
much worse. The next one is from a TV show, not a film,
but since Are You Afraid of the Dark is an anthology series, it could really be considered
more of a collection of short films so I’m gonna count it. “Yeah! What kind of strange stuff happens on the
ride?” “Well that’s what the kids wanted to know. Especially Wee-Gee!” And also, it is intended to be scary for kids… But you know what? It’s my channel, I can do what I want and
I’m talking about it! Zeebo the Clown is from an episode called
“The Tale of Laughing in the Dark”. Zeebo is actually the ghost of a runaway circus
clown who’s cigarette butt started the fire that ended his life while hiding out in an
amusement park spookhouse. This one definitely has the coolest backstory. And I always love some good creepy clown music. “It’s the most fun in the park! When you’re laughing…” Zeebo plays more on suspense than it does
shock value. We don’t actually see the real ghost of Zeebo,
only this disturbing prop. But when Josh steals the clown’s nose to prove
his bravery, Zeebo definitely begins to haunt him at home. It’s never fully revealed if Zeebo’s ghost
can be seen, or if this creepy carny who can be seen smoking at the end is actually the
ghost of Zeebo out of makeup. One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t want to be
the one to hear this clown’s laughter in the dark. And finally, we have the creepiest clown to
have graced the screen of a kids movie. Have you noticed that 4/7 clowns so far have
appeared in nightmares? That’s probably not a coincidence. This last one is no exception. It comes from the 1987 Disney movie, The Brave
Little Toaster. A movie about five household appliances looking
for their old master. A movie that has no business being this creepy. Just roll it. “Run.” If they were trying to ruin every kid’s childhood,
they got the design of this guy right, he just looks sinister. You may have seen YouTuber Colossal is Crazy
repurpose this image to be his logo. The clown himself may actually be a reference
to the firefighter clowns from Dumbo, although this is much scarier. Every thing from the lighting to the voice
to the towering perspective makes this clown the stuff of every kid’s nightmare, and to
top it all off, Disney always has to have a dark side, and the suicide references suggested
by imagery of a fork in the toaster or a toaster in the bathtub make this scene absolutely
chilling… and that’s before you even get to the sound of the clown’s creepy sadistic
laugh. If any of these clowns left a mark on your
childhood, be sure to give this video a like, and go down to the comments to let me know
about any other creepy things you’ve seen in kids movies. If you’re interested in topics like this,
check out some of my other Creepy Things videos and remember to subscribe to CZsWorld for
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next one. Assuming we both survive.

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  1. Honestly the scariest part for me in Nightmare Before Christmas was the Boogeyman's song. It actually got so bad I had to skip that part or leave the room and cover my ears b/c I just got so scared I'd cry.

    P.S Zeebo from AYAD kinda scared me but not as bad

    P.P.S The Little Toaster actually got banned in school bc we were so scared we cried and wouldn't go to sleep.

  2. 3:41 was at this moment when a young boy in the 90s watch this movie and changed him for ever….TheSkullKlown was born

    Ps. Great video

  3. I๐Ÿ’žโฃ๐Ÿ’•these clowns๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  4. Watching this I remember watching the clowns from pee wees big adventure and the brave little toaster but never really scared me until years later remembering how creepy the clowns were

  5. thing that scare me
    1: spiders
    3: buffering
    5: school
    but you know what is the worst?

    buffering ads with spider clows in school

  6. 3:50 i actually remember having nightmares of this scene when I was a kid. except instead of a bike being lowered into the flames.. it was my dog. :'(

  7. personally never found zeebo as scary as the Ghastly Grinner and the crimson clown (both also clowns from are you afraid of the dark) but maybe it was because of the suspense and the fact the other 2 were more…present? idk. they just seemed creepier, one that forces you to laugh to the point you suddenly drool green goo, the other that scares you into being good or die. granted, the crimson clown did include a zeebo video game xD

  8. Tim Burton's Dumbo clowns are verry creeper than the 1941 version Max Medici laughs at him and made him into a clown.

  9. The fire was caused by Zebboโ€™s cigar. Not cigarette. Yeah itโ€™s a nitpick. Lol. Love your videos!

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